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At the DWMA, weapons and their misters train in order to preserve the peace and protect the world from evil.

Many students are motivated into fighting against the Evil humans and Witches with their main goal: making or becoming a Death scythe. When a Demon Weapon has consumed a certain amount of souls in a particular order they gain extraordinary power and can be used by Lord Death himself.

This is the story of the weapons and their meisters as they train, and take on daily life. Won't you join them?


At DWMA there will not be any fights without a teacher present.
Don't be late for class!
All missions should be cleared with Lord Death before taking them on.
And most importantly, have fun!

- My rules
I'm pretty laid back, so there won't be much.
Basic ES rules apply.
Decent grammar please.
NO GOD MODDING. I will personally smite thee for it.
Canon characters are welcome!
Also, please fill out the Skelly below. <3


-Puppet Master
- Weapon or Meister:
-Short Bio:
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Accepted Characters

-Puppet Master: CaughtonFire
-Name: Analise Franklin
-Age: Seventeen
-Weapon or Meister: Weapon
- Partner: Kevin Billingsley
-Short Bio: Analise is shy, and doesn't talk much to others. Many think she is weird because she has no family and very little friends. Her left eye, which is red, gives her the ability to see another person's soul. She transforms into a Claymore sword.

-Puppet Master: Shizuo2Izaya
-Name: Kevin Billingsley
-Weapon or Meister: Meister
-Partner: Analise Franklin
-Eye color: Normal=Grey, Red=Angry, White=Happy,Black= Sad, and Green= Adrenaline in use.
-Short Bio: Kevin ,according to most everyone at the DWMA, is an asshole but, if you really get know him or ask Analise Franklin then you'll find out he's really nice and will go out of his way for anyone. Kevin has music and cooking as an outlet and he can't stand dumbasses or ironically assholes. Kevin has the birth defect of being able to control his adrenaline levels and his eyes change color with his mood to portray his soul. His father and mother died when he was ten. His Mother died first and he blames himself for her death, that is why you will sometimes notice her pop up in his head and try to talk to him. His dad died shortly after when he went on a mission without her.

Puppet Master:HirokoKyo
-Name:Akira Chisaki
- Weapon or Meister:Weapon
-Partner: Takashi
-Short Bio: Akira is a shy,quiet girl when you first meet her.After you get to know her as well as a meister can get to know his weapon.You will see that she is a loud,feisty jet black long staffed scythe.She will do anything it takes to protect her friends and family.She will do anything to protect her meister at all cost, even if it means giving up her life.Her goal is to one day become a death scythe.She is hardworking,caring,sweet at times,fun just a good person to be around.
- Pic

Puppet Master: xXEurkaXx
-Name: Takashi and that's all.
-Age: 18 1/2.
-Weapon or Meister: Meister
-Partner: Akira
-Short Bio: Takashi is quite hard to get along with,he is some what of a jerk and is very witty.
- Pic:

-Puppet Master: Ariyuki
-Name Yukiyo
-Age seventeen
- Weapon or Meister: Weapon
-Partner River
-Short Bio: Is almost always alone. He is quiet and kind. He always looks sad and turns into a black katana with golden designs down the blade.
- Pic:

-Puppet Master - StarlessGaze
-Name - Sasuke Kimura
-Age - Seventeen and a half
- Weapon or Meister: Meister
-Partner - Minori Kojima
-Short Bio: Sasuke had always been alone. His mother had been the death scythe for Lord Death himself before. Sasuke never really met her because, well she didn't want him. It was as simple as that. Once she retired, she started to travel around the world. So Sasuke was left to take care of himself. He never knew his father which didn't help the fact that he'd already become cold to the world. Sasuke now seems like the person who'd be upset if you cried over his grave when he died. He doesn't know how to deal with people's kindness because he feels like he doesn't have anything to give in return. When he was old enough to start training, he worked his butt off to get into DWMA.

-Puppet Master: Chugokku-aru
-Name: Minori Kojima
-Age: 15
- Weapon or Meister: Weapon
-Partner: Sasuke Kimura
-Short Bio: The least she will ever say about her past, which is hard to get out of her mouth to begin with, was that her father was her first meister. It was to help the both of them survive. In full truth, after her parents divorced and her father gained custody of her, they accepted killing jobs to help them get money for food and to stay in a home. Somehow, they had saved enough money to allow her to go to the accademy for education. Minori had declined right off the bat, yet her father forced her to go.
- Pic:

-Puppet Master: Renn
-Name: River
-Age: 18
- Weapon or Meister: Meister
-Partner: Yukiyo
-Short Bio: She's fairly quiet around others except for her those she considers friends. River has no memory of her past so she doesn't know if she had a family or not.
- Pic:

Puppet Master: Reiver
-Name: Reiver Shade
-Age: 19
-Weapon or Meister: Meister
- Partner: Marini Alexander
-Short Bio: Reiver is a rather dark and shadowy character at first glance. This is mostly due to his upbringing, when he was young his parents were killed by a band of witches and he was taken from his very crib. The witches fallowed in many others foot steps and tried to turn the boy into a kishin over the years. Forced to witness horror after horror his sanity slowly eroded away. It looked like they would succeed until one day he saw from his cell a young meister weapon pair stand to his captures but as they battled their strength started to fade. The pair seemed as if their end was near. However their courage inspired reiver who tore the door off his cell and aided the pair in their escape.

Reiver then went to the dwma, however his madness was still rather apparent. Lord death agreed to take the boy under his wing and took all the pure souls he had been forced to devour to help ease his madness. He now trains endlessly to become strong and defend others from a life he has to live with. But contrary to his appearance he is a rather happy person, mainly through sarcasm but still happy. The only real apparent indication to his past is in some tough fights the madness makes him a little brutal and love the sound of screams a little too much.

-Puppet Master: CaughtonFire
-Name: Marini Alexander
-Age: 18
- Weapon or Meister: Weapon
-Partner: Reiver Shade
-Short Bio: Marini is very easy going, adventurous, and tends to think before she acts. When she becomes mad or upset, she has the tendency to use foul language. She comes from a long family of weapons, all of which have that have become weapons for Lord Death at some point and time. Her weapon form is a swordstaff.
- Pic:

-Puppet Master: Symphonikka
-Name: Devon Mayhill
-Age: 17
- Weapon or Meister: Weapon
-Partner : Celeste
-Short Bio: A self assured character that isn't afraid to stand alone. With sharpened senses and elite skills in one to one combat, Devon can adjust her wavelength to her Meister, making her a very handy and open weapon. With a very walled and calm personality, this observant girl was abandoned years ago and was found by her partner, Celeste. Growing up in the streets defined Devon to create several layers of herself, making it hard for people to get to know her, let alone get along with. Celeste, being the only one to love and care for her softened Devon's harsh judgement towards others and had changed Devon for the better, ofcourse, she's still stuck with her old ways and closes away from people, but Celeste knows that all it takes is time.
Devon is Very protective of Celeste.

-Puppet Master: ShadowBunny
-Name: Celeste Sage Lilyfawn
-Age: 15
- Weapon or Meister: Meister
-Partner: Devon Mayhill (Symphonikka)
-Short Bio: Growing up in a loving home, she never thought she`d have to fight to protect what she held dear. While she was walking home one day from picking up groceries at the local market for her family, she stumbled upon a homeless girl on the streets who called herself Devon. Taking pity on the girl and not realizing this girl was destined to be her partner, she gave her half of what was supposed to be her own supper before rushing home. Two weeks later, Celeste asks her parents' permission for Devon to move in with them, and later the two of them were to be enrolled in DWMA.
- Pic URL:

Puppet Master: Mokar
-Name: Tobi Mitsoyu
-Age: 17
- Weapon or Meister: Meister
-Partner: No one yet
-Short Bio: Tobi was attacked by a Kishin when he was a kid, his parents were murdered by a Kishin 2 weeks after Tobi's encounter. His brother was a Meister and he protected Tobi for a very long time, Tobi's brother sent him to DWMA Academy for his little brothers protection.

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[#07529d Looking back on to this story there was a lot of fond memories here. It seems like forever ago since the beginning. Admitably my memory of the events that had taken place are hazy; I never considered myself an important person in this narrative so it was hard to follow along with everything.]

Her purple eyes gazed reminisciently at the old book that was held in hands: it was the size of a novel, roughly 100-ish pages, it had a light layer of dust on its surface and the color of the book has faded slightly showing the passage of time. River's fingertips stroked its leather cover fondly as a faint smile formed on her face.

[#07529d "If it wasn't for Kevin I don't think I even would've met everyone. You know...I really don't know what part I played in this. Only when it reached the beach did I feel I was beginning to stand up. Man that was short lived"] A sigh escaped her lips. Thinking back on everything she could still remember her friends: [#07529d " Kevin, had a fondness towards listening to music and a good friend- somewhat rivals with Riever I think. Analise, she was somewhat of an older sister figure I always thought...I think there was a sister at some point. Her and Kevin were a nice couple I thought, not really sure what happened between them.]

[#07529d There was a lot of couples actually.....]

[#07529d Reiver I remember being somewhat edgy- but grew to be a sasful badass. Then Devon who I didn't really talk much with from memory but I know she was very stern- ironically it was around the cliffhanger/pause that she started getting emotions...but it was bad for some reason? But none the less she was strong too."]

River knew she was leaving out names. She could go through the story and discover them again but she hesitated- it felt like...this story has already been concluded. Everyone that was apart of it was gone. Maybe. Another time she will but for now it would strike a hollow feeling to reopen it's pages. It bothered her to think about Seijin. It was..a complicated scenario, even more so when she knew he tried to connect with her more then the others from that group.

With the edge of her hand River wiped away the dust. Taking up a pen from a white box that rested on the study desk she took a seat and began to write in the book. The sunlight softly illuminating the small room- the sunflower that rested on the sil of the window was very much enjoying the light.

[#07529d "This is a story that I don't believe will be continued. It's been many years since I've met or spoken with my old classmates. As much as I wonder where our path's would've ended together- I do not have the power alone to finish this book. So. I'll write: my final chapter."]

[#07529d "Kitsune was actually an old aquaintence of me and Kai's, how exactly I forgot, the last entry it sounded like I possibly died- I very much lived. We were taken away by her and well...I do believe we were an enemy of DWMA for a while, willingly, thinking back on it...kind of dramatic but with how I was feeling: I truly didn't feel like I was friends with anyone but Kai. Remember earlier that I said that I didn't feel like I was apart of the story much? Yes they were kind to me but I was always in the shadows...I was afraid to step into the spotlight: honestly there was so much happening I felt I couldn't. When I did come into the picture there was so much already happening that I was swept up in it all...unable to really connect with anyone.]

[#07529d "I didn't stay an enemy for my entire life. After fighting my old friends- over time I woke up. I gave up on that path and started a-new. To be honest...I feel like my path was meant to take a completely different ending- there was times I nearly succumbed to madness. But I felt a voice bringing me to my senses...if that was the case I feel Kai-"] She had to pause. The thought of it making her feel uneasy. [#07529d "I might've put Kai into a bad situation..."]

[#07529d "Due to awkwardness with betraying them in the past I don't live in Death City anymore, I've given up my job of being a meister. After all I have my own family to look after now. I have twins; a boy and girl. Their names are Melody and Sky. I'm happily married and living a fun life with Kai. I actually own a small orphanage in this town so I'm helping other young lives a chance to smile despite their harsh beginnings.]

