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Everything in him had wanted this. Had wanted to feel her soft lips upon his own, and as his arms went around her waist, pulling the girl into his lap, the tickling became the last thing on his mind. The kiss became the first, and then his mind was slowly wandering to more, letting him 'dream' of where it could go. Everything about the kiss was a 'haze' was 'intoxicating' and it was causing his thinking to become nothing more than 'fuzzy', which at this point would not be for the best. Even in his 'dazed' state of mind, there was still a part of logic which made him pull away from her and made him slowly and carefully push her from his lap.

It wasn't something he wanted to do. To stop the kissing. In fact, if he were to be honest, Chris wanted more. So much more. He wanted the last couple of days to last and to even continue, but he was sure that even she knew like he did that it wasn't the 'brightest' of ideas.

As soon as she was out of his lap and he had moved away, the boy went over to the dvd player and took out 'Fifty First Dates' and put it away. He was trying to get his mind to 'unfog' before he could speak to her. Finally, after a few long, drawn out moments, Chris turned and looked to his sister as she was still seated where he had gently pushed her to. "You didn't do anything....I just..." But again he had to stop himself. He wasn't sure what he was thinking.

"Want more..." He whispered before he could stop himself and then he froze. What was she going to think now?
  Chris / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 338d 7h 53m 4s
Hana knew tickling was the last thing on his mind as he wrapped his arm around her waist and returned her kisses. Heck, it was the last thing on her mind. Her mind was just a fuzzy haze at the moment. She never thought she'd feel like this with anyone, let alone Chris. She felt him pull her into his lap, she positioned herself so that she was comfortable but wasn't hurting him. She pouted as he pulled away, breaking the kiss and clearing the fuzz.

She didn't want him to stop and with the past couple of days, he must feel the same way. So why did he pull away and was he pushing her off his lap? "What's the matter? Did I do something wrong?" She could hear the ending credit music playing from the t.v and realized they had missed the whole movie. She had forgotten what they were even watching to begin with. She looked down at her hands, wrapped in her lap, as she tried to figure out what she had done to make him stop.

  {Anime} / Hana_Panda13 / 4y 350d 8h 19m 33s
Yes she had taken her words back, but he couldn't help it. It was funny to watch her squirm as she was and he just overall liked to tickle his sister. So even with her pleading for him to stop, Chris just shook his head and continued to tickle the girl. He was aware that perhaps the tickling might be making her sides hurt, but he had not seen her like this in so long and wanted to actually remember a time where the two weren't bickering and were having fun.

What happened next, the young man wasn't expecting. For her arms were soon around his neck and she was pulling herself up and her lips soon were pressed to his. Because he had not been expecting it, Chris did freeze and stop the tickling and was frozen in general.

Soon, his mind was racing over the last couple of days. The other kisses and things that they had done as well. Somehow, he knew it had only been done to stop the tickling, but before he really knew what he was doing, his arms were soon locked around her waist, pulling her closer as he returned her kiss.

After a few moments, Chris pulled back, cheeks actually red and looked down at the girl who he had now pulled into his lap. "Hana..." He muttered, but soon shook his head, moving the girl to sit at his side before he got up. There wasn't anyway he could really get a grip on his thoughts. Yet alone try and explain them at the moment.
  Chris / Dawn_Petrova / 5y 6d 20h 38m 22s
Even though she took it back, Chris was not giving up on his tickling and her sides began to hurt from all the laughter, "Chris, stop." She gasped alittle than laughed harder than tried again. "Please," still nothing. Drastic times call for drastic measures. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled herself up, kissing her lips against his. She felt him suddenly stop and mentally gave a sigh of relief.

Though she originally kissed him to get him to stop tickling her, she couldn't stop herself from kissing him. She wrapped both her arms around his neck as she moved her lips with his.

*Meh! So short.*

  {Anime} / hana_panda13 / 5y 7d 16h 32m 21s
Chris had been looking away from Hana as soon as his cheeks had started to heat up. He didn't want the girl to see him blushing. And he sure as hell didn't want her knowing that she was the one that had made him do it. It was something not her or anyone else really did see and the boy liked to keep it that way if he were able. But it seemed that his sister saw it and was now smiling about it. So he thought tickling her would be good.

