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Kabuto could feel the fear in the female cop easily. Well, he couldn't scold her for that. The Akatsuki was the least he wanted to mess with these days. Sure, he had plans of getting close to them once more in furture but today was not in his schedule.
Especially in this position.
The Yakushi this time, didn’t waste time on mocking her nervousness. To be honest, he was also anxious but Sakura was right about one thing; They were needed alive for now.
"[+blue The Akatsuki was after me because 'I' was after them. Let's say, I once was a 'spy' for Sasori till I started working for myself. Ah, I found out interesting things about their original plans for sure...and they didn't like it. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting them to capture me this early-]"
Kabuto went silent as the 'creak' of a door opening echoed in the small room. Then, clanks of shoe stepping inside and approaching the unlucky two reached their sensitive ears.
"[+red Yakushi Kabuto, after Orochimaru's death I almost lost your contacts. To see you working with a konoha cop,...what are you planning on?]"
The cold, emotionless voice of Sasori was heard from a quite close distance of them. There he was, dressed in suits and one hand in pocket, stroking a deadly syringe in it.
Kabuto could feel the danger radiating from this man but he had learnt long before to keep his cool to have a control of urgent situation.
"[+blue I thought with his death, the deal is over. It's usual for spies to disappear once they're useless, Sasori sama. I didn’t know you're interested in a small gang's activities of mine. Working with a cop, has nothing to do with the 'plan'-Ack!]" Before Kabuto could finish, Sasori's leg slammed against his abdomen. Sasori felt tricked, humiliated and used. This wasn't his liking at all. Yet, Kabuto's last sentence caught his attention.
"[+red Plan?]"
Kabuto, who was trying to get back his breath, smirked slightly. As he had expected the subordinates didn't know much of the Akatsuki's main goal.
"[+blue Seems like now, I have more information. A spy lives by revealing secrets, I guess.]" Kabuto's smirk widened in victory.
Sasori narrowed his eyes slightly, as his eyes focused on the 'former spy'.
"[+red Hm. Looks like it.]" Sasori half agreed.
Kabuto started realising that Akatsuki wasn't the one who had caught them.
It was Sasori.
That was a relief.
Sasori then paid attention to Sakura. With a swift move, he pulled out the syringe and pressed the tip threateningly on her neck.
"[+red This liquid will destroy the neuron connections to your organs. First, the limbs would be useless. Then, liver and lungs. At last, the heart will stop from lack of oxygen.]"
Kabuto was slightly puzzled. What was Sakura's use to them.
"[+red Uzumaki Naruto is back from USA. As a right hand to Tsunade, you must know well; Where is he?]"
Well, that was unheard.
Why, this boy was back now?
However, Kabuto would be glad to see the project was speeding up once again.
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 2y 70d 7h 26m 34s
[size12 [font "Arial" Did he ever shut up? Sakura wondered this absentmindedly as her emerald hues continued to eye the car in the rear view mirror. This definitely spelled trouble for them and it no longer mattered to the pinkette if they were after the cop or the criminal, it only mattered that they could get away. Allowing Yakushi to take over the car, he shifted it in gear and sped up, they were almost on the road. They could make it. Sakura kept telling herself this over and over, if for no other reason than to calm the rising fear in her gut. This wasn't going to work. No sooner had the young cop thought this that there was a crashing sound and she realized that even with her seatbelt on, she'd been tossed around the vehicle when it flipped over. Damn Kabuto and this stupid old car.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The girl blinked a few times, trying to rid herself of the pain in her head caused by the gash that was bleeding pretty badly. She heard the other talking to Sasori, the one she was most afraid of, and cringed a bit. Reaching for her gun, Sakura discreetly moved her hand, irritated that she hadn't even gotten halfway there before two shots were fired. Well, that was it. They were dead. All of this mess had been for naught. Sasuke was lost forever, Naruto would wonder what happened to her, and that damned Yakushi had gotten the last laugh.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" This, of course, was why a very surprised and blindfolded cop came to a little later, instantly hearing the annoying voice of that same criminal, but something was different. He did not sound like his usual self. There was no mocking tone of voice, no hidden contexts in his veiled insults, just seriousness. Why couldn't she move? [i My arms...] They were bound behind her, her lower limbs tied down to the chair legs as well. This scenario had been played out in training in the academy, but it didn't hold a candle to the real thing.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "Am I awake? I am now..."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The pinkette shifted only slightly, hands wriggling to test the tightness of these binds. If she could just get to the knife in her pocket or the gun at her side. [i Who am I kidding...they probably took that. They're no amateurs..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "They need us alive for something, otherwise, they'd have killed us back in that horrid car of yours...Seriously, Yakushi. Have you ever heard of a tune up?"] She was getting annoyed now, an angry sigh escaping her barely parted lips. Before the girl realized it, her body wasn't just a little shaky, she was [i trembling.] Damn it, the fear she felt was beginning to show. That could not happen. [+red "Why were the Akatsuki after you? What did you do, four eyes?"]]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 2y 72d 14h 48m 37s
"[+blue You sure are so proud of your academic marks.]" The male offered her another smirk before sitting in his new seat. Without wasting more precious time, he hit the gas and called for the car's full strength. The car jumped up slightly and moved as he wished out of the main road.
That deadly black car noticed their sudden change of choice and sped up after them.
Kabuto smoothly turned the wheel, doing a 180 and drove right into their 'stalker'.
The black car drove reverse, avoiding any unecessary crash.This reaction gave Kabuto enough space to turn and pass the car from left side. If they could manage to reach the highway again, then they could not get them so easi-
Talk about ol' cars.
Maybe he had pushed the poor vehicle far more than he should.
A screeching noise and then a small fly in the air. For once, Kabuto was quite nervous. "[+blue We should get out th-Oooooppphhh!"]" The car landed on its side, thrashing its passengers around mercilessly.
The black car was just there, waiting.
"[+blue...Ah...]" The Yakushi's head was spinning slightly. When he touched his painful head, he felt his own blood. The male unattached the belt and kicked the door open only to meet a familiar face of one the deadliest one.
A forced smirk covered Kabuto's blood stained face,"[+blue So we meet again, Sasori-sama.]"
The red head didn't even bother to twitch his lips for an answer. His eyes observed the former spy and then landed on the familiar girl. Where had he seen her before? Not like he cared. Instead, he swiftly pulled out a small gun and before Kabuto could react he shot twice towards them.
Now they would be sleeping for some time.

