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He shrugged "A gift" he said waggling his brow usually a sign he did something in order to get it "Don't worry I plan on returning it besides I wasn't sure how well it go over but dad is totally cool with it" he lied but not really well more reassuring himself he grineed "Oooh hamburger sounds good...Mcdonalds?" he asked.
  Jasper Storm / badxoxogirlfriend / 7y 345d 10h 23m 7s
She shrugged and opened her mouth again. "Uh burger shack somewhere i can eat it there?" She muttered seeing his motorcycle "and where'd you get that?" She asked cruiously.
  *()Mukei Spirit()* / Zero_ / 8y 17d 4h 20m 49s
He grinned and rolled his eyes "Not really, ow that hurt" he complained and rubbed it before going over to his motorcycle "Here is my bike, where do you wanna go?" he asked.
  Jasper Storm / badxoxogirlfriend / 8y 17d 4h 24m 41s
She shook her head, punching him lightly in the sides for teasing her, and she was about to say something until her stomach made a loud rumbling sound "Does that answer your question?" She muttered snickering lightly at him.
  *()Mukei Spirit()* / Zero_ / 8y 17d 4h 31m 54s
"What really? Didn't you eat before you got here, besides wherei s my thank you or did you actually enjoy class?" he teased.
  Jasper Storm / badxoxogirlfriend / 8y 17d 4h 36m 8s
She nodded rolling her eyes. "Real nice, now take me out to eat, please Jasper? I've been starving all morning" She mutters to him as they headed outside the sun shining brightly and the trees blowing in the wind.
  *()Mukei Spirit()* / Zero_ / 8y 17d 4h 39m 13s
"What are you complaining about? It got you out of class didn't it?" he asked.
  Jasper Storm / badxoxogirlfriend / 8y 17d 4h 41m 12s
Mukei looked at the expression on Jaspers eyes just to see if this was a trick, she stood up when the teacher got the meassge and told to go with Jasper. "Oh that was real nice" she muttered sarcastically to Jasper after walking a way from the class and heading outside.
  *()Mukei Spirit()* / Zero_ / 8y 17d 4h 42m 4s
Jasper Storm walked into the class room "Uh are you suppose to be here Mr. Storm?" the teacher asked "Uh yes I'm here to take Mukei out of class there is an urgent issue at home and its very important she comes with me" he said seriously in a very stern voice.
  Jasper Storm / badxoxogirlfriend / 8y 17d 4h 46m 4s
Mukei spirit sat up in her desk trying to keep her eyes on the teacher, as much as this lesson was becoming boring and making her less interested in it, she pulled out her ipod listening to music now not really paying much attention, before looking in one of the seats, she was annoyed by this again he left her alone in this stupid class room. "Jasper your gonna pay for leaving me in this junk hole of a school" she muttered hiding her face in her hood now.
  *()Mukei Spirit()* / Zero_ / 8y 17d 5h 3m 22s
Hello :)
  Jasper Storm / badxoxogirlfriend / 8y 17d 5h 10m 25s

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