The Witchcraft Quest

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Good day commoners,

This letter is to inform you that the King has commissioned a quest. A journey! For what, you might ask? For the cave, the cave that holds the rare gem, the Anthical. For this quest I will need 8 of the lands best wizards. 4 female, and 4 male. On this quest you will encounter love, death, suspense, fights. But the reward is great! Please meet in the meadow at precisely 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, this is where you'r quest will begin.
Good luck.

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Name:Kierra Goment
Special Talent:Herbology
Personality:Tends to be shy, but isn't rude. Likes to get the job done right, no matter the risk.
Brief Bio: Her mother died during child birth, so she was raised by her father. She is very tomboyish, and likes to go on journeys away from home.

Username: Orange_nommer
Name: Katsumi Cana
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Special Talent: He specialises in healing and can talk to and use animals
Personality: He starts off shy and timid, but once you get to know him he is kind and loving. In battle he is cold and sinister.
Brief Bio: He lives in a house deep in the forest, his mother was killed and he was left on his own, his only friends were the animals and learned of his magic. He then trained for 4 years on his own. When he heard of the chance of a journey for a rare gem he took it straight away.

Username: VolugDesirae
Name: Lyon Levesque
Age: 18
Special Talent: Necromancing
Personality: cold, holds no fear for death, arrogant, result is all that matters, detatched from humankind
Brief Bio: He was born somewhere in the woods, learned how to control the magic of necromancy, The magic that was frowned upon. He dedicated himself to the study of magic. He became an archmage when he was 16. He is going on the quest as a kind of challenge

Username: Simply_Random
Name: Rini
Age: 18
Gender: femaleÂ
Special Talent: Conjuring the elements; earth, fire, wind, water.
Personality: Rini loves traveling. She makes the best out of everything. The girl is bubble. When something bad happens or she's scared she tends to curse. A lot.Â
Brief Bio: Rini knew she was different since she was little. Her parents died when she was ten. Everyone keeps telling her different stories on how they died but she knew it had to do with magic. Even though the girl spends her time studying magic, her new guardians tries to use her abilities for evil. Rini lives on her own now and has trust issues. Just because she has trust issues doesn't mean she can have fun with whoever, wherever.

Username: Crowsky
Name: Zachary Stark
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Special Talent: Nasod magic
Personality: Calm, Cool, collected, thinker/planner, sucks at conversation, doesn't understand people, wants to know everything
Brief Bio: Zachary left his Nasod kingdom and stayed in the human kingdom so he could contenue his research without being questioned.

Name: Umbraxia Atrium
Age: 23
Gender: female
Special Talent: shadow magic
Personality: serious and closed off to others.
Brief Bio: Umbraxia was taken from her parent as a young child because an evil mage saw the potential in her. He wanted to raise her to work for him. He was not kind and did whatever he could to increase her power. He started her training with the arts of shadow magic, one of the few types he wanted her to learn. In order to better her communication with the shadows, he blinded her. She became good friends with many of the shadow creatures. One day she had enough of the mage. Her shadows were all to happy to consume him for what he had been doing to her. From then on, she was raised by the shadows because no one wanted to raise what they saw as a tainted child.

Username: Skyline339
Name: Allacyn Besalla
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Special Talent: Holy Magic, Battle Mage
Personality: Stands strong, unwavering resolve to the point of self sacrifice
Brief Bio: At a young age she was deemed worthy from the Holy ones. Taken by them, she was trained in the Holy and Battle arts, becoming one with the light, one you can always depend on, one who was always there, one who would do whatever it takes to save the ones she loves. Over the course of time, and throughout the intense training she recieved the light penetrated into her being and bound with her soul granting her the wings of one who is pure of heart. During her 18th year of life she had lost everything, her home was destroyed, she watched hidden as the only people who could be called family were burned in righteous fire. She begged him to let her help the rain poured from the sky but he refuesed and bound her within a cart so she could not returne and told the horse to run and to never stop until she was safe. The last view of the holy land she had once called home burned forever more before being sealed away never to be seen again. Now she is all that remains of her now broken race.