"[+blue Sakura, Are you awake?]" Kabuto called, his voice serious and non mocking this time. They were both stuck in hell.
The two were tied to chair, back to back. So they couldn't see each other but at least they could hear.
Oh, and they couldn't see anywhere since their eyes were blocked with cloth.
Kabuto still felt slightly dizzy from the wound on his head but he was trained enough to ignore it and focus on the current situation. "[+blue I doubt they'll needs any of us alive later.]" Kabuto didn't want his life end in this way. He had big plans for future.
A buzzing sound...
The lamp needed to be fixed.
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 2y 84d 7h 59m 41s
[size12 [font "Arial" His bantering was beginning to annoy the young cop. Sakura did her best to keep the throbbing vein in her forehead at bay but to no avail. If that damned silver haired bastard didn't shut up in the next five seconds, she swore that a swift punch to his jaw was going to become a reality. The pinkette barely allowed her eyes to shift, emerald hues gluing themselves onto Kabuto and then turning to her rear view mirror. Shit, she too had noticed it. They were being followed.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "Whether or not you have lied to me makes no difference at this moment, Yakushi.."] she finally muttered, a hand placing itself under her chin in thought. When the other spoke the word [i Akatsuki,] most people would allow their fear to overtake them. Those people were definitely not someone that you wanted to mess with, especially seeing as she'd had a rather close run in with the red haired one, Sasori on another occasion. Almost died.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "If you are implying that I'm afraid, I'll be more than happy to disappoint you, Yakushi. However, it is your car and I'm quite confident that I can handle anything that you throw at me."] The girl got out of the front seat, the earth crunching beneath her feet when she looked right over at the car that was seemingly trying to keep its distance. What business did the Akatsuki have with them anyway? Were they following Kabuto or was it her they were after? Neither sounded good and the pinkette simply flipped her hair and moved into the passenger's seat.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "I suggest driving away. Fast. The Akatsuki are not to be trifled with and if we can't lose them, there is a large possibility that we will run into some trouble."] He still thought she was the 'old' Sakura, she could tell. How she would enjoy proving him wrong with how calm she could stay in these sorts of situations. [+red "I may be a [i rookie,] but I am Tsunade's right hand and well at the top of my graduating class. If I were you, I'd spend less time jabbering and more time getting us out of here."]]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 2y 85d 7h 38m 2s
Casually, the male took his 'Chinese meal' and started eating silently as he enjoyed the sight out of the car's window. If anybody saw him, they'd think that he's going for a 'trip' with his 'dearest fiance'.

