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A thread where the plot doesn't matter and all you need is a bit of imagination!
No character limit, or limit on characters.
Standard ES rules apply, and don't annoy me. Easy enough?

Setting: A rather large town called Nowheresville. There is a large park that has a lake in it, a mall, quite a few cafes and restaurants, and almost anything else you can think of!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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We began walking--or well, I did, and he boarded beside me. He's pretty good, I thought to myself. I couldn't do skateboards but I could do longboards, not that there was much of a difference. I always thought skateboards just felt too small and I had this overwhelming feeling I was always about to fall off. "Yeah, we're charging 10 bucks per CD." I replied brightly and calmly, but inside I was thinking, Ohmygodohmygod am I going to make our first sale?! The guys are going to be stoked! We stopped a cute little house and he unlocked the door, apologizing for the disorganization of the place. "No, it's fine," I said, looking around.

Nate and I walked into his kitchen, before going to fetch his first aid kit. When he was gone, I looked around the place, noting the fair pile of dishes that needed to be washed, and the sparse furniture. It was a nice house, if not a bit cluttered, something I knew I could probably never stand. I was too organized for that sort of thing, but still, it managed to be endearing here. He came back, making me lose my train of thought.

"Let's see... bandaids... alcohol pads... gauze. This should work right?" He inquired lightly, and I bobbed my head.

"Um, here" I picked out an alcohol pad or two, some large band aids and some gauze, pulling up a chair and sitting down. I began to clean the wounds with practiced fingers, "Sorry for using up the stuff in your first aid kit," I apologized without looking up. "And I really appreciate this." I told him, turning my gaze to his and offering a smile, "It's really cool of you, especially since we don't know each other." Applying the band aids onto my wrists, my smile faltered. It was a familiar image, and I knew that I would end up with questions from everyone about what happened. I had a feeling that people wouldn't believe me, so I made a mental note to tell Nate about our show tonight.

"Could you help me wrap this around my knee?" I asked, fumbling. The pad of my hand and my wrist had been scraped, so it was still sore and awkward to use it. I hope this doesn't affect my playing tonight, I worried.

  -Dusk- / 8y 60d 22h 31m 14s
I grinned to her, and began to walk back towards my house. "Awesome, how much are you selling the CDs for?" I asked as I rode on my skateboard next to her. "And it's nice to meet you Ellie. Yeah, I've heard of you guys. My friend Lucas told me to check out your music, so it was kinda a nice surprise running into you. I wasn't sure when your next show was." I said as we approached the small one-story house. I slid to a stop at the front door, and fished my keys out of my pocket.

Once the door was unlocked, I opened it and walked in. "Sorry if it's a bit messy. It's just my sister and I that live here, and she works a lot. I am supposed to clean up today, but I wanted to get in some time at the skatepark before it got to crowded." I had lead her into the kitchen before I turned to smile at her. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go grab the first aid kit from the bathroom." I told her just before I disappeared down the hall. A few seconds later, I was back and going through the small box. "Let's see... bandaids... alcohol pads... gauze. This should work right?"
  Nathanael [Nate] Pierce / Conspiracy / 8y 64d 22h 36m 47s

"I- I- sure." Before I knew it I was going who-knows-how-long out of my way to get patched up. This guy was just too nice. How could I let out my angry-nervousness on someone so nice? Damn it, I thought, he needs to be more of a jerk! I smiled a little when he asked about the CDs--oh, who are we kidding, I smiled a lot. Was our work finally paying off?

"Well hello Nate," I replied, "My name is Elise, but my friends call me Elle or Ellie. Elise is kind of an old woman name, anyway." Why did I say that?! Biting my lip, I zipped up the guitar case and slung the instrument back over my back, hoisting the box up so that I could hold it safely, instead of the previous precarious position it had been in. It looked a little more awkward, but it was better than dropping it again.

"So I guess you've heard of us, then?" I asked, realizing only afterwards what a stupid question it was. I stood there waiting for him to lead the way to his house.

