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Shingen winced as a blade scraped the skin on his cheek. Blood oozing out as he fought back with the same amount of ferocity, he clashed metal on metal with his opponents sword. That moment as he saw the sparks fly and the blade scrape against his, the moment he heard the ringing of metal on metal, that was when he realized that he wasn't alone. Despite his current concentration on the battle at hand, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Dare he look at whatever he was and his head would have surely been the criminals, Shingen grunted and pushed against the mans blade.

The man responded with a sudden push back which caused him to lose his footing a bit, sandals digging into the dirt as he slipped a bit. Shingen's eyes widened, thank the heavens, a golden opportunity! Shingen then channeled the same amount of chakra that he had used with his chidori through his blade. Due to the man's faltering, it cost him his life. The man lit up with a blue aura, he yelled in anquish as the volts went through him like a bad thunder storm.

Afterwards, the voltage died out as the man fell down to the ground grabbing onto Shingen's pants leg as he fell. Shingen panted as he de-activated his sharingan, he shook his ankle lightly as he placed his backpack back on using only one strap . He walked back to the Leaf Village, it would take him a while to get back. .Atleast the mission was completed.
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Once she finally got to the village, she took to the rooftops in search of the Uchiha. "I really hope he doesn't do anything stupid. Would be too troublesome." The girl sighed as she silently made her way through the village. She stopped suddenly and looked down to the street below. So, she found him, now all she needed to was stay hidden and watch.

She sighed watching the man and Shingen. Maybe she underestimated the guy, but she still wouldn't be able to face it if he was injured or killed. She had to make sure he could hold up by himself. Her hands moved swiftly, and she disappeared from plain view. "Come on, Uchiha, just kill the guy so we can go home." She mumbled.
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Shingens eyes closed and he slowly opened them revealing the sharingan. He moved in the shadows like leaves being blown effortlessly by the wind, he searched every pub, bar, and association in the village but nothing. He had given up hope until. . .

"Oi Oi!! Come on what are you doing?!"

Shingen turned his head as he stared at a man being in the street, gambling his wages away. Evidently, the man had been yelling at the dice because of his poor luck. "Come on. . .", he said as Shingen watched him. He threw the dice and a smile popped upon his face, "Yes!!! I win!! Give me my cash!!", he said collecting his dues. Shingen squinted his eyes, "He doesn't look like an S-rank criminal. . .or at least not any I have ever seen before. Gambling in the street like that?! How come no one is acting suspicious. .?", he said to himself. As the man collected his wages and went to return to his home on the outskirts of town, Shingen found it appropriate to perform a series of handseals and activate his chidori. He waited until the man seemed to be completely relaxed and then Shingen jumped out from his cover and thrusted his hand straight towards the man.

"There you are. .", the man said as he side-stepped and Shingen hit the ground with an explosion. The man lifted Shingen up by the back of his shirt in which Shingen used the height and leverage to gain an upper advantage on him. Pulling his knee's in he thrusted them behind him, his feet and legs extended to kick the man's chest. He was hit but he staggered back. .Now the fighting commenced!
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"Send me after him. I'll track him, and I'll only show myself if he really needs the help." Zakuro said, staring at the Hokage. Naruto sighed, "I'm not so sure... Shika would kill me if you got seriously injured or something, Zakuro." The girl crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah, and I would beat myself up if that idiot got hurt just because he thinks he's powerful enough to take on an S-rank mission, Naruto-sama. I know he's Sasuke-san's son, but he's also my best friend." She argued, being completely stubborn. There was a look in the older blonde's eyes, and he nodded. I understand. Okay, you can go, but I will send someone after you both if you're not back in two days. You understand?" Zakuro nodded, and left soon after.