A teardrop fell onto the page, as if just realizing it, River's hand stops writing for a moment and gently presses her cheek to feel the tears. With a few brushes of her wrist she wiped the tears away and continued to write the last passage.

[#07529d "I don't know what everyone is up to or where they are. But I can at least say my part. Even though I can't say how the story in the past unfolded- in the future, now, I'm doing okay and living. I wish everyone their own luck in their stories."]

Her attention was then drawn by the sound of cheerful screams coming from a different part of the house. Listening more closely she could make out Melody yelling at Sky to attack at the legs while she got the neck...Kai acting like a horrible monster. With a discreet aura scan- allowing her soul's wavelength to wash over the house she could in her mind see the image of Kai giving Melody a piggy back ride, arms holding around his neck, while Sky clung onto his leg like a stuffed animal. A giggle escaped her lips as she wrote one last passage.

[#07529d "Even though there's nothing more left to write here. The memories will forever live in all of us- and despite that we no longer see eachother we're at least sharing the same sky. I wish I could've been more involved with them. But it's okay. Maybe another day"]

And with that she closed the book and rested it onto the desk along with the pen. Sitting herself up River gazed at the book for a moment before taking her leave from the room- to rejoin her family in the living room.
  River / Renn / 1y 352d 10h 22m 0s
[i In the mirrors reflection....]

Pushed back by yet another attack she recovered quickly on her feet, when she looked up, the witch had jumped into the air with a bright glow gathering at her hands as she mouthed words with a wicked grin. The light taking form of a sword with a great force it was thrown down towards River at lightning speed. Out of instinct she manages to hit away one but the second narrowly missed, as if something diverted the sword, sparks were seen where the sword was moved off course as a crater appeared by her feet from the attack. River then began to sprint diagonally just before the next round is thrown and like before just missing- then another- then one last round. Being in a small street it left River not much space to move in, so with little choice, took a risk and managed to hit it away. It was at that moment the witch landed on the ground gracefully and began making hand gestures while chanting to herself.

Without a moment of hesitation River then leaped forward in an attempt to intercept the woman. Unfortunately however Kitsune created two weapons of light that then took form into two metal swords, with another incantation, the blade was then overwrapped with some kind of fabric with strange markings etched into it; causing it to radiate with a stronger power. It was then the witch charged in at the same time.

As the two entered in battle the sound of clashing steel rang through the street, sparks flying, after a few flurries of strikes were exchanged they jumped back temporarily before charging at one another once again and rapidly swung at one another.

River took in a breath trying to keep her composure as she took a stance and shouted two words...

A surge of energy suddenly erupted from Kai and River as they entered Soul Resonance. The sword raised in the air around her shifted as if something invisible was moving rapidly around her. Within moments chains became visible, coming out of the blade, it almost looked endless…after a few seconds however the chains began to retract back into the handle. Not all of it retuned but in fact it then wrapped itself around River’s arm: as that happened she brought her sword back down to eye level and with a swift movement of her hand against the steel from the front to the edge of the blade. It erupted in blue flame.
Projecting her soul through her weapon- she used her ever burning flames to actually become physical as it now emitted from Kai. At the same time the blade had become thinner but also longer to increase her speed.

[#0a8a88 [i “I won’t lose…I won’t lose to her again!”]] With those words River then thrust her weapon up into the air as the flames suddenly expanded, not to just surround her weapon but around her. Radiating with such power it caused pebbles and very light objects in the nearby area to levitate in the air.

[#0a8a88 [i “I’d like to see how you dodge this one Kitsune…”]]

The black blade now shining in a penetrating cyan blue: with a sudden swing down all that gathered power was projected towards the witch who oddly enough…

Was just standing there

In River’s point of view Kitsune’s figure was hidden behind the blast she had just released, the light dimming after the first swing, River swung the blade a few more times releasing more bursts of flame rapidly until the flames/aura vanished around her using it all up.

Building now set aflame and innumerable deep cuts now etched into the earth. River panted under her breath as the smoke cleared. Keeping her guard up much to her surprise Kitsune was all the way at the bottom of the street indented into a wall with flames burning at her clothes.

[b “Did…Did that work?”] Kai spoke aloud questionably

There was a long silence between the two

[#0a8a88 “I…I think we actually did defeated her”] not seeing the enemy in sight, or even sensing her presence. River said those words with a tone of surprise [b “Heh! FUCK YEAH! TAKE THAT YOU OLD HAG!”]

For a moment she cracked a smile down towards Kai as the chain retreated back into the handle and detaching itself from her arm and the blade returning back to normal size. [#0a8a88 “Well. I guess that means we-”]

It was then River felt a sharp pain erupt in her chest. Her body flinched, in fact trembling in shock from the sudden pain. Her eyes slowly turned around looking over her shoulder to see none other than the witch they thought they defeated.

[b [#FF7F50 “That we lose…”]] Kitsune’s voice spoke with a singing tune [b [#FF7F50 “You were going to say that right~?”]]

River’s body tensed up as a look of surprise reached her face. As for Kai he had an expression of terror with widened eyes, in shock of the sudden attack caused on his partner. Kitsune wasn’t injured at all…

With a groan of pain River shuddered as terror began to sink in and was visible in her eyes. What caused the sudden fear: was the realization that it felt like her heart was being squeezed ever so lightly. She could feel the coldness of a hand clutching onto her heart.

[#0a8a88 “B-But how…You were-”] River stuttered to ask the unharmed witch, trying to keep her composure [b [#FF7F50 “Illusion’s my dear. You forget that’s my speciality. Now. Unless you want your partner dead Kai, stay in that form or else” ]]

With a growl Kai gritted his teeth at the situation, wanting nothing more than to transform and get her away from River somehow [b “Tch..! You bitch! You-”] [b [#FF7F50 “I know I know all those nasty words. Now hush…” ]]

Kitsune giggled to herself gleefully at this outcome. [b [#FF7F50 “Your heart is beating so fast River…wow I’m surprised your this scared. How cute. Well. Now that I win, you know what happens right…..?”]] Before Kai or River could reply- the witch began to say incantations aloud as she dug her nails into the racing heart that she held onto to.

River let out a wince, unable to do anything in this situation thanks to the position she was in. For a moment she looked down in desperation at Kai, urging him to do something,
[#0a8a88 [i “Kai I need you to trust me”]]
[b [i “But-”]]
[#0a8a88 [i “I know and I’m VERY well aware! But I don’t to find out what she’s casting. Just…we have to do something!!”]]
[b [i “Problem is that she’s holding onto your fucking heart! How can we do anything!!!??”]]
[#0a8a88 [i “I don’t know…but. I’m not going to just give up either. I have an idea”]]

While Kitsune was still doing her long Incantation River flicked her wrist throwing the sword behind her: in that moment Kai transformed back to human form. With a hand still free Kitsune went to uppercut the boy to intercept while Kai stretched out the palm of his hand that radiated with a blue glow which crackled with energy- to his surprise as well as Kitsune’s- seconds apart he managed to make contact with her first

[b “Soul Force!”] Kai shouted right before the punch made contact from his chin.

His attack was weakened from the distance being made but luckily for him it was still enough to make her stumble backward a few feet and release River, while Kai was sent a few good metres into the air from that punch. After a second or two of being dazed he repositioned himself to be facing his partner and reached his arm out towards her- in an instant a chain shot out and like before wrapped itself around her arm. Thanks to the momentum of the punch on how strong the force was and with a hard pull on Kai’s end he was able to lift River up into the air as well.

Without needed to say anything the weapon transformed back into his sword form, the chain now fading into its transparent state, the sound of the chain rattled as it began to reduce its size and plus with a pull on the metal from River the sword quickly returned to her side. With a [b [i ‘CLANK’]] River pierced the blade into stone of the building and with a quick swing perched herself onto it like a ledge.

Swiftly River then jumped across to a nearby window sill, then with a tug from the chain connected to her arm, pulled the sword out of the wall and with another clean stab pierced it above the window and used it again for a climbing post- luckily it wasn’t an entirely tall house so after that last one she was able to make it to the roof.

[b “Alright now let’s get out of there! We need to- River?”] As Kai spoke with concern he was suddenly dropped to the ground and a second after; his Meister collapsed. [b “River!”]

Transforming back he picked her up in his arms- she was suppressing yelps of pain, her body was trembling, both hands clutching tightly at her chest.

He wasn’t able to interrupt Kitsune in time…

[b [i “Shit..! I thought I- Crap what the fuck did he do to her!?”]] Kai bit down on his lip bitterly, enraged at himself [b “I need to get you out of here”]

[i ‘Tmp’ ‘Tmp’]

[b [#FF7F50 “Trying to leave so soon? How rude. I hope you know that I don’t intend on letting either of you escape”]] landing behind Kai the witched smirked to herself at the scene before her. Causing the weapon to cringe [b “Why would you..You said you wanted to talk! So why the hell are you trying to kill her!?”]

[b [#FF7F50 “Oh we did talk. ‘Through our swords’…as your master would say. But. You forget something Kai”]] Kitsune sighed with a hint of disappointment as she wiped the bloodied hand against her dress. [b “B-But then you said-”]

[b [#FF7F50 “I didn’t say I needed you both to come back with me alive”]] The harsh realization of those words struck Kai like daggers. He held River in his arms protectively...knowing full well that he couldn't outrun her [b [#FF7F50 "Now then. Let's make this quick shall we? Don't worry you'll both be in the same scenario soon, you shouldn't object to much Kai"]] as she said those words Kitsune's brought her hand up in a striking position- the light surrounding her palm and then extending as if it were a spear head and aimed straight to strike down at Kai's heart..


[size10 [#0a8a88 Part 3 of 3

  River / Renn / 5y 118d 17h 15m 16s
[size10 )]

The blue haired boy man instantly froze as his eyes came to focus. He turned his head slowly to the voice above him, noticing who it was.
He paused and held his breath, wondering how long this apparition would stay. He say himself up as he kept his gaze straight, away from River, distant and almost cold.

[#0000FF "I don't have the greatest of hiding spots..."] His voice was weak, croaky. Even his body seemed to tremble and shake, his hands clenching his knees as he sat up. [#0000FF "How- did you find me...?"]

The coldness of his stare caused the girl’s hand to weaken for a moment. But feeling his body begin to tremble: with determined eyes she tightened her grip on the shoulder, letting him know that she was there for him. [#07529d “T-To be honest. This room doesn’t have many hiding places?”] She said with an awkward laugh at the end in an attempt to bring a smile to him

But as he asked that....

[#07529d “Hm...Well. I don’t know to be honest”] she said with much thought as she placed one hand on her chin, tilting her head to the side [#07529d “I guess. I heard your song. And to be honest: you found ME. I just accepted the I heard you crying. And well. I had to do something! I mean. You helped me so. That makes us friends!”] River nodded to herself with a cheerful smile, just like back then. Before she changed.

[#07529d “Though I’m glad I found you. It’s...well I have noooo idea how long it’s been but feels like forever”] River then plomped herself next to him, sitting down [#07529d “since I talked to anybody. And you. So I’m here to help cheer you up! Cause life’s too short to be sad”]

[#07529d “But...”] she let out a very faint sigh. Anxiety beginning to take its hold: she wanted to help him [#07529d ”Please. What happened at the stage. Don't think its your fault okay?"]

A cold breathe escaped him as he moved his hands to his shoulders, his breathing was ragged, his body now riddled with some form of anxiety. Until he saw her smile.

