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A Metalocalypse RP

Toki Wartooth has always been sort of a romantic, being that his childlike nature and naivety has always painted a sort of fanciful picture of what love would be like. By no means was he ignorant of sex or even the lustful wants of groupies... But, the rhythm guitarist finally longs for more than just a mindless fuck. He longs for love.

____ wasn't by any means the girl that has had the best of luck when it came to love or dating for that matter. After a time, the female shunned it, and tried to avoid it like it was the bubonic plague. When it came down to it, there was only three things that were important to her. Her job at the local mall, her cat, and music.

As if it was by fate, the Norwegian guitarist decided to go shopping for more model planes, and of course candy. ___ worked at the mall's candy store. Although the only talked for a few moments, Toki suddenly seems to think that ___ is the girl for him, although ____ seems to think otherwise.

Okay, so for this RP I will play as Toki. :D
Our limit is 500 - 1000+. Nothing too hard, right? I want it to keep going.
Anime/Illustrated pics, please. Metalocalypse is a cartoon, after all.
Decent spelling and grammar please.
If you'd like to RP with me, just post below. :D
Also, some knowledge about Metalocalypse would be helpful, but not mandatory.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

If there was one thing that Toki loved most in the world, it was going to the mall. Although the Norwegian was in one of the most famous bands in the world, and could go almost anywhere he wanted, it was the mall that filled him with joy. The bright colors in the stores' windows always seemed the cheer the young man up.

"My lord, would you like to visit the hobby store first?" One of the Klokateers asked him as he walked. "Yes, wes go to the hooby stores first. I would likes to get my arrow-planes." The three hooded figures followed after the guitarist as he entered the first store. A few minutes later the four would reappear, each Klokateer holding a few bags each.

The brunette Norwegian would wander around the mall for a while longer, buying whatever seemed to spark his interest. He passed the music store and made a face at the display in the window. "Dats Skwissgaar is dildoes. Having his owns geetars books. Stupids." He grumbled as he continued to walk.

Then he had seen it. The mecca of all candy. The joy in his eyes was that of a small child on Christmas morning. "Candies!" He shouted as he joyfully ran into the candy shop. "Yous. I wants three bag of dat ones. Oh, and dis ones too." He said happily as he pointed to the individual buckets of candy.

Once he had all the candy he wanted he approached the cash register. Then he had seen her. The face of an angel, the light in the darkness. The-- "Sire, would you like for me to pay for you?" A Klokateer asked. Toki shook his head. "Nos. I'll dos it. Be gone now." He shooed his servants away, and then stood there for a moment gawking at the girl that was on the other side of the counter.
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