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SO, I'm stupid. I care too much, and about the wrong people. I fall for guys and think about them for a while, then find someone else, and go back to them, and sometimes they make me feel like relationships are possible. But some jerk faces will hold another girl's hand in front of my face when I'm 'beautiful' and they 'want to be with me.' And it hurts even worse when that person says she wants to be your friend, and already stole another guy right from under your nose. Tryston says I deserve better, but won't give it to me. So annoying.

  The Face of Insanity . / RawRz / 7y 160d 8h 5m 45s
Life sucks.
I learned this a long time ago.
Nothing good has happened in my life ever.
It's filled with pain, and anger.
Everyday I hope for it to get better, but it doesn't
But I haven't given up yet.

Through being the victim of sexing men, and pedophiles, I stay strong.
Through being bullied, and being alone. I stay strong.

July 22, 2012

Today, I knew I should've stayed at home. I had a feeling that I shouldn't go with them on their trip. But I didn't want to be alone. Like ALWAYS.... And I regret every second of going. My favoring parents let my brothers bully me and walk all over me, calling me ignorant, and stupid, and ugly... And the worst part was when I stood up for myself, I was the one that got in trouble....My mom apologized, but still blamed me. Like I have no right to be upset.

Hurt and pain boils and festers inside of me. Just waiting to be released. I came on here, hoping to make my day at least a little bit better, but no. I can't feel good. It must be illegal, because all anybody is is mean and hurtful to me. But, like always, I stay strong. Because no one knows what I've been through. And NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND ME........But I'll stay strong...That's all I can do.
  Stay Strong <3 / MissJenna / 7y 257d 11h 1m 33s

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