Kingdom Hearts: A New Organization

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It has been a long time since the great battle between keyblade masters and Master Xehanort. New worlds have been discovered, and the keyblade has chosen new heroes.

A new organization has surfaced, and they have the same attributes as Organization XIII, but seems to be made of Heartless instead of Nobodies. They live in a world very similar to the World That Never Was, and have sent heartless to many worlds.

Can the new heroes, accompanied by some old heroes, save the worlds?


New Hero Skeleton:

Organization Skeleton:

Radiant Garden
Twilight Town
Disney Castle/Town
Keyblade Graveyard
Land of Departure
Mysterious Tower
The World That Never Was (Ruins)
Mirage Arena
Traverse Town
Beast's Castle
Castle of Dreams
Country of the Musketeers
Deep Jungle
Deep Space
Destiny Islands
Dwarf Woodlands
Enchanted Dominion
Halloween Town
Highlands (Brave)
La Cité des Cloches
Olympus Coliseum
Port Royal
Prankster's Paradise
Pride Lands
Space Paranoids The Grid
Land of Dragons
Symphony of Sorcery
Timeless River

Accepted Skeletons:

Username: Lyus
Name: Sylux
Gender: Male
Weapon: Main: Scythe, Secondary: Ethereal Blades
Element: Nature
Extra: He is the leader of the Heartless Organization, and prefers each member to have their element shown in their part of the castle. For instance, his wing is covered in thorny vines.

Username: Alum
Name: Xesh Von Yor
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Keyblade: Djarick Key
extra: Xesh was a hound, loyal to his leaders, to his master, but for a time he has been lost, and his memories lost, all the anger taught to him left and now he is like a nobody, except he has a heart.

Username: Justinf900
Name: Justin Haste
Gender: Male
Weapon: Two small Black/red blades similar to mini Scythes. Not as small as a dagger but not as large as a long sword.
Extra: His wing of the castle has fire that goes up some of the walls. There is glass in front of the fire to prevent heat from spreading, and so people do not burn them selves.

Name: Remedy
Gender: Female
Weapon: Black bladed Claymore sword, and ice needles
Element: Ice
Extra: Remedy's wing of the castle has spiraling ice crystals, and glass in various colors. She is like that of her element, cold, beautiful, and lethal.

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Roleplay Responses

So we continue to wait......
  Von Yor / Alum / 8y 39d 11h 34m 13s
  Lyus / 8y 40d 13h 5m 7s
Hnn, well, it was a sudden change I'll tell you that.
  Von Yor / Alum / 8y 40d 13h 6m 36s
I don't know when they changed it to Unversed but that is the name they went with
  Lyus / 8y 40d 13h 11m 45s
So no new version for the console... that sucks, I don't want to have to buy a PSP just to play that one game, and that's the only one I wanted to play on the PSP.

I knew it was Unbirth!... well the old version.
  Von Yor / Alum / 8y 40d 13h 14m 17s
It was originally Unbirth

There won't be a RE: Birth By Sleep
The reason Chain of Memories became RE: Chain of Memories was because they added a ton of stuff
Coded became RE: Coded because it was originally for a phone in Japan
  Lyus / 8y 40d 13h 23m 2s
well, I haven't played BBS yet, so I'm left out of that whole thing, though I might have to play it when it becomes Re:Birth By Sleep.
And I thought they were the Unbirth not the Unverse, but they sound very similar.
  Von Yor / Alum / 8y 40d 13h 25m 42s
The Unversed were created from massive amounts of negative energy when Ventus' darkness was stripped from him creating Vanitas
  Lyus / 8y 40d 13h 34m 50s
Well then everyone else gets it, I mean the bystandards that got changed into the Heartless and Nobodies, because if you defeat the heartless and the nobody, they'll return to one another, sentient nobodies will somehow get their own hearts and the people will be restored. But that's just what I figure in general from all I've seen and read. The unbirth were created when a strong heart had it's entire evil aspect removed, so Ventus and Vanitas sort of opened a big void where pure emotion can take form for that.

Look, I'm just trying to understand the mechanics of the game world.
  Von Yor / Alum / 8y 40d 13h 40m 33s
It isn't really a Disney Death
In Blank Points Xehanort even told Terra that Terra was just one road Xehanort might take, he made sure of it
He also said he would live to see what awaited beyond the Keyblade War. Since it didn't happen then, it was assumed he would come back.
  Lyus / 8y 40d 13h 46m 18s
apparently, what I've read and even seen, after their destruction, they just go right back to normal. Xehrenort split into his nobody and heartless, after their destruction the remnants fused back together, and the only way to face the keyblade master and all around bad dude, Sora and Riku have to become masters in and of themselves by taking the mark of mastery. On KH3DS, characters like Braig, Lea, Isa, they're all back, even though it's a dream realm, I read that they actually do come back, and Sora has to awaken those who sleep: Roxas, Xion, Axel, Namine, Aqua, Terra, and Ven: in order to face the bad guy anyway, that's what Data Namine said on Re:Coded.
  Von Yor / Alum / 8y 40d 13h 49m 43s
How did they get a "Disney Death"?
  Lyus / 8y 40d 13h 55m 59s
you know, I get the feeling just about every character in Kingdom Hearts gets a "Disney Death". All the Nobodies got one, the people who had become heartless got one, even Xehrenort got one.
  Derrick Cole (Fixed) / Alum / 8y 40d 13h 57m 45s
When we get Sora yes

You are in Fire
  Lyus / 8y 40d 14h 24m 56s
Name: Remedy
Gender: Female
Weapon: Black bladed Claymore sword, and ice needles
Element: Ice
Extra: Remedy's wing of the castle has spiraling ice crystals, and glass in various colors. She is like that of her element, cold, beautiful, and lethal.
  Remedy / CaughtonFire / 8y 45d 8h 53m 48s

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