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"I'm not at all sorry." She whispered and looked into his eyes. She hadn't realized why she was so upset about him and Lauren, but now she did. She bit her lip, and blushed as she looked away.. She sat indian style in the clothes rack then looked back at him.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 21h 37m 37s
Louis was surprised for about a second then kissed her back, his hand resting on thee back of hr neck, pushing her more into the kiss. "Maybe I'm not sorry" he said when he broke the kiss
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 21h 46m 18s
"I.." She didn't finish her sentence, instead she pulled him back to her and kissed him again. She wasn't completely sure as to why she did it but she did. And she didn't regret a single second of doing it.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 21h 50m 18s
"I I'm sorry I panicked...It was the first thing I thought of doing..." he said, turning away and scratching the back of his neck in embareassment.
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 21h 58m 1s
At first she didn't know what to do, she was almost paralized from the shock. Then she couldn't hold back any more and kissed him back, closing her eyes as well. Then she pulled back and looked at him, her eyes big. She started to say something but she couldn't find the words, and they probably wouldn't have come out right anyways
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 22h 5m 35s
"Yeah...they got...so...worried" he said, feeling her breath on his lips, his cheeks dusting a light shade of pink. He didn't know what to do but he knew he should do something. So he closed his eyes and pressed his lips to hers.
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 22h 9m 38s
She giggled and bit her lip as he whispered in her ear. "Yeah and they would call the mall cops to find us!" She smiled and turned so she was looking into his eyes. He'd never been this close to her before.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 22h 19m 10s
Louis smiled and pulled away a few shirts to see the bright red hair of layna. He smirked and ducked into the clothes with her, pulling the shirts back. "Remember when we were kids and we used to scare our parents like thiss" he whispered, his lips lightly grazing her ear as he spoke
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 22h 21m 48s
She looked down at the shorts and shook her head. "Of course I love you. I'm closer to you than I am my own family." She said, smiling. She giggled and tried to secape the hair ruffle and hid in a clothes rack laughing silently
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 22h 30m 10s
"You love me? I don't think I've heard you say that before" he said with a chuckle and held up a pair of white shorts to her waist. "Egh, what the heck...I love you too" he said and ruffled her hair, his smile only growing
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 22h 33m 54s
"I love you Louis. You're pretty great." She said and giggled. She began looking around and then looked back at him "I honestly really don't want anything though." She said looking up at him. He seemed taller today than usual. But she didn't mind that at all.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 22h 42m 36s
Louis smiled back at her and grabbed her hand, leading her to one of her favourite stores. "Pick out what ever you want. You won't pay for a single thing today" he said with a nod and looked around for something that would look cute on her
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 22h 45m 34s
"There's my boy!" She laughed and walked out behind him. "You get to pick where we go first!" She smiled and looked up at him. He seemed to already be in a better mood. Which was good. That no good Lauren can't mess with Louis. He's a strong kid. She looked around, still in thought, biting her bottom lip.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 22h 49m 58s
"You're right layna...fuck her let's go" he said, wiping his face on his arm. "Come on I will buy you anything you want. Food, clothes, accessoried I don't care" he said and walked out of the washroom.
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 312d 22h 55m 9s
"Because she's stupid. Don't get too worked up about it, you and I both know she isn't worth you crying over a toilet in the mall." She said, sort of giggling at that thought. She hugged him back. "Now come on, are we going to let some girl ruin our day?" She asked, looking down at him with a smile. She stood up, and pulled him up with her. She wiped what was hopefully the last of the tears from his eyes and face, and looked at him for a minute. "I think she's crazy along with being stupid.... But anyways, come on" She said, opening the bathroom door.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 312d 23h 12m 55s

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