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You dint miss much, everyone just got a character and chit chatted :3

It sounds like a plan to me :3
  Lavi ‹3 / AcrossTheSun / 7y 266d 21h 41m 44s
:3 Okay so I was thinking, I wanted to throw some Totoro in here. What if we all coincidentally find that hole in the tree that leads us to Totoro's hideout place, and then, when we try to escape thats when we get captured by someone? And then thats the person who takes us to Laputa, and they lock us up in the Ruins? How does that sound? Or no?
  Kressara Zrye Sunete / FairahMeekson / 7y 266d 21h 42m 51s
I miss everything. D;
  .|Soul / Elexia / 7y 266d 21h 44m 0s
It's ok :3 You do what you need to ^^
  Lavi ‹3 / AcrossTheSun / 7y 266d 21h 46m 14s
*Walks in* Sorry, I've been really tired lately..
  Kressara Zrye Sunete / FairahMeekson / 7y 266d 21h 47m 44s
Hello dear ^^ How are you?
  Lavi ‹3 / AcrossTheSun / 7y 266d 21h 55m 11s
Hello ^^
  Chihiro / SoulDreamer / 7y 266d 22h 7m 5s
Back from being gone hehe
  Lavi ‹3 / AcrossTheSun / 7y 266d 22h 13m 37s
I am still here
  Chihiro / Souldreamer / 7y 267d 11m 22s
Oh okay ^^ I had to eat, and I fell asleep for abi, but I'm wide awake now!!
  Ponyo <3 / FairahMeekson / 7y 267d 19m 50s
Chit chatting well everyone left here but me, there all still around though :3
  Lavi ‹3 / AcrossTheSun / 7y 267d 20m 31s
*Waves and swims to Lavi* What ware ya'll up to?
  Ponyo <3 / FairahMeekson / 7y 267d 27m 5s
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fishy in the sea :3
  Lavi ‹3 / AcrossTheSun / 7y 267d 28m 40s
*Walks back in and looks around*
  Ponyo <3 / FairahMeekson / 7y 267d 38m 35s
Blinks her eyes then smiles. "Well I am not quite sure how it is done but yubbaba the witch of the bath house stole my name once I almost forgot who I was and I belonged to her. If it wasn't for Haku helping me I wouldn't have gotten out I don't think..."
  Chihiro / Souldreamer / 7y 267d 40m 28s

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