He felt a little warmer, but as he did, he felt other parts of him freeze.
[#0000FF "I'll keep that in m-m-mind,"] his teeth started to chatter now as his breaths escaped him visibly, [#0000FF " what? Am- am I the only one turning cold?"]

Confusion struck him momentarily before a muffled roar caused him to Jolt. The demon behind the mirror persisted to be let out, ramming itself onto the frames of the glass enough to shake its shape.
[#0000FF "I'm letting my thoughts eat me.."] He sighed as he shook his head, [#0000FF "I knew you were here still. Somewhere."] He smiled weakly as he closed his eyes, [#0000FF "that demon is trying to take over. It gets like this most of the time, where I have to bite my tongue and fight back the darkness. I always forget how overwhelming it is.."]

Seijin pressed his lips together as he opened his eyes slowly. He looked around the room, noticing it had lightened up tremendously than before. He licked his lips subtly, easing his voice back as he sat next to River, casting aside his thoughts and insecurities.

[#0000FF "there are so many questions I can ask..."] He mustered, [#0000FF "I can answer them myself, but for once..."] He paused.

He held his breath as his head seemed to sink back into his murky thoughts.

[#0000FF "For once.. I want some one to answer me."]

Seijin forced his eyes open, letting his head roll back and lean against the wall. He could smell a faint sweet scent that seemed to come from River and instead of letting the darkness eat at his mind, he chose to focus on it.

[#0000FF "Will you be willing to answer.. For the both of you?"]

Hearing the sudden jolt from the demon caused River to jump a little too at the same time Seijin did making her move a bit closer to him. Her amethyst eyes stared at the thing in worry then back at Seijin, as if wanting to say something but let him continue.

As the conversation continued River focused back on Seijin, trying her best to ignore the presence that caused the uneasiness. She listened curiously and when he asked she was silent for a moment. To be honest she didn’t understand the situation clearly...but from what he says then it was true: while she was trapped in here. There was someone acting in her place, or something like that.

[#07529d “Well. I’m not sure if I can answer for 'her'...if she made you this sad”] she said with a hint of regret. But then nodded [#07529d “But I can try. What is it?”]

It was already clear to Seijin that the two were different beings. He noticed her concern over the demon persistently trying to intrude in their conversation.

[#0000FF "Don't worry about that. He's been trying to break that glass for so long. It won't break now if it hadn't before,"] his eyes moved to her as he smiled, [#0000FF "well there's always a first time. But that won't happen. Not when you're here with me."]

He paused for a moment. Averted his gaze before a more serious expression emerged.

[#0000FF "Do you remember me?"] Was all he oils muster, still unsure where this River that say next to him stood.

Despite the smile and Seijin telling River not to worry she still expressed a look of concern and nodded to his words.

Those words...she’s heard them before. For a moment River’s eyes widened for a split second as if there was a flash of something. But it quickly faded. A forget me not.

But snapping out of that state River blinked a few times and sadly...looked confused.. [#07529d ”Do you mean back at the school? If not then...if I did meet you before, like before I arrived at DWMA. I don’t...b-but. I’m starting to remember. It’s hard to explain but. And I don’t know why. While I’m in there”] she pointed to her mirror that led to her ‘space’ [#07529d “I feel as if I can feel..sense things I haven’t before so”] her held back her words not sure of what to say

[#07529d [i [size10 “I just wish it wasn’t so lonely....”
“Everything is just so confusing. I don’t even know myself how or why I ended up not in control of my body”
“I miss everyone”]]]

Caught in thought she blanked out momentarily. And drifted from the subject of her ‘sensory’ stuff that even confused her [#07529d “How come you ask that? Have I met you before?”]

[#0000FF "..."] He exhale deeply through his nose as his eyes followed her finger, [#0000FF "no."] He answered.

It was a lie, but he did not want to complicate things for her as things were already complicated as it is. His citrine eyes move to the middle mirror again, watching the other River face the back of a familiar figure.

[#0000FF "I try not to stick around here much.."] He muttered, [#0000FF "I get lonely here, lonelier than when I'm out and about... Mainly because there's not much to do but dwell."]

He pulled his gaze away and leaned himself back against the wall,[#0000FF "but dwelling isn't all that bad. With an open mind, you start seeing things you would have never noticed."] He opened an eye and moved it to her, [#0000FF "Do you know who I am, at least?"]

River sighed and nodded in understanding “Yeaaaah. There really isn’t much to do where I am either. Plus that door scares me” the last part she mumbled to herself, the thought of it alone brought dread. But again. His words confused her

[#07529d “Well...”] now that she thought about it. How much did she actually know him?

His name is Seijin. He likes music and sings. Able to project his soul with his words allowing him to create an enchanting performance. Causing River to have a guilty expression as she slowly shook her head.
[#07529d “I...I don’t know if I can say yes. I know your name. And your good traits but I feel like that’s not what you mean”] she sighed [#07529d “I'm sorry I'm not being really helpful right now ;~;"]

[#07529d "Say. Seijin. The other girl. What do you think about her?"]

He smiled at her answer and at the string of mutuality when it came to their inner space.

[#0000FF "You're doing what you can, right?"] He returned, [#0000FF "that's enough when some one asks you for help."] He then looked through the mirror again, his eyes on the other River as his mind drifted in thought.

[#0000FF "Strong. Intelligent."] He answered without hesitation, [#0000FF " Bird-like."]

She smiled faintly...hopefully she was helping in someway.
Hearing the term bird like though, caused a very faint giggle to escape her lips [#07529d “What makes you say that?”]

[#0000FF "Birds are smart little things. They're also pretty strong. Whether she's a predator or prey, she still reminds me of a bird.. She has wings that can help her fly but still believes she's stuck on the ground. A bird can never do much alone either, always with a buddy."] He looked over to Kai and grinned, [#0000FF "and she's cute. Like you."]

[#07529d "I think. She's afraid to. Fly I mean. You saw how she was on the stage"] trying to think in her others mind set for a moment her eyes shined a shade of blue for a moment while staring at the same was kind of taboo seeing it actually [#07529d "She's..conflicted. Wants to be strong but is scared of those she cares for being hurt if shes weak. She tried to open up, with your invitation, But since she's not used to other people. She paniked and said harsh words to hide her shyness when things became awkward"]

When hearing the compliment she blushed [#07529d "C-Cute? N-Nah ^//^ Just. you know. Normal. But. Just..between you and me. I think she liked you a bit. Like. Your a good character I mean!"]

Seijin chuckled, [#0000FF "just like a bird. Gets clucky and mean when hurt."]

[#0000FF "And it's natural for people to feel like that... I think we all forget what it's like to fly. Bravery is our wings."] He sighed as he lifted his head off the wall, his eyes now set on River.

With a clumsy grinn, he asked, [#0000FF "Do you like me?"]

[#07529d [size10 part 2 out of 3..]
  River / Renn / 5y 118d 17h 35m 23s
In the bland world that she resided in the sounds of soft crying reached the little girl’s ears catching her attention. She lifted her head and searched around...oddly enough the source of where the sound was coming from- sounded like it was coming from behind her.
In the mirror...

She stood herself up and peered inside of the reflection of the mirror once again: this time seeing a much darker scenery than what was in there before. Pressing her ear against the glass softly, so that she wouldn’t phase through, she could hear a voice sounding like Seijin speaking to himself in a sorrowful whisper

[#0000FF [i "Why--- Why couldn't she have just--- waited a little longer?"]]
[#0000FF [i " Was that all it was to her? Just a request??"]]
[#0000FF [i "Maybe.. It was my fault.."]]
[#0000FF [i "What I'd give.. To rewind time.."]]

She cringed. For some reason being here in this place it made her more sensitive towards a person’s soul: the emotions they were feeling, their characteristics, it was like listening to the waves of an ocean. But what she felt here troubled her...sadness, regret, confusion and a tinge of madness where ever this mirror was connected to. “I’ve got to help..!”
River backed her head away from the glass with a determined expression and reached her hand inside; like water the surface rippled as it passed through. Taking in a deep breath the little River entered it completely and with a gentle step.....

[i “Tmp”]

The young figure of the girl appeared in a room that also housed mirrors: all over the walls of various shapes and sizes but they were different from River’s. For some reason it created uneasiness within her...seeing all of these I mean. She couldn’t pick out why made her feel anxious about entering this space. [#07529d [i “Okay. So here I am. If I remember...Yeah I’ve seen this before when I heard Seijin singing. But I don’t remember these mirrors"]]

This was his soul.

As River looked about it in search of the sobs it led her eyes to look directly next to her. She was standing right next to Seijin, who was cradling himself in his arms, as he hummed to himself. Eyes filled with concern for her friend she reached out and gently placed a hand on his shoulder, bending down a little to try see his face

[#07529d “Hey...”] River said with a faint smile of kindness [#07529d “Why are you sulking in here for? Not sure about you but..I can’t really imagine this place helping you cheer up”]

[#07529d [size10 Part one...]]
  River / Renn / 5y 118d 18h 26m 28s
Did he reach her?

[right Did he reach her?]

[center Or could it all be a figment of imagination?]

[+blue [i Maybe I've been a fool to think I can drag her out.]]

Would it matter if it reached her?

[+blue [i She's right there, idiot, say something!]]

[right Try as he might, only his mind could scream.]

[+blue [i Now's your chance, you bumbling idiot! Hurry! Tell her!]]

His lips parted as he retreated his soul, allowing himself to look at her, with no eyes averted, with no bowed head. To look at her, all of her, for who or what she was now. To him, she will always be beautiful.

[+blue " River.. I--"]

[size20 [#0a8a88 “…Now that I did your request. I’d appreciate it if you left me [b ALONE], Seijin”]]
[size10 [i Crack]]

Her voice, riddled with venom and laced with annoyance, halted the blue haired meister.

[size20 [#0a8a88 “I’m not ‘your’ River. You need to accept that and move on”]]
[right [size10 [i Crack]]]

His lips, still parted, quivered. His breathing hung still, suspended. He felt a certain [i shock] that stopped his heart before a slow, painful sting came to his chest.

At a loss for words, what he saw was not her face, but the blur of her back.

The sting gradually grew, almost rippling from his chest to his stomach. It was as though he was once a corpse, and the more he became aware of coming alive, the more painful it was to simply even stand there. Seijin did not even realize that tears were already sliding down his cheeks. He could only watch, hand partially reaching for River as she ran off.

With staggered breaths, Seijin straightened himself and clenched his jaw. A singular tear fell from his lash as he stared at the door. He turned his head away, as some flow of embarrassment came along with his consciousness. River's words now stuck to him like sweat, as the world around him returned. Awkwardly, Seijin swallowed his thoughts, gulping them down the dry of his throat, feeling the odd sensation choke him slightly. A murmured voice slithered into his ears only to pass through to the other. It was as though time had stood still, yet altogether, still moving.

[i You knew deep down, you'd be lying to yourself.]

[right Seijin raised his head]

[i You heard me. You know as well as I do, that this... Is just a curse. "Gift"? Please. Stop lying to yourself, Seij. In the end. You have nothing.]

Seijin shut his eyes. His fists balled as he sharply turned his head away. The voice that slithered in his mind was his, but the kind he knew he wanted to keep away from. This presence of darkness that haunted him since birth is the voice and knowledge he had pertained through all his years of consciousness. This was his madness.

[i Friends... Look at all of them. All their dirty secrets. Their thoughts. Their petty lives. You know that we're right. In the end, they'd just turn on each other and kill one another. There's nothing we can do at all.]

