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As she walked on pass a large oak tree Muramasa turned her head both ways to find any markings of her squad, with one glance she found their carving on the left side of a small back berry bush. Seems they had already caught the village's night dinner, and maybe she could finally go home. She took long strides looking down at the ground with her fist clenched. Her eyes dropped more and more as she seem to walk forward towards the village then stopped at the marking line to enter.

"Maybe I used to much of my powers"

It was the only real explanation as to why she was so droopy. Or maybe she felt guilty of something a bit more but couldn't quit but her finger on it. As she walked over to the tents the checked out for the day she passed the bonfire where they were smoking a large wild hog about the size of a house. It sure did smell good as she caved her fingers inward to her chest then sat down to watch."I Must be losing it, I feel so tired", she slowly said a red haze broke across her face. I guess this is what happens when you use more magicks than you can handle. She turned her head and tilted it almost as if water was in her ear as the tilt became a full blown pass out.

"Maybe if I take a nap I might feel better"

Yet as her mind thought this she really didn't know why she felt that way. Maybe it was that boy or maybe she was in shock from try to calm down a Chamera.

  Muramasa-. / Paradox- / 8y 82d 21h 26m 55s
samson was getting worse, he grunted at her, but knew she was right, so he limped to the tree near him and pulled some large plant he had studied and wrapped the wound in it and screamed as the nectar stuck his body, but soon felt the wound healing.
"that still hurts, but this Parita plant seem good for healing" he said to himself, having named the plant himself, as people never got this far. so he asumed no one knew of the plant.
  Samson / clash-of-flames / 8y 82d 21h 58m 47s
Shifting her ees to the side to see his hair color, Muramasa sighed then grabbed his arm twistingit until he let go of the blade. "You're not on my level boy, if you don't want to die I suggest you hurry up and die from the blood lose", she griped as she walked away. He could have gotten blood on her new armor, it would take days to get that stain out. The beast was calm and gentle now as it leaned over and let her pet it. She spoke in a foreign language known to the beast as it walked away with no concern. She didn't have time for this, the day grew downsome and she couldn't afford to be late. The boy could die to the night.

  Muramasa-. / Paradox- / 8y 82d 22h 39m 6s
Samson touched his face where he had been hit and looked around, he was holding his dagger ready to attack, thinking they were bandits or slavers. but the colour of her skin was throwing him off. he looked at her as he walked away and pressed the dagger to her neck then said in a strong voice.
"what are you, and what the hell is that thing?" He was just starting to get dizzy from the blood lose from the gap in his shoulder
  Samson / clash-of-flames / 8y 82d 22h 52m 20s
"You idiot boy", she yelled pressuring the beast to lose it's eye sight and come at her. This guy was looking for a death wish as she dug her heels into the dry mud then blazed the fire on her whip more. Looking for a fight out here meant you were up against Gods themselves and going against gods was a big NO. As she pulled backwards leading the beast backwards she gave a heavy sigh, these were the most gentle creatures too bad he wondered in the wrong territory. It seems all wonders do and yet another one of these beast fall. In a way it made her heart swell since she was always one with the forest.

Leading it back she tripped the beast on a large builder then tied it with her whip. It was enough distance to keep the beast tamed as she walked over to the pale young fellow punching him in the face. "No your place outsider!", she screamed as she walked back and used some healing flames to get the beast to calm down.

  Muramasa-. / Paradox- / 8y 82d 22h 41m 47s
Samson threw his knife from his belt, he was hopping to get the knife in the eye of the beast, but instead a whip like item pulled it's head back, moving it out of the knifes line of fire. When the head noticed the knife fly by, it pay no heed to the girl pulling his back, his neck grew and his head darted at Samson, who barley was able to jump over the head and stab his dagger into its neck and jump back.