Once she managed to get her things, she slipped out of her house almost completely unnoticed. "Where are you going?" Gaara asked her, almost as if he appeared from out of nowhere. "Uncle, I'm going on a mission. I'll be back, I promise." She gave the Kazekage a hug, and smiled. "Don't worry about me." Her hands moved quickly, and she disappeared. Before long, she was on her way to the Hidden Rain Village, making sure that she stayed a decent amount behind to make sure Shingen wouldn't detect her.
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Shingen had already began his mission, his feet were aching about 30 minutes into his mission. He had already been attacked by a group of bandits but they were dealt with easily, Shingen sighed. He had already taken his rest and protected himself, but he didn't see the point or the need to be worried about this mission. Those bandits were petty, so an assasination target didn't even seem worth his time but he needed a challenge. This would be the perfect training session. Suddenly, he arrived in the Village hidden in the rain. Good, his assasination target was an S-rank criminal. Shingen used his stealth abilities to sneak around the village. No sign of the criminal. Maybe this would be harder than he thought. . .
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The morning sun peeked through her window, shining directly on her closed eyes. "Ugh!" She groaned, and rolled over... Only to fall onto the floor. Thunk "Ow, crap!" She rubbed her head and sat up. "Well, good morning, sleepy head." A voice said from her doorway. Zakuro turned, and a smile appeared. "Mom!" She got up, and hugged Temari. "How have you been, sweetie? Have you been keeping your dad in line?" Temari asked her, hugging her back. Zakuro nodded, and moved back. "I've been good, mom. And yes, dad's been behaving. Did Uncle Gaara get to come, too?" When her mother nodded her head, the girl ran down the hall. "Uncle Gaara!" She squealed and jumped into the Kazekage's arms. "I missed you!" She hugged him. A small smile appeared on Gaara's face as he let his niece go. "How has my niece been? You're looking strong." Gaara said to her, ruffling the girl's hair.

A little while later, Zakuro managed to get out of the house. She walked to the training field, but there was no sign of the Uchiha anywhere. "I wonder if he's hiding from me today." She mumbled as she walked to the Hokage's mansion. She knocked on the door, and smiled when Naruto answered. "Hey, Naruto-sama. Do you have a small mission you could send me on?" She asked as she walked in. The blonde Hokage asked, scratching the back of his head. "Well, it's not exactly a mission I came here asking for. I was wondering if you seen Shingen. I figured he would have stopped by." The girl replied, looking around. Naruto was quiet for a moment before sighing. "Yeah, I seen him. He came by earlier, asking for an S-ranked mission... I sent him on it, although I'm not sure it was a good idea." Zakuro frowned, and let out an annoyed sigh. "How troublesome."
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Shingen had been enjoying his rest, but the weird thing about it was, despite him enjoying his rest, his eyes randomly opened. He stared up at his ceiling for a while, not moving a muscle. It was deathly quiet in the house, so quiet in fact that his even his heartbeat was audible. His eyes scanned the room, but the rest of his body refused to move until he decided to sit up. He sighed and got hismelf ready for the day ahead. He was going to skip out on breakfast, his mom was still sleeping as well as his father. He gave a small smirk, seeing his parents asleep. Shingen, having already put on his clothes, headed outside having a hand on his kusanagi sheathe at all times.

Once he was outside of his house he inhaled then exhaled deeply. Only a few people were up this early in the morning, he started his jump by jumping up in a diagonal direction but dissapearing almost as quickly as he started jumping. Once he arrived at the hokage's mansion he knocked on the door and walked right inside. The hokage blinked, "Shingen? Why are you up so early in the morning?", he asked. Shingen's stoic facial expression only began to look agitated. "I am here for a mission. . .An S-Rank mission.", Shingen said as he glared at the hokage.

The Hokage blinked, "Are you sure, Shingen? I highly advise y-", he was going to finish until Shingen interrupted. "I would just like the mission or does a lecture come along with that?", he asked. Naruto sighed, "Ya-re Ya-re. . .Fine I will give you an S-rank mission. I am telling you, the Uchiha's pride. I have an assasination target for you somewhere in the Hidden Rain village.", he said. Continuing to brief Shingen on his mission, The young uchiha boy listened intently and once Naruto was done he dissapeared. Naruto rubbed his own head, "I think I just made a big mistake. .", he said in a grave tone.

Shingen arrived at the gate of the village as he sighed and began his walk, he left on that note and shoved his hands into his pockets. This was going to be a long day. . .
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Zakuro let out a sigh, and got up as soon as he disappeared. "Really, Uchiha... so troublesome." She mumbled, and jumped off the roof to the ground below. When she arrived home, she found a note from her dad. With Choji for drinks. Money on table for food. Love you. She read it over and laughed. Very rarely did her father say "Love you" unless it was to her mother. "He must be in a good mood." She mumbled as she grabbed the money and shoved it into her pocket. "I guess I'll go for ramen." She sighed, trying to get one boy in particular out of her head. "How troublesome. I don't have time for these things." She groaned as she walked through the streets.