"[+blue Turn left, Sakura chan.]" He had finally finished his food and minded to talk; At least he wanted them to get lost in the endless roads, yet. When the old car turned into the old road, they found themselves alone. It looked liked an abounded place. Kabuto set the Chinese box down and laid back comfortably in his seat. "[+blue Well, there's no traffic but maybe you don't like being alone with a possibly dangerous criminal. Maybe I've just lied to you, hm? You can't know, you just have to trust the one you despise and let 'him' guide you.]" Chuckling lightly, he brought up a hand to his face and glanced at the 'might explode soon' pinkette,"[+blue So I guess, you're still the 'old' Sakura chan.]" The unforgettable smirk of him tugged at his lips.

Suddenly Kabuto's eyes glued to the side mirror. His eyes narrowed slightly, thoughtfully. Then they widened slightly and he whispered something quietly. After a minute or so, he just shrugged and looked at the female cop. "[+blue I don't like to rush you or anything but seems like we're being already followed. This black car behind...]" He used his thumb to point at back in a carefree way. "[+blue Never brings good news. To be honest, I didn't expect the Akatsuki...]" his smirk became wider in amusement."[+blue To be so in touch with the police.]"

The car behind made a distance, but still followed the two. "[+blue If you're scared, let me drive Sakura chan. I don't want myself killed because a 'newbie' cop screwed up.]"

[Sorry for the shortish post! I'd almost forgot the story plot, so had a hard time deciding what to post!Will get better next time. ^^']
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 2y 88d 9h 54m 25s
[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "Don't speak of Lady Tsunade so flippantly, Yakushi.."] was the almost hissed response of the irritated pinkette as she followed the other into the woods and to a very well hidden car. Were it not for the fact that she'd just been shown it, Sakura might not have found it on her own. She dared a glance at the man, internally at her boiling point as she saw those eyelids slide halfway closed, that dark smirk that so easily crawled onto his features only reminding her of how helpless she used to be, that night in the bathroom where she'd been threatened. [i At least I was able to make it out of that alive...His threats seem utterly pointless now..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The cop did not say a word as she took the key from Kabuto and carefully put it in the ignition. She took her time starting the vehicle, listening closely for anything that could possibly be wrong with it or for the possibility of a car bomb or something. Hearing nothing of the sort, Sakura started the car and drove in the direction indicated by her unwilling passenger. [+red "You had better sit there quietly and keep your hands to yourself.."] she warned, anger clear in her emerald gaze. This man had taken everything from her that she held dear, and she wasn't about to deal with his [i mockingly] friendly demeanor.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Of course, after awhile, the request for them to stop only made the young woman scoff. She rolled her eyes and let out an audible huff, but nonetheless, pulled into a drive thru and waited patiently for the person inside to take their order. Once they had their food, she roughly shoved it at Kabuto and drove on, not showing any indication whatsoever that she was even close to hungry.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "Spare me your fake praise, Yakushi...I'm not the same girl you knew back in the academy...I've changed, and I won't be caught off guard by you ever again...Now shut it and lead on."]]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 3y 98d 15h 22m 32s
To be honest, Kabuto didn't expect this solution of hers. "[+blue Congrats, Sakura chan. I didn't know you've become such a trusted cop of Tsunade sama.]" He had finally stopped walking and had turned back to her slightly, his hands in his pockets in a carefree way. Uh, do not forget that sweet, annoying smile.

The Yakushi heard her mentioning about his 'own' grave, chuckling he decided to throw away the memories of a timid, naive Sakura he had met long before."[+blue I didn't know you'll bury the one who took away your [i dear one]]" Those eyelids fell down halfway, his smile reforming into a dark smirk to remind her he's not scared of another girl vanishing.

"[+blue Lets forget it for now.]" The young man stepped aside to show her a small, old, unnoticeable car hidden among the bushes.Without a single word, Kabuto walked over to the driver's door and bent through the car since the car windows were down. The key was on the car, he pulled it out and dangled it on his pointer finger. Kabuto approached her with a quite fast pace and smirked at how on guard she was.

