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Earth, after many years of pregression, finally begins making colonies and sending people up into space. There are seven colonies - one on mars and six scattered among asteroids and those drifting along within the Earth Orbit alike satalites and stations.

A few years after the colonies are established, a mass civil war breaks out down on Earth, leaving the colonists stranded and forced to fend for themselves via finding water deep within mars or melting ice from space and scavaging other materials from asteroids and what llittle there is on Mars.

During this time, the Colonies discover an ancient Mars ruin that had been constructed by aliens. Within this ruin there are many large mechs that were constructed for resource gathering along with few mechs designed for fending off attacks. The colonists use these mechs to help them get by.

After Earth's civil war was resolved the colonists wished to return to Earth but the governments refused the return of the colonists. Enraged about being unable to return to their home, the colonists began to wage war on Earth so perhaps they could one day return.

Unknown to both sides though, is the impending invasion of antoher alien species which had wiped out the Mars aliens thousands of years ago. What had driven out the invaders before though was an inner circle of highly advanced warrior mechs which had been constructed by their brotheren after the Mars aliens had been eliminated.

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"Oh damn... Now we're dead." Guilliam's eyes darted around the hangar quickly, scanning his immediate surroundings with as much intensity as possible. There was much pain in his eyes, and they were apparent, with the immense folding of his forehead. Hearing the death of his comrade was bad enough, but now, he had to deal with this crap. Being a rather calm person about things, the Major appeared to be panicking for the moment. His mind was deep in thought, so much so that he ignored several questions asked by Zap.

"Sir... Sir...?" Zap's electronic voice sounded again and again, as though waiting for some sort of recognition by his master.

Guilliam snapped out of his ridiculous trance, and answered, but in a voice that showed anguish and disdain, "What?"

"Records of the incident shows that the Serra, the ship he had been travelling on, was hijacked. Though the date is not recorded, it is said that it happened fairly recently." Zap's voice beeped, ending its report.

It seemed all too familiar. The incident was happening again, and this time on board Dame Nacht. Damn, he wasn't going to let this shit bring him down. The smoke cleared, thanks to the genius ventilation system on board the ship, which kind of impressed the male a little.

There was nothing there. No people, no hijackers, and no sign of an explosion taking place. There were a couple of burnt marks, but that could have been due to anything. There seemed to be no one hurt, so it relieved him a little.

Suddenly, the bridge called for all hands to be at Battle Stations. All available mechs would be deployed, and all under a single leader, the highest ranking one out here. Guilliam was always Number 3, that was second from the bottom, so he was more used to taking orders than giving them. Once the orders from the bridge were given Guilliam assumed his position, though surprisingly confident.

"We'll deploy 3 at a time. The catapault isn't functioning, from the looks of it, so we'll have to do it manually. I hope you'e got some spunk in you, because you'll probably need it." The Major announced over the comms system, his voice reaching each mech. He would have to skip the body suit and just make do with his helmet for now.

"You have ten minutes to deploy your machines manually. I'll head out first. Leena, since you're in your machine, you'll go after me." Guilliam made it clear that he wasn't going to be nice about this stuff anymore. Experience in the War had told him that shit was going to go down, if not now, then it will in the near future.

Guilliam steered the Zephyr toward the opening, glancing out of the mech to look at the damage done by the explosion, but upon closer examination, there were slight burn marks, but it was strangely not exceptionally harmful.

"Zap, manual launch," Guilliam readied himself at the catapault, and waited for the airlock to open. He saw light streaming in from the outside as the hatches opened, separating him from the comfort of the ship. Ah, just a few days coming out of a forced retirement and he was forced to fight again, this would be one for the books. He just hoped that he hadn't gone rusty.

"Initiation sequence complete. Ready for manual launch." Zap's electronic, monotonous voice echoed in the cockpit, Guilliam's hands sweaty, despite having done this so many times before. He gripped the controls, and hit the acceleration, forcing himself and the machine to speed through the lightless tunnel and out into the heat of the battle.

Before him, he saw large ships, and close to twenty mechs. Were they responsible for the blast? No doubt they were. However, they seemed to have recognised him instantly. With eyes focusing on his mech, Guilliam had a strange stirring sensation in his stomach. Damn, he had hoped for better tidings. With the ships engineers trying to work out the source of the explosion, Guilliam was, for now, alone on the battlefield.

