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My name is Hideki Nimozuo.

I am of the age of seventeen.

This is my story..


At the age of seven, a merely ten years ago, Hideki had whitnessed the murder of hid mother,father,and younger sister. His eyes were wide when this had happend. Frightend, the small boy grabbed one of his father's guns from the cabinets, and shot the murderer in the head, a direct hit to the brain,killing the man. The neighbors had heard screaming from the earlier time and had called the police. When the police arrived, they had mistaken Hideki as the murder that killed his mother,father,and younger sister.

Hideki was locked up for three years in an mental assalyum. at the age of ten, the young male had escaped the crazed place, by murdering anyone that stood in his way.

Now, the police have called off the investigation for the male, there is no effort anymore, well at least the police think so. Hideki still murder's anyone that gets in his way. It's fairly unfortuunate for the new 'kid' in town.

On day when ____ is walking throughout the town, he notices Hideki lying down on the sidewalk, with slight injuries. Panicking the male takes Hideki to his home and tends to his injuries. When Hideki wakes up, he notices that he is now in some home and freaks out, attempting to kill the taller man. ___ stops him, and knocks him unconscience.

What will happen?

If you wish to join, send me a skelly and a sample post. I'm hoping a atleast 1000 charactor posting limit. Other then that please join.


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Lycus shook his head, stupid boy..
Walking to him he touched the boys shoulder, forcing him back inside. ''I will let you go when you are well, okay? I won't have you dying be a weight on my guiltyness, got it?..'' he sighed and put the boy on the couch once more.

''Don't freak, I'm just treating it..'' removing the boys t-shirt gently he undid the bandages and disinfected the wound smoothly, wiping away al the blood that had dripped in the night, before putting a clean set of bandages on with healing cream.
''There, see no Harm done, no i'm making breakfast, want something?..'' he asked curiously, he would make him something anyway, although he didn't expect him to eat it.

''The names lycus, and yours?...'' he smiled slightly, walking back into the kitchen, putting the stew on, he usually ate hot food in the morning to wake himself up, now he was cooking for two so it'd take a bit longer then usually, using words to fill the silence in the gaps. ''What is your name?..'' he asked once more, hiping for a reply this time.
  Lycus Xeno / Uketo / 8y 33d 13h 39m 4s

A rather questioning look seemed to make it's way across Hideki's face.Before he could question himself, that predicted question had already been answerd. Shaking his head he watched as the other's eyes had scanned him. With a small glare and a blink of his eyes,Hideki brought himself to stand upwards off of the furniture.

"I have no need to explain myself or to be here."He simply spoke in a certain quiet tone. He then shook his head and begun to take small steps towards the door. A sudden shooting pain had ran throughout his stomach where the infected wound had been placed.

Shrugging off the small shooting pain, Hideki stood up straight, showing no signs of a simple fight. As his hand reached the door, he swiftly turned the doornob,before he took a couple of steps outwards. Starring down at the staircase that he would soon have to go down, a slight dizziness came to him as he then sat downwards.
  [H]ideki / RainbowMadness / 8y 33d 13h 48m 56s
Lycus could see that he would not drink the liquid, not would he answer the questions given to him, although one question was asked to himself. ''I'm not heartless, I couldn't leave you bleed to death on the streets, that's why you're here.. would you have rather died...'' he asked, not looking at the boy any more.

Turning around he sighed. ''To be honest I don't know why I saved you, you even tried to kill me and I never called the police, I guess i'm weird..'' he said truthfully, looking at the boy up and down, he was surely handsome but.. there must have been something going on for him to end up the way he is, something in his past maybe?..

Rubbing his own head he began to think why he saved him, people thought of Lycus to be too kind hearted when it came to things like that, giving money, never receiving stuff in return. Looking at the boy he smiled reasuring him. ''I won't harm you, that drink isn't lethal, unlike you I don't go trying to kill people...'' he winked and yawned slightly.
  Lycus Xeno / Uketo / 8y 33d 14h 23m 59s

As the cup of tea had been placed into Hideki's hands, his eyes stared down into the liquid. He was definently not going to drink it. How would he know if it had been tamperd with poison of some sort? Setting the cup down, Hideki had noticed the glare that the male held in towards his own eyes.Shaking his head, Hideki stared down towards his hands,trying not to feel at all intimidated by the other.

