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Six random people in Cocoon have been branded Pulse L'Cie. Now they are fighting to get out of Cocoon. The moment they were branded, they went unconscious and saw a vision. The vision showed Cocoon plummeting from the heavens. Was this connected to their focus?

Paradigm Roles:
A paradigm is a set of 3 roles your character can take

Commando (COM): Physical Attacks and Non-Elemental Magic
Ravager (RAV): Elemental Magic based attacks
Sentinel (SEN): Draws foes toward the character and defends against enemy attacks
Saboteur (SAB): Weakens foes with slow and other of the same type magic
Synergist (SYN): Focuses on strengthening allies
Medic (MED): Curative spells

Each of the 6 L'Cie has an Eidolon that eventually he or she must face. The Eidolon appears to test the strength of the character.

Odin: Lyus
Gestalt Mode: Sleipnir

Shiva Sisters : DeityRin
Gestalt Mode: Motorcycle

Brynhildr: SkyPixie
Gestalt Mode: Race Car

Bahamut: Ravenbird
Gestalt Mode: Dragon Form

Alexander: Shizuo2Izaya
Gestalt Mode: Immobile Fortress

Hecatoncheir: Amaryllis
Gestalt Mode: Bipedal Mech

The reason I put this is because only one person can have one type of weapon. Say one character uses swords, no other character can use swords.

Gunblade: Lyus
Bare Hands: Shizuo2Izaya
Twin Pistols: SkyPixie
Boomerang: Amaryllis
Triple-Sectioned Staff: Ravenbird
Binding Rod: DeityRin

No GM, TS, or Cybering
Cussing is ok, just don't make a habit of it.
Action is ok
Romance is ok
There will be 3 girls and 3 boys
Have fun!

Character Skeleton:


Accepted Characters:

Username: Lyus
Name: Lyus Blackrose
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Weapon: Gunblade - Enkindler
Eidolon: Odin
Paradigm: COM RAV MED

User name: Ravenbird
Name: Ravenbird Blackfeather
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Wepon: Triple-section staff
Eidolon: Bahamut
Paradigm: RAV, MED, SAB

Username: DeityRin
Name: Rin Dusk
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weapon: Binding Rod
Eidolon: Shiva Sisters
Paradigm: Syn, Med, Sen.

Username: Shizuo2Izaya
Name: Kevin Billingsley
Weapon: Bare handed- Wild Bear
Eidolon: Alexander

Username: SkyPixie
Name: Gracean
Age: 18 years
Gender: Female
Weapon: Pistol
Eidolon: Brynhildr
Paradigm: COM, RAV and SYN

Username: Amaryllis
Name: Cobu Shoushin (Cobu-san)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Weapon: Boomerang
Eidolon: Hecatoncheir
Paradigm: SAB, RAV, MED


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Okay, and I'm off to bed big day tomorrow got to get up early so good night Dall face
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 322d 15h 43m 51s
I kinda explained how L'cie brands work to her.)
  Kevin / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 322d 15h 46m 19s
True true and sorry Cobu I am having writters block
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 322d 15h 49m 58s
during school time its restricted because of homewark but more people want to RP because it an escape from wor but during the summer no one needs that escape except for us few)
  Kevin / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 322d 15h 58m 45s
really for me it's school time
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 322d 16h 10m 41s

  Kevin / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 322d 19h 49m 8s
What happened to everyone? O.o
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 323d 3h 9m 10s
Cobu examined Ravenbird's brand of the L'Cie with a gasp, "Ah... How interesting." But the fact that her mark was not on her neck didn't phase him. What had caught his interrest was that it was also gradually beginning to fade like his. This concerned him deeply. If she was like him, that meant that they both didn't have much time left to furfill their Focus. This brought a sudden wave of urgency through Cobu's mind. Not for his own sake, but he wanted to keep Ravenbird protected as he had tried to in the past, leading to his infamous betrayal. He knew now that it was his responsibility to, if not furfill his part of the Focus, then to at least help her furfill her's.

