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Congradulations! You have been accepted into Hogwarts. New Headmaster Magonigal welcomes you!

Dear Students,
Welcome. It is the dawn of a new year at Hogwarts. We excpect oly excellence, and know that's what we will recieve of you. This year has many great event's in store. We expect more outgoing students to take the challenge of their classes. Please enjoy the new year!

What if there was another person added to the Golden Trio from the beginning? What if it was the Golden Quartet? What if there was another girl just as smart, brave, and beautiful as Hermione. What if she had a secret connection to Harry Potter, bloodwise. What if she was the result of a one time affair between Lily Potter, and Snape? That's what this story is about. The story of Jane Snape. When Lily found out she was pregnant, she went to Snape, and they preformed a task. Basically growing Jane until she was a grown infant, and Snape raised her. She is a few months older than Harry, because this all happened only a few short months before Harry was concieved. This is their story. And the beginning of a new adventure.

I will need the real characters e.g: Harry, Ronald, Hermione, Nevel, Draco, Dumbledoor, Hagrid, All the Professers, Voldemort, etc. These slots will need to be filled soon, OC's are allowed, but please join as main characters preferably.

There will need to bethe main characters, e.g: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasly, Hermione Granger, Professers, Nevel, Draco, Dumbledoor, Hagrid, etc. Please lets try to fill those slots in before we do oc's.
1. Real pictures please. I have no preferances otherwise.
2. Be literate. Spell as correctly as you can, and be punctuate. At least 2 paragraphs please. 800 characters at the least
3. No godmodding, or cybering.
4. Cussing is allowed, just don't over do it.
5. Romance is also allowed, but don't make that you'r firs priority.
6. Please PM me your skelly, and Pic url. If I approve, THEN you may request for access.

Skelly E.g.:
Favorite Class(es):
Small Bio:


Name: Jane Maria Snape
Age: 12
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Year: 1st
Petronus: Snow Fox
Wand: 12" Rainboy dust, unicorn hair, rose thorn, mahogany.
Favorite Class(es): Potions, Spells
Personality: Quiet, but bubbly at the same time. She is a lot like her father, but like her mother too.
Small Bio: Lily Potter is her mother, and Snape is her father. She was convcieved a few months before Snape & Lily's affair ended. Snape and Lily concieved Harry too, but nobody knew that. She thought it was Jame's. Anyways, Jane was quickly grown into a newborn infant And was raised by Snape.

Hermione Granger - Open
Harry Potter - Open
Professer Snape - Open
Ronald Weasly - Open
Nevel Longbottom - Open
Draco Malfloy - Open
Dumbledoor - Open
Professer Magonagal - Open
Voldemort - Open


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Jane woke up to her father, Snape, waking her up. It was time for her to start preparing for her first day of school. Her first day at Hogwarts. Her dad had told her there would be a special boy coming this year too. And if I was smart, I'd stay away from him. He said his name was Harry, or something like that.

She got out of bed, took a shower, and got dressed. It seemed as if her dad had already packed for her. This would probably be something her mother would do. But she never met her mother. Doesn't even know what she looks like. Her father said he found her in an orphanage and adopted her. But she had her doubts.

She was too much like her father to fully believe they have no real relation. She had his mysterious qualities. She was quiet, and shy. She was smart, and powerful. But for now she would believe this. She would believe it until proven otherwise......

She went downstairs after she was ready, to find a big breakfast. She had to eat quickly, so they'd be there in time for the housing ceremony. She hoped she'd get into Slytherin, like her father. But you can't choose. That was the sorting hat's job.

She'd read many books and articles about Hogwarts, and was very excited that she would finally get to go. After they were done eating, they got into the car, and headed to Hogwarts. The place that would change their lives one day. In very different ways, that were similar all the same. This was the Beginning.
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