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Welcome All! You have been accepted to the prestine National Musical Academy and Paris Opera, in paris, France. You will spend a whole summer learning, and preparing for the big show at the end of the year. There are many talented students attending this year. What talent will you bring?

Country/Providince where you're from:

1. Real pictures only. I'm not picky.
2. Send me your Picture URL with your Skelly.
3. Be literate. We'll start with no character limit, but If the become less than 500, I'll put one on.
4. Romance, and cussing is allowed. Cybering will need to be taken somewhere else.
5. No godmodding.


Name: Ginnifer Marks
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Talent: Vocals, Clarinet
Country/Providince where you're from: Ontario, Canada.
Personality: Quiet and shy. She is sweet but she tends to be tought of as rude due to her shyness.

Username: Whitewing
Name: Mika Luther
Age: 22/23
Sex: Male
Talent: Vocal, Dance, Piano
From: London England
Mika is an Assistant to one of the professors here at the academy , aswell as a repeat student. Mika is an only child and because of his parents death he is his uncles ward and basically gets what he wants. Though Mika has led a privileged lifestyle he is still quite down to earth and levelheaded. Mika is bisexual though for the most part does not date at all, he prefers to be on his own and knows that in the end his career will be his only love.

Username: DiscoverButterflies
Name: Olive Devlin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Talent: Soprano Opera
Country/Providince where you're from: Kansas, USA
Personality: Olive is normally shy and sweet but when she sings she comes alive. She spent a year after high school as the "prima Donna" of the Opera club in her home town until she got accepted to the academy. She has never dated a boy and has never even held hands or been kissed, having always been shy and busy with her singing... but when she shows up in Paris, she can't help but be hit by the love bug.

Username: ShadowBunny
Name: Mizuki Kawashita
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Talent: Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Flute
Country/Providince where you're from: Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
Personality: Very quiet and shy, loves animals. She has played piano and violin since about 3 years old, picked up the clarinet at 5, flute at 5 1/2, and Trumpet at 6. She is a perfectionist and a well-known prodigy who dedicates all her spare time into music, when not doing homework

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If this ever does start up, someone please PM me. I`m going to unfollow since it`s been completely inactive and hasn`t even started yet. :/
  Mizuki Kawashita / ShadowBunny / 8y 8d 1h 22m 30s
Anytime soon maybe?
  Mika Luther Lexington / whitewing / 8y 21d 2h 29m 9s
Yeah. Lol
  Olive Devlin / DiscoverButterflies / 8y 24d 4m 47s
I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully soon. We`ll just wave to wait until Jenna says.
  Mizuki Kawashita / ShadowBunny / 8y 24d 1h 30m 28s
When are we going to start?
  Mika Luther Lexington / whitewing / 8y 24d 1h 31m 45s

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