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The halls decorate the glorious battles of past feats by your predecessors. The halls embody the very honor you strive to uphold. These halls are that of the Guild. Your guild. The home of some of the most proud and strong people this world has ever seen. Built on one of the many Moon islands that litter this section of the ocean. The guild is a Massive castle that homes thousands of Warriors, Archers, mages, and the likes. All seeking the glory of there predecessors and to maintain peace in all the regions of the known world.

Guild ranking seals are made of the specific material according to rank.


Wars have broken out among the guilds. Many have been wiped out and new ones have come to power, but, Taskaru Voshie, the leader of the Guild as Guild of the Black bear. The flag that flies high atop the castle a White clothe with a black bear paw clawing across it from the top right corner to the bottom right corner. The almost religious and loyal symbol every guild member bears on them either by a guild crest or on there armor or clothes. Many prefer simply carrying there guild seals, but some have there seals imbued into there armor or have the guild emblem embroidered on there clothes, but back to the story, Taskaru Voshie guild leader of the Black bears guild has managed to keep much of there guild out of the war. Few have left to join others and fight the war effort for glory, but none have returned with a happy ending to it. Now as the war etches closer to one of the crescent moon islands that the Guild calls home Taskaru must band his guild together and truly protect them, but they still have time to quest and prepare before the war is at there door steps. Unfortunately, Being the second largest guild in the known lands doesn't mean they can hold out much longer. Many are after them to choose a side. Soon though, That will have to happen and then things will change for everyone.

Now onto the known lands that we quest, live, love and call home.


The lands glisten with plants instead of sunlight. Lavish within it's life, this world is bustling. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Demons, and Animals- all sorts of things inhabit this world. Forests, Snowy Mountains, Deserts, and Barren plains. Forcing each race to adapt and change to survive in their surroundings. The creatures within the different habitats seemed to be diverse by the trillions. The snowy mountain tops to the NorthWest. Jungles to the SouthEast. Lands so varied within itself it seems to only make the species of the world all that more pathetic. Each race evolving in it's own way.

Some chose engineering, Others choosing magic. Few had the mind to combine the two and move forward with both. The direction of the world followed Magic. Jungles, Forest, Volcanoes, Deserts, Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and all the lands had magic imbued within them. Imbued in magic, the lands changed the course of Evolution for many animals. Dragons, Minotaurs, and Troll's roamed the lands. Followed by the lesser creatures, There were still dangerous.

Knight's and Warriors rode off to fight for the glory of being famous.
Wizards, and Mages collaborated using there intellect for the greater good of all races.
Black smiths collaborated with mythical creatures to imbue weapons with special magics.
Each class with its own perks.

Many knights began banding together creating factions. The knights began their great dragon-slaying era. Few had actually done it, only 2 had done it twice.
Mages began guilds specializing in certain magics. Mages were getting hounded by the blacksmiths. The majority of mages could imbue special magics upon weapons without mythical creatures, quicker and easier. The only drawback was the magics were not as strong as the creatures.
Blacksmiths seemed to only work alone until they got an Apprentice or signed a contract with a great beast. They had also began a sort of 'Union' to further the abilities and rights of blacksmiths.

Few monsters were able to keep a decent Consciousness. Many had no mind of there own. Few had there sanity intact. Dragons, Minotaurs, and the such. Even the few that did have there sanity still seemed to have an unyielding anger about them.

Halls of the Black Bear on Crescent moon island


Screen Name: Taskaru
Character Name: Voshie the Black Bear
Age: 238
Guild Rank: Guild Leader - Onyx Guild Seal
Magic: Fiddles with healing magic and strength boosting spells
Weapons: Fists, and his Bastard Sword
Bio: Taskaru was a Norn, a race born of the Jotun giants of the north. More human than giant, obviously, but still massive all the same. Many grew to be at least 10' tall at times and his race prided themselves on proving there worth in battles for glory. The guild was perfect and it meant a home for him. Many Norn are to leave the home at the young age of 14 and begin there legends. It is the unfortunate reason there are so few Norn among the many known lands still, but it is there way. The guild gave Voshie the chance to grow a bit easier and learn from others who were more experienced. Voshies been with the guild since he was 14 when the previous guild leader found him during a quest and brought him back with them. He's been a part of the guild ever since.

