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here is one


If you don't like either of those, I am still looking
  Lyus / 8y 7d 20h 27m 4s
I would prefer more of an evilish look, Red or black hair.
  Haste(Justin) / Justinf900 / 8y 7d 20h 31m 26s
Do you have any preferences on his look?
  Lyus / 8y 7d 20h 32m 21s
I am terrible at finding pictures, I would appreciate it.
  Haste(Justin) / Justinf900 / 8y 7d 20h 33m 14s
Thank you

I can help you look if you would like
  Lyus / 8y 7d 20h 36m 13s
Sigh.. I will attempt to find one yes.
  Haste(Justin) / Justinf900 / 8y 7d 20h 36m 50s
would you be willing to use an anime picture because I would really prefer if you did
  Lyus / 8y 7d 20h 37m 22s
Username: Justinf900
Name: Justin Haste
Gender: Male
Weapon: Two small Black/red blades similar to mini Scythes. Not as small as a dagger but not as large as a long sword.
Extra: His wing of the castle has fire that goes up some of the walls. There is glass in front of the fire to prevent heat from spreading, and so people do not burn them selves.

  Haste(Justin) / Justinf900 / 8y 7d 20h 43m 44s
Oh okay :3
  Roxas / ThorkiStony / 8y 9d 19h 23m 4s
I'd rather not but if they are willing I can't help that
  Lyus / 8y 9d 19h 33m 28s
If there is eventually an Axel and they're willing can we have AkuRoku?
  Roxas / ThorkiStony / 8y 9d 19h 36m 38s
yes you may
  Lyus / 8y 9d 19h 38m 19s
Can I be Roxy Poxy?
  Roxas / ThorkiStony / 8y 9d 19h 41m 6s

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