Casually, he handed her the key. "[+blue I'm sure you won't risk by letting me drive and I'm not interested in sitting beside you with my hands busy and my eyes on road.]" There, Kabuto showed that he's also cautious around her.Without any hesitation, he sat beside the driver's seat and waited for her entrance.

Once they were settled in, Kabuto pointed to the road nearby the forest."[+blue Take this road. It will be a long drive.I hope you like driving.]"

Once they started their risky, forced drive, Kabuto remained silent and enjoyed watching the fields around. His expression was like he was taking a tour or sth. But Sakura knew him enough to realize she shouldn't pay attention to his fake expressions.

Indeed he didn't like this situation. He had planned on approaching them 'later'. He wasn't the one who liked to do things hastily but this damned pinkette left him no choice.

After about 30 minutes, Kabuto looked over at his 'personal' driver."[+blue I know you're a responsible cop but aren't you hungry?All those swimming and excitements have drained me.I hope you'd allow me to eat somewhere.,Don't worry, I can't escape,like this. I'm too wise to lose the chance of being driven by Haruno Sakura!]"
  valkyira / 3y 100d 3h 47m 57s
[size12 [font "Arial" Over and over did the young man taunt the female cop before him, and thinner and thinner became Sakura's patience. The whole [i best friend] act was getting him nowhere and the pinkette narrowed her emerald orbs in a threatening and suspicious fashion before putting the gun away, ready to tackle Kabuto should he try and run for it. Thankfully, he was smarter than that, and after some short banter about the forest and its deadly [i curse] or what have you, they were off. [i They might be looking for me...that is a problem...]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" There were no words from the now cold looking young woman as she took out a walkie talkie from her side and pressed a large button on the side. [+red "Squad 10, this is Haruno, I'm following a lead to an S ranked criminal and will return as quickly as possible. Tell Tsunade taichou that I can handle it."] There was an affirmative and some be safe comments before the item was placed back in its holster. Sakura stared forward at the grey haired criminal and smirked a bit, thinking that perhaps he hadn't really expected her to have changed so much. [+red "And now they will [i not] be looking for me."] she said simply, waving her hand in a flippant gesture that said to lead on.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "I have dug up several dead bodies in this forest...and so thanks for the tip, should I need to bury yours if you betray me or go back on your word."] So easily the cop said these words and so simple and matter of fact was her tone. How much she'd changed, no longer the sweet and innocent shy girl, but a hardened police woman who had already dealt with too much in her young age. [+red "Lead on, Kabuto san.."]]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 3y 100d 5h 7m 18s
"[+blue Thank you, Sakura chan. Sounds like a fair deal. Because you know, I'd like a decent prison for the rest of my life.]" Chuckling, Kabuto pointed at the gun with raised eyebrows."[+blue If you mind, take it away. Since Tsunade sama has trained you I won't be able to defeat you with bare hands so take it easy~]" Oh, the old Kabuto was back all cheerful and friendly like he's been best buddies with the pinkette for years.

His eyes wandered around to search for the best road to take. "[+blue I'm sure you wouldn't like to face the cops so we should use the forest to cross so that the bullets will hardly hit us.]" Kabuto talked like Sakura had already become a criminal by letting him wander for a bit more. The Yakushi had found out years ago that she had a short temper so teasing her would let him have more control on the weird occasion they'd gotten themselves into.

"[+blue I hope you won't attack me from behind.]" His tone didn't show any worry though. The grey haired one started walking into the green forest, knowing that he didn't need to make sure she was following him. His wild hair was bothering him so his hands absentmindedly searched for something in his pockets and gladly he pulled out a piece of thread and loosely tied his hairs back into a ponytail. There, better.

