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Come be an Angel, or talk with them ^^

Anyone is welcome, unless you start drama, or I don't like you. Then I'll ask you to leave.

Love, Fairah.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

It was good
  Grim 2 / splitter2734 / 7y 260d 21h 30m 31s
Haha, how was your day?
I am great a little died but I am great
  Grim 2 / splitter2734 / 7y 261d 6h 23m 49s
I'm great! How are you?
Cool how are you
  Grim 2 / splitter2734 / 7y 261d 6h 25m 29s
Hah sure
Does the angle of death count
  Grim 2 / splitter2734 / 7y 261d 6h 30m 54s
Walks in hi
  Grim 2 / splitter2734 / 7y 261d 6h 35m 46s
Zaina runway walked in and smiled.


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