Avatar the last Airbender: The Aangover

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Prior to Avatar Aang's wedding to Katara, he, Sokka, Zuko and Iroh hit go out on a wild bachelor night. The next morning, they wake up in a hotel room in Ba Sing Se, Sokka missing a tooth, Zuko with The Boulder's pet tigerdillo in his room, Iroh with a random baby, and Aang nowhere to be found. With just hours before the wedding, the three of them must go on a misadventure to find the Avatar, lest they face Katara's wrath.

Side Notes

1. Yes this is based off of The Hangover, it was a bad pun, but a good concept.
2. The idea of this roleplay belongs to Discord, I'm just the one who made the thread.
3. There will be side characters, like Katara, Toph, Mai, Etc. They should be filled by people who are not doing a lot in the roleplay.


#1: No Godmodding, simple really.
#2: Do not treat this roleplay as if it is "The Hangover" it's not, it's similar, but different.
#3: No cybering, that one is kinda simple.
#4: Ask to join, oh and ask in PMs please, that would be quite nice.
#5: When you ask, call the message "The Aangover" just to prove you read the rules and put who you would like to join as, along with a sample post in the message.
#6: Please be somewhat literate, I don't care about the length of the post, but at least be able to spell and use correct grammar. I don't want any posts like this "Wut teh hell r u on abot?" If you do, you can polity go fuck yourself.

Main Characters

Aang - Open
Sokka - Taken
Zuko - Taken
Iroh - Taken

Side Characters

Katara - Taken
Toph - Open
Mai - Open
Suki - Open
The Boulder - Open

More will be thought up as we go along.

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