They were getting deeper in the forest. "[+blue This is the best place to hide a dead body, I shall note to myself.]" Kabuto broke the silence once again with threatening speeches."[+blue There are some stories about this place among the villagers. There are wanderer demons hidden here, murdering the one who steps in this forest. Even if you run away, you're still cursed to die later in anywhere in this world. So I guess we might face a terrible death in furture.]" Chuckling, Kabuto kept walking. It was clear that he knew the forest well as he didn't hesitate a bit. "[+blue I guess the cops are already looking for you.]"
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 3y 118d 8h 7m 58s
[size12 [font "Arial" Sakura's temper threatened once more to get away with her, to jump off the edge and boil over. That stupid, [i mocking] look of his was pissing the young woman off, egging it on, daring her to pull the trigger, and oh did she itch to just shoot him and be done with it. No, the other cops would not understand, they'd call it revenge on her part and she'd be in trouble, she had to bring him in alive, she just [i had] to. Now what that entailed, she had no idea, but now that Kabuto was working that silver tongue of his, the desperate Haruno found herself unwillingly listening to what he had to say.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+purple "Sakura chan, you know very well that I won't 'spill it out' for free. Unfortunately I've no reason to help a lover find her boyfriend. Let's be honest, if I let you know, I'd gain nothing. And let's be honest one more time, there's no way you'd let a criminal like me flee your grasp now that I'm definitely defenseless."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The skeptic cop found her emerald orbs widening as the other took a step forward, seemingly unafraid of her gun. Why was it that even this man did not take her seriously?! She had put him behind bars once, so what made him so sure she would not do so again? [i Sasuke.]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+purple "So, Haruno Sakura. It's fair to say I'll 'show' you the way and not 'tell'? But oh, that's forbidden. If the cop find it out, they might arrest you. So forget that Uchiha Sasuke, he's just walking in path of death in hands of..."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The eager cop leaned forward, growling in annoyance when a subtle cough kept the other from continuing his little escapade. Kabuto looked at her and the only thing Miss Haruno could do was internally yell at herself. Her heart was racing, and from more than just the adrenaline. This was a terrible idea. What was she doing? Consequences be damned, she should just shoot him. [+purple "But I'm risking too. I've been avoiding serious threats to survive but if I show you the way, I'll just step into lion's mouth. I might have some information but I never dared to use them."]]

[size12 [font "Arial" His chest was now level with her weapon and Sakura began to tremble in fear once more. Oh Kami sama, she did not want to shoot him, and yet she did, she didn't want to kill him, and yet she wanted to see him writhe at her feet.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+purple "So choose it wisely, Sakura chan. The only one who can help your very dear Sasuke might be you. And the only one who can guide you, is certainly me."]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "I will not let you go free, four eyes...of that you can be assured, but if you want to show me where he is, you'll be coming with me...and no one will have to know that you're not behind bars right now....I don't trust you, I never have...and I never will...but if you can show me where Sasuke kun is...I'll try to get you a more decent prison.."]]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 3y 118d 8h 51m 34s
Bingo.Kabuto hit her weak point. The victorious male observed how her gun was lowered, stiffly went back to its place. How Sakura's body betrayed her and showed every tiny emotion of her.

Haruno indeed was in love; Something that Yaushi always mocked it. A smirk was the response to her demanding sentence which obviously screamed out her beg to know more about her dear Sasuke's location. Kabuto's gun was gone in the river but his brain still worked to save himself from the punishments awaiting him in the prisons. Oh, it was still soon to go back there. The young man had goals to reach and nothing could stop him.

"[+blue Sakura chan, you know very well that I won't 'spill it out' for free. Unfortunately I've no reason to help a lover find her boyfriend.Let's be honest, if I let you know, I'd gain nothing. And let's be honest one more time, there's no way you'd let a criminal like me flee your grasp now that I'm definitely defenseless.]" One step forward, he ignored the danger of the gun. "[+blue So, Haruno Sakura. It's fair to say I'll 'show' you the way and not 'tell'?But oh, that's forbidden. If the cop find it out, they might arrest you. So forget that Uchiha Sasuke, he's just walking in path of death in hands of...]" Coughing, he gazed at her."[+blue but I'm risking too. I've been avoiding serious threats to survive but if I show you the way, I'll just step into lion's mouth. I might have some information but I never dared to use them.]"

Shrugging, he stuck his chest to her weapon. "[+blue So choose it wisely, Sakura chan. The only one who can help your very dear Sasuke might be you. And the only one who can guide you, is certainly me.]" The Yakushi's sly eyes glued to her green ones. He was daring her; and god knew what a weak chance he had to survive this situation but Kabuto believed himself lucky so tried his last effort by messing with his foe's mind.

