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This is for me and meh LeeLee. We know what to do love.

"It was heaven--right smack in the middle of hell."


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"I love you too, Bella." The blonde whispered, a blush over her cheeks as she felt the other rubbing her stomach. Lightly she stopped her hands and brought them up to her lips, kissing them gently. "I missed you so much."
  Rosalie Hale / lilmisssassy / 3y 77d 14h 40m 20s
Bella pulls Rose into her arms as they lay on the couch. Kissing the blonde's temple. "I love you." She whispers. Hugging Rose close. Her hand slides to Rose's stomach. Rubbing it gently.
  Bella Swan / immortal_dreamer / 3y 77d 15h 47m 47s
She smiled softly, eyes still locked with Bella's as she lightly stroked her cheek. Softly, the blonde returned the others kiss and pulled back after a couple seconds, a soft smile still playing over her lips, slowly taking Bella's hand and dragging her with her to the living room so they could sit and relax together.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 330d 4h 54m 21s
Bella looks into Rose's eyes. and smiles. Leaning into her hand. Bella kisses her gently.
  Bella Swan / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 337d 8h 47m 19s
"I think I remember it.. or at least a little.." She whispered softly, looking to Bella, a light smile tracing her lips when she saw the other's blush. Slowly her hand came up and gently brushed her cheek as she leaned in and kissed her lightly.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 3y 337d 8h 55m 1s
Bella blushes."It is one of Mother's lullabies." She sighs.
  Bella Swan / Immortal_Dreamer / 3y 338d 12h 52m 57s
"That's so pretty Bella." She whispered as she listened to her humming and soon had the dishes washed and began to put away what Bella dried.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 28d 7h 20m 55s
Bella nodded and started rinsing what Rose was washing. She started humming once more.
  Bella Swan / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 28d 12h 43m 17s
She blushed some and nodded. "You're right.. But it will take some getting used to." She whispered, returning a kiss to Bella's cheek before washing the plates that they had used.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 28d 13h 34m 56s
Bella got up and looked at Rose."We can clean up together. We are both human so we have to be careful." She smiled. Kissing ROse's cheek.
  Bella Swan / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 31d 11h 38m 18s
She wasn't really hungry, but was hungry enough. She finished soon after Bella had and blushed as she looked over at her. "I can clean this up since you made them." She said, offering a smile.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 41d 12h 35m 44s
Bella smiled as she saw Rose start to eat.She finished off her food quickly.
  Bella Swan / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 41d 12h 46m 31s
Rosalie nodded, blushing again. She had meant her words. And after being told to eat, she did begin to eat.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 41d 12h 48m 38s
Bella blushed."Thank you. Now eat."She sits down and starts on her food.
  Bella Swan / Immortal_Dreamer / 4y 41d 12h 50m 41s
"I know, but even now you make it look so wonderful and like it shouldn't be eaten." She said giggling a little, though she were serious.
  Rosalie Hale / Dawn_Petrova / 4y 41d 12h 58m 43s

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