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A place where I can just put my starters to my rps. I will also be placing samples in here as well


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Matthew Rodes sat up in his room, reading through one of his many vampire books. His mother and father were arguing downstairs again and it sounded like his father was drunk again. His father seemed to get drunk a lot as of late with him being laid off work and there being no other form of income at the moment, other than his mother's properties that she owned. And right now, with the economy being as it was, they weren't even bringing in enough to make ends meet. So his mother was scared, and on top of everything else, he was going to become an older brother and he was in his junior year of high school. So all and all, Matt saw his life as a living hell that he could not escape unless he was reading, writing, or taking long walks out in the night away from the house.

A crash could be heard downstairs and more yelling. It seemed that his father had broken something and was bitching because he, Matt wasn't working and wasn't helping to support the family. He was also bitching about how his mother wouldn't get off her ass and get a job. It was nights like this that made Matt realize why he hated his family, well father so much and could never feel happy.

After a couple more pages of reading, the boy couldn't take it anymore and crept to his window, opening it and climbing out onto the long, thick branch was outside it. He crawled his way across and then climbed down the tree and ran off into the woods beneath the full moon lit sky.

He had been running for about ten or so minutes and that was when he noticed a figure also running. He didn't want to be seen and so hid behind a tree, watching. When the figure had gotten closer, Matt realized that it was a girl and she seemed to be crying. Something made him want to help her, but he thought it would be too weird if he did so. So he continued to watch. When she fell and passed out was when he got worried and took her to the local hospital to try and get her some help.

The boy sat by her side in the room and was watching her. He couldn't help noticing that she was different that anyone he had seen before. And it did interest him. As she opened her eyes and looked to him and yelled at him to get out, the boy froze for a moment. But then he nodded and was out of the room, walking down the hall, wondering what the girl's problem was.

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Pain filled his golden eyes as he heard the news of Bella's death. Apparently, the human girl that he had loved so much hated her life. She hated how she had played both Jacob and him against the other. Hated how she was the one that got him and his family in trouble with the Volturi. And it seemed she had never been as happy with him as she happened to always claim. And so she would not have to suffer anymore with her miserable life, Bella threw herself off a cliff, causing herself to drawn.

Dear Diary

I know, really cliche, especially coming from a vampire. But since a year ago..since Bella's death I have been finding out more and more that my sexuality has been changing. The changes were small at first. I would find myself looking at men more and more and less and less at women. And just recently I have found that I like men..And with that..I now know that I want to go back to Forks.. The others won't be going with me as they are happy now after all the pain they faced with Bella's death..And I couldn't ask them to go back and face it, but there is someone...someone that I have missed and that I want to see again. I have to know if my new feelings are true.


He wrote in his journal a few days before he decided to go back to his old home. But there was no reason really for him to go back. He was not going to school as he would have graduated with Bella, but more or less going back to find himself. To see what his feelings were and if they were real.

Finally, Edward made the final turn through the woods and pulled up before the Cullen house. The scent of his brothers, sisters, mother, father and himself from when he had last been there was still there, but it was not strong so it could be said that they had not been there in quite sometime. So he grabbed his bags and walked into the house, putting them in his old room which still had his old piano in it. A small smile came to his lips as he walked over and began to play the keys, making a new song.

Edward played his piano for a few moments and then stopped, his throat burning like hell. Since he was thirsty, Edward left the house and ran through the woods and tried to smell something that would 'taste' good for him and quench his thirst. After a few moments, Edward found a few deer and tackled them, sinking his teeth into his neck. The vampire drank them thirstily since he had not hunted for nearly a week. Once he was done 'eating' Edward buried his food and then began to go back towards the house.

As he walked back to the house, Edward froze as he now remembered where the grave was and went to see it. Isabella Marie Swan, beloved daughter, friend, and very loved and missed the stone read with new flowers placed on it. He knelt down and traced the letters. "Rest well Bella." He whispered and then turned, smelling a sweet smell that at one time would have revolted him, but now smelt like flowers and were something rather alluring.