Puppeteer: MordorTenebris
Puppet: Aimaorio Kolasi
Height: 6'8
Weight: 352
Guild Rank: The Fangs of the Bear Seal made of Magically imbued bones from a bear.
Age: Appears: 26
Abilities: Dark Arts, necromancy, some alchemy
Bio: Will be foretold
Personality: Loyal, honorable, honor-bound, focused, stubborn, wise, leaderly
Occupation: Bask: Heavily mutated black bear, standing almost fourteen feet tall at full height. Rask: Raven


Screen Name: KasaiShadowFox
Character Name: Vadana The Frost Shield
Age: 146 Looks 27
Guild Rank: The Claws of the bear. Seal specially made and magically imbued to never melt of Ice.
Magic: Frost Magic as well as forbidden Dragon magic taught to her by Argid, Ice breath
Weapons: Argid, Frost Sword and shield Embedded with Frost/Ice Magic
Bio: Vadana’s mother had died giving birth to her and her father had abandoned the child vowing that she did not belong to him and no way was his child and was a child of a demon. Leaving her in the Snow caps. Argid had found her taking her in raising her to become a strong warrior teaching her Frost magic. In passing years, the war had struck and Vadanna didn’t want to be forced into a guild that wanted war that’s when the young girl Joined the Guild of The Black Bear. After Years of staying faithful to the guild watching people come and go Vadana became Taskaru’s Left hand, His Shield. Once the woman became his Shield she was known as the Frost shield.

Screen Name: KasaiShadowFox
Character Name: Efrin Life Goddess
Age: 1452
Guild Rank:
Magic: Animancy manipulating the living, life, the life-force, and life forms. Users can create new forms of life, grant life to the lifeless, animate things, manipulate the life force of the universe and those connected to it.Barrier Magic
Weapons: Does not Carry a weapon
Bio: Efrin has wondered the world long before many of the creatures walked the world seeing the world for what it really was. This battle was far from the first she has seen. The Elven woman keeps to herself and know one knows her true age. Efrin has always been the one in the back of the battle field being more of a support than offensive pawn in all wars keeping her comrades alive.

Screen Name: KasaiShadowFox
Character Name: Erlend The Emperor Phoenix
Age: 1452
Guild Name: Fire Phoenix
Guild Rank: Guild Master
Magic: Fire Magic
Weapons: Bastard sword and Shield
Bio: Erland is Efrins twin brother choosing war after so many decades of not joining in but he created the guild known as the Fire Phoenix he grew in power and now with his advisor Allana the demon whispering and taking control over his every move he makes in the war.

Halls of the Black Bear on Crescent moon island


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The icy winds skimmed across the mans bare skin. Leaving nothing more than a trail of steam from burning up the crisp air as he smashed through trees, rocks, and anything else that attempted to prevent his straight line to the coast. Massive bulging muscles gave off intense heat due to the power surging through them. Black veins running all across Voshies body now. Creating knotted patterns traditional to his peoples culture.

Just as he stopped cresting the valleys rise to the other side of the island. Voshie could feel Vadanna weaving her powerful magic just as Aimaorio reached his side. Ships freezing in place as though caught by the gods hands.

[i "You always preferred the swing of a sword over the power of words, Didn't you? Aimaorio, Don't kill any of them, but do as much damage as you want. If the swells take the sailors lives, So be it. Be prepared for resistance as well. They're guild leaders and very powerful. They will surely reach the beach. We will detain them there. Have Dask patrol the perimeter to ensure none of the guildies followed us. He's faster and has a better sense of smell. It'll be easier for him to navigate the forests and terrain than us. We can hold the ships here while he ensures we protect the guild. This might get more violent than we want. For all I know this could be us choosing a side now. Any thoughts on how we should approach the ships? We will need a full council after this."]

