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Yeah pft i'll get to it later =/


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The evil laptop viruses have been destroyed!!!

  +Felix Glover+ / PippyLee97 / 7y 349d 19h 31m 17s
o-o' Hey :o sorry good you?
  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / UntilTheBiterEnd_ / 7y 361d 5h 15m 46s

How have you been? ^^

  +Felix Glover+ / PippyLee97 / 7y 361d 21h 34m 39s
Mkay ^^ take your time.
  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / Saeko_ / 7y 363d 12h 37m 19s
Mimi chan has yet to post here. I'll have to nag her about that

  +Felix Glover+ / PippyLee97 / 7y 363d 12h 48m 10s
Alien robot.
  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / Saeko_ / 8y 1d 22h 1m 52s
No idea it was a mecha! XD Thought it was supernatural, or something xD Ill have to check it out~

  +Felix Glover+ / PippyLee97 / 8y 1d 23h 9m 8s
"Its probably one of the best Mecha animes i've seen."

  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / Saeko_ / 8y 2d 14h 12m 7s
Psh, Code-Geass

Never watched it. But that Lelouch guy scared the hell outta me

  +Felix Glover+ / PippyLee97 / 8y 2d 14h 59m 38s
"DeathNote,CodeGeass,Eureka Seven,Naruto,Bleach,FairyTail,HOTD,Queen's blade."

  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / Saeko_ / 8y 3d 8h 1m 44s
Awwwww but Luffy is so adorable XD Haha XD What animes, besides HOTD of course, do you watch then?

  Felix Glover / PippyLee97 / 8y 3d 8h 7m 47s
"My stomach churns every time i try to watch it, i just can't just bring myself to do it.. "

  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / Saeko_ / 8y 3d 8h 11m 11s
Haha! I thought the same thing! XD I actually prefer the manga to the anime, but yes, I will admit that the art

  Felix Glover / PippyLee97 / 8y 3d 8h 14m 3s
"I hate One Piece, i just hate the art.. i can't watch the show like that."
  :[L] L a w l i e [t]: / Saeko_ / 8y 3d 8h 48m 27s

Fail moment XD I've heard of that anime, but never watched it really XD The only animes I faithfully watch are One piece, Cashern Sins, and dead-man wonderland xD

  Felix Glover / PippyLee97 / 8y 3d 8h 49m 59s

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