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I want to do a Kaname x Zero roleplay, and am looking for a partner. I cna do either Zero or Kaname, depending on what character you want.

I have a few plot ideas, but I'm very open to other ideas.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 45d 12h 9m 53s
The headmaster saw AIdou. "Aidou..I'm sorry this happened to you." He cared for all his students, and to know that one was suffering in such a way hurt him.

Zerio hugged Kaname tightly. "I love you so much Kaname."hhe said. HE smiled happily up at him
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 81d 3h 49m 51s


Kaname smiled and nodded, throwing his arms around the headmaster and thanking him repeatedly before finally letting go and sniffling. He wiped the tears from his eyes and took a few deep breaths. "thank you...again...I'm going to go back in now.." he said, bowing quickly then turning and walking into the room. He looked at Aido and hugged him quickly. "I'm sorry..." he whispered before laying beside zero and resting his head on his chest, closing his eyes


Aido nodded but didn't hug back. It was too soon for that. "your welcome..." he said the. Turned to the door as Kaname walked in and hugged him. Again. He didn't hug back. He stared straight forward until he pulled back then nodded. "take good care of him, zero..." he said, bowing then walking out of the room and brushing past the headmaster
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 127d 7h 21m 13s
THe headmaster looked at him, and gave a gentle smile to the crying boy. He squeezed his han. "Just don't worry, alright?"He siad to hm. "you and Zero can get away for awhile, let AIdou relx and heal long enough from your desiscion. He'll be fine. Besides, I would hate to be around here for you, or for my son, when Akatsuki and his family find out."He siad

Zero's eyes widdened. He hugged Aidou, tears running down his fac.e "thank you. Thank you so moch Aidou."he siad. "I..I .."He sighed. "You're a much better person then I could ever be, and thank you."
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 136d 4h 42m 39s


Kaname frowned and grabbed the headmasters hands, his eyes filling with tears. "I just...I jus want them both to be happy...neither of them deserve to be sad...and my choice between them would either make them or break them...I'm sorry...but I do choose zero if it came to that..." he said, sniffling. " would we get rid of Aido..." he whispered, looking up at the headmaster


Aido frowned and looked away. "sharing him won't work...and we both know that. So it's either me or you. And it's kaname's choice. We should just let him. It makes him feel good to have someone. Even if I was his're his now so...please take care of him" he sniffed, wiping tears off his cheeks
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 139d 7h 52m 41s
THe headmasters eyes filled with rage. "I made it very clear Kaname."He siad firmly. "IF you were ina commited relationship with my son then you were just that, commited to him and him alone. "Not Aido, him. I don't like the idea of all."He said blutnly.

Zero sighed. "Kaname loves you with all his heart, an he loes me to. I want to be with him adn make him I'll.." Zero sighed tears in his eyes. "I want ou adn him both to be happy, him especially.H"e said
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 17h 57m 5s


Kaname nodded and followed the headmaster but gave zero's hair a quick fluff. He walked out of the room and looked up at him. "he's here because I am makin him appologize and I am trying to figure something out for us three"


Aido watched kaname walk out and his nerves and annoyance increased by a lot. He looked down at zero and swallowed. "'m sorry about spooking your horse...and I really love kaname...I don't want to lose him and I know you don't either. Can we figure something out?" he asked, sitting carefully beside zero
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 180d 18h 2m 59s

"What..what is he doing here?" Zero asked.
THe head master looked. "Kaname, cna I talk to you fo ra moment?"He asked, looking at Kaname codly. Once kaname had left, Zero looked at him carefully.

THe headmaster sighed looking at Kaname. "Why is aido here?"
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 18h 8m 19s
{I don't want him to be forbidden to see zero...ugh...I'm so confused...this is a zeroxkaname roleplay so maybe something happens with Aido and he has to leave? Either that or zero and kaname could leave!!!}

Kaname smiled up at the males then walked out of the house and towards the headmasters house. When they got in, kaname bowed to the headmaster and brought Aido to zero's room. He sat down next to zero and smiled
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 180d 18h 13m 43s

Aido sighed and nodded. "I'll apalogize."He iad. He hugged Akatuski, who hugged back smilling. "I todl you you jsut had to give it time. adn when you get back, you and I will talk abotu why you don't spook horses and have peoples legs broke AIdo."He warned
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 18h 22m 29s
{Ugh...what do we do here?}

Kaname pulled back and smiled at him. "we can for sure work something out. But you're going to have to apologize to zero for spooking his horse. Let's go.." he got off the bed and pulled Aido up then walked to the door and looked up at akatsuki and gave a small bow
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 180d 18h 29m 16s
Aido looked at him. " you think we could work something out? Where neither of us have to loose you. I'd be willing to shar you if it ment that I could sitll have you."
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 18h 32m 4s
Kaname frowned even more but nuzzled his face into his chest, gripping the back of Aido's shirt. "no you don' don't hate me...I think you should come with me and talk to zero...he's bed ridden you know. Two broken legs...I want us o talk. Bacise I love you both" he said finally, kissing Aido gently
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 180d 18h 35m 9s
Aido cried harder and harder. "I had to family would get really upset and cause you trouble fi I didn't. You know that it would upset them."He siad looking into his eyes. "I..I came back with surprises for you."He said. "I was going ot make you adinner..and I come back to see you with him...I hate you."He siad queitly
  Zero / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 18h 39m 34s
Kaname dug his face into his hair and cried into it. "no...I never wanted to! The headmaster threatened me if I left him...when you said no when I wanted to have sex with you before you left I was really upset and in the mood! What else was I supposed to do? You know very well that I never touch myself down there. Aido I love you so much..."
  Kaname / Dauntless / 7y 180d 18h 45m 19s

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