"Don't worry, dear. It's not strange that your brand was placed there. Many have their own marks branded in a vareity of places upon their skin." After adding this, he couldn't help but to stare at the L'Cie brand with an unusual sense of worry in his eyes that had never been seen as of yet.
  Cobu Shoushin / Amaryllis / 7y 324d 18h 4m 59s
She saw him keep smiling at her but she didn't smile back. She stopped and grabbed her left upper arm near her shoulder, unlike the others she was not marked on the neck. For some reason they couldn't mark her neck so they marked her arm instead. It still pains her when she thinks about it, she sighed and moved up her sleeve to show her mark. it showed black wings with what where suppose to be balls of energy of different colors to match her powers. "For some strange reason they couldn't mark my neck, so they ended up marking my arm instead." She said, she couldn't remember really how it happened she blacked out when they marked her and when she came threw no one was in the room and so she made a brake for it. She shook her head to bring her back to reality.
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 334d 3h 3m 8s
Cobu walked with graceful stride along side his friend and kept smiling at her. He was happy to be in her prescense. Being around her gave him a warm feeling that only she could deliver him and which he had missed so dearly since they had been apart for so long. However, he found himself looking up at the stars as she attempted to start a conversation with him.

"I've been alright. Continuing my research on our focus... you know, before it's too late?" He said, pulling down the scruff his neck to reveal the now paling mark in his skin. After he was sure she had gotten the point that his L'cie tattoo was aging fast, he straightened out the collar of his shirt again and took a step closer to Ravenbird.

"I'm sorry but may I take a look at yours?" He asked politely, gesturing to her own mark.
  Cobu Shoushin / Amaryllis / 7y 335d 16h 52m 47s
Ravenbird nodded, did not smile even though she kinda wanted to, but her hatred twords him kept her from smiling. She walked out the door shutting it behind them, she walked next to him for a bit quiet not really shure what to say. "So how have you been since you've been marked?" She asked trying to start a conversation, she was never good at starting conversations but always good at keeping them going. She had her hands in her jeens pocket with her head down, but she spoke loud enough for him to hear.
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 338d 17h 29m 41s
Cobu smiled up at Ravenbird as she stood. He knew that he was slow\ly getting tired from all the travel and excitement of the day but didn't care. If his friend wanted to go on a walk in the late hours of the night then he would not resist or hesitate to accompany her. Especially if that was her wish. He made it clear that he would be nothing but loyal to Ravenbird from now on by standing almost immediatly to take her lead.

"If that is what you want, my dear."
  Cobu Shoushin / Amaryllis / 7y 338d 18h 3m 22s
Ravenbird smiled and sighed looking up at him. "I want to go for a walk, come with me." She said it was more of a demand then an offer really. Se wanted to get some fresh air ad clear her thoughts and she wanted Cobu to go with her, she didn't know why now that she had already asked her questions she still wanted him to go with her. She grabbed her staff and stood up looking down at him ready to go, she knew they have been walking all day but she loved the night time and how the air was so nice and cool and clean in the woods.
  Ravenbird / Ravenbird / 7y 338d 18h 43m 58s
Kevin snapped back to reality after a moment when his stomach growled. "Okay I'll get you something to eat he said to his stomach as he got off the balcony and went into the kitchen. When he got n he saw Rin. Kevin wasn't in the mood to try and help her but he still felt a little compelled to talk to her. "Hey." He said with a bright smile. "How are you?" He felt kind of stupid saying this and sat in a chair. "Okay scratch that. Do you have any brothers or sister?" He asked with a little mix of curiousity and sadness.
  Kevin / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 342d 22h 38m 5s
Cobu mentally sighed to himself as he realized that Ravebird had spared him from explaining his feelings. But he had been surprised to hear her have have other question and quickly reset his mind to note that it would only be under instinct that she should want to know such a thing. So he smiled once again as he replied.

"Our focus."
  Cobu Shoushin / Amaryllis / 7y 343d 13h 57m 7s

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