A voice came over the comms line, directly to him, "Hello, Number 3."

Guilliam recognized the voice immediately. Elzam, of the Aggressors.

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  Guilliam Yaeger / Speachless-Ayase / 7y 267d 19h 10m 44s
She had managed to get just outside the hangar doors when she heard the loud thundering explosion, which caused her to stop dead in her tracks. For a moment her thoughts raced, a slight hesitation as she attempted to get a grip so she could do something. There were a few security personnel hurrying past her, and she knew that they could probably deal with whatever threat was in there but she was a crew member to, so should she do something?

Swallowing that nervous lump in her throat, Leena took in a deep breath and turned on her heel, hurrying into the expanse hangar and immediately locating the source of the commotion. A few of the security personnel were gathered around a few storage crates that sat in the far corner, the sleek metal now tarnished by coal black burn marks.

More possibilities ran through her mind but she didn't stop her course until she reached the huddled commotion. The pink haired girl was nervous though, her fist tightening with apprehension. She had never been faced with an enemy outside of piloting her mech so she was at a disadvantage, and it showed just by the tension in her expression.
"Do you think it's someone looking to sabotage the ships or the mechs?" She barely managed to hear one of the security guards over the the chattering of a few other pilots and mechanics who dared inch closer for a closer look.

Normally she'd be annoyed by the pestering curiosity, but she was doing the same, which meant that she couldn't say much. Still this only made her more nervous. She hadn't bothered to remember each pilot by face so it was possible that the infiltrator could hide among them and she wouldn't even know.

This bothered her but standing around like this was stupid and slowly she turned to head back to her mech, mostly to guard it but also because made her feel a little more secure. The moment that Leena was within an arm's reach of Whim, she let out a small sigh, cerulean eyes turning to Zephyr, a thought striking her.
"I don't suppose this has anything to do with you, does it?"

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"Zap, you moron.." Guilliam gave himself a huge facepalm, before avoiding any form of eye contact with the outside world. He didn't know if it was because of the embarrassment, or the potential killer looks from Leena, whom would eventually emerge from that cockpit, lashing terrifying looks at him. The Major continued tapping away at the keyboards in front of him, completely immsersing himself in the configuration diagnostics and weaponry arsenal, so as to avoid any potential eye contact. The male sighed softly, then looked through all the weapons available to him.

He had to select potential weapons that would be of use to him. However everything seemed so foreign to him, and the whole time, he had to look through each weapon attribute in great detail, so as to familliarize himself with the technical details. Ah, how long had it been since he had piloted the Zephyr, and more importantly, how long had it been since he had actually spet so much time and care on the machine, his guess, a long time ago, so long, in fact, that perhaps the senior officer, was definitely getting old. The Major rubbed his temples, closing his eyes for the few moments needed to miss watching Leena leave. When Guilliam opened his eyes, Leena's cockpit was wide open, and an empty seat happily greeted the old man. "She's probably going to hate me now... And I just got here too!" Guilliam complained to himself, not expecting anyone to reply.

"Sir, all weapons available for use have been located." Zap's electronic voice beeped from the surround sound speakers that Guilliam obviously put lots of hard work into intalling.

"Good. Zap, can you please run a system check for anything related to the Aggressors? I want to know where the others are. If I've been re-drafted back to being a pilot, surely the others would have too."

"Yes, Sir."

The screen to the left of the Major began running system scans into every file that Guilliam's rank could give him access to. Pre-occupied with choosing possible weapons, Guilliam began wondering again, if Leena was someone that he would want to associate himself with. She semed awfully withdrawn, and he was wondering if his presence was simply not neccessary, or worse, potentially annoying.

"System check complete, sir." Zap engaged in a pause, which obviously meant that it was proccessing all that information into digestible, bite-sized chunks of data. "There is no official news of Major Sanger. Major Kai is currently training new recruit pilots at the School, and Major Elzam is..."

Zap's sudden pause unnerved Guilliam, and made him awfully impatient, somethign not in his personality matrix.