Voshie took a massive deep breath releasing a breath of thick steam that melted the now falling snow. The thick black hair that flowed down his neck and back rustled back and forth a little bit from the steam. Sweat was burning off his skin as fast as it formed. His skin had begun to turn a deep white like the snow that only made the black tendrils more prominent. Looking to Aomaorio awaiting his answer.
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~ [tbl [b [i [+red Aimaorio/Scotadi]]] ~ [+blue Aimaorio's/Scotadi's thoughts] ~ [+opal any/other]]


Aimaorio, with a slight nod and wave, the latter being to Vadanna as she was off, slowly turned from facing the two towards the remaining men. [+red [b [i "Turn back, we shall meet at the halls, Men. Come not, lest we bear no return. None of these shall witness this meeting. Make haste, Brethren. God speed."]]] Was the man's loud, almost carrying lecture.

Several turned back, beginning their way to the hall, while others were reluctant to do so. Tension filled the air, the few remaining didn't budge. Rather, they stared, rage in their eyes as they eyed the mage.

Now, turning about to see none around him, and his rushing master towards meeting, his patience was cut thin. His fingers, sliding onto the hilt which lied neatly in it's sheath at his side, the mage took a step towards the men, as they repeated so in reverse. They were afraid, even more so to hear the growling of the upcoming bear, Dask, who loomed over and behind Aimaorio. [+red [b [i "Be off,"]]] Harsh, cold words flew from the mage's lips as the mighty beast, dropping once to all fours, turned towards Voshie, who seemed quite distant.

But Aimaorio's dark, crimson eyes still watched until every man had left his ground, fleeing like children to the rendezvous, before turning sharply, his robe flowing behind him as he shot one more glance behind at the guards.

Upon the arrival in the hall of the others, the tall warrior mounted his magnificent beast, in which started a bound in the direction of Voshie. Aimaorio could see something in the distance, but couldn't identify the figure. Figure, no... Figures. Sails! The wizard, in a bit of a worried point, immediately sped Dask into a sprint. The warrior, while keeping watch ahead, wrapped thin leather thread around his palms, a glint in his eye as he readied his weapon. The beast, displaying it's resilience and dependability, approached Voshie from his left, behind him a fair deal before pushing forward with his front paws, lifting himself onto his hind legs as Aimaorio gracefully slipped off, a back-flip in his wake as he landed fairly one foot behind Voshie.

The beast then, as quickly as he'd begun, dropped onto his other legs in front of the two. [+red [b [i When shall we-"]]] Calmly asked the mage before loud, creaking and snapping interrupted his speech, and he drew back along with Dask. To the amazement of the warrior, the water in which the ships floated turned to ice before them. It was quick, and men proceeded to abort quickly the crumbling ships.

Aimaorio stood waiting, wrapping his fingers around the shield on his back and bringing it in front of him, his following act of unsheathing his sword catching the attention of the onlookers, who repeated the action with either their bows, crossbows, swords, axes, etc.

[+red [b [i "We await orders."]]]
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*Translations at bottom in order of *Marks

Vadanna Stretched her arms hearing the male come over with his large bear. She had seen him many of times but they never really talked much maybe once even twice but Vadanna was not one to talk to just anyone but Amiorio has been around for a long time and was one man that was completely trusted by Voshie. [b “Hello M’Lord.”] she smiled showing the male the same respect before hearing her lord speak to her. [b “I never ment any disrespect towards you my lord I just didn’t want you to have… I understand.”] she stretched her arms.

Her fingers went through Agrids hair frost falling on the ground before melting. [b “You don’t have to be formal with my m’lord you may call me V or Vadanna.”] she spoke softly before listening to Voshie ask her to go to the snow capped mountains and check for ships. [b “Lets go Agrid.”] She spoke in Dragonic tongue bowing her head to both men before Agrid took off.

The Golden hairs female held onto her sword putting her shield latching it on her back looking down at her guild master go after the clans coming forward. [b “I guess he will be busy, I wonder if I should have taken Amiorio with me? But then Voshie had told him to make sure our guildies and new recruits to not join.”] she sighed before shrugging before the two disappeared in the clouds before reaching the peak of the snow capped mountains.

