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My heart feels as if it is going to explode...I never imagined it would happen like this. Someone I love and have devoted everything to..I never thought he would cause me so much pain. I know that he did not cheat on me...even though in my heart it feels as if he did. Am I wrong? Should I not feel this way? Should I just accept that he lusted for an image..because he was afraid to come to me? Afraid that I would hate him because he likes certain things..

No..I will not be like this. He is my true love. The man I am going to marry..and I love him. He did not truly cheat on me..It is just me that is hurt...everything will be ok.
  NanaTheBanana / 7y 130d 16m 32s
I'm not surprised at all, frankly. I knew this was coming from the very beginning. The more I think about it, the more I believe you knew, too.
We both did, didn't we?

The sweat and passion, the strong love we shared - it wouldn't have lasted. And it didn't.

"I'm sorry. Things are differet now," you said, that day. I remained silent, knowing arguing was pointless. "I just don't think I can do it anymore."

I wanted to say, "We can talk about this. We can fix the issue." But I didn't.
There was nothing to be fixed.
There were no issues.
And that was the problem.

"I want you to move on," you told me. You were serious. So serious it hurt. "Forget about me... I want you to be happy."

"You're wonderful... but don't depend on me for your smiles, okay...?"

I heard the sweet sadness in your voice, and the sorrow that filled your eyes at that point. Maybe it would have been easier if I weren't so accustome to your company. I needed it to go on.
I still do.
I don't think that will ever change.

Before you left, I remember telling you, "It's not that easy."

But I tried.

I really did. I tried so hard.

I'm still trying.
  Tony Stark ;; / -TonyStark / 8y 45d 18h 1m 43s
What a surprise, seeing you here with her. Swinging hands on a bright sunny day like this. You two must be having one hell of a time, So why stop and notice me? As I've now officially become apart of 'what use to be' . Please carry on your day with true smiles while I hide this stinging and burning behind my fake one.

"How are you?" the sound of breaking glass now echoing inside my mind. "Still breathing", wouldn't you agree? Just when I ask for the moment to pass - to be over with already - time ticks slowly. "Whats that suppose to mean?" what does it matter? Its not like I'll explain to you my struggle with recovering. " Guess you can call it my 'Motivation' "

Surrounded by all these people, and still you manage to pick a silent conversation with me. Even in front of your date who is now becoming suspicious. "I don't understand you" My words seem to have enlightened due to that pure and familiar grin that has appeared. Figures. "What is so funny about that?"

"Brings back memories I guess" Force to catch my breath you walk away. And I watch, just like always. My heart almost lifted from the weight of my pain.
  RevoltinglySweet / 8y 46d 11h 35m 47s

One step at a time

One step at a time.Yes, just one step, with just one foot.

I find myself with each step heading and lurking closer into darkness. Even the soft sound of a beating chest has exited, never seeming to return. The words that were always once said, still have not seem to help my conditions. The sweet sound of just those three words," I Love You", now mean nothing. There is no escape in the fate that my mind and body have both leaned out and took. It is now where I lose every controling membrane that co-exsits with my lonely soul.

As I continue to wander in the now, what seems top be a dark hole, a small light had once appeard,just when I thought I was to be a complete nothing. THe human mind wants what sparks it's curiosity, so ofcourse my body would listen to the stimulating brain waves that would be sent throughout the body.

More and more light had seemed to appear with every new step I took. My body shook from exhilaration as I once thought not one ounce of light could ever co-exsist in my empty world that seeks inside my only being. I then sat, and waited for the clear light to overcome my soul, but all my eyes had scanned was just one hand. One hand that was his. Reaching upwards my hands seemed to shake, with nothing left. As the hand reached for a comforting, the light and his hand had both.. dissalouted

Had it been my mind that had left me to think this, or my body? I could never know the true answer that came acroos. Maybe one day, I would see this light once again.. Maybe one day..
  [2] / RainbowMadness / 8y 46d 14h 1m 37s

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