"Jacob, it has been a long time." He said standing and turning to see the wolf. A small, almost shy smile played over his lips. The vampire male wasn't sure if the wolf was still mad at him after what had happened to Bella. And if he was, Edward could understand. After all, Jacob had loved her just as much as he once had.
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Deep crystal blue eyes looked out the window to the newly rising sun. Her alarm hadn't gone off, but that was the case every morning for Angel. The young woman never got much sleep as her dreams were almost always haunted by her day to day life. Haunted by living with her mother and the man whom she called "step-monster". What else could she call the man who yelled at her and abused her quite often really? Certainly not 'dad' or 'daddy'.

Slowly she shook her head and pulled her eyes from the yard she had been looking over. Pulled her gaze away from all the flowers, the bushes, the lush green lawn, and the dolphin fountain that stood in the middle of it all. The girl enjoyed the house and everything she had, but just once she wished she could have a normal family life. Just once she wished she didn't have to become the biggest 'bitch' to call out for attention and love.

"Well Baby, looks like another day at school. Another day at playing one of the 'queen bees'." She muttered to her snow white cat which lay on her pillow. Softly and affectionately, the young woman pet the cat and then walked over to her dresser to examine what she had to wear. Or see what it was that she wanted to be wearing. And then a smirk crossed her naturally rosy pink lips as she saw the red tube top, black mini skirt, and black shawl. Quickly, the young woman got dressed, completely the out fit with her long, high heeled black boots, and her locket that her father had given to her when she had been a little girl. Once dressed, Angel did her hair and make-up, grabbed her bag, keys and phone and pet her cat 'good-bye'.

She looked around the room to make sure she had her things and then walked down the stairs, her eyes landing on her mother. "See you're up earlier." She muttered to the woman, giving attitude since the step-monster was gone and she was still pissed for her mother staying with the man.

Before her mother could even speak, Angel held up her hand and walked out the door, slamming it behind her. She then went to her black Mercedes, got in and turned her music up loud, peeling out of the drive way and driving to the school.

When arriving at the school, Angel got out and walked over to the table she and the other three girls usually met at. What's up girls? What's taking you so long to get here? The girl texted to her three 'best friends'.
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Brave...daring, nerve, and chivalry... None of that really suits me at all.. I am not like the others in my house. I am more shy and withdrawn than they are.. More into books and being clever. Even to this very day.. it's a wonder to me how I was placed into Taurus. I'm not the sort of girl who is able to get on with others too well...not until they have gotten to know me.. gotten past the shy girl I act as. The young woman thought as she gently traced the colored glass of her bedroom window, watching the rising sun.

The girl's eyes stayed on the rising pinks, oranges, reds, and violets of the sun as it began to rise before the horizon and she lightly pressed her hand and her cheek to the colored glass, closing her eyes. Her mind slowly taking her back to the day that she had received her letter. Back to that first day she had found out she was a witch.

It had started off as a normal morning. Well what was normal for her. Getting called downstairs by her step-father for breakfast and having to clean up the mess that the man had made of the stove. She had then walked over to sit with her mother, step-father and younger sister Summer at the table. Her eyes didn't come up as her step-father started with his usual garbage, saying how lazy they all were and how he was the one taking care of the family. And as was normal, the girl's temper was rising more and more, and with her temper, it seemed that three light bulbs shattered. As soon as the light bulbs had shattered, a letter appeared out of nowhere and was soon on the girl's place mat. The girl's chocolate brown eyes went to her mother, sister and then finally her step-father who was eyeing the girl with pure hate. "The girl it would seem has mail. Give it here you little bitch." The man hissed, and not wanting anything else to go badly for her five year old sister or mother, Winter handed the letter over and cringed as the man read it and then tossed the paper at her. "If you want to go, then you can. It means one less here for me to have to worry about. Less money spent on you and your selfish little wants." The man said and with that pushed his chair back from the table and walked from the room.

Winter's eyes soon went to her mother. 'Mommy, can I go? I do want to see what it would be like away from here.. like with others who.. different like I am..' The girl of eleven whispered to her mother. The woman looked to her eleven year old daughter and seemed frozen. But finally, the woman agreed and that was how Winter had first become apart of the magical community.

In making the choice to go.. I had to lock my own mother and sister out on a great deal of who I am. I can't share with them anything about my school life.. About the person I truly am.. And what's worse is that asshole whom my mother is married too.. his family were once witch hunters.. I am lucky the man has not let on what I am. Has not tried to get me burned for being 'one of the impure' as he puts it. But how long can I expect for him to not turn me in? How long will my mother be able to protect me and the fact that I am a witch? The girl wondered and then gasped as she heard a soft mew behind her and felt a gentle nudging at her leg.