  Capricorn / -Dusk- / 8y 65d 20h 47m 59s
What was it about days like this? For some weird reason, I felt giddy, like a little kid who was on their way to an amusement park. Then, BAM! I crashed into someone, and fell straight onto my ass. "Ow, fuck shit! My ass!" I groaned, and slowly got up, rubbing myself. I looked down to see a girl. Well, a bloody girl. "Oh, shit! My bad, lady!" I moved over to help collect the CDs that had scattered across the grass. Save Me A Bullet Well, they sounded pretty familiar. Was it Lucas that had mentioned them to me? I looked back over to her and frowned. "I don't have any on me, but my house is just down the street if you want to walk with me. I can get you patched up. Man, I am so sorry. I really didn't see you." And I was being genuine about that. I did have the tendency of having my head in the clouds all too much.

"Um, hey, although this may seem like the inappropriate time to ask, are these CDs for sale?" I ask her, gently scooting my skateboard back and forth with my foot. "I'm Nathanael by the way, but everyone calls me Nate." I continued, blabbering. What was up with me? I never act this way around people. Maybe I just felt bad for pretty much mortally wounding her and her box?
  Nathanael [Nate] Pierce / Conspiracy / 8y 65d 21h 33m 29s

I stifled a yawn with my upper arm, trying not to drop the box in my hands. Inside were my band's, Save Me A Bullet's, CDs. It wasn't like we got a record deal or anything--we had to pay to have them made, but it would still help us on our way to the top. Think, Elise, by this time next year we could be playing at Warped and not just selling our stuff there! The very thought made my stomach drop in excitement.

I had been up since 5 in the morning, cleaning and getting ready for our next gig, practicing with the guys and everything. On my back I was carrying my 6-string in its case, a classic, vibrant red instrument that I lovingly referred to as my girl. Tonight we played at some obscure pub on the edge on town, and they weren't even paying us much, but we would take what we could get.

Without warning I was slammed into by someone, causing me to tumble over. At the last second I had to choose between my guitar and our CDs, and I twisted forward so that my girl would be saved, the box flying forward onto some grass and my hands hitting the pavement.

"Fuck, ow!" I shouted as I landed, skinning my wrists and knees. Great, my new tights: ruined, I though, sitting up and glancing over at the guy who knocked me over. He had long, dark shaggy hair that was half-way between his ears and chin, and a bony frame. Taking off my guitar, I unzipped it and ran my hand down it, making sure no damage was done. I was lucky: everything was intact, and it came away unscathed.

"My CDs!" I realized, quickly getting up and picking up the now-broken open box, inspecting the contents. "You're lucky my stuff is okay," I told the stranger, sending him a slightly angry look. "Pay more attention next time." I told him, a little snobbily, as I inspecting my stinging injuries. Hesitantly, I glanced over again, "I don't suppose you have any bandaids or anything?" I inquired. The blood ran down my arm in a few small trickles, and my tights were soaked around my knees where they were scraped. There are going to be so many prostitute jokes, I realized, resisting a groan.

  -Dusk- / 8y 65d 21h 56m 30s
Beep. Beep. Beep

My hand slid out from under the mess of blankets that covered me, and hit the snooze button. I really didn't feel like getting up just yet, but I was sure that in a matter of moments my sister would come in here to tell me to get out of bed. There was no use in fighting with her, so I avoided the situation all together, and sat up. The sun was too bright, causing me to squint my eyes. "Ugh, morning." I grumbled and got out of my bed to go into my bathroom across the hall.

After a nice hot shower, I got dressed and headed down the hall to the kitchen. There was a note on the fridge from my sister. Got called into work. Sorry. Money on the table if you want to go get food. Love Sis. Well, that was rather convenient, although now I was annoyed that I got up so early. I turned and looked to see how much money she actually left me. There was enough, so I slid it into my pocket and grabbed my skateboard by the front door. It was a rather nice morning, and no doubt still too early for there to be many people at the skate park. I closed the door behind me, and locked it before dropping the skateboard onto the ground and pushing myself forward, towards the direction of the park.
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