"Major Elzam is presumed to have been killed in battle. The records do not allow me to access the date, sir."

"DEAD?!" Guilliam shouted, eyes widening like that of a cat's. He couldn't believe it. Elzam was the best pilot he had ever seen. How...?

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from the back of the hangar. Guilliam turned to look. Thankfully there wasn't a hole in the ship. The catapault was still in shape, and the airlock was secure. Was it an external attack? No way, the ship would have detected a hostile. Was there some mad scientist on board whose laboratory was at the back of the hangar? Could it be that there was a stow-away, possibly one that snuck onto the ship when it was docked to collect himself and the Zephyr? Thoughts raced through his mind. There didn't seem to be any call for battle, so this meant that the explosion was internal? That was bad. They were in space, and so any bigger explosions could blow the hull and shell of the ship right off.

He simply had to wait and see what was going on. If it was a hijack, he would probably be safer if he stayed in his machine. It was fully locked and passcode operated. If the need arised he would use Zephyr to call for help. What in the world was going on? Where did that explosion come from? Were the people on board going to be safe? He was one of the highest ranking members on board, were they possibly looking for him?

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  Guilliam Yaeger / Speachless-Ayase / 8y 48d 21h 27m 43s
Had she been crying? No, never.

Leena had her face covered by her hands as she took long deep breaths, forcing herself to calm. It had been working fairly well for her - well enough for her to get back to running diagnostics, albeit a lot slower than she usually would at first. She calmed slowly as she was drawn more and more into her work, until she was interrupted by a message.

Leena stopped, her eyes narrowing as the Zephyr's mechanical voice came to life in her cockpit followed closely my Guilliam's. Gritting her teeth in annoyance, the pink haired girl tried to ignore the message, but every few minutes Whim's monitor flickered with a message asking her if she would respond. Eventually caving to the mech, she gave a loud sigh. "Whim kindly tell the Major General that in order to 'calm down' I'd appreciate it if he would stop pestering me." She was seething in annoyance by this point and had a few choice words for him, but losing her temper on a higher ranked officer wouldn't end well.

She didn't see why he cared about her calming down, nor was it his business which was exactly why she was letting Whim handle it. Except on the monitor a message flickered. Reading it over a few times, her jaw slacked slightly.
"Request denied because social interaction is a requirement in human behavior?!" Leena read the message out loud, unable to believe that her mech was really doing this to her. She new that the artificial intelligence in Whim could be rather parental at time despite it being a combat mech, but to her this was over the top.

Completely done dealing with the situation, Leena climbed out of the mech's cabin, shooting a glare over towards the Zephyr as she began out of the hangar, other pilots giving her a wide berth as she went.

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Guilliam laughed slightly, a little shocked, but mostly amused by her reaction. Of course, he had intruded on her personal space, and if anything, he figured that women needed their space once in a while. An interested smile pressed onto his face, and the male continued typing and reconfiguring his mech in the, what appeared to be, rather volatile silence. Even the rest of the crew were on their toes, as though already able to predict the near future of the explosive situation.

"Zap, deploy my arsenal please," Guilliam spoke in a calm voice. He stole a small glance over to Leena, who was obviously upset. Perhaps he should give her some space, and simply work in the silence until she wanted to open up to him. Having the experience of losing people in battle, Guilliam was well aware of what she had spoken of. It was true, battles take lives faster than they are made, and if the male had learnt anything over the years as a pilot, it was that the past, nor the future mattered. He lived in the present, and that was one thing that he could hopefully pass on to her before he himself departed, either by accident or by twist of fate.

"Now displaying available weapons," Zap buzzed over the speaker on Guilliam's left. The Major then shut the cockpit tightly, enveloping himself in a moment's darkness. The screen in front of him switched on, and like any other mech, he could see everything in front, and to the side of his mech. The screen showed Leena's cockpit, which Guilliam thought was a much better way fo giving her the privacy she wanted. A list appeared on the screen to his right, listing several weapons, guns, projectile-based weapons and melee weapons that the Zephyr was capable of using. Guilliam went through in excruciating detail, each and every weapon, choosing the best to suit his preferences and the battleground. The years in the force taught him, if anything, that the 10 years of work out of the battle, would amount to 5 mere seconds on the actualy battlefield.

