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Marc was kicked out of his home by his dad. One day, when he was wondering the streets at night it started to rain, so he lays on the porch of somebody's house, which has something to keep the rain away from the porch. While laying there he fell asleep. When YC got home from work and found the poor little kitten at his doorstep, what will he do about it?

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Jayden spaced out a little as he waited for Marc, he almost didn't hear the boy speak. He turned and smiled a little. "those clothes seem to fit fine for the time being." He said. "you should get to bed now. i'm going to take a shower." jayden picked up marc's towel and walked towards the bathroom that was connected to jayden's bedroom. [it's a master bedroom.. so yea.] jayden walked through the gap between the curtains covering the entrance way and hung up the towel. he turned on the shower and started to take off his shirt.
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 50d 3h 45m 22s
MArc let the towel go, showing his small female looking body. Though he wasn't. He was very much a male. He quickly pulled on the clothes, "O..Okay.." He mumbled, turning around to face him. The shirt handing off his shoulder slightly.
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 51d 5h 58m 6s
jayden raised in eyebrow with suspicion. "uh . . . sure . . ." he replied and turned round ad faced the door. jayden looked over the clothes he was currently wearing. he planned on shower after getting marc all set. " he's one shy kid..." he thought to himself as he waited for the "ok" from marc.
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 51d 17h 49m 6s
Marc slowly walked into the other's room, looking around as he did. He looked at the clothes, then pulled out some pants and a shirt. Cozy bedtime clothes. He looked up at him, "Um..Um..C..Can you..Turn a..around or some...something..??" He asked, chewing lightly on hi lower lip.
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 53d 13h 18m 17s
SORRY~ i'm so sorry it took this long to post >.<
Jayden laughed a little at how shy Marc was. He sweep his arm across his chest towards his bedroom door. "After you." He said softly. And followed and some what led Marc towards his bedroom and then towards the closet. Once he opened it he took a step back. "help yourself to whatever you like." he stated kindly. "we can wash your clothes in the morning."
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 54d 3h 53m 22s
(blue sorry i haven't posted yet. i have to get ready for school and all. i'll try to post when i can. sorry to make you wait so long
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"B..but..I..I don't w..wanna.." Marc mumbled, pouting a bit. He sighed softly, holding around his body tightly with one hand and holding his clothes with his other hand. He opend the door and walked out, sighing softly, "Fine.." He muttered, looking away from him, a small blush on his cheeks.
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 60d 17h 42m 56s
(blue sorry i didn't post yesterday. busy with school work

Jayden laughed a little. "Why don't you just come out and go get them?" He asked amused. "And we can wash your clothes later, we need to get you clothed and in bed." Jayden found himself a little parental; this made him smile more. Jayden thought to himself for a while. "I guess he's childish... or girlish... maybe he has sisters or something..." He wondered for a bit, then decided not to dig into it. "How 'bout you come out and we'll look through my clothes for something you can wear?" Jayden suggested, shifting his position a little.
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 60d 23h 56m 9s
"Um..Umm...clothes,please?" Marc asked, blushing lightly, "Mine's all dirty and stuff.. He mumbled picking his clothes up and holding them in his hands, "Please? And...Can I use your...washer?" He asked, tilting his head to the side a bit, looking at him his head poked out of the room and his neko ears twitching slightly.
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 62d 2h 29m 5s
(blue i'll be going to bed after this one. it was fun today ^^

Jayden heard Marc shouting and walked over to the bathroom down the hall. "Yes Marc?" He asked, standing next to the door."Did you need something?" He added. Jayden leaned back against the wall on the opposite side of the bathroom door. [so he's next to the guest bedroom door]. He was a tad bit amused by Marc and smiled at him, but not in a perverted/creepy way.
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 62d 2h 31m 9s
"Okay! Thank you~!" Marc said as he skipped intside the bathroom. Once inside he looked in the small closet and got out a towel. He put it on the sink, then turned on the shower. He stepped into the tub, tilting his head back a bit, making sure he didn't get water in his ears. He closed the curtin.
About ten minutes passed and he was out of the tub.He tured the shower off, then wrapped the towel around his body, like a girl would. He peaked out the door, "Uh..Uhh Jayden!!" He called out his body hiding behind the door.
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 62d 2h 36m 18s
Jayden looked down the hall at Marc. "it's this door." he said from the end of the hall as he pointed to the door across from the guest room. " i have one attached to my room, so this is yours to decorate and stuff." He said. "i'll be sure to label the doors and stuff. my room is the double doors by the stairs." he explained. Jayden then went back to getting the room ready. When he felt that he was done, Jayden took off his jacket and scarf and hung them up. He picked out a set of clothes he would change into later and set them into the bathroom connected to his room. He sat down at the desk in his room and relaxed for a little while.
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 62d 2h 40m 22s
Marc gasped softly, looking at the food he pushed over to him, "Oh, thank you so very, uberly much!" He said, then started to eat again. Once he was done he patted his tummy again, then took a sip of water to wash it down, "Oh...okay." HE mumbled, not really happy about taking a shower. He hated when the water touched his ears.. He sighed softly, taking his cup to the sink and the two bowls and cleaned them, then put them in the dishwater. He walked upstairs, and looked around, "Ne! Jayden...Where is the bathroom anyway?"
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 62d 2h 50m 55s
Jayden smiled. "That's good to hear." He replied. "We'll just get through things little by little." Jayden pushed his plate towards Marc. "Here, I don't want it anymore." He drank his water and set his glass in the sink. "Well, first things first." He said turning to face marc as he leaned back against edge of the counter. "You should go shower and you can borrow my clothes for the night. Everything you'll need is in closet of my room. Meanwhile, i'll set up the guest room for you." Jayden then walked off to get some blankets and pillows for the guest room. He hasn't had a chance to actually use the guest room til now.
  -Jayden- / poetkadaj / 10y 62d 2h 55m 26s
Marc sat at the table, and looked at the food infront of him. He then started to eat, like a wild animal. But you would to if you haven't eaten in forever. He closed his eyes slightly, "It's yummy.." He mumbled, smiling at him before he said anything. He nodded, "Okay.." He mumbled, looking at him as he talked, "Okay! Whatever you want. I won't bother you at all. I promise." He said, smiling at him. He looked down and started to eat again. HE took a sip of his water, "Thank you!" He said, again one he got done. He patted his tummy, which he was still hungry but he didn't care, "I reall owe you so much for letting me stay, so whatever you want me to do I'll do. I promise."
  Marc / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 62d 3h 59s

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