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In a remote village there have been disappearances and murders littering the country land. At first, the people are unsure of what to believe. Do they have a killer in their midsts or is there an animal that is attacking the poor villagers? One night a group decides that enough is enough, and they must get to the bottom of the killing spree.

Shadow is the outcast of the village. Not many care to be around him, and many are beginning to believe that he is behind the killings. Why? Because of his involvement in the "magicks", and his distaste for the village itself. He lived away from the rest, near the forest's entrance. The night the hunting party takes place was the night everything would change.

Mika is the daughter of the village leader, and the apple of her father's eye. Naturally, when her father created the hunting party, she too would participate. Deciding that she would go where no one else wanted to, she went to visit Shadow's house and to ask him questions. Little did anyone know that Shadow is actually a werewolf, and he is responsible for the killings. Mika hid behind a tree and watched as Shadow transformed into a wolf. When he detected her smell, he attacked, but she was surprised to see that instead of killing her, he growled at her and backed off. Why? Will she tell the villagers that he's the killer, or will she keep it secret to find out why he hadn't killed her like the rest?

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  Shadowclaw / Shadow_Wolf / 8y 80d 20h 45m 25s
Shadowcalw didn't move he just laid there the door was on lock. He was stil frighten he didn't want to be shot with silver bullet but if this was the bitter end he was just going lay there and hope his death would be fast.

The bath tub he was laying in was covered with his blood. He blood coming from his hands. Blood leaking out of all of this cute and scratches. He sighed softly as he slowly sat up his vision was blurry. He sighed staying there not moving much. He listening for the door to open.
  Shadowclaw / Shadow_Wolf / 8y 80d 20h 46m 43s
Mika closed the door finally, and sunk down to the floor crying. She couldn't believe what had happened. "No, he couldn't have done it." She thought as she remembered the night before. She got up and ran outside, going straight to Shadowclaw's house before she knocked loudly on the door. "Shadow!" She called out, still crying.
  [M] i k a / CaughtonFire / 8y 104d 13h 29m 51s
Shadowclaw had limp home he was covered in blood. He walked in walked into the bathroom and pulled off his shirt he dropped if to the floor. The looked in the mirror and snarled and he smash it with his hands. "Damn it" He sighed softly as he fallen back into his bathtub

He end up falling a sleep in the bathtub.He didn't car any more he tired of killing but he couldn't stop him self. He couldn't control this inner beast. When it want out it came out and it slaughter who ever it want. But why not Mika...was it because he had feeling for her did the beast like her? All these question ran threw his mind as he try to sleep
  Shadowclaw / Shadow_Wolf / 8y 106d 4h 20m 51s
He left her there, and she let out a shaky breath. "What just happened? Is he... Is he the killer?" She asked herself as she got up and ran back home. Her father hadn't returned yet, so she sat at the kitchen table waiting for him.

She woke up the next morning still in the same spot. Rubbing her eyes, she got up. "Papa?" She called out, but getting no answer in return. "Papa?" She called out again as she searched the house. Still nothing. There was a knock at the door, and she answered it. It was Bill, her father's friend. He looked like he had been crying. "Hello, Bill. What's wrong?" She asked, concerned. "Oh, Mika, I'm so sorry, lass. Your pa... he was killed last night." Mika stood there in shock. "What...?" She asked, her voice barely a whisper.
  [M] i k a / CaughtonFire / 8y 106d 13h 48m 43s
He growled baring his fang at her "Get way!" He said he sound like he was in pain. He the ran off and away from her. "Damn she seen me" He ran off into the wold hoping she wouldn't follow him.

What am I going to do she going to tell the town and then they will come and try to kill...What am I going to do" He ran fast in the wood he notice someone and he lunge at them and ripping them apart he was still up set. He eat some of the humans meat and then ran off he went home at sun rise and he was covered in blood and cuts.
  Shadowclaw / Shadow_Wolf / 8y 106d 13h 55m 43s
Mika let out a small gasp, and moved back as she seen him transform. It was too late, he had found her. "S-Shadow..." She said softly, moving back more. She tripped over a rock and fell back. She was so scared. What if he tried to kill her? "Shadow?" She asked softly, still afraid.
  [M] i k a / CaughtonFire / 8y 106d 14h 5m 0s
Shadowclaw had stubble out side he was moaning in pain. He looked at the sky and started cursing at it. "Why..Why Damn" His form started to change. His beautiful black hair with purple/pink streaks started to turn in rough and course looking mane that was solid black

He step out into the moon light his eyes change from violet to a deep yellow. He let out a frighten howl he sniffed the air smelling a familiar sent. He walked over to the tree he seen Mika he let out a low growl at her. He had liked her but would never tell her that. He growled at her baring his fangs.

  Shadowclaw / Shadow_Wolf / 8y 106d 14h 33s
"Mika do you honestly think it's smart to go to his house?" Her father asked her as they lead the hunting party towards the forest. "Well, of course, Papa. We can't go into the forest uninvited. It is his after all." The pink haired girl replied as she held the flash light out in front of her. "Alright, dear one, but if there is any trouble, you best run straight home." Her father told her before ruffling her hair. "Yes, Papa." She smiled and fell back as the rest of the group continued onward.

Just up ahead was Shadow's house. Many feared him, because he dealt with the "dark ways" as her father put it. She had only seen Shadow once. It was during the summer festival. He was yelling at people. "Ugh, nevermind that." She scolded herself as she began to walk towards the house. There was an eerie feeling surrounding it, and it made her feel uncomfortable. She hid behind a tree, trying to work up the courage to go and knock on his door to ask is he knew anything about the recent killing spree. "Worse that could happen... I end up dead, but they would find the murderer." She though with a nod just before she walked out from behind the tree.
  [M] i k a / CaughtonFire / 8y 106d 15h 2m 56s

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