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Kasumi shook his he's violently, "No no no, I'm not cut out to be a leader! I don't think I'd be able to do any of those things, besides wouldn't you suit best as a leader, Lyon? Since your asking all the questions and seem to be deciding a few things here!" he said sarcastically and looked at the other people.

"I agree with Rini, I think we should decide as a group each time!" he exclaimed and placed the crow that was resting on his shoulder into the branch of a tree. He wondered what the other mages were thinking about right now, battle plans? How they could use the gem for themselves? Trying to find out everyone's weakness'? He decided to just ignore it for now and carry on with their journey for a bit.
  Katsumi Cana / Orange_nommer / 8y 19d 21h 28m 5s
"I think we should have a leader. Democracy is a bad way of deciding. We need a leader. A leader who takes important decisions and can live with the sins he will commit and the burden he will have to carry.", he said as he looked at her. Rini fascinated him. There was something about her that mae him feel excited. Maybe it was because she played along. "You're sharp, Rini. What can I possibly accomplish from knowing everyone's power? I like to know all the things that I can know. Then I can adapt my battleplan to it. And no, I don't like mystery. I can feel your powers, but I am not really developed in that area, so I can't say what they are.", he said as he walked away. He made sure he protected his mind, you could never know for sure, if someone was looking into your mind. At this point he had talked enough. He walked towards the angel.

"Hello, I would like to know your name and power. It would be usefull if we knew each other. We have more chance to succeed.", he said. "If you will give me your permission, I would like to search your mind for the answers.", he said as he looked at her. He really needed to know, two unknowns was too much.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 20d 5h 39m 32s
There is something about Lyon she didn't like. The male is to straight forward. And the talk about having a leader. What is that? Yes the male healer would be useful for them but is there really a need for a leader? She could tell this is going to be one long journey.
"I don't think we should have a leader. No offense to the healer... If something happens we could try to agree on it. Which ever the majority is for whatever it is, we should go with it. At least that's what I think..."

Rini didn't want to start any problems. Even thought by he sound of things there are some already. Rini looks at Lyon with her the corner of her eye
"Don't call my princess. My name is Rini and when the times come you will know my power. Why do you wish to know everyone's power? What can you possibly gain from knowing? Besides everyone loves a little mystery." Rini says grinning back.

  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 20d 8h 25m 41s
"Boy! If I was unstable you would be in trouble right now.", he said as he grinned. Boy, maybe he was young, but weren't boys innocent? If one thing he wasn't innocent. Her next remarks even made him laugh. "I will wait for your cute shadows to rip my entrails from me. You see, You have people that can kill, people that can massacre and people without any hope or despair. I am in the last group. It doesn't matter if I die. I doesn't matter if I live. I just have one ambition and that's the only I have. I think you deserve to now my true title. Baane of bunnies was a tad childish, but my real title is actually Lyon, the living dead. So let's have fun together.", he said as he walked away. Knowing that the game had just begun. This would be fun. He probed around him. No deads, no shadows that had the urge to spy on him. She was true to her word. That was just silly, or you could say it was interesting. He walked towards Rini.

"Can you join the party, princess.", he said as he grinned. "You're one of the only I don't know anything about and it makes me feel jumpy. Would you be so kind to tell me your name.", he said as he was thinking of the things he could do with that gem. It could be usefull.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 20d 10h 53m 25s
Allacyn kept her eyes shut, and listened to the group ramble on about who they are, bragging about this or that, trival things. Her silence was menacing, Holy energies swirled around watching, showing her who these people were. The less they knew about her the better. Each person gave her little to worry about, but one, she called herself Umbraxia and she wasn't alone, dark spirits guided her, whatever they were she could not tell but the lack of Holy presence did show that something was there, she'll keep an eye on her for now. Already she was creating opinions about the other seven in the party, either this was going to be one slow and boring little trek, or there is more to these people than words, deeper darker tendences, perhaps that was the reason the King needed to find the rare Archangel, Allacyn, someone he knew he could trust, strength can help achieve the goal, but only the pure of heart can complete the task.