Voshie was right there was about 30 ships with a full crew ready to take over their lands if they did not choose their side. The woman stepped foot into the snow patting Agrid, [b “Tell Voshie about the ships, I shall stall them, Tell Amiorio him as well. Also warn them Winter may come a little earlier than expected the guildies need to bundle up.”] V’s armor began to frost over her eyes going from a golden honey color to a brightening white before chanting the wind around and clouds began to form in the sky wind began howling towards the ships. [b “civip di wer myvillion confn fothisev sia relgr spol wer ships sari vin icy uoinota.”*] Vadanna continued to chant these words over and over the ships sails turning to ice before breaking the water beginning to freeze the ships in place. It didn’t stop the men they began to jump of the boats coming towards the shores still far out.

Vadanna grinned it was just what she wanted they had just crawled into the claws of the bear. In an instant the winds she had created to cause the waters to freeze disappeared the men whom decided to get off the ships began to drop one by one into the melting ice trapped under the ships crashed into one another some ships surviving trying to rescue as many of their men as she could. Vadanna didn’t want to be spotted on the snow caps and began to make her way down to the shores taking off her shield in one hand her sword in the other each step sending frost and ice in all directions.

*Frost of the North come heed my call send the ships into an Icy hell
Voshie stopped preparing the massive war horse. The two advisers had arrived the single most trustworthy people in his life. Clad in lavishly elegant armors atop beasts that would make anyone second guess themselves. They were both clearly prepared for a war. Vadanna with her ice dragon Agrid. Then Aimorio atop his massive war-bear Dask. Looking them over each with their own set of skills, abilities, and experiences. They had helped Voshie lead this guild for a while now.

Voshie looked to Vadanna first [i "Don't touch them, Vadanna. You've also never seen me go all out because we've stayed out of this war. I've massacred more men single handed than I've seen Barons, Kings, and Lords throw at these wars."] His head dropped hearing the mass of men following behind Aimorio. The long black locks draped to hide his face.

Without looking up he replied [i "Aimorio, Send everyone back to the Guild halls. Forbid them from being a part of this meeting. They have a problem they can take it up with me. Also, Stop kneeling. We know of one anothers respect for each other. Aimorio while you're telling the guildies to return to the halls,"] Voshie looked to Vadanna [i "Vadanna, I want you to scout ahead. I heard reports of anywhere between 20 and 30 ships beaching on the north western side of the island. You'll be best to go as it's closest to those snowy peaks. Winter being around the corner you will have an easy time hiding so they won't know they've been seen. You'll find us on the path heading that way."] looking up returning to strapping down the massive leather saddle, binding his bastard sword to the horse, and a supply bag.

It had been at least 60 years since Voshie had really been at a fight. He continued to train and build himself as he was now in his prime for his people who lived for at least 700 to 1000 years old some times. He could feel his blood boiling, the old berserker rage he knew from his younger days as he began heaving slowly. Trying to keep his rage from taking over, but it was going poorly.

Finally it snapped. 8 years of saying no. Being pushed to join a war that was of no help to anyone. It came to a head finally.

The leather lashings holding his typical armor were torn from the metal as Voshie began dropping his gauntlets, smashing his helmet against the ground he whispered a few magic words. Ripping the massive chest plate off to slam it against the helmet nearly crushing it. The wind began picking up almost as though anticipating what was coming next.

Voshies hands had strange black veins running across them now as he grabbed the metal chain mail ripping it in half like it was mere parchment. Bare chested now, revealing the black veins rippling across his muscled body. Eyes glowing a soft blue as he began a hard jog towards the mountains. Not waiting for anyone else to follow him. The war had arrived and he was going to embrace it with open arms this time. The massive Norn Berserker was losing control for the first time in a long time. Voshie was loving the feeling.
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[tbl [+red [b [i Aimorio/Scotadi]]] [+blue Aimorio's/Scotdi's thoughts] [+opal Other/any]]

Aimorio, though given a different name long ago, (Scotadi), walked at a steady, leisure pace behind his enraged lord. His dark, crimson robe flowing gracefully behind him, covering his mid-lower arms, in which were behind him. The man, standing an intimidating 7'4 feet tall with full armor, which was a dark silver, and fire burning from the core of his shield. He crafted it himself, along with his blade, in which both burn with the same, piercing shot as his eyes.