[center [i We aren't them]]

Seijin inhaled sharply. He held his breath as his body stiffened. He was trembling.

[i You can't keep deny---]

[+blue "You can keep trying to convince me- my whole body- that everything I stand for is wrong. But You'll never have me fall onto every damn whim."] Seijin opened his eyes as he slowly exhaled, [+blue "You are just thoughts. You are just feelings. What matters, is what I do, not what I hear or think or care from the likes of you."]

A dark grin slithered into his mind as Seijin wiped the sweat on his forehead. His breathing, still ragged, came to a slow as a blond male stood by his side. It was Matt.

Seijin let out a chuckle, then raised his head. [+blue "I'm alright.... I just need to get something out before I explode."] He answered before the blond meister could ask, [+blue "Get everything out, right? That was the point of this."]

Seijin removed himself from where he stood and paced back onto the stage. His body felt odd under the stage light as he adjusted the height of the mic. He glanced over at the stool and couldn't help but want to kick it down as an image of River flickered in his mind. He gritted his teeth and breathed in deeply before looking out over the crowd.

[+blue "Alright. Well, that was a great performance, wasn't it?"] The pain returned as Seijin spoke, [+blue "News just came in that there's drinks and nibbles available right over there, just help yourselves!"] He kept his smile as he gestured towards the table that sat on the opposite end of the room. He looked around and shrugged his shoulders, trying his best to keep his mind and his darkness behind his eyes. That's when an idea came up.

[+blue "Matt, could you.. uh.. lower the lights? I'm kinda being burnt here.."] He grinned, [+blue "Thanks, budd. Now... Before we go on, has any one ever heard the story about the Sad Mummy?"]

Whispers hissed back and forth the room, only to have Seijin clap his hands for attention. His grin widened at his idea as he cleared pulled onto the mic, making it rest closer to him.

[+blue "Alright then, kids! Story time!"]

[ As the lights dimmed, Seijin let his soul seep out once more. In a slow, mist-like manner, did his soul cover the room. A silence overwhelmed the hall, eerie-like as a haunting piano started to play as various images came to view.]

[+blue [i "Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before,
About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more.
So sad and lorn, the helpless lad, Amumu was his name,
He ventured out to find a friend and learn about his bane."]]

The sound of a sorrowful violin sang through, as the image of a strange boy roamed what seemed to be a forest, behind him tailed a black shadow. He boarded a strange vessel, crossing an ocean before his eyes met the stare of the moon. In the swirling clouds, did the moon sit still as the boy hurled himself towards it, only to come across an entrance to elsewhere.

Flowers bathed in sunlight, with colors wild and free, Seijin's soul constructed a bright world in which the boy now walked through, stopping to admire a strange plant.

[+blue [i For many years, young Amumu traveled through the lands,
Determined to make friends, if only they would understand,
But even when Amumu stood upon the ledge of home,
His hope would disappoint him, and he would remain alone.

But then the curse began to whisper in his ear,
And would confirm what was Amumu’s biggest fear,
It pledged that never shall someone become his friend,
It pledged that he shall be alone until his end.

The sorrow and despair,
Became too much to bear.]]

His soul wisped back and forth the boy, increasing shadows, surrounding him before pushing themselves into him as causing the boy to fall into rage. Light struck as the boy's bandages flung themselves from his body. Yellow zaps and bandages of Seijin's soul gripped at the bodies in the room, as the world around them, the buildings, the flowers, the homes, all bathed in gold, crumbled amidst the golden wavelength.

The lights went out. The world now grey and cold, the boy floated down onto a cracked pavement around him lay destruction. He opened his eyes as Seijin's opened his.

[+blue [i The moment when Amumu realized what he had done,
Too late it was, for him, for them, the evil curse had won.
The anger and the anguish overwhelmed his fragile soul,
And caused a wicked tantrum that he never could control.]]

With him, a singular tear fell from the boy and hit the floor as his soul swirled into murky dark clouds. The boy looked heavenward, as though pleading for hope.. Or a friend.

Seijin held the mic still to his lips as the music had gone, he let his soul linger, feeling the shock and sadness in the crowd. He opened his eyes slowly. His lips starting to move. With the soft of his voice he looked into their eyes, above them, his soul.

[+blue [i "Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before,
About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more."]]

A dark grumble emanated from above them, causing the others to look. Seijin's soul whirled upwards like a black cloud before escaping through the window. He let his breath slip through his lips as he watched his fellow students wonder what it was. He kept his eyes closed as he backed away from the mic, watching what seemed to be a confrontation before feeling the power of a soul-release.

From above River loomed a darker cloud. It watched over her and her companion as they faced the stranger. Seijin merely walked back, to safety of a curtain. With his soul, Seijin had set up a barrier, keeping souls in the room from feeling the release. There was no doubt that Lord Death knew by now, but he did not want any one to interfere with River and her past.

Seijin stood in a room where mirrors hung from the wall. All three varying in design and shape. Including their frames, they spanned the height of the wall and came to a standard width. From his place he moved himself forward, stepping closer to the middle mirror, which revealed to be more of a window. His eyes moved immediately to River, watching her hold Kai in her hands. He only glanced at the witch they faced before pulling himself away.

The moment he turned away from the middle window, a black figure with red eyes stared at him from the mirror to his left. He stared back at it, watching it's eerie stillness before the creature twitched ferociously and pressed against the mirror as though it was trying to get through. Again.. Another window. [+blue " You are only thoughts."] He simply said, causing the creature to hiss at him as it pressed madly against the glass. He pulled himself away again and moved to the rightmost mirror, feeling a certain kind of warmth.

He stopped in front of it and saw himself. He looked at his eyes and then the markings, he traced his cheek before slipping his hand back to his sides. He slid away, out of his reflection's gaze and slumped onto the wall beside the mirror.

The room had nothing else in it but himself, his madness and the mirrors. It was a classy room, with golden curtains and white walls. The floor he sat on was a plush red carpet. He looked around the room, once, then twice, each time his eyes ran through a tad bit more urgent than the last. He finally let out a sigh.

He started to sob.

[+blue "Why--- Why couldn't she have just--- waited a little longer?"] He cried, [+blue " Was that all it was to her? Just a request??"] he gripped his chest and gasped for air, his eyes gleamed gold as he looked up to the ceiling.

[+blue "Maybe.. It was my fault.."] His mind glazed at how she sang, how happy he felt to hear her sing. To feel her words.. And how transfixed he was at her smile.

[+blue "What I'd give.. To rewind time.."] He whispered to himself.

Seijin sank his head into his arms as he rocked himself gently on the floor. He could hear the muffled laughter of his madness which was harder to ignore where he was. He stayed close to the mirror and let himself absorb the warmth it emitted, letting his heart ease.

He started to hum to himself.

A casual shrug caused the male to let out a sigh as he straightened his back. He grinned to himself as his eyes met Matt's.

[+blue "Man I'm so down for a game or two of League."]
  Seijin Sohma / Symphonikka / 5y 237d 14h 59m 18s
[b [#FF7F50 “Indeed that would be a terrible thing to happen”]] a woman’s voice joined their conversation, causing Kai and River to fall silent immediately. She purred in a slight yell so that they would definitely be heard. The moment they did it sent them into an almost petrified state leaving them stopped in their tracks.

[b [#FF7F50 “They’ll surely kill you if you fail your mission or show signs of treason. Well before taking Brew off your hands of course. But the real question is...who you would hate to anger more. Them or me”]] they giggled amused by this, especially the pair’s reaction to her arrival [b [#FF7F50 “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”]]

With a soft shuffle a figure jumped down from above and landed before them almost elegantly. A mischievous smile across her face the lady in orange spread her arms out to them [b [#FF7F50 “Hello children”]]

[#0a8a88 [i “How is she…!? No she shouldn’t be here! There’s no physical way-”]]
[b [#FF7F50 “You’re probably wondering how I’m able to be here. It’s simple really. But I’ll give you the answers you seek later. First….”] She placed her hands down on her hips [#FF7F50 “How about we talk more privately-”]]
[b “FORGET IT!!”] Kai yelled abruptly interrupting her, causing her eye to twitch. A sweat running down his forehead as he did [b “The only thing you have to say is more and more bullshit and fucking lies. We’re not kids anymore so drop the act and get to the point”]

There was a long pause. River glared at him with a faint hiss before turning back towards the woman in front of them. The nameless womans head lowered while listening, making her fringe cover her eyes, a chuckled at this before sending a cold look towards Kai

[b [#FF7F50 “You never were the one to listen to reason…how disappointing. It seems you haven’t grown up at all”]]
[b “W-What!?”]
[b [#FF7F50 “How about you River?”]] her focus now shifted towards the meister [#FF7F50 [b “I pray that you’ve changed in some way”]]

[#0a8a88 [i “This couldn’t be her. It makes no sense why she would appear here…especially now of all times when-…..This has to be a trick of some kind. But for now I’ll play along”]]

[#0a8a88 “Kai…”] River extended her arm out to him while keeping complete focus on the woman as she addressed him. With a nod in flash of white Kai transformed into a weapon; A moment later after the white glow had vanished. He was now in the form of a katana, hovering in the air. The blade was a crimson red that shined with the moons light, the tsuka was a deep blue with gold leather wrapped around it providing additional grip, at the end of the handle/hilt there was a short chain attached to the blade a few centimetres long.

Once the transformation was complete River grabbed onto the handle and went into her stance holding the blade in both hands [#0a8a88 [i “I didn’t think that I’d be engaging into a fight today…I shouldn’t have left the sheath at home. Stupid concert”]] keeping a stern expression she glanced over at her sword with a glimmer of concern as she thought this. [i [#0a8a88 “Well. Just means I have to improvise”]]

[#0a8a88 “Before we do any talk I need to make sure that this is the real you. So how about you release your soul protect and prove it to me, Kitsune”]

The one called ‘Kitsune’ shrugged “[b [#FF7F50 I could. In fact I’m tempted to just for the entertainment. But I know that there a few children in this area that could be bothersome”]] Like Stein and Spirit [b [#FF7F50 “Besides. It’d give me an unfair advantage if I used magic, and I don’t want our game to end too quickly. It’d make boring”]]
[#0a8a88 “Come on we both know how you like it when your opponent grovels at your feet”] River glared [#0a8a88 “No point in trying to cover up that fact”]
[b [#FF7F50 “Hehe true. But I don’t want to embarrass you THAT much. You’d end up sulking the whole day. But if you’re going to insist…but here’s the deal. I’ll release soul protect if we go by these terms"]]

[b [#FF7F50 "If you win: I’ll tell you where your master is and any other questions you have to ask, then you’ll never see me again. But if I win…you both have to come with me. Does that sound fair?”]]

