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He then looked up from his concentration "I can see you clear as day." James said as his stomach growled loudly. So he looked down at his stomach "Shut it!"
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 360d 15h 28m 34s
"Dammmit." She whispered, then walked out from behind the tree. She looked at him, terrified. She didn't know what or who he was.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 360d 15h 30m 30s
James heard a loud snap of a twig, that he purposely laid so he could hear anything that would come near. "Alright, I hear you, so you might as well come out." He said not looking up with a very concentrated look on his face.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 360d 15h 31m 45s
She walked closer to him, silently, then accidentally stepped on a stick, snapping it. She quickly hid behind a tree and tried not to be seen.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 360d 15h 34m 32s
James picked up the rock and threw it back down to the ground "god that hurt like no other..." he said to himself sitting down trying to make a fire with his stomach growling at him.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 360d 15h 36m 28s
What was that?! Auriel thought to herself, lookin around. It sounded like a human male, in pain. She looked in the direction of where she heard it, and started walking that way. Thats when she saw him. Leaping around on one foot, yelping in pain.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 360d 15h 38m 10s
James started to mess around with some of the sticks and leaves to make a fire, he walked over and stepped on a rock and yelled out in pain "Ow!! Damn..ow!!!" James was hopping around on one foot holding the hurt one.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 360d 15h 40m 21s
Auriel neared the sounds. She was starting to get scared. What if they were evil? What if they could kill her with the flick of a wrist. She bit her lip, deciding what she should do. That's when she sat down, indian style, and meditated. This always cleared her mind, and helped her think and decide.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 360d 15h 42m 59s
James walked around thinking to himself, kicking a rock that he found just laying there. Boredom sunk in with him, walking this land by himself. Was he the only human here? So he stared up at the sky and started making a bunch of noise because he figured he had to do something.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 360d 15h 45m 19s
Auriel walked into the new land. It was breath taking. With its magestic creatures, and amazing scenery, she knew she had stumbled upon a sort of heaven. A place she wanted to start a new kingom at. A new home.

She looked around to see if anyone, human-like that is, took residence here. She heard noises, odd noises, and figured she'd go check it out, following the sound.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 361d 3h 40m 55s

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