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Do you remember the story of Spirited Away? Or Ponyo? Howe's Moving Castle maybe? Or any of Hayao Miyazaki's wonderful creations?

Well what if we combined them, but with our own twists? And our own characters!! But original characters will be needed too.

Please post if your interested, also if you have any ideas for the plot, you may post here too!! :)

I probably will make another thread when we're ready to begn. Anime pics only please, Post your basic skelleys down there. You can be any character you please, or an oc

Please come have fun with me *Clean fun*
No Cybering, god modding, cuzzing, etc.
His movies are kid friendly, and I want to keep it that way.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

  K A W A I I / Hoofbeats / 7y 220d 10h 41m 16s
Good Morning!
  Ponyo <3 / FairahMeekson / 7y 220d 10h 47m 40s
You have a lot of Lavi pictures dont you.
  Chihiro / souldreamer / 7y 221d 7h 59m 58s
If you say so xD
  Lavi ♪ / AcrossTheSun / 7y 221d 8h 3m 12s
XD I see. Cute
  Chihiro / souldreamer / 7y 221d 8h 4m 24s
I use the symbols to distinguish my Lavi Pictures Its an obsession >.>
  Lavi ♥ / AcrossTheSun / 7y 221d 8h 7m 39s
It is<3 I love music so music notes are cute XD
  Chihiro / souldreamer / 7y 221d 8h 10m 33s
xD Its cute right♥
  Lavi ♥ / AcrossTheSun / 7y 221d 8h 13m 33s
Awh a music note!
  Chihiro / souldreamer / 7y 221d 8h 15m 44s
Hello ♪
  Lavi ¤CUTE¤ / AcrossTheSun / 7y 221d 8h 18m 26s
  Chihiro / SoulDreamer / 7y 221d 9h 57m 37s
Awesome Random Chat, and good morning everyone :)
  Ponyo <3 / FairahMeekson / 7y 221d 10h 2m 40s
Idk what arc is but okay talk to you later
  Chihiro / Souldreamer / 7y 221d 22h 21m 0s
Well my beautiful lady friends im going to ARC to stay message me if you need me.
  Lavi ♥ / AcrossTheSun / 7y 221d 22h 26m 59s
It's eastern... I'm new York... I have family in Ohio though lol.

And haha yup... Yay~
  Chihiro / Souldreamer / 7y 221d 22h 33m 45s

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