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  ¡vy❦ / Lastofus / 6y 141d 31m 38s
You were raped with painful lust x3 or i won't call it..rape at all ono'
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 11h 7m 50s
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 11h 28m 23s
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 11h 34m 45s
o-o Looked at the door, confused. Who the hell was that?
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 11h 37m 54s
Loud perverted sounds being heared through the door.
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 11h 42m 49s
._. Huh. Well, that was quick.
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 11h 47m 19s
.................Pulls him into room, locking the door behind them.
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 11h 49m 49s
Sure thing, More-Ass~
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 12h 13s
Shush! don't make fun of my lastname DX IM FRENCH OKAY!?
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 12h 2m 37s
x3 Derp
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 12h 4m 33s
YOU MEAN RAY or Morasse x3
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 12h 6m 6s
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 12h 7m 52s
What do you think of the name Emmett?
  |Draw|with|me.| / Switched / 6y 169d 12h 9m 1s
You might crush your kids trying to feed them. o-o
  -| Sion |- / Necromon / 6y 169d 12h 12m 32s

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