Diamonds are a pirates best friend

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Lizzie raised an eyebrow, but didn't push the subject.

The two girls pushed their way through the bustling crowd, Elsebeth snarling at them; Lizzie shoved a particularly annoying merchant out of the way, so she could get to the ship. A smile crossed her face as she made her way up the gangplank and onto the deck, taking a deep breath of the sea air.

She saw a determined look on Elsebeth's face when she turned to face her. A look she knew well. Lizzie grinned when she heard her friend's idea, nodding in approval. [+blue "I say...let's do it!"] she said, excited for the adventure ahead of them.
  .|Lizzie / Saarebas / 5y 346d 5h 45m 11s
“What?” Elsebeth said distractedly, “Oh…never mind, it’s nothing”.

She shook her head slightly to clear it and turned to the crowd, who were trying to go about their daily business while stealing glances in her direction at every opportunity. Elsebeth dispersed them with a snarl and then turned back to The Femme Fatale and stalked up the gangplank.

When she reached the deck, she faced Lizzie with a determined look on her face and said, “Y’know what…screw the crew, I reckon we can do this ourselves! They said women couldn’t be pirates and we proved them wrong! I don’t see why we can’t find one little cursed treasure with just to two of us!” she took a breath, “What do you say?”
  Elsebeth / AngelWhiteheart / 6y 108d 15h 59m 35s
Lizzie smirked as the people that they had passed moved out of the way, for her and her best friend so they could get through. She also noticed how Elsebeth would look over her shoulder, every now and again. She wondered what she could of been looking at, but decided not to ask until they had reached their destination. As soon as they reached their ship, 'The Femme Fatale', Lizzie smiled and gazed over the magnificent ship.

"Hello there" Lizzie said to herself as she was gazing over the ship, before turning to her friend, then looking over at the crowd at the docks, seeing who could be suitable to be their crew, then decided to ask about what Elsebeth was doing earlier.

"Elsebeth?" she asked. "Why'd you keep looking over your shoulder on the way here?" she tilted her head slighty at the question, not taking her eyes of the crowd.
  :Lizzie: / Starzie / 7y 62d 8h 30m 54s
Elsebeth nodded and began walking to the main port of Farrel. They passed many people on the streets, most who knew both Elsebeth and Lizzie by either name or reputation and waved or got out of their way. As they weaved their way through the crowd, Elsebeth was constantly checking over her shoulder for the unsettling yet familiar feeling of eyes on her back. She was sure it had something to do with the strange man in the bar, but was determined not to turn around to make sure. But as they reached the docks, everything else left her mind as she gazed up upon her beloved ship ‘The Femme Fatale’.
  Elsebeth / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 163d 3h 13m 40s
Lizzie stared at the group, tilting her head to the side slightly Elsebeth is right... something is off about them she thought to herself, sighing. Who knows... but I have a feeling about those guys she shook her head and stood up following Elsebeth out the door. Her dream was to sail the seas with a mighty crew, to feel the cool sea breeze across her skin, to hear the waves dancing and to hear the ship cut through the water as it went. My dream of sailing might come true after all. she thought All my life I've wanted too, and now the opportunity has come forward... she smiled slightly at the thought and looked over at Elsebeth "Where to now? Somewhere else to look for a crew? The shipyard?" Lizzie asked, waiting for her friends reply.
  :Lizzie: / Starzie / 7y 273d 6h 30m 15s
Elsebeth shrugged and swirled her drink, "I dunno," she said uncertainly, "there's about them". There was one man in particular who hadn't taken his eyes off her the whole time and it unsettled her as few things did nowadays. His eyes were a brilliant green with a slight hint of red, and the dark hood he wore cast an ominous shadow over half of his face.

“Come on Liz, I think we should get outta here…” Elsebeth mumbled. She gulped the rest of her drink, rolled up her map, and dropped a few silver coins on the counter before rising and heading for the door.
  Elsebeth / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 184d 7h 4m 44s
"Soon" she said, nodding and looking around the room. "Candidates.... None of these drunken brawlers though. Who knows what they'll do on the ship." she yawned, and sat back, noticing a group sitting in the back, not drunk or brawling. Just sitting there, laughing and watching the brawl that was happening "Them?" she said, pointing to the group and looking at Elsebeth
  :Lizzie: / Starzie / 7y 317d 10h 38m 9s
"Hopefully soon" said Elsebeth, leaning back on her stool, "But first we need a crew, any ideas" she asked, looking around the room for any possible candidates.
  Elsebeth / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 325d 16h 22m 39s
She listened as Elsebeth explained, trying to ignore the drunken brawl that was happening, and watched as she traced her finger along the black lines on the map. She nodded when Elsebeth had finished "Sounds good~" she said, looking up at Elsebeth "When to we set sail?" she asked her
  .:Lizzie:. / Starshine / 8y 1d 16h 55m 55s
Elsebeth frowned slightly, dispirited by her partner's lack of entusiasm. She turned back to the map and began explaining the trip to Lizzie, her finger tracing the black lines that littered the map until it came to rest on a big red X in the top right corner, "...and that's our destination" she finished, turning back to Lizzie.
  Elsebeth / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 2d 12h 52m 48s
Lizzie sat next to Elsebeth, with a mug of mead, watching the drunken brawl that was occuring. She didn't notice that Elsebeth was studying a map that she had found, as she was too bust focusing on the fight. She finally snapped out of it when she heard what Elsebeth said. "Think of what? Oh, the map! Sure, we can go ahead with it," she replied
  Lizzie / Starshine / 8y 1d 16h 58m 16s
Elsebeth sat in the tavern of the small seaside town of Farrel with a mug of mead in her hand and her elbows on the bar. Many drunken fights raged behind her but she was oblivious to them, her mind focused on the stained map in front of her, many said it would lead to a treasure beyond anyone’s imagination and she was determined to test it. Elesbeth turned to her left where her first mate Lizzie was sitting and raised an eyebrow, “So, what do you think?"...
  Elsebeth / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 47d 8h 55m 52s

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