"Oh, it's just you Magic. You gave me a scare." She whispered softly and affectionately as she gently knelt down and pulled the fat black and white kitten into her lap and began to pet him. "WINTER, ARE YOU PACKED FOR SCHOOL AND READY TO GO?!" Her mother's voice rang up the staircase. The girl smiled softly as she held a soft spot for the woman. "YES MOM! I'VE BEEN READY SINCE DAWN!!" She called back and soon gently set her kitting on the bed and got him into the carrier and then also called Snow in from where the owl had been hiding all summer long.

Once she had both her pets in their cages, the girl slowly walked around her room, trying to see if she had forgotten something. When she finally was done looking and knew that everything of her's was packed, the girl slowly lifted the cages and attached them to the trunk her mother had gotten for her. "I'm sorry Magic...Snow.. I know the two of you hate being in cages like this.. but I promise once we get to school the two of you will be free again.." She whispered softly and gently stroked her owl and kitten.

"WINTER COME ON! YOU WILL BE LATE IF WE DON'T LEAVE NOW!" Her mother called up to her. The woman was trying to make sure that Winter was one on time for the train, and two making sure that her step-father didn't see her leaving for school as he was sure to start something with the girl as the two never saw eye-to-eye.

"I'm right here mom." The fifteen year old girl said, offering the woman a smile. She then turned to see her nine year old sister. "Summer, promise me that you'll be good for mom. I don't care about him, but don't make things harder on her. I love you." She whispered gently and hugged her little sister. After she had spoken, her mother was helping her with her pets and the trunk. Soon, Winter was sitting in the passenger seat of the old mustang, her eyes locking with her little's sister's as she waved and blew the girl a kiss.

The train station was probably an hour and a half from where she lived, but the car ride between mother and daughter was silent. Winter knew that her mother loved her and couldn't care less about her being a witch, but she also knew her mother feared her too.. well more like feared for her. "Mom.. I love you. And I want you to know.. I always will." The girl whispered as the station finally came into view. The woman turned to Winter and smiled to her. "I love you too, sweetheart. Now..please be careful and be a good girl. Be safe and know I will be here when the end of term comes. Don't worry about Summer, me, or your step-father, just enjoy your time at school as I know that is your only time to be free." The woman whispered and leaned over, kissing her daughter's forehead.

A blush rose in the girl's cheeks and she smiled to the woman. "Thanks mom." She whispered softly to the woman and hugged her. The girl then, knowing that her mother couldn't come with her from the parking lot got out of the car, got her trunk and two pets and waved to her mother. She then walked into the train station and walked passed all the other people in the station and looked up at the clock. Shoot.. I'm running a bit late. The girl thought and then walked through the wall that was the barrier for the Merlin University Express.

As she walked onto the platform, a small smile crossed her lips as she noticed some of the others just getting there as well. Slowly, Winter walked among the crowd and slipped onto the train, slowly looking into the windows of the carts to see if she could find anyone of them that was empty. She had just about given up when she finally found an empty cart, slipped open the door and stowed her trunk above her. The girl then let her kitten out of the carrier and picked him up, taking him to sit with her. "I know Snow... I know... but I can't let you out yet." She whispered softly and turned her gaze to look out the window as tears filled her eyes as seeing all the parents there for the others and knowing that her own family, well mother and sister couldn't be there.

Well...another year at school.. That's something to look forward to, right? The girl thought and then leaned back in her seat, petting her kitten absently, waiting to see if anyone would actually come and sit with her.
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The "young" blonde stared out her bedroom window as the clouds and the fog rolled in over the horizon and a light smile touched her lips. All weekened, she had been confined to the house and could not go hunting, shopping or anything because the sun had been up and Carlisle did not want any of them out in case they ran into people who could find out about their dirty, rotten secret. As she thought about what she was, a bitter, low growl escaped her lips. The blonde was thankful that she had been saved by the good doctor, but she hated the aspect of living forever and of being alone. All the others in the house had someone, but not her. She had once loved a girl long ago, but as soon as she was said to have died and the body was never found, the girl moved on and this had killed Rosalie and so she had become rather cold and seemed only as if she cared about herself. The only one that happened to know any better was her "brother", Edward as he could read their minds, but she had made him promise that he would not tell anyone.