"Energy output, Energy Input. Weapon weight, height, dimensions..." Guilliam was busy reading out loud to himself, all the descriptions, though at the back of everything, occasionally glancing over to the cockpit directly opposite him, checking to see if it was the right time to get her to calm down. Guilliam sighed out loud, "I wonder when Leena will calm down..."

Zap beeped loudly, and the electronic voice connected over to Leena's cockpit, "Good day, Miss Saddler. A message from Major General Guilliam Yaeger..." An electronic recording of Guilliam's voice played over the voice comm, "I wonder when Leena will calm down..." And with that, Zap beeped loudly again, "End of transmission."

Guilliam heard everything.

Thank goodness he was still inside his cockpit, so no one could see the gigantic facepalm he was giving himself. Technology... Apparantly even Zap had its stupidity streaks as well...

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  Guilliam Yaeger / Speachless-Ayase / 8y 80d 19h 43m 48s
He had too many questions. This was the first thought that ran through her head as she continued to work, hearing his words but really not giving a damn. But it was getting infuriating - he was trying to pry into her own business, unlike the usual performance questions other pilots sometimes gave her. He was trying to get to know her.
Something about that made her nearly writhe in anger, bright cerulean eyes trained on her work until occasionally she felt as if she was being watched.

Leena was never a good person for patience, even before she had joined this war, and the constant battles riddled with her own personal feelings had more so made her temper a loose cannon, so after a few minutes of silence she sighed, brows furrowing into a frown. She was tempted to throw something at him - even though it was unlikely she could manage to hit him while he was in his cockpit. Instead though, Leena cast a glare in his general direction, her teeth gritting together. "Stop trying."

Her words sounded forced and were somewhat loud, gaining a few glances from other pilots, though the moment they identified her, they looked the other way as if her anger rolled off in waves. "I hate the enemy, and I'm good at piloting and repairing. That's all you need to know so keep it at that, got it? War is not a time that you should be playing nice because the moment you let down your guard, you'll die. Got me?" Her fists were clenched tightly at her side, her gaze having dropped to her feet sometime while she was speaking.

Hell, she wasn't even sure why this was pissing her off so much. It wasn't like saying anything about her past could hurt anything, but something stopped her from voicing it - like a little pain in her chest. Instead she had raged on like when people usually tried talking to her about small, meaningless things.

She hated it.

Feeling a burning build behind her eyes, Leena gave a quick shake of her head and fled down into the cabin of her mech to hide. She felt like an idiot, but at the same time she didn't know. She was trembling though, and she had to fight to stop tears that threatened to spill. Why was she so upset? Her question was unanswered, but now Leena couldn't help but think back to how she had gotten involved.
But the memories hurt and she did her best to force them away, setting back to work with blurry vision.

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  Leena Saddler / OreganoLeaves / 8y 100d 18h 55m 12s
It sounded almost like a snap, or a threat. Guilliam didn't expect to be talked to in that manner of tone, but figured that it was natural since it was his first day on the job, and he was no longer a Aggressor, so he had somehow let it go. He was calm as much as he was vigilant. The male wasn't expecting a warm welcome, much less a member of the bridge who would even take the time to give him a grand tour. "Thank you, very much, XO. You should head back to the bridge. I suspect that the Captain is in need of your assistance."

Guilliam was now peeping into the cockpit of the other machine, and saw a female much smaller in size than he was, fiddling around with the controls with purpose. She seemed to know what she was doing, so Guilliam was a little hesitant on replying to her question. However, the XO appeared to have noticed his concern, and decided to break the silence, "Eh... Major General, this is Leena, one of our pilots. I think the both of you will be seeing each other very often, so I hope you get along well..."

Guilliam smiled gratefully again, for it seemed as though Leena's attention was momentarily diverted and there was only the XO to thank. He mouthed the words 'thank you' to him, and then found enough space to reply her. "Well, I figured since I'm a little new to this ship, I should get to know everyone, starting with some of my fellow pilots. I was just..."

