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Lets do a VICTORIUS rp, based on the Nickelodean show :)
Btw I'm Cat! Any one's welcome!

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Rubbed a hand in her short hair and sighed "How bad is the damage to the car? That bad well we can figure it out when I get home, hey tell Dean to leave me a piece of pie",she says then hung up.
  Amy Winchester / amyumino / 7y 268d 10h 43m 47s
"Okay." Cat replied then looked around to see if Robbie had gotten to school yet
  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 268d 10h 45m 55s
Held out her hand for her to shake, ignoring the ringing of her phone then seen the name "Hold on, it's my uncle",she says.
  Amy Winchester / amyumino / 7y 268d 10h 49m 16s
Cat was amazed at how tall she was. "Nice to meet you, I'm Cat, Cat Valentine." She said, smiling, then she giggled.
  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 268d 10h 50m 47s
"My name's Amy..Amy Winchester",she says as she smiled at Cat, having green cat contacts in her eye and stood 6'2".
  Amy Winchester / amyumino / 7y 268d 11h 7m 4s
Cat saw the new ger and giggled as she walked up to her. "Hi, who are you?" She asked, twirling her red hair.
  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 268d 11h 8m 19s
Amy walked into the Hollywood Arts school dressed in black and pink TRIPPs, a Hollywood Undead shirt, spiked bracelets, Gravel purple boots and her hair under a Nightmare Before Christmas Beanie, all her piercings in.
  Amy Winchester / amyumino / 7y 268d 11h 10m 48s
Sure ^^
  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 268d 11h 13m 20s
Be myself, Tori and Trina's cousin?
  Amy Winchester / amyumino / 7y 268d 11h 14m 50s
"Hahahahaha" Cat laughs to herself as she walks into the front doors of Hollywood Arts.
  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 271d 7h 44m 31s

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