Chris smirked as she tried to pull away from it. He knew that she would end up getting herself pinned/ stuck and that made it easier for him. The boy continued to tickle her as she squirmed and was trying to pleas through her laughter. "No, I don't think so." He whispered and couldn't help laughing himself as it was rather cute and contagious. "Take what back?" He asked, actually understanding her words as she managed to get them through the laughing.

  Chris / AngelofLove / 5y 108d 14h 14m 45s
A huge smile came to Hana's lips as Chris' cheeks heated up. Being able to make him blush made her feel a little better after all the times he made her do the last twenty minutes to be exact. So seeing tough Chris blushing was actually really cute. She couldn't help how much she was smiling now and it was just because of him blushing. She was pulled out of her thoughts when he started to tickle her.

She gasped and tried to move away but got pinned to the end table. A stream of laughter and begs of him to stop between breathes filled the air. She couldn't handle being tickled but really, who could. Between laughs, she stuck her tongue out at him and tried to speak. "" She gasped/giggled after each words and wasn't entirely sure if he understood what she said.
  {Anime} / Hana_Panda13 / 5y 109d 4h 10m 44s
The boy honestly had not realized that Hana was joking with him as she glared. She had covered it so well this time that he had thought she was really mad at him. So it was the glare that had actually gotten him to soften and even give in and just take a seat on the floor before the couch.

As he sat on the floor, Chris' eyes went to the movie. It was nearing where they were talking about the football game that they were watching for what seemed the millionth time and then he felt Hana in his lap. She had rolled into it from the couch and he blushed slightly as she kissed his cheek.

A smirk came to his lips and he held her close to him. "You better forgive me." He said, it clear that he was teasing her and then he tickled her some. Though she had been getting him back for scaring her, now he was getting her back for having acted mad at him.
  Chris / AngelofLove / 5y 112d 3h 3m 7s
Hana was only kidding as she glared at him but she didn't let it show. As soon as his face started to soften, she knew she had him. She watched him completely give in and sit in front of her. She smiled at him as she rolled over, ontop of him and kissed his cheek.

"I forgive you!"a huge smiled was on her face which made it obvious that she hadn't really been mad in the first place. But hey, she had to do it, he scared the Free Willy out of her when he snuck up on her.
  {Anime} / Hana_Panda13 / 5y 112d 3h 35m 58s
Chris had waited until just as Adam's and Drew's characters were meeting for the first time before he moved. He knew that his sister would be easily distracted and it would be the perfect chance to get behind her without her even knowing that was what he was up to. A smirk came to his lips as he had whispered in her ear and the girl ended up nearly jumping into the air. It was funny to him and made him laugh. His hand was still around her wrist and he was starting to tug her towards the couch as he had said. "Nope." He said simply and smirked as the more she happened to try and get free, being pulled closer and soon tripping on the back of his foot.

Because he didn't want her hurt more than she could have been, Chris had let go as she fell face first into the couch. He was still laughing, arms crossed now as he looked to her. "If I remember correctly, I had warned you. So this time, you nearly killed yourself." The boy said and now was sticking his own tongue out at the girl.

As she continued to glare at him, his face did soften some. He knew that she had thought he was joking, and he had been mostly. But it seemed the more serious side had taken over. Slowly, he walked over and sat in front of the couch. "Sorry for that.. Sometimes I don't think before I act." He admitted
  Chris / AngelofLove / 5y 112d 3h 41m 34s
Hana smiled as Adam's and Drew's characters were meeting for the fisrt time. Se didn't even hear Chris move till she heard him whispering right behind her. She let out a gasp and almost jumped up in the air as he grabbed ahold of her wrist and started pulling her towards the couch. "Hey, let go." She tried to pull free which only yanked her closer to him and tripped on the back of his foot.

She flew, face first, into the couch and quickly turned over. Gasping for the air she didn't recieve when her face was squished into the cushions "Ugh! You jerk. You almost killed me." She stuck her tongue out him and crossed her arms as she stayed laying down, glaring at him.