"Rose, hurry we'll be late!" Alice's voice chimed up the stairs. It wasn't long before the girl had appeared after her call to her sister. "Usually you are the first one down the stairs and out of the house, what seems to be wrong?" The pixie-like girl asked as she looked up at Rosalie and then froze, getting a faraway look in her eyes. After a couple of moments, Alice shook her head, a light giggle escaping her lips. "Oh Rose!" She exclaimed, taking Rosalie's hand. As she saw the look her sister gave, Alice shook her head, her look telling Rosalie that she would have to find out what the vision had been on her own.

It was a few hours later and all the Cullens were in their classes. To Rose each and every class seemed to pass by so murderously slow as she had been through her high school years again and again and so she knew it all. So as the teacher was droning on and on, Rosalie had taken out a small bottle of dark red nail polish and as the teacher was speaking she was putting it on. Her eyes went to the teacher as the man had called on her to answer a question because he had thought that she had not been paying attention, but the blonde shocked the teacher and the rest of the class when she had answered perfectly. "Now, if you don't mind, I would much rather be doing my makeup than paying attention to this silly lesson." The blonde muttered as she had put her nail polish away and then began to apply makeup, though it was not at all needed. Her features were nearly angelic as it was, but she needed something to do in the class that bored her so much.

About twenty minutes after she had applied makeup, the bell rang and Rosalie was the first one out of the room and found her siblings no problem. For a moment, Rose froze and looked to each as they held the others hand. They are lucky...I envy them not having to be alone...Not having to face the same pain that I have since I was turned. She thought and shook her head. Slowly, Rosalie followed the others into the lunchroom, all of them entering in their normal groups. As she was the last one, the blonde's eyes fell on the new girl as she heard the whispered words spoken between her, Jessica and the others at the table. With a flip on her hair, Rosalie walked over to her table with her brothers and sister and sat, her legs crossed and her eyes seeming to be on the others at the table but even now and again, the young woman would steal a look at Bella.

Have to admit, that girl is pretty for being a human. The girl thought and then got up quickly when the bell had rung. She walked down the halls and into the Biology room, taking her normal seat towards the back. Her eyes were on the board and she froze when the new girl, Bella had walked in and introduced herself. Please, find her another spot...anywhere but near me. She was pleading in her head. When Bella had walked over to her, Rose had scooted to the other side of the desk, her face being contorted as if she were in pain. When she heard the other girl's voice, her darkened golden eyes fell on the girl. "Pleasure I'm sure...And I am sure you already have heard, but I might as well tell you myself, I'm Rosalie Hale-Cullen." She muttered in a soft angelic-like voice. Once she had spoken, Rose scooted as far away as she could and fell into silence the rest of the class.
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The great white wolf had been making her usual round of patrol around the Cullen house when she could suddenly hear a tension in the alpha's voice. She knew she should not be curious. Knew that she should not care what he did, but the tone was one she had never heard him use before and it caught her attention. So, deciding that she had nothing better to do, Leah hid close to the house and watched.

Jacob had brought Renesmee out on the porch and the look in his eyes showed that he had something to say. "Nessie, I can't be with you anymore. I've moved on and I think you should too. This is for the best." The male had said. And as she heard the words, Leah could not help but to let out the soft growl that had escaped her.

Why the hell would he be doing this to her? He was said to have imprinted on the girl. She is meant to be his one and only. You do NOT just up and abandon someone like this. Is he even aware of the pain and hell that he will be putting this young girl through. I know that technically she is about four, but her mind, body, and heart will react in the way that ever teenage girl's will. She thought and continued to stay hidden where she had been hiding.

It wasn't long before Renesmee was up and running off. Once the girl was gone, Leah had come out and looked up at Jacob. Her eyes told everyhting she was thinkg. Smoothe move Jacob! You do not just up and abandon her like this!! She needs you as much as you need her. She thought and before he could say anything she had raced off into the woods. She had then feeling she knew where she would end up finding Renesmee. But before she went to the girl, Leah decided to let her have a little bit to herself.

It had been about twenty minutes or so since Renesmee had run off and Leah decided that she would be able to go to the meadow where Bella and Edward had taken the girl often enough. Slowly, the great white wolf made her way through the bushes, moving them with her head, purposely to let the girl know that someone was there.

