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"I-i don't know. I've never even gone camping. I guess we'll do what you said, because that sounds like a really good idea." Auriel replied as she looked at him, then back to their surroundings.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 269d 19h 33m 44s
"I think that we should make base camp, look for food you know fish, berries, or some sort of meat. We need to make equipment, but I think base camp is more important." James said leaning back against the tree. "Why, what do you think we should do?"
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 269d 21h 22m 47s
She nodded and looked to her feet. What kind of people put them here? And where is it exactly. She knew this place couldn't be on Earth, it was too strange. "So, what do you think we should do as of now?" She asked him.
  Kressara Zrye Sunete / MissJennaWest / 7y 269d 21h 26m 11s
"I dont know, take it one day at a time, it maybe a while before we can escape. We have to plan that carefully." he said looking at her.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 273d 10h 47m 12s
Auriel nodded, and sat by James. "H-how are we going to make it here? Or escape?"
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 273d 10h 49m 16s
"I know this isnt a dream, maybe that was though, being marooned. Dont get too worried about it, you'll make yourself sick. Trust me, I've been there." He said
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 273d 10h 50m 44s
"How could this be a dream? You physically hurt yourself moments ago. This is queer. And a bit eerie. Why did they put us here?" Auriel was starting to get queasy, and scared.

  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 273d 10h 54m 20s
"Thats weird. Was it all a dream, and we've been here this entire time?" he asked himself aloud.

  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 273d 10h 57m 30s
"I-i don't know. I was at the hospital last I remembered. I had just been in a terrible car wreck. But after my mom said she'll see me when I wake up, I blacked out, and I woke up here." She looked down at herself, noticing that her body was in perfect shape. Was the car accident a dream?
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 273d 10h 59m 18s
"I have been here a grand total of three weeks. I dont know, last thing I remember was being marooned on an island. Why is that your theory?" He asks gently
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 273d 10h 59m 43s
"How long have you been here? And do you think someone put us here on purpuse?"
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 273d 11h 5m 5s
"Well, Mrs. Ivory, I dont know where we are. All I know is that we're in this forest, and I havent eaten in the past couple days."
  Billy Forr / Sinner / 7y 273d 11h 6m 12s
"I-i'm Auriel Ivory. Do you know where we are?"
  *~Cat~* / MissJennaWest / 7y 273d 11h 9m 25s
"James William Forr." He said looking at the woman "and whom might you be?"
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 273d 11h 11m 0s
"W-who are you?" She asked, quietly, timidly approaching the man.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJennaWest / 7y 273d 11h 14m 13s

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