[#0a8a88 [i “What do you think"]]
[b [i “I don’t like this one bit. But she’s got the information we need! If she’s here then she couldn’t be the witch in Japan”]]
[#0a8a88 [i “I wouldn't cross that off the list just yet. Don't you think this is suspicious? She’s being too direct. Usually she likes to toy with us never giving straight answers”]]
[b [i “=_= that cocky son of a bitch. There’s no way we’re going to let her win!! She’s underestimating us. Unless….could madness is messing with our heads?”]]
[#0a8a88 [i “Doubt it’d affect both of us at the same time like this. From what I understand it’s a progressive sort of process. What I’m more concerned about is actually being able to pull it off. I haven’t been in an actual fight as myself in a while. My skills are going to be rusty”]]
[b [i “Then this is perfect training for us. We just have to NOT lose”]]
[#0a8a88 [i “You make it sound so easy. This isn’t a good gamble to wager-”]]

[b “DEAL”] Kai’s voice yelled, causing River to send a disapproved glare at her weapon [b “So no holding back!”]
Noticing River’s reaction a sly grin appeared on her face. Almost pleased by this…

[b [#FF7F50 “Alright then…So shall we begin our game~? May the best meister or witch win”]] then she said the three words [#FF7F50 [b “Soul Protect- Release”]] And those words the shield that was hiding her wavelength vanished. And her soul was revealed

[#FF7F50 [b “This will only take 5 minutes…”]]
  S L E E P / Renn / 5y 239d 16h 6m 34s
Out of sight from the audience in front of the stage it was as if time had stopped behind the curtains. It was just the two of them there, Seijin and River, alone. There was a moment where she was expecting him to come over and say something; after all it was the first time he heard her sing.

But it didn’t seem to be the case…

The anxiety growing now: she begun to feel ill as the awkwardness began to consume her causing the smile to fade. Was her attempt at trying to open up a little that terrible? [#0a8a88 [i “I..I thought this song seemed fitting to reply with. Did he even get it? Why won’t he say something?”]] clenching onto the guitar she kept herself turned away from the man, hoping that he would say something to stop her thoughts in place.
[#0a8a88 [i “I made myself look like a fool didn’t I….”]]

River now in a flustered state she took in a deep breath and let it out to try calm herself. It was then a sudden coldness took over her and spoke in a harsh tone [#0a8a88 “…Now that I did your request. I’d appreciate it if you left me [b ALONE] Seijin”] to hide sadness she tried to cover it with annoyance [#0a8a88 “I’m not ‘your’ River. You need to accept that and move on”]

Her back still turned to him River removed her guitar strap from her shoulder so she could carry it and proceeded to leave swiftly. Down the stairs and walked eagerly to the exit, ignoring whatever the students would have said and left abruptly. Kai pushed aside the students in his way rather aggressively giving chase immediately to catch up to his friend.

The moment she stepped out of that room River quickened her pace with the strong urge to run….run away from this life that wasn’t hers.
[#0a8a88 [i “What was I even trying to accomplish by coming here? It was just a waste of my time…”]] Yes for a moment she was happy, content, she poured her heart out into that song, an attempt to open up to someone else. But like the wind it vanished almost instantly. When her hopes were dashed. [#0a8a88 “I shouldn’t have even tried”]

[b “RIVER!!”] Kai’s voice echoed down the hallway causing River to halt in her tracks. When he caught up he was greeted by her back, for some odd reason refusing to face him. [b “Why did you just storm off? Don’t tell me you were shy-”] it was then River firmly grabbed a hold of his wrist and started to run. From the suddenness Kai stumbled a bit but managed to keep up to pace. [b“H-Hey!! River what’s going on?”]
No response

His mind filled with questions and worry he held his tongue and just followed. Which is odd for him to do because usually he’s the one leading…you know River’s bad directions and all that. Surprisingly enough; it wasn’t long until they actually reached the entrance/exit of the Academy and within seconds they were out in the open, greeted by the stars and the laughing moon.

But it wasn’t far enough. River continued to run down the many flight of stairs. Now you can imagine the difficulty of going down the 1000 steps at a fast pace especially the one being dragged/being pulled down them at the behind the person. Around a quarter left it was then River lost her footing and slipped pulling Kai down with her, causing her to let go. But a second after she had lost her grip Kai had reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him then instantly wrapped his arms around her shielding her.

It was a bumpy ride down the concrete steps, filled with groans and rough landings. When they finally reached the bottom they rolled a little bit before coming to a stop. Thanks to his quick actions River wasn’t bruised too badly unlike Kai, his body twitching from the pain

[b “Ow….fuck..that hurt…more than I expected”] he said with a light chuckle as he looked down at the girl in his arms [b “You alright?”] River was holding onto his shirt tightly with her head pressed against his chest as he asked. She nodded meekly not wanting to look at him.

[b “That’s good”] Kai smiled with relief…right before bonking her on the head with his elbow [b“BUT WHAT KIND OF MORON RUNS DOWN ALL THOSE STUPID STAIRS!!?? You could’ve gotten hurt you idiot!”]
[#0a8a88 “….”] She cringed. Not responding she rubbed her head where she was just hit
[b “Jesus. And you call me the dumb one. Was it really necessary? What the hell happened back there anyway?”]
[#0a8a88 “I’m…I’m….”] her voice cracked trying to speak. She knew he was right. [#0a8a88 “I just…you’re right”]
[b “Huh?”]
[#0a8a88 “ It was stupid. I’m stupid”] River pushed herself away from him gently with an expression of concern as she inspected her friend. With his pale skin you could already see bruises forming, and a bit of blood through his hair. She became tense [#0a8a88 “I’m sorry”]

[b [i “The heck’s gotten into her?”]] Feeling a sudden pit of guilt seeing her face Kai let out a sigh [b “What’s with that face? Come on we’ve both been worse looking Rivie”] that old nickname caught her by surprise. She was then pulled back into his embrace [b “Don’t worry. This pain is nothing. I told you before: I’ll take whatever punch, kick and everything else that tries to hurt you. Even the flight of stairs”]
That last part caused her to giggle softly [#0a8a88 “…It’s a stupid promise”]
[b “It sounds a lot cooler than what you promised me back then”]

A smile now on her lips she closed her eyes while her head was still against his chest. It was warm, it’s been a while since she’d been in someone’s arms like this. Being silent for a moment she soon began to hear the beating of his heart and the vibrations of his soul, it was calming.

[#0a8a88 “I…tried something silly with that song”]
[b “What do you mean?”]
[#0a8a88 “I know how he felt about her. And what he sung confirmed it…I don’t really get along with others. So I thought I’d try speaking with the same thing he was. Music”]
[b “And?”]
[#0a8a88 “And…I dunno. Guess I thought I’d try be like her a little…”] the old her [#0a8a88 “But. It failed miserably”] there was a pause [#0a8a88 “I think”]
[b “You think? I’m going to take the guess it DID because you RAN off instantly like mouse running away from a cat”]
[#0a8a88 “Yeah…I was just. I mean he invited me you know? I thought it could be a chance. But when it was over there was literally. Nothing”] Kai tilted his head at this, River showing obvious distress about it by her tone [#0a8a88 “My performance may not have been as flashy but I sung just as hard. I put a lot of thought into it that I ended up changing what I was going to sing at the last minute- just to respond to what he was saying in his song. Afterwards. There was nothing….I felt like a fool. There was such a long silence it felt painful just being there”]

[b “It’s…a bit silly to be upset about. Soooo he was being a jerk or spacing out, what’s the big deal? It’s weird seeing you get emotional over this. Or anything”]
[#0a8a88 “Because if it was her. She’d be able to do it”]

Getting a better understanding of what was bothering her Kai gently pushed her off and placed his hands on her cheeks, raising them so she’d look at him.

[b “Well. Of course she would. She is…what you used to be: The innocent, happy, lonely girl that just wanted a friend. The innocence you carried as a child. So stop comparing yourself to the past. If they can’t accept you for who you are then. You’ll always have me River. I know I’ve said this promise a thousand times but I’ll keep saying this. I’ll always be here for you”] As he spoke he said this softly with honesty and sincereness. [b “Even fate won’t stop me from keeping that promise”]

There was silence between them as River stared at him with a faint shade of red on her cheeks, moved by his words, she responded with another smile and nodded placing one hand on top of his [#0a8a88 “….Thank you Kai”] a faint giggle escaped her lips [#0a8a88 “You dork. That has to be the most sappiest thing I’ve heard you say, like ever!”]
[b “ANND there goes the mood…”] that said he removed his hands and stood himself up. Offering a hand to River to help her up she took it and stood to her feet as well [b “Well. Now that that’s out of your system can we head back to your place now?”] Kai touched the back of head, wincing softly as he did [b “I think I need this bandaged”] the spot where the blood was [#0a8a88 “O-Oh right!”] the guilt instantly struck [#0a8a88 “Er..sorry…again”]

[b “it’s finnnne. This isn’t as bad as training”] he patted her head [b “just means you owe me dinner”]
[#0a8a88 “=_= That’s weird stop that”]

The two shared one last laugh together before they began the trip home down the dark streets of Death City. Luckily there were lights, and the moon. So it was manageable. As the pair walked they shared small talk, not noticing the faint change in the air…carrying an almost sweet aroma

[#0a8a88 “Hey Kai..”]
[b “Yooo”]
[#0a8a88 “If. Zerik doesn’t need our help finding his teacher. Or immediately after that: lets just go straight to Japan”]
[b “Really?”]
She nodded
[#0a8a88 “Only question is will you be able to come”]
[b “Well yeah why wouldn’t-”]
[#0a8a88 “They don’t know if I still have amnesia or not”] Arachne’s forces [#0a8a88 “But you they know your mission was to come after me and bring me back with brew. Or just get brew”]
[b “You still have that?”]
[#0a8a88 “Never parted with it. Some knew I had it in my possession…I couldn’t leave it at home where someone could come in and do some ‘Oh you have the fake one we have the real thing’ bullshit”]
[b “Gooood idea .__.”]
[#0a8a88 “So. Unless we go back soon they won’t be happy with us”]
[b “You know what? I say-"] Just as he was about to finish his sentence…
  River / Renn / 5y 239d 16h 21m 17s
[+navy "Oh thank you, Dear,"] She smiled as her face scanned down the building. She placed her hands to waist, lost in thought, letting Kevin's voice swish in one ear and out the other.

[+navy "Oh! There [i is] another thing you can help me with!-"] She turned her head to Kevin, only to find that the male had already left her. Her lips parted as her jaw dropped, the remainders of her hat slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor like two black leaves, [+navy "Oh, bugger. That's what I get for not truly paying attention. I guess I've got to do this on my own now."] She sighed as she picked up the two halves.

It was slightly embarrassing to have been discovered groping a wall by the same young man that had more or less watched her defend him and his friends, but it was nothing that Nina could control. One thing for sure is that Nina was never the kind to do two things at once. Her mind will always be set on the task at hand, and just as her mind was lacing over the building, it was now her hands that were determined to find a nob of sorts so that she may enter. Therefore, she did not notice Reiver coming anywhere near.

She jumped slightly at his voice, but quickly turned to him. Her cheeks brushed a slight pink as she explained what had happened, only to hear that the Chupacabra was, in fact, closed for the night. [+navy "Oh I guess I did wonder in at a late hour... "] She mumbled to herself. Her hope had started to dwindle until Reiver had produced a key.

Upon her request, Nina felt a hand rest onto her arm, which shortly led her to a bar stool. She smiled to herself, feeling the air soften.

[+red “So Mrs. Nina what pray tell brings you to the ChupaCabras?”] He asked as the radio had started to play.
[+navy “To be honest my husband told me of the place."] She let out a slight sigh as she rested the pieces of her hat onto the counter, [+navy "I can’t, believe I lost my hat over this little squabble.”]
[+red ‘Sorry about that, by the by I appreciate your help in the matter. Family matters are getting complicated…. One of the other girls probably knows how to fix it. You can ask them once they get here in the morning. You’re more than welcome to stay here also. There’s a few guest rooms in the back.”]