As she neared Nessie, Leah looked at her. "Did Jcaob send you?" Renesmee asked her. Leah looked to the girl and shook her head. She bowed her head, letting the girl know that she had come on her own. Slowly, Leah laid and Nessie's side as the girl began to show her everything. A small whine escaped her lips as she nudged at Nessie's hand, trying to comfort her.
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David had flown in from California that morning to spend some time with his family that he had left behind in New York. His younger sister Julia had invited him to come and stay with her because her best friend that she had met while in college was throwing an art show and had her very own gallery. David had been about to say "No" to going, but then he remembered that he had not seen his family since four years ago right after the incident of 9/11 and he really wanted time back home and to see what all had changed so he had agree.

It wasn't that late and the male had on a tux as he walked through all the hallways with all the paintings and drawings. As he walked with his sister through the gallery, David could not help but admit that the young woman who had put all of the gallery together was quite talented. There were pictures of children playing at the park, the sky in good weather and in stormy weather and then there were some of 9/11. As he looked at each, David was able to feel things he had not felt in quite sometime. In truth, the real reason he had moved away was his girlfriend and the woman he had been so in love with since middle school had been one of those who had died in the collapse of the Twin Towers and he couldn't stand the pain of being home and seeing everything that reminded him of her. So he had moved to California in hopes of starting again, in hopes of trying to start a better life.

A few hours had passed and the male had continued to stay around though so many had left and the gallery was nearly closed. It was as he was once more looking at the art work of 9/11 did he feel someone bump into him and then hear the most beautiful voice. For a moment, David stood frozen. And then he shook his head. "No, it's fine...don't be sorry. It was my fault, I should have been watching where I was going." He said, falshing the woman a bright smile that had been forced because of old memories that the gallery had brought back. "It's a pleasure to meet you Taylor...I'm David Williams." He said, reaching out and shaking her hand.
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Nessie was about thirteen now and had had Jake around ever since she was a little girl. As long as she could remember he had been anything she wanted him to be, whether that be her big brother or a best friend. And now, the young teen stood on the porch late at night waiting for him to come back. He had been gone with the pack all day and it had Renesmee worried. Jake...wherre are you? She thought, watching the woods anxiously.
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Dear Diary,
As of recently, Stefan has been acting really weird. When I see him in the halls in school he doesn't smile at me, doesn't wave at me, and he doesn't come to walk with me like he usually does.. I'm beginning to wonder if I have done something wrong... And to top things off, Damon isn't helping any.. He keeps telling me that Stefan is getting like this because if Katherine...And I know I shouldn't really believe the things that Damon tells me... But this time... I can't help but wonder if he is right? If...if even though he says he loves me, that he still misses her and wants her. I want to talk to me... but I don't know how...And I am afraid that he will just pull even farther back. What can I do? I guess just smile and try to act like everything's fine...I mean...things won't always be like this... it's just a phase...right?

Elena bit on the cap of her pen as she looked at what she had just written. And as she reread it, a sigh escaped her lips and tears threatened to fall. She hated that she felt so weak and needy, but she loved Stefan and couldn't understand why now of all times he was pulling back from her. It hurt a lot as she thought that things had been fine between them.

I don't know what I am going to do... I guess all I can do is ask him tomorrow... She thought as she slowly put her diary on her night stand table and turned out the lamp. Once she had the lights turned out, Elena laid in the dark just staring at the ceiling. She wanted to sleep. Wanted more than anything to be able to escape her thoughts and how her mind was reeling, but nothing she did could convince the girl to sleep. Well at least not until maybe an hour before her alarm went off.

It seemed that she had just closed her eyes and a shrill ringing could be heard cutting through the morning air. A groan escaped the young woman's lips as she tapped around for the button that would stop the beeping. And when she finally found it, Elena tossed the covers off of her, grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her. She stripped from her pajamas and then turned on the hot water and let it get hot before she turned in the cool water to make it feel nice and warm. Once the water was to her liking, Elena stepped in and let the water run down her naked body. Her eyes closed and she tried to once more forget her thoughts, but as she stood there letting the water run over her, her thoughts of what she had written returned to her. There's only one thing to to him... She thought and soon washed herself off.