Guilliam didn't get to finish his sentence, because the Zephyr had finished running the diagnostics and was already replaying the results, loudly. "Yes, Zap, skip the details, run some secondary protocols and..." Guilliam wanted to try and prolong the converation, since it was just getting started with much help from the XO. "Just check the airlocks and whatnot," the Major blabbered, skewing from his normal prudent self to an almost irked Officer.

"I apologize for that disruption. I often don't see that many young pilots, such as yourself. How'd you end up in a grummy place like the War? But... Despite that, you look like you know your stuff," Guilliam smiled gently, again, quickly regaining his composure and that usual charismatic, yet mysterious smile that he always had. The Aggressors would deem him a 'ladies man', but he wasn't looking for anyone at present time. "Come now, don't look so glum. Talking to people keeps you from bottling it all up and exploding during battles, personal experience."

The male pondered on his speech for a moment, before realizing that he probably sounded like some weird pedophillic old man. He sighed harshly, and decided to try approaching some other crew member when he had finished programming Zap. As he turned around, he finished his sentence, "Well, I'll be in my cockpit if you do decide to answer my question."

He was done with that conversation for now, perhaps. "Zap, see if you can run me some engine tests as well. I've got a feeling you've gone rusty," Guilliam ran his fingers through his long, purple hair and jumped into his cockpit in one swift motion, something that meant he had been doing this for a long time. "Password for engine output configuration," Zap beeped loudly, an electronic buzz that used to annoy him. Guilliam keyed in several characters, and the computer beeped again, "Password acknowledged. Command accepted. Reconfiguring engine output."

Guilliam combed his long hair to the back and began the manual configuration, occasionally wondering how long it had been since he hadn't touched a magnificent machine like the Zephyr. However, as his thoughts were, his eyes occasionally took a peep over to Leena's cockpit, trying to see if he had made an impression on her, or at least found someone who shared his passion for the War.

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  Guilliam Yaeger / Speachless-Ayase / 8y 100d 20h 57m 52s
The polite tone, just before she ducked her head back into the cabin of her mech. Stopping dead, her blue eyes narrowed for an instant accompanied by a small hiss of agitation. Poking her head out once again, her grip tight on the frame of the mech, she just looked at him blankly. Personally, she didn't give two hoots about who he was or what rank he was, but because of the military standard she had no choice but to be at least somewhat polite in return if she wanted to stay stationed.

"Yes, what is it?" Her tone was venomous and a little snappy, her very little and limited patience wavering. She wanted to get back to work on the Whim - her mech. Well, at least so she put it. It was an odd name, but one that the mech's previous owner had given it, and she had no intent of getting rid of something so... sentimental. It was her soft spot really, though not one that she would admit openly.

But she shoved the thought aside, analyzing the situation at hand the best she could within her annoyance. The man before her looked rather well postured, so by no way was he new to it all. Still, she had no idea what his skill was, so for the time being she'd class him as little more than 'dead weight'. Until he proved a capable fighter at least. Though, it was possible that she was mistaken - appearances weren't everything and that she could vouch for, considering her own looks in comparison to personality and skill.

Still, she'd either be right or pleasantly surprised, and she was uncaring about the outcome. If he died, oh well; it wouldn't harm her any unless he really messed up. But if her initial guess about him was correct, she wouldn't have to worry about that.

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  Leena Saddler / OreganoLeaves / 8y 111d 16h 27m 25s
"Major General, it is an honour to have you on board with us," the Executive Officer greeted the male as he walked into the bridge. "I am definitely sad to hear that the elite Aggressors were..."

"Disbanded, I know, XO. It's bad enough if you don't bring it up," Guilliam cut the XO off without a second thought. He had spent his whole military life with 3 other men who were all working towards the same cause, yet, nothing could appease the higher-ups into letting them continue. "I... Never imagined the day that I would have to leave them behind..."

Guilliam's voice trailed off into a steady silence as the bridge's buzzing slowly drowned itself out. "So, this is the bridge. The ship is capable of space-travel, so we will probably be zooming in and out of orbit whenever we are called upon," the XO laughed nervously as the Major General looked less than impressed. "Uhm... Major General, is something the matter, sir?"

