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Layna always had a thing for her best friend Louis. They did everything together. Knew everything about eachother. She supported him, and he her...That was until Louis got a girlfriend. Then Layna was instantly jealous...

What will happen?

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Louis smiled and kissed her forehead lightly as they walked up to the counter. "Two tickets to ice age" he said with a smirk and handed the cashier a twenty. "theater four" they said rolling their eyes and handing Louis the tickets. "Someone's grumpy" he whispered to layna and walked to the snack counter
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 208d 9h 27s
She looked into his eyes. "Ice age sounds good..." She didn't know how to answer his question, because she couldn't even answer the same question about her feelings..

Good ^^
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 208d 9h 10m 35s
"no they do not...we can always just go see ice age" he said with a shrug and chuckled a bit, wrapping an arm around her neck. "How did I not notice my feelings for you before?" he asked her, his eyes almost sad

Lol np :3
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 208d 9h 47m 36s
She shrugged. "They don't make a lot of good movies anymore, do they?" She asked, looking at the movie posters.

((Btw, sorry it took me so long to reply
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 208d 10h 11m 40s
"Hmm...I don't really. That one?" Louis said, pointing to 'the dark knight rises'. He didn't really like batman movies but it seemed to be the only good one
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 208d 10h 13m 44s
"A movie sounds great!" She replied and took his arm, running through the mall to the theatre. She giggled when they came to a stop, and looked at him. "What movie?"
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 208d 10h 26m 9s
Louis sat beside her and shrugged. "No idea...want to see a movie?" he asked her, Smiling warmly. With layna...it was easy for him to forget about lauren and the other guy
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 209d 13h 5m 10s
She shook her head and smiled. "What else do you wanna do, Louis?" She asked, sitting on a bench. Her mind was preoccupied from shopping right now. She looked up at him and lightly kicked her feet.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 210d 41m 0s
Louis felt her eyes on him and he turned to look at her. He smiled and kissed her quickly before walking into another store for her. "You like anything here?" He asked her, looking around
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 210d 5h 27m 1s
She nodded and willingly let him lead her out of the store. She wasn't sure what to say at this point, but she knew he would. She looked back at the store than walked at Louis's pace on her own, and looked up at him
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 210d 5h 36m 40s
"Fine...I can do it later tonight but I still wanna date you" he said and kissed her quickly before grabbing her wrist and walked out of the store. Lauren still hadn't noticed them
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 210d 8h 17m 52s
Layna stood up after him and watched, biting her lip. She looked over at that girl, who hadn't realized they were there yet. "Are you sure about right now?" She asked looking at Lauren still. She wasn't sure she wanted to watch it, or other people to see it as well.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 210d 8h 24m 13s
"Screw her" louis said and hugged her tightly. "I need to break up with her...now" he said and stood up, staring at the brunette
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 210d 8h 26m 49s
"I-i don't know..But I love you too." She said, staring back into his eyes. That's when something caught the corner of her eye. She looked over and saw Lauren with that boy across the store. She pulled Louis into the clothes rack with her and watched the girl. "What about her?" She asked looking back at him.
  Layna Abbott / MissJenna / 7y 210d 8h 32m 9s
"Why didn't we do this sooner" louis said and turned her face to look at him. "I love you...really. I never realized it until now..." he said staring into her deep bue eyes
  louis / Dauntless / 7y 210d 8h 39m 9s

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