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Miku woke up in her rather large bed, she looked over to her large windows only to see that someone has pulled the curtains back so that the sun was shining in her room. She pulls her pillow over her head not wanting to get up out of bed yet, then she remembers that she has a date with rein this afternoon, they have been dating for 3 months but seemed that he just asked her out yesterday, boy time does fly by fast. she thought to herself as she lays in her bed.

After awhile of just suing in the bed and staring up at the ceiling she finally decided to get up out of the bed and to get dressed. She sighs pulling her night gown off of her body and she puts on a really nice dress before putting her shoes on and she then walks into the bathroom, she does her hair and makeup before walking to the coffee shop that she said where she would meet him at. She sighs not seeing him and she takes a seat at a table that sits outside of the coffee shop while she waits for him to show up.
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[Post what you can.]
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The first day

The sky had seemed rather cloudless, almost a seemingly perfect afternoon. The day had been a wensday, when the red eyed male had first decided to change where he had been living. THe male was really hoping for more of an exciting town to live in. The last one he had lived in, was undeniingly boring that had no way to spark the male's intrests. It had been rather strange. Not even a wekk of living in this new town, yet every person adored him, and he had not a single clue why that was.

There had been a specific female that sparked his intrests into staying in the new town. She was seemingly pefect. She was a beauty by the eyes and had the perfect personality. What more? Well, she seemed to have an intrest into the male. The female had yet to know of the horrid secret that the male had ketpt to himself. His secret; he was none other then the son of the famous Satin.

Rein had complete control over the townspeople's lives. He had control whether they would die or live. If Rein had not liked that specif individual, with a blink of the eyes, the individual would be dead. So much power the male had.

It had been atleast three months that the female and Rein had started dating, and Rein had not one intention of telling the female of his secret. Not one person would learn to know of Satin'ds son and his whereabouts. Well besides, Satin and Rein.
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Sure. Give me just a moment.
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Do you mind starting us off?
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