She had arrived at the ramen shop, and ate her usual. When she headed home, her father was still gone. No surprise to her. She headed to her room and plopped down onto her bed. "Troublesome Uchiha." She mumbled as she stared at the picture of the both of them. They were eight at that time, still in the academy. "Boys are so troublesome." She kicked her shoes off, and rolled over. Before long she fell asleep.
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Shingen stood up and brushed himself off, "No I haven't I could hoenstly care less though. I am to busy.", he said. Shingen nodded towards her, "Yeah you should head home then.", he said before preforming a few hand-seals and nodded to Zakuro dissapearing in a swirl of leaves. He re-appeared in his room staring at the plate of food in his room, it was a little bit cold but never the less he ate it. He sat down on the bed, he sighed and shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I really should just forget about her. I should try to go on a mission tomorrow.", he said to himself as he nodded. "Yeah I will do that.", he said before swallowing his food. After he was done, he just left the tray on his dresser laying down in his bed and curling up in blankets. His eyes slowly closed as he fell a sleep.
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"Oh really now? Did you tell her that you like her?" Zakuro asked, yawning softly. Of course she was going to keep asking, but if he really didn't want to talk about it, he would tell her. She heard his stomach growl, and giggled. "Come on, Uchiha, you better go eat." She sat up and stretched her arms out. "I should probably get back home soon. Dad's probably wondering where I am, and my mom is supposed to be back from her mission... and Uncle Gaara is supposed to be with her." For some, it was hard to get over the fact that she was the Kazekage's niece. Whenever she went to the sand village, she was treated like royalty... Something she really disliked.
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Shingen's eyes were closed. He grumbled a bit and then decided to anwser Zakuro's question. There was no point, she was stubborn like that. "A girl huh? Well, I think that might be the case. I don't know.", he said without any faltering or wavering in his voice. He was thankful to his father because of that, his father's stoic personality seemed to give him an upper advantage in conversation. He seemed rather non-chalant about telling her this. "Yeah I would say that's it or maybe it is something else.", he said out loud once more before flipping over onto his side, his back towards Zakuro as his stomach growled. Well, that was embarassing. He blushed and sighed, sitting up and staring up at the moon.
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"Oh, Sasuke-san, huh?" She said as she leaned back on her arms, enjoying the view from the rooftop. Her eyes closed part way as she enjoyed the breeze. His hand reached up to ruffle her hair, making her scowl slightly. She fixed her hair and looked over to him. "I know you're my friend, Shingen. I just worry about you, you know?" She smiled and laid back next to him. Looking up to the clouds she giggled. "Huh, that one looks like a rabbit wearing a dress." She commented and closed her eyes. "Your mom said you've been acting funny here lately. Are you sure it's because of your dad~? Or is there a girl that you're into, and she's just not getting the hints?" She teased, knowing that there was most likely no girl involved.
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Shingen laid there with his eyes closed. Listening to the sounds of the outside, crickets chirping, wind blowing a bit, hair flowing lightly in the wind. Everything was fine, until he heard Zakuro. His eyes shot open, hands behind his head and legs crossed he turned his head to see Zakuro. "It's nothing. It's just my dad. Don't worry yourself about it.", Shingen said as he closed his eyes once more. He let his mind run rampant, his ears open to the sounds of nature. "Just don't worry about it alright. I'll be fine.", he said. His voice wasn't to reassuring, he knew this himself. He doubted his words were re-assuring her so he lifted up his hand and plopped it down on top of her head ruffling it lightly. "Alright? I am still your friend.", he said with his eyes still closed in the same position when Zakuro arrived.
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Zakuro giggled as she seen Shingen blush. "Ah, come back! Pink is a good color on you." She called to him as he went off to his room. Once the door slammed shut, she looked back to Sakura. "Beats me, Sakura-san. He's one of my best friends and I can't get a word from him. I'll try to talk to him, if that's okay." She said as she stood up. Ever persistent, and always stubborn, that was how Zakuro was. She walked outside, and looked up to see the raven haired boy on the roof. "Easy." She rolled her eyes and jumped onto the roof, quietly landing next to him. "Come on, Shingen, what's wrong? You keep running away from me so much, I'll think you're too troublesome and go off on some mission." She teased softly, sitting next to him.
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Shingen blushed lightly and turned his back to her, "Tch! Whatever!", he said as he shoved his hands into his pockets and steamed off into his room closing the door, loudly, behind him. Sakura sighed, "I don't know what it is. He has been like this for the past month, me or Sasuke can't get a word out of him.", she said as she finished the food she carried a tray of it to Shingen's room knocking on the door with her shoulder a bit. Upon entering his room, Sakura noticed his window was open and he wasn't there as she sighed and placed the tray of food on his desk. Shingen was evidently on the roof. Pondering about things.
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