The others, Voshie and Vadanna were both a fair distance ahead of him, as they were quite rushed. Aimorio, despite the hardened expression which was barely visible through his helm, saw no need to hasten. Rather, he kept a small pace, commonly turning to see the rushing guards and followers of Voshie.

He knew quite well the wrath of his lord, and very well what might become of their fellow guilds. And, although honor and valor drew him towards battle in defense of his people, in the Makshee clan, who were present, could not withdraw his oath to serve Voshie until death. No, not his covenant, though still did not wish he could. Quite fond of him indeed, and would do anything. Anything within his power, to proceed in a fashion of both honor and obedience. Sadly, positioning in such ways the two don't often mesh. [+red [b [i "Come, Dask. For we ride now, I do believe we shall make a first impression with the master."]]] Dask, the mages heavily mutated, scarred and old mount came forward. It was a bear, yes, but no ordinary bear. He received this particular one on a fine day, one of sacrifice for the religious Makshee's, and kept it since. Of course, he could not help performing the easy growth, strength, stamina, and speech spells and repeating them. The bear was now a 14'1 foot long beast now, and, as said, was used as a mount often.

Dask, in which matched his master's pace, cut off his path, bending down as the wizard mounted. The beast was equipped with Dwarvish-crafted armor, a saddle with matching crimson robes as his masters, and multiple weapons and arrows, food, supplies, etc., in which lied neatly in baggage near the back of the beast, or the iron slots at its sides which reached from it's lower body to it's neck. Regardless of all this weight, the beast still arose with Aimorio at his back, and started a good pace in the footsteps of Voshie, who was readying his horse for the meeting.

By this time, as Aimorio had intended, the earlier unreadied guards and remaining guild members were beside him. At this, their pace quickened a great amount, and the men, with a new rage, were there in good time.

Upon arrival, the mage dismounted quickly and searched the buzzing crowd, though not the largest, still buzzing with readying and activity of the soldiers.

The red, illuminating eyes of Aimorio scanned the area carefully, but of course, being of some of the tallest, had already spotted his even taller lord, Voshie. It was quite an excitement, and not-so, to see Vadanna, in his opinion. He'd met her once, on one occasion, and just didn't seem to blend in with her personality. Perhaps, of course, though, she could have changed. He had done a fair bit of that as well, so he still wasn't sure. That was his worst fear, of course, as he was quite sure of most things. Regardless, he was honored to be in the presence of one such as her. Though technically heir to Voshie, he had a great deal of respect for any who served him with a full heart, and whose reputation proceeded itself.

Approaching the two, the tall warrior bent to one knee before Voshie, his head hung low before arising. [+red [b [i M'lord.]]] Then, looking down to his right, the mage gave a nod, putting a hand over his chest in sense of respect, regardless of their ranks. [+red [b [i An honor, M'lady.]]]
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Vadanna heard the loud rustling outside her window, the woman growled before getting up her hair a mess as she answered the call. Her slender fingers pushed open the windows face to face with Agrid putting her nose to his snout. “Good Morning Father.” She spoke in Dragon tongue before letting him enter her room as she got ready for the day the sun still hiding behind the hill side.

Vadana pushed her golden locks into place before putting her body suit on her legs and chest revealed her body suit made out of a special metal so it wouldn’t break when she used her Frost/ice Magic. Her boots made from the same metal lined with a special fabric so she could move around comfortably. Vadana put her heavy shoulder plates on both sides held the Clans crest that began to glow a frost blue color only when she had them on to keep her from destroying them. Pushing her precious jeweled dragon crown that Agrid had made for her she smiled softly before hearing the heavy steps of Voshie.

