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He nodded. 'Alright."he said. He leaned forward and kissed his cheek."be very careful B."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 282d 4h 19m 26s
That'd be best... and I'll whistle so you know I'm done. Then we'll hide in that room. Points to a door
We have to get inside so that he still thinks we're outside.
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 285d 20h 9m 1s
He nodded. "want me to go to a different part of the house and make a noise to distract him?"
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 299d 21h 57m 2s
Okay, There he is. Points to a man writing in a chair
And there's his drink.. Smiles at Mello and points to a glass on the table in front of the man
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 303d 1h 27m 44s
He roleld his yes. "obviosuly."He siad. "Just drug his drink when he slips ot of the roon."He siad.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 304d 14m 46s
Nice work!
So, let's see what we can do. Maybe I could give him a drug shot, or spike his drink when he leaves the room? I didn't think this part through.
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 305d 21h 6m 36s
He nodded and kneeled next oteh back door. He was focusing as hard as he could as he forced the door to open.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 305d 21h 45m 4s
Okay. This next part is all up to you then.
You have to as quiet as possible though.
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 307d 17h 28m 46s
He grinned. "Of cours.e"
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 307d 17h 33m 33s
That could work.
Do you know how to pick a lock?
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 307d 17h 35m 42s
"Well..We could slip in quietly and wiat?"
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 307d 17h 38m 33s
We have to find a way to drug him. Thinking
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 307d 17h 43m 12s
He nodde.d "It's nice, especialyl for one who's a freelance wqriter."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 307d 17h 51m 52s
I suppose you're right.
Sooner or later, they began approaching a small building, also known as The House of Believe Bridesmaid
This is it.
  Beyond Birthday / LLawlietLookALike / 7y 307d 17h 54m 41s
He nodded. "I won't leave your side."He siad. "You know what your doing."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 307d 18h 9s

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