About twenty minutes later, Elena finished in the shower and wrapped her towel around her waist and walked across the hall back into her room and closed the door behind her. She began to dry herself and when she figured she was dry enough she got into her bra and panties and then walked over to the closet deciding on a pair of black skinny jeans, a burgundy v-necked blouse and her black converse. Once dressed, the girl put on light make up, brushed her hair, grabbed her bag and then went to meet Bonnie who was waiting down in the driveway for her.

The car ride lasted for ten to twenty minutes and Elena did not say anything. All she could think about was Stefan and how odd he had been acting. Soon, the girls arrived at the school and Elena left Bonnie with Caroline and went to find Stefan. It wasn't long before she saw him at his locker. "Hey...can we talk?" She whispered to him, her eyes almost pleading.
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Bailey looked at all the cakes, muffins and cookies that sat behind the glass and counter of the small bakery that she had finally decided to open with the help of her mother and father. As she was looking at the pastry treats, a giggle could be heard behind her. The young woman turned and smiled to Rachel. "I thought you were going to be with your grandmother and grandfather in the gift shop." She said and laughed softly as the girl shook her head and made grabby hands for her mother. "Rachel, you're getting too big for this, baby girl." She said with a laugh as she picked the girl up and walked behind the counter, getting her a cookie. "Here you go." The young woman said and put the girl down.

"Thankies momma! I always love your treats!" The little girl said with a giggle as she scampered off to rejoin her grandmother and grandfather. Rachel always loved to get treats from her mother and was spoiled by her grandparents too.

Bailey shook her head and laughed softly and then looked to the clock. The bakery had reached the time it would open and many people filed into the shop and began to look around at all the pictures, treats, and even the gift shop. The young woman wondered among the people, sighing softly as she remembered some of the pictures.

A couple hours had passed and her mother and father came up to her. "Bailey, we're going to take Rachel home now. She's fallen asleep." They said as her father had Rachel in his arms.

Bailey nodded and kissed her father's cheek, her mother's cheek and little Rachel's forhead. "Alright. I will be around here cleaning up since most the guests are gone." She whispered and watched them leave.

Soon after her family had gone, Bailey began to pick up the paper towels, cups and plates that had been simply tossed to the floor. She had been only focused on what she had been doing and accidentally bumped into someone. With a gasp, Bailey bowed her head. "I am so, so sorry about that." She siad softly.
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Katherine looked up at the glowing light before her and then the other angels around the throne. The young woman bit on her lip as each seemed to be whispering about something that she had done. She knew that she had not been the best girl and had been known for constant partying and others things, but she had never dreamed that what she was now facing would happen. What am I going to do? She thought as she looked up once more at the brightness on the throne. "Enough, with the mutters and whispers. Katherine, you have a choice. It is either go to hell here and now, or go back to Earth and help a girl from your school. The choice is yours." The booming voice said. The girl looked around as the angels leaned in, wanting to hear what she had to say. "I don't want to spend an eternity in I guess playing babysitter is the best option I've got." She said softly.

The girl had not had time to say much more before a bright light had gone around her and she was no longer before the throne. Now remember this Katherine, you are not to use you abilities as an angel unless the need arises and she will be the only one that can see or hear you. The voice said to her. Alright...I get good and help this poor girl... She thought in response.

Kat looked around and noticed the girl. Slowly she walked over, but kept at a distance. How am I meant to help her, if I don't want to make her seem crazy? She wondered.
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It had been months since Edward had broken up with her. Months since she had been herself. For the last three or so months, Bella had been on nutural. She was just a shell of her former self and had not been really living. She had only been going through the motions. And everyone around her seemed worried.

"Bella, can I talk to you?" Charlie asked one morning as she walked down the steps about to get into her old truck. Her eyes were on him and she nodded slowly. "Okay, dad...what about?" She asked. She didn't know what she could have done to upset him.

"You haven't been yourself since...well you know.. But I think it would be best if you moved back with your mom." He said to her.

Bella bit her lip as the words settled into her brain. Her eyes were on Charlie and she snapped out of her nutural state. "Dad, I don't want to live with mom...I want to stay here with you."

"Now, Bells I don't think that is best for you. Besides, you haven't seen any of your friends."

"I am planning to hang out with someone afterschool." She said.

"Really? Who?"


"Okay, good."