Sadly, he was telling the truth this time. Kabuto had no choice but giving her a hand, this way...he could approach those fearful people that were the nightmare of the governments. [i If I want shine, I should know the ones in darkness and USE them.] Yes, he indeed thought high of himself. This girl could be his shield from the annoying Konoha.
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 3y 118d 9h 9m 37s
[size12 [font "Arial" Sakura's gun did indeed loyally follow the other wherever he walked. Her emerald orbs were narrowed in anger and the more he talked, the easier it seemed to be for her temper to get away with her. He said something about saving him and then the girl realized it were true, strange as it was. Why [i didn't] she just let him die in the river? Ino would be avenged and she would be without worry for awhile longer. [i Because it's the right thing to do...cops help people..we save them..even if we don't want to..] Reassuring herself of this in her mind, the pinkette's attention remained strongly upon the silver haired medic, who looked much better with his hair down, Sakura found herself thinking.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Shaking her head of that random thought, the young woman cocked her gun back, sparks of fury rather obviously springing forth. [+red "I did not save you, Yakushi, I only wanted you to stand trial like Ino chan would have wanted..."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The reassurance seemed more for herself than the criminal before her, but Sakura would worry about that later, right now, she had to figure out how she was going to get him cuffed. He didn't seem armed, at least not currently, but he [i had] shot at her, which meant he had a gun somewhere as well. He was also far enough away that she'd have to take a step or two forward to even be in proximity enough to grab him, which proved harder than it sounded.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Then came the final straw, something about Sasuke, and that sent the new cop into depression. She missed him so much, her crush, her dearest friend, why had he gone crazy so long ago, what had sparked it, she'd never known the answer to any of her questions, and when she asked Sasuke before he'd left, he'd disregard it and tell her to mind her own business. [i He was so cold before he left...he'd never been so cold with me before that..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+purple "Sorry for being out of manners.You look mature now. Looks like konoha is successful in raising responsible cops. "Oh, I forgot. Except Uchiha Sasuke."] That old smile of his, the one that had charmed her for such a short time, it caught her off guard and for a small moment, Sakura began to lower her gun, though quickly it returned to level out at his head when he went on about Sasuke. He was watching her, studying her reaction, and she couldn't help but give him what he wanted, what he expected. Her palms went sweaty and every part of her body began to tremble in anger and fear, sadness and resentment. Where had her beloved friend gone? Did Kabuto know?]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+purple "I doubt if you've got much information on him. You know, when you're out of crime circle, it's hard to find a missing criminal. So I assume I might know about him more than you.If you care, since Konoha always cares to its ex-members."] Sakura's teeth grit together in sheer anger.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [i He [b does] know! Sasuke kun, where is he? Why did he leave?] There were so many questions that the pinkette wanted to ask, but she was smarter than this, how much was this information going to cost her? She wouldn't let him go, that was out of the question, and he knew this, so what could Kabuto possibly want in return? [i Matte!] This was stupid, she didn't have time to think about it, just ask questions first than wonder later.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "Where is he, four eyes? If you know where he is, what he's doing, spill it!"] The young woman's face was cold and as emotionless as she could muster, which was not much. This was ridiculous, she was a cop now! Wasn't she supposed to be better at hiding her emotions than this?]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 3y 118d 10h 20m 11s
For once, Yakushi Kabuto was frightened. This was bad, really bad. He struggled wildly to get rid of whatever that was drowning him. The struggle was futile and the river was taking over his body when he felt his leg free. Kabuto had swallowed so much water and was edge of death when he felt a yank on his shirt.

Quite blindly he let that 'thing' drag him to the shore. Coughing, gasping for air and panting, Kabuto crawled on the ground and leaned on a tree. After catching his breath properly, he saw a gun aimed at him. That wasn't new but something new was that..."[+blue Haruno Sakura, the very last person I would have believed that will save me.]" Kabuto showed no fear of the gun if she was going to kill him without court, she could have left him to die in the river.

"[+blue I must confess you're quite an amazing one. A perfect cop that doesn't let the death get a criminal away from law.]" Shaking his head with a slight chuckle, Kabuto stood up and ignored how the gun followed him loyally. "[+blue To be honest, I never expected to be saved by Haruno Sakura. The world always surprises us.That's why I cling to it.]" Kabuto ran a hand in his hair, realizing that his ponytail was gone, he pushed them back so that they wouldn't be on the way.