“Duty calls Lets go.” She whispered hearing the clank of her armor exiting her room the woman followed behind the Clan leader her armor clanking but drowned out by the much taller male. The 5’4 woman stayed close seeing him become frustrated, but she did not speak until she thought the time was right putting her cloak on even though the cold didn’t bug her it was more for show. She mounted on Agrid looking up at Voshie before noticing the Clan leaders. “Shall I take care of him I’m sure me and Agrid could take on a few of the clan leaders ourselves. No one is as strong as you, and I have taken a few punches from you.” The woman spoke touching her stomach the dragon stretching out his wings hissing, and his hair seemed to frost over.

Vadana touched her sword watching as it frosted over her Chambermaids carrying over her shield it is taking two to carry it. “Sorry ladies I forgot how heavy that really was for a mere woman to car, well any mere human to carry.” The woman chuckled reaching down to grab it quickly from the girls the shield also holding the crest of their clan waiting for orders.
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Voshie walked through his chambers towards the large wooden door embroidered in gold and Black steel that formed the head of a roaring bear. Swinging the massive heavy door open with ease creaking and cringing the hinges held fast letting the massive 12' 3" man swing the door open. The room was immense a fire place the size of a small bedroom lay just to the right of the door. To the left a enormous bed adorned in fine black and red silks with black lions on them, the personal family emblem of Voshie. A massive wooden frame held the bed inches above the floor. A large black bear that had been mounted stood on its hind legs roaring just to the right of the fireplace toward a large set of 8 very well framed chairs. BOOM, the massive and heavy wooden door slammed shut with the power of the massive warrior infront of it now. The usual morning announcement that the Guild Leader was heading down to his communal chambers and then soon to check on new recruits to look over the newest meat the guild had recruited. The man was adorned in white base plate with a Black lion head on his abdomen. Red and black fabrics graced the back and shoulder pieces as he continued his way down the stairs to the Guild halls main chambers. The loud clanks, tings, and steps were echoing the whole way as he continued walking. The traditional bastard sword he wielded had been left in his room, his helmet lay underneath his right forearm and elbow. Fingers wrapped around the edge of the helmet as a set of wings protruded from the top. The massive man reached the base of the stairs and headed towards the main gates. The sun was just touching the eastern most side of the Island as his foot hit the massive 4 pronged gate crank the chain slacked and it immediately began to twist with excruciating speed as the massive wooden gate dropped from its upward position and crashed against the dirt across the wide gap that separated the entrance of the guild from the land. The guards jumped brandishing there weapons, but before they even managed to get the blades from there sheaths the massive guild leader was across the wooden gate and headed towards the Stables. Scars riddled the mans face and long black hair swept back as he continued his stormed walk to his horse. The Chamberlain, Gorge, was clad in a cloak and quickly coming after the massive man attempting to reason with him over something that had come to there attention early this morning, but Voshie would have none of it. Time and time again he had told the others his guild would not be of any part in this war. It seemed a formal audience would be needed to put it through this mans mind.

Taskaru's face was covered in rage. His left fist could be heard clenched so tightly the metal was screeching softly as he walked. A group of 15 or so guild leaders were coming to attempt to convince him to join there side in the war after many No's and simply ignoring them. The guild leaders apparently had worked up the nerve to come see one of the scariest and largest men with one of the greatest reputations known among the guilds for his battle against the giants Sar'Azul and Dra'gice. A pair of ancient giants who were brothers and causing trouble near the coasts of his homeland. One was a fire giant the other ice and Taskaru had brought both head backs when he came. They still remain adorned in a glass case hanging in the 'Great hall of the bear' with many other ancient skulls, weapons, artifacts, and armors from past great feats and battles of the guilds forefathers.

Taskaru was saddling his horse and preparing to greet these guild leaders personally now that he knew they were coming. It seemed they had hoped to sneak in to surprise him at the Guild hall and attempt to convince him to join there cause and Taskaru was sure his guild would have no part in there war and would personally see to it that it stayed that way...
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