THe raven haired male had seemed to be in his own thoughts, that he hadn't heard of the male's speaking.Why does that same memory haunt me every night? Hideki questioned himself as he continued to solemly stare downwards at his own hands. As he finally brought his attention upwards, it seemed nothing but a darkend glare." Why did you bring me here? More importantly, what are you planning on doing?"His tone had been every bit in serious, not in a joking matter at all. This had been a first how he had been brought into this stranger's home.
  [H]ideki / RainbowMadness / 8y 33d 14h 34m 3s
Lycus was in the kitchen, calming down from what had just happened, he was not the typ to leave someone to die, although that doesn't mean he wishes to die by someone elses hands.
Peeling potatoes and stewing them he sighed, only to hear the movement of clothing behind him.

Turning around he saw the boys eyes open, the heart within his chest felt like it wasnted to escape. Breathing he walked over to the boy holding out a cup of tea. ''Drink up, you need some liquid inside of you..'' his eyes glared into the other boys, trying to intimidate him, why he tried to even kill him was beyong his imagination.

Putting the tea in the boys hands he walked away once more, trusting the boy enough to keep his back turned so he didn't face him. Sighing, although he seemed calm on the outside, in the inside he couldn't help but ask why? why didn't he call the police.. or why didn't he run away? such things would have been done by a normal person, so he must not be normal. ''I won't ask questions, but please refrain from stabbing me, okay?..'' he said playfully, trying to bring some laughter into the air, smirking at the boy with a slight smile.
  Lycus Xeno / Uketo / 8y 33d 14h 57m 33s

As the raven haired male felt a force hit agasint the furthest part of his head,forceing his already weakend body to just collaspe agasint the floor beneath him.

Entering a sound sleep, a small grunt like sound exited the unconscience male's mouth,followed by instant sudden memories. As peaceful as Hideki had seemed, he had actually wanted to scream, possibly call out for some sort of help,but that effort in itself seemed futile.

One foot at a time, Hideki's dream woken body had stood up, while the eyes had scanned the rather dark area. Every turning seemed to only lead to an empty darkness, with not one feeling at all.As his heart seemed to pick up pace, a hand raised to his chest, clentching the clothing upwards. Eyes widened as the dark hand had done this, when the male had opened his moouth,however, no sound could escape.

Suddenly, it felt as if his breathing had thickened, as if every trying inhale lead to nothing. The mysterious hand had tightend it's grip before drooping the now lifeless body onto the darkend aura beneath the body.

With a deep inhale, Hideki jump up to a sitting postion, clenching his now heavy beating chest. As his eyes stayed wide, he figured that he had now woken up. Once he laid his body back down, he stared at the furniture from the corner of his eye, as his eyebrows had furrowed inwardly.

It was the same nightmare he had every time he closed his eyes to rest.
  [H]ideki / RainbowMadness / 8y 33d 15h 18m 47s
His hands trembled, they were also stained with the red color that seemed to have been everywhere he looked, usually he never panicked like this, how was it done? a fail attempt to murder, maybe an accident? no.. it was no accident, something unruly happened to this boy, and Lycus didn't want to find out, although some curiosity ran through his mind.

The towels were all successfully wet, but before he could turn around to help the boy, he heard footsteps, was he up?..
''Hey, sit back do...'' before the words could escape his mouth, his eyes widened, almost coming out of the skull, the wet towels slammed onto the floor, water escaped and went under his shoes, a knife was being held at him, the boys eyes looked evil, as if he wanted to.. kill...