Name: Nesty
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Special Talent: Summoning creatures from other realms to serve him.
Personality: He shares a special connection and protective nature to the creatures he summons, yet can be rather uncaring when it comes to humans around him, he has a love for the natural planet, can't resist the premise of a good adventure.
Brief Bio: He comes from a long line of summoners. They don't have much interaction with the outside world and generally keep to themselves, due to their interest in the other realms.


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Umbraxia sighed. She hadn't really gotten any information. If they weren't going to work together, then they weren't going to get far. It's not like they're all going to trust each other, she didn't trust some of them, but that didn't mean they couldn't work together.

The party was fairly quiet at this point. She started humming a lullaby that her shadows had sang to her as a child. Some people might think it strange that the shades would sing to her, but they honestly loved her and treated her like their own child. They were a family, not just a mage and her creatures.
  Umbraxia Atrium / LadySeraph / 8y 9d 15h 23m 30s
"There hasn't happened much. These people are pretty good at what they do. No questions but only the task ahead of them.", he mumbled as he was hovering in the air. He was meditating and moving at the same time. He looked in the surroundings for dead idiots and evil aura's. The party had begun, so he would have a small army when he got the chance. He just didn't trust the others, that wasn't a problem. "Nor hope Nor despair is what is needed. Dead or alive, it doesn't matter. Let the dead be alive and the living be dead. Nor hope nor despair is what is ....", he was repeating that mantra. Every wizard had his own triggers, this was his. Some decided to yell in latin, but that wasn't worth it. That small army was step two of his plans.

  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 14d 1h 14m 37s

Kierra nodded to the boy who was named Katsumi. "Why are you going on this journey?" She said, slowing down so that she could walk beside him. She looked at the other witches and wizards. They looked like they were physically and mentally ready for smething like this. Kierra was only partially sure. She was meak and tiny Only reaching 4'1". She looked to the Katsumi, and studied him. He had shagging black hair, and he was slender.

She looked at the boy named Zachary Stark. He was pretty far ahead, and so were the others. This was because of her slow pace. Slow and steady won the race Kierra. She thought to herself. Was she ready?
  Marriette Angeline Potter / JennaWest / 8y 14d 7h 35m 18s
Allacyn walked for awhile, alone with no one around. Soon, the others did manage to catch up with her, some seemed hesitant but this did not worry her at all. As they walked, she looked towards the one known as Katsumi. "The dangers are not from what is around the gem, those can be dealt with." She replied before taking a deeper breath. "It's the gem itself that worries me."

All the others were making small talk, trying to pass the time to figure out the answers to an impossible question. Suicide mission it might be, but if this really is the gem, then the risk is unquestionable. As they walked, her mind stayed deep in thought the entire time as rain drops lightly began to pour. Allacyn heard the blind girls question, but remained silent, no need in worrying the group if it isn't the gem. Carefully she kept her mind and all her barriers closed, mind reading seemed prevelent within the group and this information and anything else in her mind shall stay there.

Off in the distance a huge flash of light lit up the sky, followed by an explosion of sound. The storm drew closer as the darkness fell and the rain picked up its ferocity pounding the group but still Allacyn pushed on, if the others wanted to stop then so be it, she may need their help later on. Raising her hand, the palm to the sky, a ball of pure energy ignited abover her glove illuminating the pathway in front of her. Pure light hovered just within her grasp giving off more than enough light to see ahead for a little ways. Every now and then a large flash of light illuminated the sky with the rumbling explosions getting nearer and nearer, the storm was almost over top of them.
  Allacyn Besalla / skyline339 / 8y 17d 4h 27m 6s
Rini listened to the others. The king really haven't told them anything about the gem. What if the gem doesn't really exist? People go missing all the time. Maybe they just fell for someone or got killed by anything living. Rini didn't like the sound of it. A suicide mission?

"Let's just get the stupid thing. Just keep your eyes open and be ready for whatever is going to happen." Rini tells them.