As Samson landed his cloak swung open, his tight leather armour shirt gripped tightly to his pale skin, and his arm was now soaked in blood. His leather pants had small rips here and there and scraps of blood. His eyes where on the beast, he could not afford to look at the elf girl, or the other's she seem to be barking orders to. he had to focus on the monster, or he would get killed.
"Come at me beast of lore, I swear my next dagger shall kill you" He said, trying to show no fear, hopping the beast left if it's prey was strong, if he had however knew the beast was attacking because Samson was treading on its land, he would have known this was a bad idea.
  Samson / clash-of-flames / 8y 83d 6h 55m 8s
As Muramasa reached the bottom of the steps, two children playing with sticks circled her in a giggling tornado as she chased then the went back on her path to her post back at the shrine. Yet then again she was so upset that she didn't even want to bother ordering around many people nor did she feel like going to track down some food for the village. You see the whole city was cut down into villages , her's being the deadliest one not many people looked up to them because of all the crimes and convicts that sheltered there. Her father was in treason from stealing from one of the Elders and her mother a maid for the holy shrine. So in a way she was know to most in the highers up but other than all that...As she stopped in front of the post camp on the outskirts of the village a young male walked out of the tent cutting her wondrous thoughts off. He was buff, a bit lighter than she was on skin colour which made all the elven girls go "awe", but he was a gentle giant indeed. He gave her a big smile as she approached him and he pushed a small piece of paper forward. Quickly opening it she read swiftly then looked up to him, "How long as it been since it's infiltration?", she said directly. "About an hour", he said with that big smile still on his face. You had to admit, the guy had charm . As she passed him up towards the other scouts they all bowed as she began giving out orders then no later than two hours they had a squad ready.

"Alright, squad three and four left plank squad two and one right. My squad full north. Disperse", she yelled as they all trotted off into different area of the large forest.

The forest was like they're back yard so they knew it pretty well from every log to every animal that resigned there as she created a flaming whiplash of fire with her forefinger Muramasa spotted a Chamera sniffing out something in the middle of the forest. They were gentle creatures until you came onto their territory. As she beckoned the others to go ahead she headed towards with with her whip of flames wrapping it around it's neck with extreme length and distance."What is wrong?", she yelled at it trying to calm it down.

  Muramasa-. / Paradox- / 8y 83d 7h 13m 1s
Samson sat in the dark watching the beast. He was bleeding from the arm down. he had forced himself not to pant. How the hell did it see him, where it come from but most of all what the hell was it. The beast stood on two legs and had the body of a man, besides the arms of a monkey and the head of a snake, its neck reaching far beyond what a normal beast should. It had rushed out and bitten his arm, the fangs where like daggers and he was sure it ripped into his bone. he would die of blood lose if he did not treat the wound. but first, he had to kill the beast. Holding the dagger in his hand, he watched the beast try and sniff him out, he would strike when the head got closer to him.
  Samson / clash-of-flames / 8y 83d 7h 31m 7s
Strength is otherwise a virtue to those who do not use it.

Leaning against a tall glasses what almost seemed like hut covered in ivy and sharpened vines, a darkened female with pointed ears sighed keeping her blazed red eyes shifted to the side. She could hear murmurs from the other side of the room, barely audible but still could make out some of the words. As always the council was debating on her future as apart from the clan itself. Yes, you may wonder well what the hell you mean "clan", well let me tell you. An elven clan of which I speak, full of dark elves to be exact, they live far off West from civilization hidden between different coats of magicks. So you might be thinking, "That doesn't exist", well you're a complete moron because we don't think humans exist either. Human are nothing but a children's story as so they say in this village , something to frighten little children, but in all her years. This elven she believed. Muramasa, was her name, she was a short ark skinned elf with silver hair and a temper to heat to cool the fire that burned under her thick coating of a personality. Not too long ago, some Manmoths got into the town setting ablaze to half of the huts to the far edge. As the heroic thing to do she tried to help but only caused more destruction since her element was fire as well..

Muramasa sighed as one of the Elders walked out and told her the detail of her situation. As usual she would be cleaning rongo tongues for a month. She had just turned an elven's efficiency age which automatically granted her title to the highest organization in the city but with her childish mind it seemed she's been more of a trouble maker. Walking down the spiral steps she grumbled and nit picked about, see if she tried to help anyone ever again.

  Muramasa-. / Paradox- / 8y 83d 7h 44m 23s
Samson sat on the floor near the lake. he had left his home nearly two month ago, and from that time till now he had learned many things. How to live in the wild, hunting and fishing. He had learned what was not good for his body, and what would keep him healthy. But still he had yet to find what he was looking for. He had left his home sick of the greed and evil of the men and women there, he wanted to set out and find a new race to study. he wanted to see how the elf, half-breed or any other race he may not know of lives. But he had only found wild animals, and poison ivy.

"I guess I should head west, I have heard people talking about animals getting taken from there, maybe a hunting clan" Samson said to himself as he stood up, his black cloak wrapped around him, hidding him from most in the dark of night
  Samson / clash-of-flames / 8y 83d 8h 44s

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