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We know what we're doing baby girl ;)


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Seth returned her gentle kiss, arms gently going around her as she leaned against her. He finally understood what the others felt and was more than happy to be with Grace. In fact, he was the happiest he had been ever. "It's good to be with you like this."
  Seth Clearwater / lilmisssassy / 3y 156d 5h 23m 5s
Grace giggles. Kissing him gently. "Yea." She says. Leaning into Seth. The girl couldn't believe she could ever love someone like this. And that's when she realized she truly loves Seth. Grace blushes gently.
  *Muses from the Heart* / immortal_dreamer / 3y 156d 6h 24m 0s
A slight chuckle slipped from Seth's lips when he heard her words and he nodded, his hand gently resting over her stomach and rubbing gently. "It would seem so, wouldn't it." He said, eyes locked with hers.
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 43d 20h 1m 14s
Grace giggles as she fills the baby kick. "Our baby wants attention I guess."She smiles.
  *Muses from the Heart* / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 52d 3h 41m 30s
He leaned down and kissed her head gently, eyes going to look out across the ocean now. "I love you too." He whispered to her.
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 106d 21h 45m 49s
Grace smiled. Looking across the ocean. She held his hand gently. "I love you Seth."
  *Muses from the Heart* / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 107d 3h 27m 19s
He really hadn't been looking at the sunset, but looking at her. "Yeah, it is." He whispered, his hand giving hers one back.
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 107d 5h 12m 38s
Grace nodded."It really is beautiful,Seth." She blushed. Squeezing his hand.
  *Muses from the Heart* / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 110d 2h 15m 24s
He leaned his head on hers and smiled. "Beautiful, isn't it?" He asked
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 120d 3h 14m 34s
Grace leaned her head onto his shoulder. Watching the sun go down and moon rise.
  *Muses from the Heart* / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 120d 3h 18m 3s
Seth watched her a moment and soon sat at her side, watching as the sun finished sinking down.
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 120d 3h 22m 57s
Grace sat down slowly and rested her free hand on her stomach.
  *Muses from the Heart* / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 120d 3h 33m 31s
"I know, and it is funny." He said, kissing her cheek and soon they were at the tree.
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 120d 3h 37m 23s
Grace nodded." I know. I was just kidding." She giggled. Kissing his cheek.
  *Muses from the Heart* / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 120d 3h 44m 44s
Seth couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips from her words. "I don't think that would be good for her."
  Seth Clearwater / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 120d 3h 51m 16s

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