"[+blue Sorry for being out of manners.You look mature now. Looks like konoha is successful in raising responsible cops.]" Giving his old smile to her, looked at a far spot."[+blue Oh, I forgot. Except Uchiha Sasuke.]" His gaze went back on her to observe her reaction."[+blue I doubt if you've got much information on him. You know, when you're out of crime circle, it's hard to find a missing criminal.]" Chuckling, he took off his wet jacket."[+blue So I assume I might know about him more than you.If you care, since Konoha always cares to its ex-members~]"
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 3y 119d 9h 4m 30s
[size12 [font "Arial" [i Is it really him...?] Sakura's heart began beating wildly in her chest from adrenaline as well as other things when she neared the man she was tailing. [i Doki, doki, doki.] Her legs moved of their own accord and out of habit, the woman slowed her breathing, inhaling softly and exhaling softer. Her footsteps were ginger, quiet, soundless, and she was just about ready to pounce on her prey when the man turned and shot in her direction.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Emerald orbs widened as she narrowly avoiding a serious injury although one of the bullets had grazed her shoulder. A cut was becoming visible and blood poured from it like a small fountain, but Sakura gritted her teeth and ignored the pain, running in full sprinting tilt after him. The closer she got, the farther away the criminal seemed to get and in frustration, the pinkette drew her own gun and started shooting, blindly of course, but her aim was fairly good for someone in motion.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Kabuto jumped down into the water, hair falling out of that seemingly permanent ponytail and floating on the wild water. As the young cop finally got close enough to take another shot, she almost gasped in surprise, that silver hair, those beautiful onyx eyes, only slightly older, it was [i him,] Ino's killer, her old crush.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "Yakushi...san..."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Shaking her head and trying to get her bulging eyes to retreat back into her skull, Sakura let out a deep sigh, calming herself, trying to get back in the zone. It was only one man, she could surely take him, but then something else surprised her, he was stuck. It was barely visible, but the young woman could see very clearly why it was that Yakushi was not moving and trying to swim away anymore.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [i His foot must be stuck..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Without thinking about why she was about to do what she was, the pink haired girl jumped off of the bridge, landing softly in the water with a large [i splash.] She swam over to the other and dove underwater. Oh Kami sama it was cold, icy cold, and with how fast the current was, it was very difficult to remain in the same spot, thank goodness for the wonderful training she'd received.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" It took but a moment for her to dislodge the stuck ligament and the cop quickly grabbed Kabuto's shirt and drug him to the nearest shore, panting and coughing once they finally reached land again. And without so much as a word to the man, Sakura grabbed for her gun on a holster and pointed it at him, emerald orbs mixed with fury and surprise. She wasn't sure just [i what] she was going to do yet, but perhaps the next few minutes would help her figure it out after the criminal caught his breath.]]
  Modern Haruno / CherryBlossoms / 3y 119d 10h 37m 15s
[i I should have been more careful;Somebody's watching me.If I keep being careless, it might happen again.] A bitter smirk played his lips when he remembered how Haruno Sakura managed to put an end to his academy missions. That didn't matter anymore, the one he admired, Orochimaru sama was dead and the Yakushi decided to become something...shinier than him. The grey haired man didn't change his speed so that the 'spy' wouldn't notice that he's felt his/her presence.

Kabuto Yakushi shoved his hands in his pants and his jacket was jerked backward, revealing his pistol resting on his side. Kabuto stopped. One...two three! With a spin on his right sole, Yakushi pulled out his pistol and shot twice at Sakura's direction before running in a zig-zag way towards the wooden bridge. The river was roaring beneath his feet. Kabuto grabbed the edge of the bridge and hopped over it, letting his body sink in the wild waters before coming up to the surface and began to swim through the river.

It was such a shame that he was escaping like a rabbit but that was okay for Kabuto, he never had 'pride' or such things. These things only weakened him. His tied hair loosened and after minutes his hairs were floating freely in the river as he fought against it.

[i This way, that person wouldn't be able to shoot at me easily.Hm, I wonder who...] Gasping for air, Kabuto looked back and the sight of pink hair was like an electric shock for him. A grin quickly appeared on his face. Oh, surprise surprise. [i Seems like I only have one hunter!Am I magnet to her?!] The river became wilder, Kabuto knew the risks but he believed that he could survive it. HE had survived worse things. No pain, No gain.
  The Modern Yakushi / valkyira / 3y 120d 8h 41m 16s

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