Nina couldn't help but smile warmly at Reiver, [+navy “Don’t mention it, love is a crazy thing. But fragile. Sometimes it needs some help from a stranger.”]
[+red “Yeah… love… I’ve had rough run in that department. I’m batting 0 for 2, 0 for three if you count the same person twice on two separate occasions. But c'est la vie no?”]
She nodded, [+navy “Oh the stories I could tell haha but that would take all night. You seem to be fairing a bit better since I saw you earlier.”]

As they exchanged words the woman couldn't help but giggle to herself as Reiver announced his thoughts to her, [+navy "I bet you say that to all the girls."] she retorted with a playful grin, Nina tilted her head and sighed at her hat, her finger tracing the split slowly before sensing a slightly unexpected move from Reiver. It took her no effort to have the boy on his back with a knee to his upper stomach and a hand to around his throat. As soon as she had felt his curiosity leave, her hand eased as his silky voice slid through, [+red "Oh, I [i really] like you."] Her lips curved into a similar smirk as she lifted herself off of him and sashayed herself back onto the stool, [+red "So about that drink?"]

As she sat herself down, she listened to Reiver's analysis and pressed a finger to her lips, [+navy "Now now, Boy... You know a lady never tells her secrets...."] she eased her hand down onto the counter, letting her nails rise and fall against its surface, [+navy "Sure takes awhile to get a drink at this bar,"] She said as she looked around. It must've looked quite silly, a woman with a blindfold- who is blind, mind you, looking around as though she could see.
[+red "Ya know, you're only the second woman to ever put me on my back."] That made Nina smile.
[+navy "Oh we are such a rare breed aren't we?"] She replied, her voice as smooth and airy as smoke while her she passed him a charming, warm smile that it would make even the coldest hearts melt.
[+red “Cheers! To a new start and the first step in the right direction.”]

The warm sensation of alcohol leaked into her throat, coating her tongue with it's odd flavor. As her lips parted from the shot, Nina raised an arm into the air, [+navy " Don't mind me, Darling. I feel like I could do with a nicer song~."] A light wisp of blue swirled up around her arm, travelling like smoke to her finger before zapping into a sharp crackle. The radio buzzed before slipping mute. The air was still as the woman slid herself off her seat, letting her heels tap around the floor. [+navy "See now, Reiver, If I was only so many years younger, I would definitely--- inevitably, seduced you."] She slid out a deep chuckle as the broken table hopped up as though it were alive and walked off on its own legs. Her lips pressed together, Nina started to humm as she waved her finger back and forth into the air, drawing with her soft blue wisp. As the wisp dispersed into smoke, the drawers behind the bar pulled themselves open, and to Reiver's surprise, the silverware climbed out, teetering and tattering onto the surface of the counter. The [ radio] seemed to buzz, a soft, muffled tune in which Nina now swayed to.

[+navy [center "Angels watching over me with smiles upon their face~
Coz I have made it through this far in an unforgiving place"]]
[+navy [i "Not that I've been here before, Maybe.. I actually don't remember."]]

Her voice was nothing like how any would have imagined. She sang with a rather old style that seemed to go beyond her age, she was a tall woman, who swayed herself back and forth to a simple, old beat that was far older than herself and Reiver. Though she had no eyes to show, her smile, along with her simple gestures displayed a different kind of confidence that seemed nearly... [i Other-worldly]. Who was she, really?

The salt and pepper shakers now danced with her, along with the chairs and tables. Silhouettes on the walls with no origin appeared, grooving and seemed to sing with her. Her black dress now seemed to sheen a silky light against the bulb that shone on them both. Upon closer inspection, the smooth of her hair shimmered, every now and then would almost glitter. Her red, luscious lips carved the words from her voice. A playful smirk swayed to Reiver as she made her way back to the seat, taking a sweet little spin on her stool before she let herself lean forward to her tender. From behind her stood and swayed another figure, this time with long flowing hair, that cascaded down her body, wearing a similar outfit, but now sported a black, wide-brimmed hat.

[+navy "Now, boy. You're not exactly off track, but you're not quite right either,"] She said as a shot glass spun its way to her like a shy creature yearning for its master's gaze, [+navy "But since, you're such a sweetie-pie, I'll let you in on what I [i may] just be~."] Her hand slid from under her chin, dipped down onto the shot glass and took a quick swig, [+navy "I was born blind, had no soul perception whatsoever, but I guess you can say my senses were just [i tingling]. Almost excited to be alive. More alive than I was, so to say..."] Her hand returned to her, but covered her red lips to hide a giggle before travelling back under her chin. Her legs, crossed over one another, moved back and forth, like what a child on a high ledge would do when they sit, her head was turned to Reiver with a wonderfully coy expression. As well as a seemingly familiar fondness.

[+navy " Oh, now that brings me back."] She sighed, her lips curving into another heart-melting smile, [+navy " I was quite a plain-Jane back in those days-- Oh how everything seemed so black and white-- Literally. No one ever noticed me, or maybe they did, I don't quite exactly know- Though I [i was] picked on about my hair. I guess that was the only bad thing in my life, oh. Not entirely. I lied. Meeting my husband was bad. Oh yes. He was [i very, very [b bad...]]"] Her shoulder bunched closer to her cheek as her smile laced and danced around her words, [+navy "You see, darling. You and I both know there aren't many... How shall I put this. Smart. Smart people, around in the world, I can't say nice- People can be nice, but they can be incredibly dumb. Stupid, as a matter of fact. Now. One day- When I was a young girl, younger than you-- There was another girl who always complimented me about my hair. See, I don't know what I look like, I've never seen my hair, but I knew it was long. It felt nice to run my fingers through, and it felt nice when people played with it. Now this girl, who spoke in the most atrocious manner, would talk with me everyday. I used to think she was nice, always telling me how nice my hair was, how smooth and pretty my face was, and what I loved- my oh my what made me happiest- was when she complimented on what book I'd be reading at the time."] A spoon had tripped over itself between the two, but before the silverware could hit the counter, Nina caught it with her free hand. She let the spoon raise upright before it went along its merry way, running away with dish.

[+navy "I used to think, this was what friends are. They would look out for each other. Talk. All of those things. She used to open the doors for me, tell me when I had a step to watch out for- But then I never knew how cruel people could be. Until the day I met this horrible, horrible little boy."] A dark giggle seemed to slither out of her as another bottle poured itself onto a shot glass. She eased herself from her elbow and spun again, taking the shot glass and then setting it down as she came to a stop. [+navy "He was a new boy. A sweet one. Oh my- How the girls would [i swoon] when he walked passed. But you know, being blind- I never knew what they were on about- I just kept to myself, reading. Humming. Playing. All the normal things a kid would do. It was probably in the next month of this boy's arrival that I noticed the girl I was friends with, Let's call her, Stephanie, decided to stop talking with me. Noticeably, everything became harder. I couldn't reach things. I couldn't get to where I need to be quicker-- Ugh I was as slow as a mollusk! So one faithful day, I bump into Stephanie. I recognize her by her voice, but this time, she had changed. She still complimented me, but after what she'd say, there would be echoes of giggles around her, or even repeats in different voices. I thought I was going insane until I learned that she had new friends. I kept myself at bay, mainly because I was rather shy, you know- being blind and all, but also for the fact that there were boys involved."]

[+navy "SO. There I was, entering the school gate. Stephanie was there, talking away. She was listing down names, and how these people were going to be slightly late but came to a stop just short of my arrival. I said hello, and it took her a while to say it back. She replied though, said it rather harshly as if I wasn't meant to be there. It was then she mentioned a name- the name of that boy, before I noticed her voice got softer and softer. She left me standing there at the gate!"] She shrugged her shoulders, her nails clicking at the counter again after taking another shot, [+navy "Oh god. I was so thick back then. I didn't know Stephanie liked the guy- Or that we were even meant to be in relationships-- Soon after the whole group seemed to ostracize me. I heard them all and could differentiate them, they were all stupid names, too- all except for him."] She moved herself back onto her elbow and now leaned her chin on her knuckles, [+navy " Remus. He never talked much- or at all-- Maybe he just never spoke when I was around, but oh my was he a demon. See, later that day. Stephanie had decided to make a certain move on me. Not a friendly gesture at all, but she decided to give me a haircut. No words or warnings. All I heard was [i snip!] and my head felt so much lighter. I don't honestly know why but I remember I cried. I was mortified. I didn't know what was more cruel, the fact that she had just snipped my hair or that she handed me my own hair and laughed. Now that was just terribly mean. But. What happened next was a lot worse."] She took another shot and stretched, [+navy "The next day? Remus approached me. I knew because the girls asked what he was doing. I felt him take my arm- both hands- and lead me around. Maybe he knew I was crying all night, I don't know- I could still feel my eyes all swollen from all the crying. I wonder how messed up my hair was to have that boy pity me so much. I guess he wasn't that bad. Oh. I can't say that. I take it back. He was terrible. The greatest kind of terror there ever could be. So he kept me by his side and the more he did, the more vicious Stephanie became. This was my first experience with jealousy-- and boys! Or. Remus. Maybe. The first time I ever heard his voice- It made me [i MELT]. Oh. How I finally understood what those girls meant. All I can remember was that he leaned in and recited a line from my favorite book. All in a deep, slow, whisper. Slow enough to follow and paint the scenery with, yet fast enough to know that the river cut through the mountain pass, and his voice was as deep as the woods- and as mysterious as the mist that lingered in the open space. OOOOOH. he was a hearthrob~!"] Nina clapped her hands lightly, excitedly, [+navy "So now it was us, Remus and I, who were good friends. And I did not know exactly how close we were, but I do remember the agony that ripped through me the moment I thought I'd lose him like I did Stephanie. Of course, I said nothing about it. But it would always haunt me, especially after he would compliment me about how smooth my skin was, or how pretty I looked."] One hand slithered away from underneath and touched her cheek, [+navy "Oh I hope I'm still pretty. Tell me I'm pretty~ Actually- No. Don't do that. I'll have another one of them cheesy meltdowns if you do. Any who~ One rainy day, Remus didn't come to school. That one moment changed [i everything]. Again, I was alone, and everything was harder without Remus or Stephanie. I heard the thunder and the rain, and then I heard Stephanie say she was willing to help me. Stupid. Like the naive little girl I was, I followed."] She paused, almost as though her eyes lowered, her mind caught in a bear trap, [+navy " I remember it so clearly. How my clothes clung to me skin. How my hair clung to my face.. How the gravel felt, how my knee stung. How my nose and my eye suffered a strange sensation of pain--- and--- "] She shook her head, at a loss for words, [+navy "Now I'm pretty sure you know what it's like to get punched in the face. I don't think I need to explain that."] Her smile returned as she now crossed her arms, [+navy " I remember I couldn't scream. There was a certain panic that came over me the moment I felt their hands on me. I was so, confused, and hurt that I couldn't do a thing-- But the moment I hit the floor- I heard their voices stopped. All I heard? The cracks of lightning, the rumble of thunder. And then I heard Remus."] She leaned herself closer to Reiver now, inches from his face, her nose barely touching his, [+navy " I felt him lift me up into his arms. Oh he was such a strong, boy. I felt him breathing, I felt the blood run through his veins under his skin... How his neck seemed to burn against my lips... Ahh.. Remus."]

A small, seductive giggle fluttered out from her lips as she set herself back onto her seat, all that played now was the background music as her copy suddenly dispersed into a blue, glittery puff.

[+navy "It was all over the news that day that 6 children from St. Eve's were murdered and impaled on stakes. Left for viewing right in front of the church. No one. Knew. Who did it."]