He moved back slightly, picking up a pan he was going to cook his dinner with, not enough time for that now. The smaller male ran at him, quite weakly due to the wounds, all he did was.. swing..

whack The boy fell onto the puddled floor, the water which had escaped from the towel started to go red, once again it was the only color he could see, dropping the pan he shook, why did he have a knife> it couldn't be he is a murderer?.. who have I let into my house?.. but I can't just leave him..

Sighing with fear he took away any potential threats from the boy and laid him down on the now ruined couch, wiping away the excess blood and bandaging the wounds, so no more liquid could leak. No hospital would be called, because questions would be asked and he can't just say ''I found him lying on the street'' they might just get suspicious. The boy looked very peacful sleeping, but.. just why did he have that murderous look in his eyes..
  Lycus Xeno / Uketo / 8y 37d 3h 44m 34s

Light emerald eyes had opend as the male's body had taken in a long breath to justify the boy's breathing. Scanning the area it seemed that Hideki had been placed in. One leg after another had allowed the rather bruised body to stand upwards. The large organ inside of the male had beated faster then before. Had this been a kidnapping? Hideki had sure been caught offguard of some sort.

The same eyes had examined the room widely, as a long sharp pain had ran throughout the body's wound.A long sustained groan escaped Hideki's mouth as suddenly, his knees impacted to the floor. Throughout this sounding pain, all Hideki could worry about was, where he had been brought to.Forcing his body up once more, the raven-haired male walked into another area,which seemed to be a kitchen of some sort. He hadn't walked far enough to walk into another, but his eyes had crossed another's body.

At an easy panic, Hideki quickly brought his hand down as he reached into his pocket. Seconds later, a small pocket-knife was summoned and raised above the boy's head.
  [H]ideki / RainbowMadness / 8y 37d 13h 13m 58s


A chill went down Lycus's spine, the wintery night seemed to have gave him goosebumps, walking down the lone street filled with many shadows lurking on the pavement, it all seemed to eery.
Cold air escaped his mouth, he followed the path home, on such a moonless night like this no one could be seen, no wonder, even to himself it felt cold.

Something caught his eyes, which made them widen with both fear and curiosity, a body shape was lying on the pavement, not moving but breathing slightly, no rain had fell but there was a puddle, a puddle of red liquid.. blood..
He gasped and ran over to the, what seemed like it lifeless body, feeling the cold skin on the neck to see if any heartbeat could be felt..

thump thump thump...
The boys alive, thank God.. Lycus panicked and picked the boy up gently, his clothes now stained with the liquid that messed up the streets.
Taking him home, leading himself into the hallway, putting the boy down on the couch, getting every towel he could find, clean of course, to clean the wounds that happened to be on the boys skin, too big and open to be an accident..

He walked away to the kitchen, wetting them slightly, about to go back to the boy that laid almost dead on his couch..

hope that's okay so far ^^
  Lycus Xeno / Uketo / 8y 37d 13h 48m 53s


A long let out breath of air released as soon as the raven haired male streched his arms out farly. A long string or red liquid connected to the males mouth fairly down to the male's hand. One eye had wanderd as the other had stayed closed. Dark red liquid seem to stain the essence and the male's clothinig. This day in particular was absolutly tireing. Hideki had went on a murdering spree of ten people just in the day.

The male had his purposes, he just never seemed to say a word of them of his past, and memories. It had been so long withing the time period that seemed to screw up his own mentality physically and mentally. His way of luring women in, were to first ask them out to date. Even with his challenged essence the women still fell for his looks. Once he seemed to get the women slone and out of the public, he would kill them ofcourse. With men it was a bit harder. Hideki simply ignored the ones that seemed stronger and went after the weak. What flawlessness the male had in each and every plan. So flawless.

Standing up, Hideki held a firm grip close to the re-opend wound that lay on his stomach. With a slight cough, blood seemed to trickle down the male's lips. As he begun to walk a sudden fuzziness overtook his eyesight, unable to see as well as before. Suddenly his body had just gaven up and had fallen down on the concrete that was the sidewalk,unconscience.
  [H]ideki / RainbowMadness / 8y 37d 14h 14m 11s

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