Finally after what felt like ages it was time to head out the dark forest lay in front of them. Allacyn opted to stay at the back of the group letting the others walk ahead, it's not that she can't lead, it's that she doesn't want to. As they started the long adventure, she noticed something, the girl named Kierra, her stride slowing slighty and a look of doubt and a little fear rested upon her face. Allacyn walked up behind her and gently placed one of her armored hands upon her shoulder and spoke to her gently. "Don't be afraid my sister, be strong and believe within yourself." Slowly she passed her a small glass ball, the small ball glowed brightly with pure Holy light within. "Remember even the smallest amount of light can keep the darkness at bay." She spoke and smiled before continuing on.
  Allacyn Besalla / skyline339 / 8y 20d 10h 56m 50s
Umbraxia had to hold her shadows back. They were none too happy with some of the necromancer's comments. Meanwhile, some of the others were giving their names and specialties. She paid close attention to this as it would help her sort out who was who. Since she couldn't see, feeling their magic auras would help her identify people.

Eventually, despite the fact that they were one person short, the trumpets sounded and they were off to start on the mission. As the necromancer spoke to her again to thank her, she replied. "I don't know what you are thanking me for. And for the sake of truth, I have no need to have my shadows spy on a boy such as yourself. I just want to get the Anthical for the King and give it to him. I have no desire to have anything to do with any of you other than that. The sooner I can go home and be away for other humans the better. And just so you know, if you call my shades idiotic again, I will let them feast on your entrails." With that she walked off in the direction that everyone else was headed.
  Umbraxia Atrium / LadySeraph / 8y 20d 11h 33m 50s
"You're all so kind.", he said as he bowed. Remembering names and specialities was a thing that would be usefull. "The leader in this great mess is Katsumi Cana. I hope everyon is ok with that, because I'm not going to change it.", he said. It was the best option, giving an insecure person the lead. Those kind of persons allways were the most easy to manipulate. He walked next to Umbraxia. "You have done me a favour. I won't forget it.", he said. He walked on without saying another word. All the pawns were set into motion. Now only the king had to move.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 20d 12h 4m 6s
Rini looks at everyone they all seem okay with sharing information with each other. She just listened to everyone. No matter what, she won't open up. She doesn't trust any of them. It would take some time to trust them. Depending on how they treat her. She's afraid of trust. Rini rubs her neck. She closes her eyes. When she did the trumpet sang. Their journey begins.

Rini takes a deep breath before following her seven peers. She stayed behind them by close to them. She wanted to do cartwheels but it's to early in the journey to show her true self. Rini hums to herself. Wondering what might happen on their journey.
  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 20d 13h 53m 12s
Zach smiled as he observed the others he takes pictures and writes notes in his mind. He leans back one of the pigs goes behind him and inflates letting him rest on it he lifts his legs and another pig goes under them holding them up. He closes his eyes

"I'm Zachary stark, my title is Nasod Of Great Creation he looks at the necromancer I sense ambition, subject takes this as a chance to gain. A game maybe? He shakes his head and sighs "a lovely group we have here isnt it?" he hears the trumpets if that stone or gem or whatever is useful I may have to take it he jumps off the pigs "who's the leader?
  Zachary Stark (Nasod) / Crowsky / 8y 20d 14h 35m 38s
Katsumi looked at the other people in the meadow, all of them seemed stronger than him. Sighing, Katsumi began to doubt himself, could he really do this? He shook his head. Of course he could.

"I'm Katsumi Cana and I specialise in healing, so I wont be much use in combat, but I can help you when you get injured." he introduced himself, keeping his eyes on the floor. Hearing the trumpets blast, he stood up and headed to the forest behind Kierra. As he was walking, several animals joined him, jumping onto his shoulder and walking beside him.

Seeing Kierra glance behind her, he quickly caught up with her, "What's wrong? Are you starting to doubt yourself too?" he asked shyly, trying not to offend.
  Katsumi Cana / Orange_nommer / 8y 20d 19h 42m 0s
She looked at the other people there. One had Called himself Lyon. "I'm Kierra, and my powers are focused on plants." She said, looking at him. She studied him, with his interesting blue hair. She then studied the others. They all looked powerful. With different aura's radiating off of them. She'd seen some of the other people before. But some were new faces, to her memory anyways.

She looked at the sky. Clear and sunny. Perfect weather. Perfect tempurature. This was going to be a good beginning to the quest.

Then the trumpets rang. The king had just announced it was time to begin the journey to find the gem.

