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This Halloween I think that we should be together just for old time's sake. I wanna hear you scream just like you used to do when we were only thirteen.

At the age of thirteen, Johnathan Poole had one best friend. She was the one he spent every day with. They had so much in common, and were attached at the hip.

But, after the tragic accident, Johnathan would never be the same... He began someone completely different. He became Wednesday 13.

Years later, he meets a woman at one of his concerts... and she looks just like his best friend... and even acts the same. He begins to fall for her, but when the past comes back to haunt him... will he push her away, or will he tell her what's been bothering her?

Plot's kinda basic, but we can add more! :D
I'd like to play the female role, but I can play as Wednesday is asked.
500+ limit. Nothing too hard, I'd like to keep this on going.
We'll begin after the concert, when he meets the girl.
Please join!

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