[+navy "Now it wasn't Remus. No. You see. Remus took me home to their mother. He had a twin brother who seemed to talk a lot more than he did. I remember being in the bathtub and their mother seemed to just lace me down with worry. I've never had a mother, I did, but she more or less abandoned me without either of us knowing. So she decided to keep me. Now. They had a father who was the most sophisticated man there ever could have been. He taught his sons how to fight, and as I joined their family, he taught me too. In fact, he taught me everything I knew. Remus was about to move into another school, one, as he described, was specifically for people like him and his brother, Romulus. I didn't quite know what they meant, but they asked if I wanted to go. It was only then I ever learnt that I [i could] see. Just not in the way that you or the others could."] She slowly leaned in, moved her hand closely to Reiver before giving him a slight zap with her finger, [+navy "It isn't that I have soul perception at all. In fact, I have the lousiest soul perception there ever could be!"] She chuckled, amused as a spoon and a fork tried to outrun a butter knife, [+navy "They trained me, to the bone. All the things I thought I never had seemed to either appear, or blossom out of me. Then again, that's what happens when you go to school in Russia. Everything is more or less meant to kill you."]

[+red "Well that was a little darker than I thought!"]
[+navy "Oh? I'd figure you'd like that kind of dark, don't tell me I made a mistake now, developing a small little crush on you, you're still illegal in my eyes, you know!"] She laughed heartily, taking another shot glass before taking it down, [+navy "Not that I'm unfaithful- But boys like you set my heart on fire~ Hahaha. Makes me miss my idiot of a husband now. Wherever the [i fuck] he may be."]
Reiver laughed, [+red "Where is he, if you don't mind me asking?"]
Nina shrugged, [+navy "If I knew, I wouldn't be here at all! as I said, boy. Love is the most complicated thing on this, here, Earth! But, he's my husband. I can't just abandon the poor fellow and run away with a spunky hispanic pool cleaner. Ugh. Talk about a cliche... I love that bumbling idiot to bits, even though he always likes leaving me on my own. Then again, he knows more than any one that Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe that applies for you and that girl. Or... Whichever girl you have your complicated little heart on. But what was that, you said?? Three times if you count the same girl twice on two separate occasions? Holy Vikings, boy. Aren't you a little heart seeker?"] She couldn't help but laugh at him fondly, [+navy "Oh my. How I would make your life all the more complicated if I was only younger...~"]

The both of them took another shot. Then sat in the dimming silence as the atmosphere seemed to die down. The silverware were now returning to their rightful places as the shadows disappeared, the radio blipped again and remained mute as the chairs and tables sat still. The broken table was no longer split in two and sat content across the sofa as the salt and pepper shakers settled themselves on top.

[+navy “So what do you plan to do now?”]
[+red “Whatever I have to. I can’t let stein do as he wants. Nor can I let anyone else in my family face Ashura alone. I will fight for balance, true balance. So for now I stand alone and hope my family will stand with me when the time comes.”]
Nina smirked. [+navy “I don’t think you should worry too much about that last part.”]

She jerked her head towards the door, knowing that four other figures had come in. She sat to herself this time, as the others conversed and giggled to herself when some one had called her Aunty.

[+navy "Oh, now say it like that, and I surely won't be able to say no!"] She swooned adoringly, [+navy "But he's right, Aunty shouldn't intrude, and you would do good in learning that men should never ask ladies to do their dirty work...~"] She giggled playfully, her head turned back to her hat that sat rather sadly just a distance away from her, [+navy "Not to be entirely bitter, but that man should pay for that. My husband gave it to me and that might be the only thing I have left of him, if he's dead, that is..."]
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Reiver took a deep breath of the crisp night air. His head was throbbing, a normal occurrence as of late. He turned away from the scene and let the cold air caress his heated skin. It was as if his soul turned its back on the world. He pushed everything away leaving him with just his thoughts. There was so much chaos even for him; so many things that didn’t go as planned. He needed some time to realign himself so he walked to the cities limits and just stared off into the night’s horizon. He sat there thinking back to all the events that had led to this moment and let out a long breath. Then after a while a thought dawned on him. This wasn’t him. He had never let life beat him down and change him before. [+red “What the hell am I doing?”] He looked down at his hands as a small smile crept across his lips. A voice crept into his head as he slowly stood back to his feet. [+b “Strength isn’t how hard you can hit, but rather how hard you can get hit and keep going. That is where your strength will come from little brother. You will be able to take on this whole world and smile through blood stained teeth. You will stand firm and ask if that’s all this world has to give.”] Reiver clenched his fists as he turned back to the city. [+red “My name is Reiver Kuroshi Shade and I remember who I am and what I stand for. I’ve made my mistakes but from this point on I can take whatever you can dish out.”] An image of stein flashed within his mind.
With a smirk the one eyed meister marched toward the only haven he had in this town. He neared the ChupaCabras when the woman from before came into view. She was furiously grouping the wall and silently cursing to herself. [+red “Maybe they locked up early tonight?”] He thought as he looked through the window to see the entire place empty and dark. But why would she be so set on this random section of wall rather than the door? As he neared he noticed a piece of cloth slipping out from under her long hair and wrapping around her eyes. It was hard to see when she had her hat on, even more difficult to those who weren’t really focusing on her.
[+red “You sure can handle yourself in a fight for someone who can’t see the door 10 feet to their left.”] Reiver said as the woman quickly straightened back up before turning with a tired expression on her face. [b "Oh you’re the boy from before? Thank you. Leaving a poor blind woman. Is it not obvious that I can't see a single thing through this blindfold? Should I just stick to tacky sunglasses?"] She said as she slipped to the left feeling for the door. Once her hand found the knob she quickly realized it wouldn’t budge. [b “Um young man would you kindly help a poor woman in her time of need?”] Reiver took a few steps forward before producing a key for the door. [+red “Ya know you’re lucky I was coming here. My step father has a fascination with a certain ex-partner of his and put me in charge of watching the poor bastard for a time. Luckily for me he likes to frequent this place so we sort of acquired it over the years. Poor spirit still doesn’t know.”] He said in a less than compassionate manner.

Once reiver opened the door he stepped aside. “After you madam…?” He said with a bow. [b “Oh such manners, and Nina. And you young man, how may I address you?”] She stepped through the door way then stopped. [b “Um a bar seat if you please.”] She asked as she offered her arm. Reiver stepped into the darkened bar and closed the door behind him. [+red "Name's Reiver.] He left the door unlocked incase kevin happened by again he too could come inside. It had been far too long since the two had spoken directly to one another and reiver was feeling in a better mood than normal so he hoped.

The meister took Mrs. Nina’s arm and led her to the bar where he placed her hand on a bar stool. [+red “So Mrs. Nina what pray tell brings you to the ChupaCabras?”] He asked as he flicked on the bar lights and the radio hooked up to loop in the bar. [b “To be honest my husband told me of the place.”] She said as she placed her two halves of a hat on the bar. [b “I can’t, believe I lost my hat over this little squabble.”] [+red ‘Sorry about that, by the by I appreciate your help in the matter. Family matters are getting complicated…. One of the other girls probably knows how to fix it. You can ask them once they get here in the morning. You’re more than welcome to stay here also. There’s a few guest rooms in the back.”]

Nina smiled at reiver before nodding. [b “Don’t mention it, love is a crazy thing. But fragile. Sometimes it needs some help from a stranger.”] Reiver chuckled. [+red “Yeah… love… I’ve had rough run in that department. I’m batting 0 for 2, 0 for three if you count the same person twice on two separate occasions. But c'est la vie no?”] Nina nodded. [b “Oh the stories I could tell haha but that would take all night. You seem to be fairing a bit better since I saw you earlier.”]

Reiver smiled as he neared Nina. [+red “Yeah, well I just needed to remind myself who I am. Somewhere along the way I tried being something I’m not…”]
[b “Did you have a fun run of it?”]
[+red “Yeah… yeah I guess I did.”] Reiver said never truly having thought about it that way before.
[b “Then it was worth the detour then wasn’t it? Ya know its been a bit of a rough day for us both but its starting to look up right? How about we celebrate? What does a lady have to do to get a drink in this place?”] She focused on her hat when she mentioned the rough day.
Reiver chuckled out loud. [+red “Miss nina have I told you I like you yet?”]
[b “Oh I bet you say that to all the girls.”]
The young meister circled nina still curious as to how she was able to fight stein so well without being able to see him. Reiver took a quick jab at Nina’s side only to have his wrist caught and be flipped onto a table which broke from the force. Nina with a knee to his solar plexus and a hand to his throat. [+red “Oh I really like you.”] He said with a smirk. [+red “So about that drank?”]

Nina slowly pulled herself off the young man and retook her seat. Reiver slowly stood to his feet before venturing behind the bar. [+red “So you have acute soul detect don’t you? I bet you can see more than someone with perfect twenty twenty. That’s how you knew I threw a jab and how you could fight stein. You can see me through my soul can’t you?”] The woman smiled as she started to click her finger nails against the table. [b “It sure takes a while to get a drink in this bar.”] After a chuckle reiver grabbed two glasses from under the bar and filled them with a dark liquid. [+red "Ya know your only the second woman to ever put me on my back."] [b "Oh we are such a rare breed aren't we?"] He handed one to nina and took the other for himself. [+red “Cheers! To a new start and the first step in the right direction.”]

After a few hours and a pyramid of shot glasses the two sat at a table laughing hysterically. The two traded tales like playing cards, each jesting at the others pride. [b “So what do you plan to do now?”] The voluptuous woman asked as she slammed another glass on the table. Reiver stared out the window, his head a spin. [+red “Whatever I have to. I can’t let stein do as he wants. Nor can I let anyone else in my family face Ashura alone. I will fight for balance, true balance. So for now I stand alone and hope my family will stand with me when the time comes.”]
Nina smirked. [b “I don’t think you should worry too much about that last part.”] The new woman pointed to the door. Reiver’s attention snapped to the door as four people stepped in. Two white haired ninjas fallowed by a dark haired couple. Sen took a seat at the table next to the two and smiled. “Hey there boss. We heard the news.”
Reignor set on the opposite side of his brother and crossed his legs. “Maybe aunty could be helpful?”
Fuyu shook her head. “No, word from my contacts says shes looking to aid Ashura.”
Reiver nodded. ‘Looks like we have to take this matter on ourselves. We need a plan.”
Sen nodded. However reignor interjected. “We need the others as well.”
Vira looked up nervously. “That sounds like a good plan to me.”
Sen took up a glass and stared at the liquid inside. “We are also to be sent to Baba Yaga castle with Maka’s squad soon.”
Reiver stood up and gathered a few more glasses for the others. “All the more reason to gather the others don’t you think? We begin first thing tomorrow. For tonight, we are a family once more incomplete but a family regardless. We will be whole again and this is the first inclination of progress so everyone enjoy the time we have together.”] He said as he and several others Nina included took a drink.
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A sense of normalcy, was that why Marini had left so suddenly? No one had heard a thing from her. Not Ana, not Matt... Not even Reiver. Why did she choose Tokyo out of all places? Well, because of the shopping district of course. Tokyo was famous for their fashion. That, and her parents had retired here. Dad wanted the sense of adventure, and Mom loved the crowdedness.

[b "We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news! Tokyo is under attack! Tokyo is under attack! Please seek shelter immediately!"]

Her TV flickered before the whole apartment went dark. Marini let out a groan, pushing herself up to stand.