He had warned her that he'd drag her back but still! She thought he had been kidding...atleast a little bit. But obviously the more serious part of it had taken over and he followed through with what he had said.
  {Anime} / Hana_Panda13 / 5y 112d 4h 12m 33s
The boy was still leaning back on the couch, brown eyes watching his sister. She was still standing where she had been and it looked like she wanted to just stay there. But soon, the main menu came up and it seemed that she did have to move in order to find the right remote and when she turned, it looked to Chris like it had been too quickly and she might fall or something.

His eyes continued to stay on his sister and he canted his head to one side. The movie was starting and she was still not moving. "Hana?" He asked as he looked at her, eyes questioning, but there was also a slight glint as well. Though he had been teasing the girl, he had also bee slightly serious as well.

When she had brushed off his words, a smirk came to his lips. He gave her about a minute more and soon stood, walking over to her side, taking her wrist. "I wasn't entirely joking.." He whispered and soon dragged her back to the couch with him.
  Chris / AngelofLove / 5y 112d 4h 33m 52s
Hana had hoped to stay where she was but eventually the main menu came up and she had to find the remot to get the movie started. She leaned over the table, fumbling with the remotes as she avoided eye contact with Chris. She finally found the right remote and turned around so quickly that it made her head spin. She paused for a second before pressing play and though the movie started, she still didn't move from her spot.

She rolled her eyes at Chris' comment, finally looking at him. "You're threats don't scare me." She waved his threats away with a simple flick of her hand and looked back at the screen as the beginning credits started. Part of her was sure Chris was teasing but another part knew he might follow through. She just wasn't sure which part was going to win.
  {Anime} / Hana_Panda13 / 5y 112d 5h 25m 3s
The choice even shocked him as he had made it, but if he were to be honest, Chris loved the movie. There were so many things about it that he did find funny. And he did think it a good choice since Hana had told him directly nothing scary.

When she turned to actually face him, Hana's hair was now out of her face. The boy could now see how red her cheeks were and he couldn't help laughing at the blush. It was cute on her. "It might not be nice, but you know as well as I that it is true." He said, tongue still sticking out as now she happened to have her own stuck out at him.

It wasn't long before Hana stood and walked over to the shelf and began to search through the movies to try and fine the one he had suggested. He knew very well that it was on the first shelf, but didn't say anything as he figured she was taking her sweet time on purpose, and he did rather enjoy the view. So he just let her look and take as long as she wanted.

"Are you gonna come and sit, or am I gonna have to get up and drag you over?" The boy asked when she had finally put the disc in and was soon just standing there and staring at him, chewing on her lip.
  Chris / AngelofLove / 5y 112d 5h 34m 28s
Hana quickly nodded, "That sounds awesome. I love that movie. I'm surprised you'd pick it out of all things." She was about to stand up to get it when she heard his comment. Forgetting all about the blush still on her cheeks, "Not nice." She stuck her tongue out at him just as she remembered she was blushing which made her blush more so she quickly stood up and walked over to the shelf.

She took her sweet time finding the movie and popping it in. She didn't even walk back over to him as the previews played. She actually stayed standing by the tv as she chewed on her bottom lip. Great! Now she was getting all shy and blushing a bunch. She felt like a totaly spaz.
  {Anime} / Hana_Panda13 / 5y 112d 5h 46m 57s
Chris saw the smile creep to his sister's lips as he had actually agreed to her terms and had not thrown one of his usual fits. But it had been because of the pout she had given, the fact that he was her 'slave' for the week, and the fact that sometimes when it came to her he could be a little bit of a softy. However, this was the first time that last fact was actually made known to his little sister. Well, there were a few other times as well, but this one seemed the most noticeable.

When she had looked away from him after her squeal, Chris' head canted to the side. Her hair had fallen before her face and so was blocking it from his view. He just figured that maybe something else had caught her attention for a few moments and shrugged it off.

"Fine, does Fifty First Dates sounds okay with you? At least it isn't scary and shouldn't give you nightmares for the rest of your life." The male said, teasing her and sticking his tongue out.
  Chris / AngelofLove / 5y 112d 5h 54m 6s

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