Bella sighed with relief and then got into her truck and drove to school. I have to find Jake. She thought as she got out of the truck.
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Tifa looked to the window of the Neo Japanese Shuttle for a moment and could see that they were racing closer and closer to the Earth. The young woman bit on her lip lightly as she pulled her eyes from the window and went back to paying attention to what her adaptive parents, Domon and Rain were telling her. They had been working on the Burning Gundam since they had gotten on the shuttle. The three had been working on it the last few months to work out as many of the quirks as they could before the competion, but now, was the last time that she would have the help of Rain and Domon. It wasn't that she couldn't do it alone, but Tifa prefered to have the reassurance that they had everything set the way that it was meant to be set.

"Kiara, you know your mom and dad worry about you and with good reason...they are only trying to make sure the Gundam works properly...what we're deciding on doing is dangerous..." The young woman said softly as she looked to her best friend since the time both girls were about ten. Her eyes then went between Rain and Domon and she bowed her head, following the woman out of the room once more in order to do anything else that needed to be done.

While in the other room and once more with the Burning Gundam, Tifa once more got a little disrtacted and looked out the window. Even after all this time...I still can't believe that Domon and Rain were nice enough to take me in after what my father had done...Even now I still feel so guilty and hate him for having turned to the Dark Gundam's side...I still want to make up for everything that he has done...and I can't let Kiara get hurt during this..both of them would just kill me if she did. But more then that, I can't let her get hurt because she is my best friend. Even when her parents didn't trust me back in the beginning, she did. She knew that I was being true to my word when I said I wanted to make up for the things my father had done. She is the only one that I really care about and has ever treated me fully like a person. It wasn't until they saw how much their daughter trusted me did Rain and Domon truly give me a chance and actually want to take me in...So more or less I need to do this for her and be by her side. Tifa thought and sighed. "Tifa, are you alright?" Rain asked her and the girl merely nodded her head and once more got back to work. Somehow, the woman knew better, but also knew that the girl didn't really speak much to anyone but Kiara as it was.

It was a few hours later when the two girl now stood before Domon and Rain, the two telling them good-bye for the last time and to be careful. A small smile had come to Tifa's lips and she nodded to them. "You know...we're pretty much grown now and can look after ourselves and each other." She said softly, trying to assure Kiara's parents that they would be okay. And after she spoke, the young woman began to help Kiara transport the Burning Gundam to the new shuttle.

Once on the new Shuttle and the doors closed, Tifa looked to Kiara and smiled. "Yeah, I'm as ready as you are. It is our first time, and I know that we will be able to make this count and prove to them that we can do this." She said as she once more saw the familiar red glow as the other had raised her fist and her eyes glew just as the fist did.

During the ride, the young blonde fell into silence. Her mind was on her past and what mistakes her father had made and how even now she was wanting to make up for them. She was starting to think of some of the possible damages that could come to the Gundam and how she could fix them. She needed something to keep her mind busy. As the Shuttle had come to a landing on the Japanse ground, the girl looked to the other and nodded. "Yes, looks like it is time for us to be getting off and to let the peole see the new Burning Gundam's captain." She said as the doors opened and whispers and gasps could be heard as both girls walked out and cameras began to go off and pictures were taken. "Apparently so.." Was all that she said and then turned to the Gundam as it soon flew off until summoned.

It wasn't long after the two girls landed did Kiara make sure that they found the little lively cafe in the city and they sat outside. Tifa was playing with her hair and watching as Kiara sat there with her cap drawn down over her face so that others did not see her. She was hoping news would not be speading too soon as the girls were new to this and she knew it could rais some hell. A sigh easped her lips as she put her head on her arms and just sat there with the other, her mind going back over the training that she had been given with the Gundam.

Second Post

When Kiara had thrown the paper to the side and started to pout, Tifa couldn't help the soft laugh that had escaped her lips. "I'm sorry Kiara that they think you're a boy. But you know that you do chose to act like a tomboy and against your mother's wishes wear things that seem more boy lik. But still, they really should pay more attention and make sure to at least get some of their story straight before they write things like this and make everyone expect a boy.. The young woman muttered as she had knelt down to pick up the books that she had left out on the shelf and pack them away in the case that waited to be filled. She and Kiara were getting everything ready to leave the room as the first rounds of the Gundam Fights were about to begin.

"Yeah I'll defintely be seeing you when you get to Germany. And seriously, Kiara don't do anything brash and be careful." The young woman said as the other had gotten into Skylark.