Rini takes a deep breath. She whispers to herself, summoning the elements. She could feel them swirling around her. Rini loves having them around her. She had a smile on her face.
  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 17d 14h 57m 50s
He was keeping telepathic communication with his scouts, they were fast but they couldn't fight if they were far from him. He nods, "at least the darkness isn't bad when I know what's inside" he mumbles to himself his hand instinctively clenching his blade. As his head swiftly darts around. He hears the blind girls question.

"all I know is that the nasod queen wants it, it said it holds many secrets the nasod could use to increase our powers, even our life span." he tells her "but every nasod soldiers she has sent die before they get close, this is probably a suicide mission." he scratches his chin
  Zachary Stark (Nasod) / Crowsky / 8y 19d 2h 5m 50s
Umbraxia didn't really care who was leader. She didn't need one to get the job done. She followed after Allacyn. She kept an ear out for the footsteps of the others to ensure that she didn't wander off in the wrong direction. She did however let her mind wander to think about what had happened and probably would end up happening later.

She could tell that not everyone was planning on giving up the gem. She knew of one, but she could sense there were others, though she couldn't pinpoint who it was. She wasn't sure what was so special about it because she hadn't heard of it before. She just hoped that she wouldn't have to resort to violence. With the exception of a very small percentage of people, she didn't like hurting anyone. She viewed that as an evil trait. And evil is something she was not, despite everyone's assumptions. She could hurt people, badly or even fatally if she had to, but she'd much rather be left alone to herself.

It was at this point that she decided she needed to know more about the gem, so she said something as they were walking. "The King has told us next to nothing about this gem, or the quest to get it. Do any of you have any information at all?"
  Umbraxia Atrium / LadySeraph / 8y 19d 4h 2m 41s
He looks at the group "This is going to suck.." he Snaps his fingers and three pigs fly to him "scout ahead!" then nod and fly off ahead of the group great that's three off my attack and defense he quickly ran up after everyone brute? he questioned lyon "I am a man of creation I creat beauty I am no brute!" he stands proudly and marches on.

After walking questions ran through his head abd funnily his old fear came back. Pain...he hated anytype of pain though he didn't want anyone to know, it would make him an easy target especially for Lyon. But the darkness around them didn't help. Whatever is inside causes pain.

He sort of hid behind everyone else hoping he won't be noticed
  Zachary Stark (Nasod) / Crowsky / 8y 19d 15h 39m 18s
Rini snorts. Lyon seems to be a kiss ass. He is definitely up to something. Rini drops the flower.
"With no disrespect but I ain't following no group leader. We are all here for the same thing. The rub. Though not everyone is here for the king but for their personal need. Just so we are clear I'm here for the adventure. I don't want the gem."

Rini folds her arms. She already don't like most of them. They seem cocky and evil. Rini isn't a fan of evil people with powers or abilities. Rini looks up seeing dark clouds. This isn't going to be good. It better just rain and not be a thunder storm or what ever.
  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 19d 22h 26m 24s
Katsumi nodded and followed Allacyn, weaving in and out of the tree's as they made their way through the forest. As he was walking, he started to think to himself again, Lyon talks a lot... Rini's just mysterious, Allacyn was serious, Zachary had cool pig minions, Umbraxia seemed to think the same as him, with he Lyon incident, there was a lot of different people here...