Guilliam pondered on the rank for a moment. It had been so long since he had been called that. How long had it been since he left the Aggressors? He couldn't remember. Dwelling on the past was tugging him by the neck, and he felt as though he were drowning. "Nothing's wrong, XO. I just need you to show me to the hangar. Unit 03... I mean... The Zephyr needs some fine-tuning from the amount of time its spent in storage." Ah, how used he was to calling the Zephyr 'Unit 03', since the Aggressors only went by their numbers. However, now it was different. He got to call the machine by its real name, Zephyr, the Greek God of the West Wind. If only the rest of the team were here, how'd they mock him for giving it that name.

The two men walked into the hangar in silence, as some of the engineers turned their heads to notice the new member and the XO walking side-by-side. Somehow, the impression was that either the purple-haired male was a newbie, or a higher-up to have earned the right to be escorted by the XO. He was led to his machine without delay, as the XO described in excruciating detail how the transfer of the old unit was managed. Guilliam hardly paid any attention to it, and climbed into the cockpit, smiling as he saw the picture of the 4 members of the Aggressors with their machines. It was the only momento he had of all of them, and he turned the system on.

"Zap," Guilliam called to the computer. Perks of being a Major General also included a personalised computer system, and he appreciated that greatly. "Run me some diagnostics, please. I want the engines and the motor checked. Artillery, then followed by friendly code identification, if you'd please." Guilliam simply stared at the screen to his right. The XO was almost biting his nail off, when Guilliam, suddenly becoming less irritable, said a gentle 'thank you' to the XO. He was about to close the cockpit so as to immerse himself in his work, when he spotted the XO approaching the pilot in the machine opposite to his. 'Leena' was her name, apparantly, but that was all he managed to catch.

He decided to abandon his work for a moment and get to know the crew. "Leena, was it?" he asked politely.

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  Guilliam Yaeger / Speachless-Ayase / 8y 116d 20h 19m 7s
"We'll meet you one Earth, so don't take too long with your studies, alright Leena?"

Words, alike whispers in the back of her mind were what woke her from her sleep. She felt as if she were falling out of bed, bracing her body against the stiff matress beneath her to make sure that she indeed hadn't ralled in her fitful sleep, blue eyes wide with the sudden rush.
Breath came to her slowly as she began to adjust her eyes to the harsh blue glow of the rooms night lights. After she calmed, she sat up slowly, running her fingers through long tangles of soft pink hair.

Leena knew she had woken earlier than she intended - her alarm wasn't buzzing and she didn't hear any noise from the halls which ment that the 'night' crew was still on shift. Pulling her legs from the entanglement of blankets and moving off of the military grade bed, she let the zero gravity of space hold her up as she located her pilot suit.

Grabbing it and pulling it on over nothing more then her undergarments she quickly moved out of the room and into the brightly lit halls of the Spectre class battleship dubbed as the 'Dame Nacht'. Of course because of the German name being too technical, most of the crew aboard had taken to calling it 'Lady Night' or just 'The Lady', but the pink haired pilot couldn't care less.

Making her way to the hangar she found the mech that she piloted and slid into the cockpit to run diagnostics and simulations. It was a strange thing of course - all the mechs were unique in their own way, having intergrated artificial intelligence even though most of those systems had been damaged in some way, but at the same time she liked how each system was different. It was because of each mech's differences that made it so each pilot had to learn a little about how to maintain their own mech.

So lost to her work she didn't even notice the hours fly, nor the sound of the chief mechanic Monroe entering with a few other pilots to work on frames and the like. That was until she heard the the aging mechanic call for her.

With furrowed brows she poked her head out of the mech's cabin, blue eyes narrowed. "What do you want Monroe?" The dark haired man chuckled a little at her fiery attitude, scratching the stubble in his chin absently. "I was just wondering if you were here little miss. You have an odd habbit of showing up in your mech at random." He grinned a little when Leena rolled her eyes. "Also since Allen got a tranfer onto a station, we have a new member to the squad."

Immediately Leena's gaze darted to the unfamiliar face and then to the new mech in the hangar. Taking in the sight, she glaced back to the new addition, a nonchalant expression on her face. "So?" She didn't care - it was just someone to either get in the way or actually be useful. Not like she cared either way.
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