Elemental Boarding School

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You are now enroled in an erie boarding school for 'special people' over half the school's population is not human. lets go..

every thing is encouraged!

Cast List

Main choosen girl- TAKEN.
Main chosen guy- me!!
Chosen girl- open.
Chosen guy- TAKEN.
Chosen girl- open.
Chosen guy- open
Guy best friend- 1 out of 2
Girl best friend- 0 out of 2
'normal' people up to 10- 0 out of 10
Anyone else- open.
Again romance is encouraged!

Any other people that aren

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Sure, sounds good, will you guys start though i'm kinda buisy
  Leo Hoft / bionizach / 8y 164d 14h 28m 44s
Element: Fire
Race: Elf/WereWolf
Special Power: BlueFire, Mind
Dorm Number: Not to sure...
Average Mood

Can I be Main choosen girl or Chosen girl?
  Scarlet / 8y 164d 15h 47m 29s
{Could I be another one of the best friends?}
Element: Water
Race: Human/Shapeshifter
Special Power: Shapeshifting..?
Dorm Number:
Average Mood: Serious
  Caite Langley / GoldenDelicious / 8y 164d 15h 52m 24s

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