Catching up with Allacyn, Katsumi proceeded to ask her a question. "You seem very serious about this, do you think there will be any particular danger that we will have to face? Like monsters or other mages trying to get the gem?" he, for some reason, thought that Allacyn seemed like the most serious here, well kind of.
  Katsumi Cana / Orange_nommer / 8y 20d 2h 21m 2s
"Ah, So you're one who believes in bravery.", he said as he followed. This person sure was funny. "I believe Zachary should lead us. At least, in our decisions.", he said. He only had to change the plan a little bit. He wouldn't use the leader as a doll, but he would let everyone follow him, so that Lyon got the freedom he had to have. "But your name is Allacyn, eh. You're special, give me your power. I would like to know how such a delicate person came to travel with brutes like Zachary.", he said as he weaved the words together. That gem would be his, it didn't matter what he had to do. "And march, people.", he said as he looked at his demon. "Think that we have to follow.", he said. "Of course my master.", the demon said. And so they followed. Lyon plotting plans to use the woman to his advantage, the demon just following his master and obeying.
  Lyon Levesque / VolugDesirae / 8y 20d 2h 46m 12s
The attention of the group seemed to have changed slightly towards herself, standing still she turns her head slightly and eyes over the rest of the group once more. "My name..." She breathed out slowly and stood there for a long time before replying. "My name is Allacyn." She spoke towards the group before turning to Lyon her face changing from calm to a much more serious look. "You cannot peer into my mind, I have memories that I wish to stay hidden completely. Whatever it is you wish to find out, you will... with time." She spoke with power and conviction, showing that she has a great and powerful force not one to be taken lightly. "As for a leader, I have no opinion one way or another. Choose whatever democracy you wish to take, and waste your time with speaches." She said before turning back away from the group. "A leader will always show itself whether or not the group desires it, but as of this moment I will comence the journey. Those who wish to stay and bicker can stay." Turning her head back towards the group with a slight smile on her face. "But those brave enough shall follow me." Turning back towards the forest Allacyn began to walk in the direction of the last known location of the gemstone.

There was more to this gemstone than any of them realized, during her studies within the Holy plains she had read about a gem. A gem with remarkable powers, but only one of the pieces. Whatever happens the gem was coming with her, the King will understand. She found it quite amusing as she walked onward that no one had yet followed her, they all deemed leadership with such a high importance yet no one deemed the gem as high or even higher priority. Without much of a worry she continued onwards, her eyes looking up at the sky noticing the clouds coming over. Rain tonight she thought.
  Allacyn Besalla / skyline339 / 8y 20d 4h 47m 39s
He scratches his chin "the king should have asked the basis for help instead of putting any human Mage in....humans are tainted" one of his pigs goes to his shoulder "saddly I agree with Lyon we need a leader but also a democracy we need to mix both, but I refuse to follow any of Lyon orders he's obviously up to something, though I so not know. I shall valounteer as leader if you will let me and the light one chooses not to be" he crosses his arms and looks at everyone sternly and stands straight his pigs seem to cheer for him

He didn't want to be leader, it would draw attention to him when he didn't want it, but if it keeps Lyon from being leader then he'll gladly take it. He also didn't like the idea of anyone of light being leader always doing good there's no place for good or bad only science
  Zachary Stark (Nasod) / Crowsky / 8y 20d 13h 10m 17s
"I think it's obvious that the necromancer wants sir Cana to be leader because he believes, possibly incorrectly, that Katsumi would be the easiest to use as his pawn. From what I've seen from him so far, he desires to be the leader's puppet master so that he gets what he wants without his name being sullied. As for him being the leader, I know that it would be a grave mistake to follow that path. I am not aware of what his plans are, but it is certain that he cares only for himself.

If it was decided that we absolutely need a leader, I think that the best choice would be the light mage, who hasn't given her name yet. If what I believe is her origins are correct, then she will be both a good leader who won't be beguiled by snakes and will keep in mind what is best for the mission and those involved in it."
  Umbraxia Atrium / LadySeraph / 8y 20d 13h 11m 43s
Rini makes a face, sticking her tongue out when he continues to talk about a leader and Democracy. She Isn't going to change her mind. Voting for everything sounds better. Lyon seem... seems like some type of way. Something about him makes her want to watch him carefully. Just to be on a somewhat safe side. Her trust issues always made her this way. The girl smiles at the male with a crow on his shoulder. Someone agrees with her. Plus he doesn't seem like he can handle important decisions when everyone's life depends on it. Not to sound mean. He did look like he was freaking out when Lyon wanted him to be the leader.

Rini didn't bother answering him. There's a lot a person can do knowing everyone's powers. The person would try to find a weakness. Rini tried not to think about it. She went to go walk on the grass. She stops to pluck a flower. A smile spreads across her face. She gently twirls the flower by its stem as she continues to walk.
  Rini / Simply_Random / 8y 20d 15h 55m 54s

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