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Ren began to sit in her room she had a bunch of books and some notebooks out on her desk, as she had been busy studying and trying to understand some of these old books were from the past, when Kira had tried to take over the world, to make a new world for gods, she shook her head writing down the notes.
"You've gotta be kidding me, this is ridiculous, i can't believe my uncle had to go through this, oh well guess, it's moved on to me now."
She shook her head once again reading more, into her uncle's words and journal.
"It seems that i've become friends with my enemy, if only we hadn't been enemies, i'm sure me and Kira could've been true friends."
Ren began reading shaking her head.

  [R] e n [ R ] u b y / -BitterEnd- / 7y 283d 20h 57m 44s
Ryuk grinned behind him standing by the bed, "Hmm so you already know my name? Then you must know who that notebook truly belongs to?" sighing he looked back to the desk and grabbed the apple sitting on his notes "So due to the fact that you know who I am and who the notebook belongs too, I guess that I won't have to tell you the rules.." he then grinned and waited for the young boy to reply. this kid gives me the creeps even more than light did.. I wonder how far he will go with this he laughed.

Akela turned around and nodded "Yes I know who you are and this notebook once belonged to the great Kira, more commonly known as Light Yagami around Tokyo, so did you decide to drop the notebook again For entertainment or did you just do it to see if anyone would dare pick it up?" he then proceeded to sit down and open the book, slowly he read the naked of the deceased and looked to the final page there was writtin Light Yagami "So you killed him then?"

Ryuk only smiled (r "Yeah I killed him and now when you die I'll be there just like him" he grinned back and then disappeared.
  Akela / JonathanCrane / 7y 356d 12h 37m 45s
Soi had been a huge fan of the legendary L and she was going to become the next superior of him, she had become the true Soi Ryusaki. She had always read about him she heard about the war he had to go through with the serial killer known as the more worse criminal of Japan had ever had. As Soi had began to go on in her studies of the true Kira himself, she was starting to wonder if there would ever be a next Kira, the other Kira took the world to a different level, but her uncle Near had been the one to take him down, his true name was Light Yagami.

  Soi / Saeko_ / 7y 364d 14h 11m 54s
Akela a new student at a private school in Japan, it had been 15 years since the incident with Kira A.K.A Light Yagami, the world was almost at peace but one question remained where had Misa Amane gone off too? Rumors had it that she killed herself, others said she went into hiding and lived a secret life. Akela didn't care for the past however only about the future, he was a follower of Kira and what he stood for however and tried not to get caught supporting him, he had a family of his own he had to protect. The bell rang as Akela came out of thought and he walked quickly out of the class room and off school property, on his way home however he noticed something sticking out in a small opening where a very old tree was found, a notebook was there staring him in the eyes.

He fell to his knees and looked around before grabbing the notebook and putting it in his book bag where he quickly fled upstairs to his room ignoring his family and locked the door put the book down and opened the front to find out that this notebook belonged to the infamous Kira himself, but as he looked behind him he shivered with grief and despair as it was the Shinigami had appeared before him a grin across his face "R-ryun hmm?" he asked eagerly.
  Akela / JonathanCrane / 8y 2d 3h 57m 4s

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