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Blaze looked up and down the menu nothing looking extremely good to her she looked to the waiter and asked "I don't suppose you have a hamburger huh?"she giggled and shrugged "I guess I'll have the fried fish with butter" he nodded and left to get their food giving them their drinks
  Doggy Blaze / Panty / 7y 357d 11h 22m 30s
Happi nodded.
"That does sound like a good idea."
She muttered looking at the wader when he came over, than she told him what she wanted some sushi some shrimp and some lobster legs than she looked at Blaze to see what she might take, her tongue showed when she looked at the menu seeing all the different types of food, hunger still bothering her.

[ sorry its short.]
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yea of course I remember" Blaze said with a small giggle "Maybe we could head down to the beach sometime" she said smiling Blaze loved how happy and innocent Happi was it was one of her favorite things about the girl. After a bit the waiter walked up to them and handed us the menus to look at "Do you perhaps know what you would like to order?" he asked waiting patiently for our answer
  Doggy Blaze / Panty / 7y 359d 13h 39m 2s
Happi nodded lightly. Than she was kissed again on the lips, she swayed her tail back and forth and fixed her potion looking at her girlfriends light blue eyes that shimmered some of the times, in the light she smiled and held her hand for a bit.
"I knew that, i just like watching the swim sometimes makes me think of when we went down to the lake one day, and i caught about 4 or 9 fish"
She explained. Happi liked to travel a lot and while Blaze had been busy on her exam and studying all the time Happi would go to some ponds and just stare at fish and see if she could challenge them as well.

  [H| a p p i / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 360d 11h 35s
Blaze smiled and laughed a little watching her girlfriend stare at the tank "You know those aren't the fish for eating" I say smiling and kissing you from across the table
  Doggy Blaze / Panty / 7y 360d 12h 27m 58s
Happi nodded, and swayed her tail into Blaze's tail. Smiling brightly she really was wanting to make this day special for her, and she was very happy about this. When the two got off the bus they headed right to the seafood shop, Seeing how animals normally are, they get hungry fast. When they got their Happi lead Blaze to a nice table near the fish tank as always.
"Here is my favorite spot to sit, hehe i bet you know why?" She snickered looking through the tank of fish for a minute her tongue licking her lips slightly, than she looked back at Blaze again, smiling and she took her hand in hers again.

  [H| a p p i / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 360d 19h 59m 34s

Blaze kissed Happi's cheek "mmm lets goto that seafood place I don't like fish as much as you but this date is for you not me" she said smiling and kissing her neck a little as she let her cute little kitty girlfriend lead the way to her favorite seafood place she was wagging her tail enjoying Happi's scent as they walked "Have I ever told you how good you smell~?" I ask with a giggle as we walk holding hands since as a dog Blaze had a strong nose she loved nice smelling things and Happi was always the best

  Doggy Blaze / Panty / 7y 361d 8h 15m 17s
Happi smiled and giggled and blushed so much more than she had ever, Blaze was surely trying to forgive her of all the times she left her for school work. Happi smiled and kissed her lips for a minute than took a deep breathe.
"I missed you so much, i was wandering when you'd ever pick me up again, and i wasn't sure i thought we might eat first, maybe at a burger shop or seafood shop, hehe, you know how much i love Sushi and fish"
She smiled and giggled lightly watching out the window for their stop the bus finally stopped at their destination and Happi stood up off of Blaze, and handed her hand to her to help her up helping her up she than pulled her hand along the bus and out the door of the bus the mall was like the same mall you'd go to it was a building with two stories and some nice windows with stickers or flyers on them.

  [H| a p p i / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 361d 8h 25m 42s
Blaze giggled and sat down into the bus seat before her pulling happi down into her lap and kissing her cheek and wrapping her arms around her midsection and kissing her again loving her soft warmth as she held her close to her body "So which store should we look at first once we get their hmm? and how you been without me my lovely little kitty~" she asked affectionately nipping one of her ears again
  Doggy Blaze / Panty / 7y 361d 8h 41m 33s
Happi smiled again shivered from the nipping and a slight color of pink blush was showing in her face. Happi sat on Blazes lap now and nipped at her. The two continued to nip and kiss each other until the bus finally rolled by, Happi stood up off of Blazes lap giggling lightly and giving her cute innocent smiles.
"Looks like are fun time is about to begin."
She muttered and pulled Blaze into the bus with her still holding her hand tightly.

  [H| a p p i / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 361d 8h 48m 8s
Blaze smiled and put her arm around Happi's waist pulling her close and holding her their kissing her cheek and smiling at her cute kitty girlfriend "Your so adorable Happi, I love you too very very much~, and I can't wait either its going to be spectacular~" she said smiling affectionately nipping at one of Happi's ears while they sat on the bench waiting for the bus
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Happi blushed slightly and hugs Blaze tightly for a minute and kissed her nose happy to be near her, she grabbed her hand and began to lead her to the bus stop where they would take a bus that wouldn't take forever to get to the mall, they could probably talk for a bit on the bus. As they waited for the bus, Happi smiled and sat next to Blaze on a bench.

"I love you, Blaze i really can't wait to get to the mall and have such a great fun time with you."
She was saying smiling brightly again using that cute innocent look.

  [H| a p p i / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 361d 9h 1m 5s
Blaze grinned and kissed happi again longer this time "Don't worry Happi I'm all yours tonight, and for a couple days if you want I think I've studied enough for now~ they may be important but your more important then anything" she giggled and kissed her again "Now I'm ready to go whenever you are cutie" she said grinning as she held Happi's hand and squeezed it a little
  Doggy Blaze / Panty / 7y 361d 9h 5m 35s
Happi was never the one to be in a dump she was the most happiest furry girl you've met she quickly smiled brightly her tail swayed back and forth with Blaze's tail, she smiled when she was kissed on the lips after, and she quickly snuck her cat paw into Blaze's paw. "I thought you might be able to spare some time, so the mall was the idea and than after you could go study maybe at the library or something, i wouldn't mind at all, i mean i know how important the exams are for you, but you mean more to me.. and all so yeah lets go" She was trying to not ramble on with her hyper active personality she had. She talked none stop, Blaze always had to kiss her just to stop her from yapping.

  [H| a p p i / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 361d 9h 11m 49s
Blaze grinned and placed a little kiss on her lovely girlfriend Happi's lips and nodded grinning still as she put her arms around Happi's neck "That sounds like a great Idea Happi~ We haven't gotten to go shopping with eachother in forever It'll be tons of fun, I'm sure of it!" she said in her usual excited, happy, and misleadingly dim tone that was common for dog furrys her tail was still wagging quickly maybe even having picked up a little speed when Happi opened the door. she loved shopping with Happi and because exams had been taking up all her attention she hadn't been able to do it in awhile same for having a nice meal with her

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