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"No...the sun just feels good" he said and walked right in front of her, just a step higher. He grabbed her chin between his thumb and pointer finger, pulling her face close to his. "Don't say that like its a bad thing" he said with a smirk and let her go, walking around her to his car and opening his passenger door for her
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 313d 11h 22m 52s
"You're such a guy." She giggled and walked out with him. She looked as goosebumps rose on his arms. "Do you need a jacket?" She asked concernedly. She walked slowly down his porch steps then turned around and looked up at him.
  MaryBeth Parker / MissJenna / 7y 313d 11h 29m 23s
Louis sighed and shook his head, opening the front door for her. "I really don't know why I am...I guess cause she's pretty and she had a crush on me. I like her though" he said with another shrug and walked outside with a shiver as the sun attacked his cold skin
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 313d 11h 36m 10s
Me too^^ THats what we shall go with))

"Then why are you dating her?", she asked, chewing her bottom lip. "I'm ready.". She walked to the door and waited for Louis and slid her hands into the pockets of her jacket. It was mid-July, but she always found herself cold for some reason.
  MaryBeth Parker / MissJenna / 7y 313d 11h 48m 5s
I prefer idea one))

Louis smiled and ruffled her bright red hair affectionatly. "Ok good. She's not really my type though...its odd" he said, tillting his head to the side and hoping that that would make her feel better. He didn't know why she was acting so weird but he didn't like seeing her this way. "Let's go if you're ready then. I will buy you whatever you want" he said with a chuckle and grabbed his wallet
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 313d 11h 55m 12s
Hmm, which one do you prefer? Both are interesting ^^

She nodded. She looked at his hand and then back to him. She didn't know why she was so upset. But she was. It was strange to her. She stood up and put on her hoodie, that she'd forgotten the last time she was over. Maybe the mall would help her cheer up.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 313d 12h 3m 22s
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner but...I don't even know why. We've been together for two weeks..." he said with a frown and looked at her. He grabbed her one hand and played with it a bit. "How about we go to the mall today. Just some me and you time" he said with a smile. He really was sorry

K. Idea 1:layna and louis go to the mall and they find lauren ther, kissing another guy. But don't say anything to her.
Idea 2: lauren and louis break up. But he is still in love with her so louis and layna hook up to make her jealouse.

Take your pick
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 313d 12h 7m 59s

She turned around and looked at him. "She seems nice." She said quietly still looking at him. She sat back down but didn't know what to say. It's not like he did anything wrong. But he never even said anything about it. They shared everything. Why was this different? "She's pretty too.." She added.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 313d 12h 16m 20s
Oh my god...I already have ideas but its too early! Wanna hear them anyway?)

"I'm gonna leave too louis...I need to get back home so thanks for letting me stay over" lauren said and kissed louis quikly before walking out to the front door. Lois watched lauren walk out the front door and walked up to layna. "Layna...please don't go" louis frowned and put a hand on her shoulder.
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 313d 12h 25m 11s
"Oh..." She said disappointedly, looking at Lauren. "Well... It's nice to meet you...I'm Layna." She said, smiling half heartedly. He has a girlfriend...Since when? Layna and Louis were inseperable, where would he even find time for a girlfriend... Well she sure was pretty.. Layna felt really uncomfortable now. "I think I need to go. I'll let you back to your buisness." She said as she stood up, and looked at Louis.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 313d 12h 30m 59s
"Ok, well. I have a girlfriend...and she's here if you wanna meet her" he said with a smile and looked behind him, into the dark hallway. A pair of glowing eyes could be seen peeking out of the washroom and he smiled. "Don't be shy, lauren" he said with a chuckle and soon after, a short brunnette came out of the shadows and sat down beside louis on the couch. He smiled and kissed the pale skinned girls cheek and looked back to layna with a warm smile
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 313d 12h 44m 36s
Oooh yeah!!!!!

"Oh no, I'm not hungry." She looked around. "So what are you up to?" She asked as she looked into his living room then back to him. She bit her lip and smiled. She walked in a little more and sat on one of his chairs. It seemed different. The atmosphere. She kept looking around to see if she could sense what was different. She looked bck at him with her big eyes.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 313d 12h 51m 24s
Should his girlfriend be there?))

Louis heard a knock at his door and smiled to himself. "One minute!" He said, sitting up from his bed and ran downstairs to the front door. He flipped his long, dark brown hair before opening the door. "Hey! Morning!" He said to layna with a large smile plastered to his face as he pulled layna in by her wrist. "Sit down. You hungry?" He said walking her to the couch and sitting down
  Gaara / Dauntless / 7y 313d 12h 56m 55s
Layna woke up unusually early today. So she decided to get dressed and walk over to Louis's. Nothing better than hanging out all day with your best friend, right. She got dressed in her usual loose tank, cuttoff shorts, and Keds. She grabed her phone and keys, and locked the front door behind her. She walked 3 blocks to get to his house. She smiled as she knocked on his door. He was always up early it seemed. She looked around his porch, and the neighbors yards as she waited. She wondered what they'd be up to today.
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