Her eyes closed and she bit on her lip. It would be the first time that she and Kiara would not be together since she had known the other girl. She knew that she would be safe enough and knew that now her job was to stay with the Burning Gundam the whole time and make sure everything was set and she would not let the other down.

I wish you the best of luck...and be careful. She thought and then soon went to the Burning Gundam. Tifa had taken a little bit of a longer route as she knew it was best for Kiara to arrive first and try to get the boy she wanted to talk to join them on her own first. Her mind continued to wander over the tales that both the girls had been told since they were growing up and she sighed. She hoped that Kiara would not get into too much trouble before she met up with the other again.

It wasn't long after Kiara had arrived in Germany did Tifa with the Burning Gundam. But still, the young woman kept close enough to Kiara without letting anyone see them. That was the hard part. I hope she knows what she is doing... The young woman thought.
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Angelique Marie sat on her windowsill and looked out the window, watching the sunrise. As she watched the navy blue and violet of the sky turn to pinks, oranges and reds, a small smile came to her lips. She didn't know why, but there was always something that she had loved about seeing the night turn to day. A small mew came from behind her and she lifted her soft, black kitten and kissed her head. "Hello Raven." She whispered softly, petting the kitten.

"ANGELIQUE!" Her aunt called her. With a sigh, the young woman stood with the kitten still in her arms and walked down the stairs, leaning softly on the counter, looking to the woman. A small smile had come to her lip as she looked up at the woman. "Yes, aunt Kat?" She asked softly, her head tilted to the side softly. "Remember when I told you to do that resume? Well I just heard that there is an opening as a waitress in the restaurant Shu'ueve and I wanted you to see if you could get a job there. It would be a good opportunity for you and you could meet some very nice people." The woman said. A sigh escaped the girl's lips, but she nodded softly. "Yes, auntie." She said and then walked back up the stairs.

Once back in her room, Angel got out of her night gown and walked over to her closet. She looked through her clothing and pulled out a red strapless tank top, putting on a white shawl to cover her shoulders and also got into a pair of black skinny jeans and black boots that came up to her knees. Once she was dressed, the girl did a light make up and brushed her hair, making it cascade in slight waves down her back. As she looked in the mirror, a sigh escaped her lips. Well...I guess this is as good as it will get. She thought, taking a copy of her resume and putting it in her purse along with her cell phone, keys and wallet. After she had everything, Angel walked down the stairs, kissed her aunt's cheek and walked out the door, getting a cab.

The ride to Shu'ueve wasn't long and it didn't really give the girl a lot of time to think. When the cab stopped, Angelique paid the man and walked slowing into the restaurant and sat at the last open table that she could find. Her eyes were going over the menu and for what seemed almost an eternity, the girl was lost in her thoughts about her past. When she heard the soft voice and saw the woman there, a small blush had come to her cheeks and she froze for a second. "Umm, I wanted some tea please...and my aunt wanted me to talk to you about getting a job here." She whispered softly, taking the resume out and looking at the other who didn't look much older then she herself was
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Gabriel groaned as he looked at his alarm clock that he had set for an ungodly hour to get up. His parents were forcing him to go to Midway Academy because some strange things had been happening in the last few months and they believed everything to be his fault. And rather then having him go to prison where he would most likely rot away, they had asked for an alternative and the Academy had been the place. They had spent many days and nights looking into the place and though Gabriel didn't want to go, he felt it would be much better then going to a prison for stuff he was sure he had nothing to do with.

It was nearly two hours later when he and his parents were in the car for the long drive to the academy. He wasn't in the best of moods and was brooding over the fact that he had to leave his friends, his life and everything that he knew. He kept completely silent and just listened to his mother trying to reassure him, telling him that their would be others that had gotten into trouble there too, and that he would easily be able to make new friends and everything else a mother was meant to be saying to her child in a situation like the one he was now in.

When the car stopped, Gabriel looked up at the big school and blinked. It looked more like a castle then an academy for rejects. With a shrug, the boy hugged his mother and father and then walked up the steps to the room the paper told him was his. As he walked out of the room, Gabe held the books he woulb be needing and somehow had walked into a girl. A groan had escaped him and then he looked into her eyes and automatically felt some sort of weird connection. "It's okay..." He managed, but the girl was gone.

Gabe looked after the girl for a moment and then picked up his books. He then walked off to his classroom, his mind only on the girl that he had run into.
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