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Allacyn stood upon the mountain top and overlooked the surrounding area. The light breeze rustled through her hair and wings as she took to one knee and shut her eyes. The chant of puriety flowed from her lips, she could feel the uplifting Holy energies course through her giving her a glowing aura from those who gaze upon her. Why the King wished for her to follow along confused her slightly, there are others who could purify the gem if it was cursed. Resting the questions into the back of her mind she stood once again letting her long blond hair fall behind her before being flung about in the wind. Stretching her long majestic wings, she pushed off from the cliff and rode the air currents towards her destination, the medow.

The wind blew all around, Allacyn loved to fly during the time she was up it was one of the few times that she could say she felt free. Free from the past, the future, and the present, a way for her to escape into her own mind and to clear her thoughts except for the task at hand. It wasn't long before the medow was in view and as such to not startle the fellow travalers landed out of sight and walked into the circle. She stood more on the outside, not really much of a people person, and shut her eyes once more letting her spirit look towards the others with a true purspective, not with lying eyes.

Deep down she had hoped once she had heard of this gem that maybe the gem was part of the key to save her home. The desire to go home raged within her, thoughts of leaving the mortal plain always invaded her mind, but it was all part of the grander plan. She stood still, listening to the chatter from the others and meditated. "A clear mind leads to clear desisions." She spoke softly to herself.
  Allacyn Besalla / skyline339 / 8y 29d 14h 32m 4s
Zachary walks outside surrounded by green grass, trees and wildlife. He walks to a makeshift mailbox and opens it he then brushes his blonde hair out of his eyes as he looks through the messages that were sent to him "Nasod,Nasod, oh look Nasod!" he burns the letters in his hand. There was no need to read, he knew what they said. Wanting him to come back to the nasod kingdom, that his genious was to great for humans "so they can watch and control my experiments." he grumbles walking back into his large cave house.

He opened the bright red door and turned on an magic powered light, the place was filled with mechanical objects. Some even seemed alive. He puts on goggles and starts to weld things together using his magic. He had gotten a few min into it when a large knock on his door came message! he groans "tell those rusty sh-" from the king! he straightens and walks to the door, rudely swiping it from the messengers hand and speed reading "I'll do it" he slams the door in the mans face and begins to pack "food, prototypes, ect" he then sheaths his sword and claps

Six weird creatures that look like demon pigs the size of a palm rise up and float, three black with horns, three white with blade faces. He snaps and one inflates and he gets on it. They reach the meeting spot later and find people waiting "hiya!" he waves
  Zachary Stark (Nasod) / Crowsky / 8y 29d 23h 17m 9s
"Hmmm, this letter is interesting.", he said as he read the letter. There would be a kind of quest, with the most powerfull wizards there were on this world. "This will be a challenge.", he said as he walked towards the meadow. He decided it would be safer if he had a minion. So he went to work.

"Let's see, summoning circle, check. Blood, check. An artefact, check. My staf, check. I think I can summon.", he said as he began to chant in the old language. Then a demon appeared. "Hello master, what can I do for you.?", he said as he bowed. "You just can follow me. I need protection.", Lyon said as he smiled. He had done well. Demons weren't the easiest spawn in necromancy, they were one of the highest. He felt tired. "Wait, I have a first task for you. I want you to carry me to the meetingplace.", he said. "Your wish is my command.", the demon said as he bowed. Lyon was being carried. "I wonder what the speciality of the other mages is.", he said as he smiled.

He entered the meadow. There already were people. "Hello, my name is Lyon Levesque and you are stuck with me till we succeed.", he said as he waved with his hand. The demon put him onto the ground. "Can you be so kind to give me your name and speciality.", he said as he walked on.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 29d 23h 41m 6s
Rini couldn't help but to take the request. The King's request to find a rare gem. The. Witch loves traveling. The journey should be fun. There would be 7 other witches/wizards. Rini spent her day sleeping so she would be fully energized and prepared to travel.

The girl left her house 30 minutes before 2. She made her way to the meadow twirling around. It really does sounds like fun. What could go wrong? Besides dying, falling in love, being betrayed, and getting injured. Rini can finally met others similar to her. Other with powers or magic.

Rina stops once when she reaches her destination. She couldn't help wonder if the King will be there. To tell them more about it or wish them good luck. Not all Kings do things personally. Usually they would send a messenger. The girls hands were locked together. A smiled spread from ear to ear. Let the journey begin, she thought to herself.
  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 30d 2h 55m 31s
Katsumi stepped out of his small forest house, making sure he had everything he needed before closing the door. As he was walking along the forest path that lead to the meadow where they were meant to be meeting he began to think why he was doing this. "It's not like I'll be much help... All I can do is heal and talk to animals... And I just wanted to make a difference..." he muttered to himself. "Oh well... I've already signed up now and taken up one of the spaces, may as well say, hopefully I'll be of some use!" he reassured himself.

While he was walking down the leafy brown path, a few animals joined him in journey to the meadow, walking beside him all the way until he reached an opening in the bush that lead into the meadow. The animals stopped as Katsumi stepped out, seeing that there was already two people there. This journey might just give Katsumi some confidence.
  Katsumi Cana / Orange_nommer / 8y 30d 4h 3m 58s
Umbraxia wasn't sure why her shadows had been so insistent that she take this quest from the King. It was very unlikely he could offer her anything worthwhile of her time, and she was neither very adventurous, nor was she fond of being around other people. Since the shadows could read her thought, one of them finally came out and said it.

"But you need to be around your own kind. You cannot spend your whole life living with your only contact being with us. Many a person has done so and gone insane. We would hate to see that happen to you."

She knew that they were worried about her always cutting herself off from humanity, but she couldn't help but to respond angrily. "Why would I want to be around humans when it was one of them who did this to me?" She replied as she took off her blindfold, showing off her milky white eyes. "And I do realize that it was the action of one human that did this to me. But after what happened to him, there was not a single person who would take pity on this 'tainted' child, so I was left to be raised by you. I have no place among humans."

But, unfortunately she had already told the King's messenger that she would do it, after being urged by the shadows. So she was in for the adventure whether she wanted to be or not. And so with that, she mutter a few words and stepped into a shadow. when she stepped out of the shadow, she was no longer in her study, but was instead in the meadow where she was to meet the other mages.
  Umbraxia Atrium / LadySeraph / 8y 28d 42s

Today was it. The biggest quest the King has held yet. And Kierra was more than ready. Her father still didn't want her to go, but she was an adult. And she was going to make her own decisions. She loved her father, but she had to go with her heart, however cliche that sounds.

There was going to be quite a few other witches, and wizards there. But she wanted to keep to herself. She didn't need anyone, and she hardly thought they needed her. She closed her cottage door and looked at it for a moment, then decided it was time. She turned around and began walking to the meadow. The beginning of a new adventure.

You can do this, Kierra thought to herself, when an ounce of doubt rose in her mind. She wasn't going to wuss out, like so many had on the kings quests. She was determined to start, and finish this. No matter what it was going to take. She'd kill if she had to.... She only hoped it wouldn't come to that. She'd never even harmed a fly, her father always did it for her. It was ironic in a way, how strong willed she was, but she didn't even have the heart to hurt a mere bug.

Finally, she reached the meadow. Where her, and seven other of her kind would embark on this journey. The journey to find the rare gem that the king is after. She wondered to herself what kind of rewards he has in stow for whoever brings it back to him. Riches maybe, or even power! Or perhaps the person will get both, and become a nobleman, or woman. She would just have to wait and see.
  Kierra Goment / JennaWest / 8y 30d 7h 18m 19s

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