Kierra started walking, looking at the forest before her as she did. She started doubting. Should she go back? Or be brave and continue.
  Kierra Goment / JennaWest / 8y 20d 20h 14m 58s
"Thank you for speaking out. Your name was Umbraxia you said? Ok, I think I have enough information from you. And now that you have answered my question, I of course will answer yours.", he said as he walked towards her. He looked at her. She really was blind. Interesting feature. That meant that she was dangerous indeed. Someone without sight was a dangerous enemy, because they could hear and smell well. "Please call me Lyon, or if you want just plain Necromancer. To answer your shadow's question, I will have to tell you something about necromancing and demons. Demons aren't only firebeasts or pigs. They can be very different. That's also why you have demons that are in the area of necromancing. They are hard to summon, but it can be worth your while.", he said.

"I think you now know why. Oh, my title. I will tell this because I know yours. It wouldn't be a fun game, without giving some information back. My title is Lyon, bane of all bunnies.", he said as he grinned. It was a title, all right. And it was a title he had made up, so he had all the right to name it as his title. "Oh, by the way, I would actually like it when you call me sir Levesque.", he said as he smiled while he looked at her. Shadow magic, a strange kind. This would be fun. He walked closer to her. "Please, don't try to spy me with those idiotic things. I am just warning you.", he said as he walked away. "Someone who wants to share. I am all ears.", he said as he looked around.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 20d 20h 23m 9s
Unbeknownst to the others, Umbraxia sent out her shadows to "see" for her. They could not show her what these people looked like exactly, but she could see them as a sort of shadowy figure. One of her more talented shadows pointed out to her that the boy who had just spoken smelled of necromancy. There were not many magics that a shade could sniff out, but the darker ones, like shadow, blood, demon, or necromancy were detectable by some of them.

Her shades were curious. they begged her to ask a question for them. Since she found it very difficult to deny anything to the creatures that raised her, she sighed. "My name is Umbraxia Atrium, and my title is something along the lines of 'Umbraxia the Blind; Shade-Tainted Mage of Barrox', not that I care much for titles. My specialty is shadow magic. And speaking of my shadows, they insist I ask you a question, sir Levesque. They are curious as to why a necromancer has a demon summon. One would think that he would summon a creature under his school, such as an undead. Personally I couldn't care less. I dabble in other areas of magic occasionally, so I have no place to say anything."
  Umbraxia Atrium / LadySeraph / 8y 20d 19h 8m 10s
"That's just not fun", Lyon said as he pouted. She wouldn't tell him her power. If the others didn't he would have a hard time to win the game. He sat down on a nice rock. This really wasn't the way things should go, but that made it even more exciting. "Not everyone is here, eh.", he said as he laid down his staff. One wasn't here. He looked around. They all had powerfull aura's. Of course they would have, because it were the strongest mages of this time. "Hmmm, maybe I have to go all-out.", he mumbled.

He knew the powers of at least one of them and those pig-demons sure were nice. It wasn't an area Lyon had developed his skills in, but it could be usefull. "The king is a fool for trusting in mages.", he mumbled as he took his staff. He was looking at the core of it. A gigantic amethyst. It was the last gift father had given him. He would succeed and let the world show necromancing was a magic just like elemental control. He decided to meditate. That would maybe give him a path to walk on. "Aurea est potestas, aurea est potestas, aurea est potestas.", he mumbled. It was his believe. Gold was the power you needed, not magical prowress. If he got the gem, he would take it for himself. No king could change his mind. Magic was only a tool to accomplish it.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 21d 3h 49m 14s
Rini moves her collided hands behind her. She kept moving. Switching from being on her toes to the heel. To be honest she was bored. Already. The journey hasn't begun and she's already bored. She didn't have to look around to know a few more people have arrived. The numbers seems even. Rini hates odd numbers. It bothers her for some strange reason. Four girls and four boys..

What an adventure this is going to be. Most likely one out of the eight is going to think he/she is he most powerful on. She pities people like that. The only person who's powerful is the king. He would have their head on a silver platter. Rini knows she has powers but doesn't like to show it off. For that reason she chuckles hearing someone state to tell him their names and what they can do. "I'm Rini and I like to keep my powers unknown for a little while." she tilts her head a little to look at everyone. They all seemed read. Well some for them. Once again she chuckles seeing pig minions drops off another person. The king must really want this gem.

I hope my post is okay. :3

  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 21d 8h 28m 24s

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