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Just an rp for the two of us.

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Alum raised his voice slightly, "Clain, you're being irrational, I knew those eyes were cursed, now give em' here before you get hurt!" he shouted at her and stood up, he was being irrational too, but he was trying to protect her.
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 170d 12h 12m 21s
Pulling away from him she growled,"Hands off these are mine you scoundrel",. It was the first time she heard herself say that but she felt as though that maybe it was becoming an obsession as she stared at them more then trailed off pass the camp fire.
  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 170d 15h 53m 40s
<<>hnn, interesting<>>

Alum gave a grimace to the girl slightly, "Maybe, I should hold onto those for a while." he shifted to take them, "We might could use them to attract a dragon." he said lying cleverly.
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 170d 16h 7m 42s
Still staring at the eyes as the camp fire made them gleam like pearl Clain nodded then looked over to Alum,"is it really ok to keep these", she said in a voice not of her own kind. "my eyes...they hurt...they me..",she said staring at him with blank eyes then turning back of to watch the eyes again.

I wanna make it Gorey :P
  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 171d 14h 38m 20s
Alum and Clain walked on for a little while, it soon got dark and they had to mke camp. Alum got the fire going and he looked iver to Clain as she stared into the eyes. "Hey, I'm sorry I snapped earlier." he looked over at the girl and then back into the woods, being cautious, "But you know those things might attract unwanted attention."

<<>I thought it was fairly easy<>>
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 171d 15h 12m 11s
Clain seemed to roll her eyes as he spoke, she really didn't want to hear that. The eyes she had were so pretty for some odd reason she didn't want to give them to a merchant but rather stare at them all day. "Do whatever", she said in a monotoned sigh as she followed him still staring at the eyes.

Yes very hard -__-
  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 171d 15h 27m 59s
<<>see was that so hard?<>>

Alum looked down to the girl, "You know we can't go now, I was thinking we could stay in the inn, but you had to go and clumsily steal stuff from people." he looked down at the gemstones in her hand, "And you went and stole some dragon eyes too. You have no idea what those might do, do you?"
He gave a sigh and sat down, "Forget it, lets just, get some rest." the sun seemed to take forever to fully set, even just a tiny sliver stood out on that horizon.
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 171d 15h 30m 59s

Staring at the dragon eyes in her hands as she had picked them up from a mysterious man who seemed to loaded. She gave a sigh as she started to walk feeling a flash of heat as she leaned to see the colour of the eye. It seemed to have blinked but she dismissed it then looked towards Alum."Lets go already", she whined.

  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 171d 15h 52m 1s
<<>fine, but it's your turn you know, you could always do something interesting, you turned down the werewolf fur coats and you've turned down taming a dragon and you sent away an elf who would have provided an interesting story<>>
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 171d 15h 55m 40s
How about you drink bleach and die. If something doesn't happen soon then I will stop it again.My patience is wearing thin.
  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 171d 18h 4m 11s
<<>Try to be imaginative, this is a fantasy is it not?<>><<>And it's an rp, and I do hate linear stories, come on, take a different path, do something silly<>>
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 171d 18h 43m 27s
Bleh....-__- <---naturally narrow minded
  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 171d 18h 49m 19s
<<>Well, we could always bring in several different plots revolving around the beast riders, the elven cults, the Albion Civil wars, the Dragon eyes, or my character's personal destination.<>><<>Your choice of what you want to move onto, don't be so narrow minded, we haven't even gone but like a mile from that town so lots more stuff can happen >_< <>>
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 171d 18h 59m 21s
I'm sorry but I hate to wait, bothers me, I see not a thing happenin, feel like we aint goin no where -__-
  Clain-. / Paradox- / 7y 171d 19h 13m 39s
<<>Trust me, and lets keep moving, I have ideas and like I said, there is always a calm before the storm<>><<>Seriously, the impatience you have >_< <>>
  Alum the swordsman / Alum / 7y 171d 19h 15m 26s

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