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1. You play as a tamer and any Digimon you are partnered with. max to two skeletons per person, unless asked to rp one of the royal knights.
2. You must actively post. but wait for at least two people before another post.
3. The two spirit users must find their spirits.
4. Romance kept to a minimum. This isn't a love story.
5. Ages between 11-19 for characters.
6. Swearing is allowed, but don't post a sentence full of vulgar.
7. You can be hurt, and there will be blood for tamers. Nobody is superhuman.
8. “Teen” safe rating, don't be killing everything and cursing a storm while pillaging.
9. Tell us if you'll be away
10. if you haven't posted in three days, you'll be given a 24 hour warning and then you're out
11. tell us if you'll quit, but if you do without a reasonable reason you'll be booted from ever joining my other rps.
12. message me your skeletons or you will not be execpted. if i'm feeling nice send it to me in a message another day and i may except
13. Fan digimon are allowed if you have a intraining to mega or burst stage and you must have attacks, type of digimon and attribute
14: the bad tamer team is already taken, so don't ask

Digital Information Guide:


- Dorumon

- Dorumon [Death-X]

- Ryudamon (Taken)

- Fanbeemon

- Dracmon

- Gabumon X

- Agumon X

- Guilmon X

- Palmon X

- Betamon X

Digi-Armor Egg

-Veemon (taken)






Spirit Evolution:



-Duskmon->Velgemon->Loweemon->JagerLoweemon (taken)

The Digital World is in peril once again. The royal knights have been corrupted by an unknown virus. The new chosen children will have a varied assortment of abilities and a lineup of Digimon never seen before as Digital Destined!

The Digitally Destined will either work alone or in teams as they find that they are not alone in this strange world. Their choice, if poorly decided, may cost them their very lives. The virus that plagues this once peaceful world knows all about your intention, so be wary, newcomers to this Digital Landscape.

Tamer Types and restrictions:

Crest Warrior:

Nine Crests exist hidden in the Digital Landscape for the few chosen to be Crest Warriors. They must find their tag to unlock their Digimon's Ultimate Evolution and the Crest that symbolizes them. Some may even DNA Digivolve!


-Friendship (taken)








Biomerge tamer:

These tamers hold a special Digivice that allows them to merge with their Digimon to become Mega level. Their Digimon tend to Digivolve under the heat of Battle and obtain their Mega form when their partner truly connects with them.

DNA Digivolve tamer:

These tamers are either “lone wolves” with two Digimon or partners with Digimon that combine. The can use Digi Armor Eggs to adjust to the heat of battle

Spirit Evolution tamers:

These three mysterious tamers become one with the essence of Digimon. They scour the land for spirits who aide them and allow them to become more powerful. Their Digivices download the spiritual code.

Burst tamers:
These tamers learn to exceed Mega form into a “burst state” few Digimon can enter this mode and few survive it for long. Their Digimon thrive off the tamer's emotion, so be careful!


Tamer Type:
Tamer name:
Digimon info:

Tamer Type: Crest
Crest Type: Friendship
Tamer Name: Zeke
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Digimon: Ryudamon

Tamer Type: Burst
Tamer Name: Kaito Akechi
Crest: Friendship
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Digimon: Howlmon

Tamer Type: Biomerge
Tamer name: James Alexander
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Digimon: Impmon


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