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No need for a plot, everything is random!!

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James watched her leave and didnt say a word, so he started to make weapons so that they were not defenseless. He made a machete that could be helpful later, problem was it could go dull. So he sat there thinking to himself.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 353d 7h 15m 13s
After their beds were made, Auriel went for a walk. She ended up on the edge of the forest. She took a deep breath and walked into the forest, keeping a close eye on her surroundings being aware. She bit her bottom lip. She was looking for that place she'd been to before...In her visions, and they were tellingher to go this direction.
  Auriel Ivory / MissJenna / 7y 355d 2h 16m 8s
James found some moss, leaves that were thick, and tall grass which would help insulate the walls, when they had enough he carried a bunch of it all back to the shelter then began packing in the moss and sod to make the walls thick, when he had all of them done, he moved rather quickly and made a chinese style roof so that way water would roll off the leaves. "So there we go, almost done, I have to make our beds which is the easiest part of this." James said smiling.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 8h 59m 59s
Auriel nodded, and tried to help him, taking some of the leaves and putting them into a neat pile, next to the beginnings of their shelter. She looked around, hearing distant noises, but didn't worry too much.
  Auriel Ivory / JennaWest / 7y 361d 9h 4m 26s
James nodded and grabbed a very sturdy limb and took a rock to sharpen it to and edge making it look like a sword or machete. "Well I will be right back I make a couple of spears if anything make sure to grab one and hide in the shelter, I do have a wall up already but its not thick enough." James had said then stared hacking away at the leaves making sure he grabbed enough of them.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 9h 7m 20s
"Umm. I think I saw some pretty big leaves, but they were inside the forest over there." She pointed to the opening into the forest, and looked there as she pointed. "I didn't go in, so I'm not particularly sure about it."
  Auriel Ivory / JennaWest / 7y 361d 9h 11m 45s
James then had her hold some of the tresses that he had put together, once he had the basic shape completed he started looking around for things to make the roof durable. "Alrighty we need something thick for the walls and roof, have you seen anything?" James asked.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 9h 15m 50s
"That sound's like a plan." She said, feeling a bit relieved that she wouldn't have to go outside her shelter at night if she was scared, which was a big possibility.
  Kressara Zrye Sunete / JennaWest / 7y 361d 9h 17m 34s
"It doesnt matter to me, I have done both" James said smiling "I think I will make a big one so that way we wont have to run over to each others if one of us needs something."
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 9h 21m 25s
She nodded and brought him the branch, which was heavier that it appeared. "Well, which would be easier?" She asked.
  Kressara Zrye Sunete / JennaWest / 7y 361d 9h 23m 45s
"Yeah, actually I do, as you see I got a ton of vines and big palm fronds I was wondering to we want a huge shelter or two seperate ones?" he asked looking at her "and could you give me that branch"
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 9h 25m 48s
She nodded, then went to look for limbs. She found a lot of them, around the edge of the forest. She didn't want to go too far in,and hopefully she wouldn't havet to. After an hour or so, she had brought a lot of armfuls, she'd lost count. And hoped that would be enough for at least the night. "Do you need any help?" She asked James, not wanting him to have to do it all. She needed something productive to do, to keep her mind off of being stuck here.
  Auriel Ivory / JennaWest / 7y 361d 9h 27m 56s
"Yeah I agree, start looking for limbs I will start making our shelters and beds, we'll worry about food later, unless you wanna go find something, and leave me to work" James said as he stood up and begun looking around for huge limbs to make a simple tent Well at least make a couple. So he then started to get to work as fast as he could.
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 9h 31m 41s
She sighed. She'd never been good with the outdoors, and now she was stuck in them. And to make matters worse, she didn't know what lived here. She looked at James, then stood up. "Well. I suppose we better get a start, no telling when it's going to dark, and I don't want to be far off when it is." She said as she walked out into the meadow-like opening.
  Kressara Zrye Sunete / JennaWest / 7y 361d 9h 34m 1s
"Okay." James said scratching his head "so, you have never been camping? Well it looks like we're gonna be doing a lot of that. At least until we can get off the island"
  James William Forr / Sinner / 7y 361d 9h 38m 6s

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