[#ff1f9f "You're shitting me, right? Tokyo under attack. Pfft, right... and it's Godzilla taking over the place. My ass."]

Off in the not too far distance, she heard the roar of what would probably be a giant dinosaur. [#ff1f9f "I stand corrected."]

Rini was running out the door, grabbing her Hello Kitty backpack, and what looked to be a small pink bubble.

Once she was outside, she looked around.


[#ff1f9f "Shit, it's Godzilla! Run!"] She's yelling as the giant dinosaur crashed through the near by buildings. While everyone else was running, she was moving closer to Godzilla. [#ff1f9f "Okay, time to play!"] She's dropping the pink bubble, accidently crushing it underneath her shoe.

[#ff1f9f "HEY GODZILLA, YOUR MOMMA IS SO FAT THAT IT TAKES HER A YEAR JUST TO TURN AROUND!"] Rini is yelling, as her left arm turned into the long blade. She ran forward, dodging around the dino's feet, stabbing at its toes.


Rini went flying into a near by building, thanks to a kick from Godzilla.

[#ff1f9f "Okay, this is going to be harder than I thought."]

[#FF0000 "Turn into your weapon form, right now!"]

Rini felt fingers on her back, and just before she could protest, she had shifted into weapon form.

[#ff1f9f "HOLY SHIT, DEV, IS THAT YOU!?"]

It was plain as day. She felt their souls link together, and right then it was apparent that Devon was in fact the one handling her.

[#FF0000 "Rini, do you like me?"]

[#ff1f9f "Well, duh. You're one of my best friends."]

[#FF0000 "No, Marini...Do you love me... The same way that you love Reiver?"]

[#ff1f9f "Wait, whut? Like... love you as in... Kinky sex and morning you as in...I'd give my life for you because I care that much about you?"]

[#FF0000 "I said the same way you love Reiver. I'm pretty sure you're not dumb enough to think that I meant BFFs."]

[#ff1f9f "Dev, are you high?"]

[#FF0000 "On you. Maybe. You're kind of my crack, you know?"]

Now Rini was confused. What had gotten into Devon? Was she dreaming? Or maybe, just maybe...

[#ff1f9f "Wait, better question, am I high?"]


[#FF0000 "Figures Godzilla would be here. I'm just glad that there isn't a giant squi--"] There was a high pitched scream.

[b "Well shit."] The girls said in unison.

[#FF0000 "MARINI!"]

[#ff1f9f "WHAT!? I DIDN'T LET HIM OUT!"]

The giant pink squid was making its way towards the both of them, knocking over buildings at it went.

[#FF0000 "I've always... WAIT, WHAT!? YOU OWN THAT THING!?"]

[#ff1f9f "Yeah, I won him at a carnival..."]

[#FF0000 "It's...alive..."] Devon was gawking at the giant sea creature as Rini laughed slightly. Then the squid slapped Devon into the air, making her skid into a building. Rini shifted back into her human form.

[#FF0000 "DAMN IT, RINI!"]


[#FF0000 "Its name is Fluffy..."] Devon repeated, a dreamy look on her face.

In Devon's mind, she was imagining feeding Fluffy with chopsticks as Rini was wearing a cute little apron and held the food for her.


[#FF0000 "...Eh?"]


And Devon goes flying through the air once more! Thankfully, this time she landed on Fluffy. The look on Devon's face was so peaceful and happy.

[#FF0000 "Squishy~"]

Devon began sliding downwards, thankfully being caught by Fluffy in the nick of time.

[#ff1f9f "Fluffy, bring mommy the nice lady!"]

The squid gently placed Devon on the ground, just so Rini could begin slapping her repeatedly.


Devon bolted upright, looking around. [#FF0000 "Oh yeah, that's right..."]

There was no time to talk, Rini was grabbing Devon and dragging her along as she climbed onto Fluffy's head. They were holding hands.

[#FF0000 "I'm jealous of Rei, but I guess I can never get you to look at me the same way you look at him, huh?"]

[#ff1f9f "I can do something better than that."] Then Rini was sweeping Devon off of her feet in an embrace, kissing her passionately. [#ff1f9f "This will be our little secret, okay?"]

Devon was blushing and grinning by then. [#FF0000 "I guess... as long as you remember that someone will always love you from the shadows."]

Rini grinned, shifting back into her weapon form. Devon starts floating... she had wings. [#ff1f9f "WHOA WHEN DID YOU GET WINGS!?"]

[#FF0000 "Just then."] Devon smirked.

Their souls linked once more, a room appeared... A lavish bed with chains. Devon is pushing Marini onto the bed, whispering into her ear.

[#FF0000 "Give your soul to me, just for tonight. Say you're mine, Rini."]

[#ff1f9f "Oh, I am so yours."]

Devon's arms move around groping Rini... both in soul and weapon form. That very moment, she emits power into Marini... Causing the pinkette to... that's right... Orgasm.

[b Some time later...]

The two are standing at the edge of a building, Rini shifting back into her human form. [#ff1f9f "Wh-Where... did you learn to do THAT?"] She pants, covered in sweat. Dev smirked, giving Marini another kiss.

[#FF0000 "Snack time?"]

Dev points to Fluffy, the squid holding a net of souls.

[#ff1f9f "Hell yeah, I'm starving!"]

Then, Marini's phone began to ring. She answered it.

[#ff1f9f "What, Cassa?"] Talk about a greeting.

[b "Nice to hear from you too. I'm calling to inform you that Devon is now officially being hunted by the Shibusen. More so, Stein is looking for her, wanting her body for obvious reasons."]

[#ff1f9f "Uh huh...Noted.] She mumbled as she watched Devon idly. Devon was petting Fluffy, who was now in miniature form. She looked so happy. Marini almost didn't want to go back to Shibusen because of that very thing.

[b "So, that being said, it's time for you to come back."]

[#ff1f9f "Right, right. Talk to you later."] The phone was shoved back into her pocket.

[#ff1f9f "Hey, Devon~ Wanna go on a trip?"]

[#FF0000 "Anywhere you go, I go too."]
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Even though there were a number of stimuli running together in that one moment, everything seemed rather slow or monotone. Devon's remark on wanting his power. Stein and Spirit's fight with the unknown woman. Even Reiver's momentary lapse in morality hadn't too much phased him. This was due to the blast of energy he took from Devon. It had sent him into a daze. He felt all of her frustration and distaste in one sentence. Coincidentally the blast hadn't broken his soul like it would have before. It was Kevin's thinking that without Dia, his shell, he'd be more susceptible to the pain that guilt and grief caused him, but something numbed it.

While figuring out what had kept him from collapsing due to the shear amount of force those feelings had forced upon his soul was a matter for another time as he was now being addressed by a woman with a rather demanding presence. She was odd, to say the least. She seemed to be toying with both him and Reiver, or at least just teasing at the moment.

[#B0C4DE 'She had been able to take notice of Dia!? This is alarming, in its own way, but I'll deal with that at another time.'] Kevin snapped his fingers and sent his confirmation to Dialectice. [#B0C4DE 'Take care of her. She's fragile.']

When posed with the question of who would help her to her destination, Kevin offered a small, broken smile. [#B0C4DE "I can help you, if you'd like."] This woman had a slight air of intimidation about her. She was about a head taller than Kevin, which was unusual for most considering Kevin was the tallest of those in the group and tended to tower over most. Save for Reiver and Seijin. [#B0C4DE 'The air around her is pretty murky. Her soul is kind, but she gives me this feeling of unease. Best not to let her touch me.']

[center [pic]]

Dialectice trotted after Devon. [#C0C0C0 "Ms. Mayhill, cool your temper. She'll get the better of you yet, if you don't reign in your rage."] He knew his words were dangerous enough to warrant her wanting to cleave him in half, but he was more than prepared to deal with that scenario.

After a few moments of walking Dialectice started again. [#C0C0C0 "That woman, from the battle concerns me greatly. She could clearly see me, even in my spirited form. Not even Stein can manage that unless I enforce my presence."] The silver spirit could feel Devon's tension and decided to stop talking to her and take refuge within her.

While Kevin lead the new woman to the Club he kept a considerable distance between them. He didn't want to run the risk of her bumping into him and them syncing wavelengths.

During this time Kevin was inside of his sanctuary trying to assess its current state of affairs. The old Oak tree was showing signs of warping and the roots had become unruly. There were even vines growing on it now. [#B0C4DE "Well this is unfortunate. Are you what took all that pain for me?"] He asked it with a ginger touch to it's trunk. [#B0C4DE "Thank you."]

Though that wasn't the only thing, visibly warped by the turmoil. The White Roses were beginning to wilt. Kevin turned his attention to the Lake that was now turned to a murky red rather than its typical grey. The white haired male placed a gloved hand in the water and immediately pulled it back when he felt the tug of the water. [#B0C4DE "Its become more viscous and more opportunistic."] Looking to the sky, his time branded eyes took comfort. [#B0C4DE "As long as you keep storming I still have time."]

Finally Kevin had lead his charge to the Chupacabra Cabaret Club. [#B0C4DE "Well, here we are Miss. I'm not really sure why you'd want to come here, but that's really none of my business. Oh and I'd be careful in there. Spirit tends to visit and he seems to have taken a liking to you."] Finishing his warning the almond skinned male began to make his way off. [#B0C4DE "Oh..."] He stopped. [#B0C4DE "Is there anything else you need?"] Part of him felt as though he'd regret asking those seemingly kind words.
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Devon's eyes remained on the white box in her hands. She had laced the glorious red ribbon back over it, closing it and sealing it as if she had never opened it. She placed the box down to her feet as she slid her red cloak over her shoulders, letting it flow around towards her back before tying the strings comfortably around her neck. Her eyes wondered back to Dialectice, giving him her usual expressionless stare.

[+red "What now?"]

The cool and emotionless expression was one that Dialectice had grown more than accustomed to. He knew the unease it gave Kevin. Whether it filled him with happiness or shattered his hopes, he always knew the feeling. [#2f4f4f "You're not exactly pleased to see me. That much is understandable. I'm not particularly enthused about being here either, but I was given a mission so I plan see it through."] Dia stayed in his wolf form to ensure that he could move fast enough to deal with anything thrown his way. [#2f4f4f "I'd rather us be cordial with one another while I'm here."]

Devon pressed her tongue onto the roof of her mouth. Her jaws clenched as her eyes narrowed at Dia, [+red "If you want to talk to me at least turn into a human or something. Your wolf form distracts me.."] She wouldn't dare admit that all she wanted to do was hug and cuddle up with the wolf and play a round or two of chasey. [+red " And what mission are you hoping to accomplish?"] Devon leaned herself down and picked up the white box before standing herself upright again, her red orbs now focusing on the wolf, [+red " Know that if it's anything to do with me, I have every right to know every little detail. and then to choose."]

Dialectice felt his muscles lock up at her voice. Her tone annoyed him. Being commanded by Kevin was one thing, but when it was someone like her it made his hair stand on end.[#2f4f4f “I will not be changing any time soon. Not until my station here is guaranteed.”] He forced himself to stop baring down and to loosen himself up, [#2f4f4f “As for your right to know; I shall agree to give you full detail.”] He padded around for a moment, [#2f4f4f “I was sent to stall you for a moment or so. Though that wasn't my only mission. Thee other mission was to wait for Kevin to instruct me on our next move. Until then I am to watch over you.”] While what Dialectice said was only half true, it wasn't a lie either. He wasn't allowed to speak on anything other than those few details.

[+red "You know I can pierce through you."] Devon said bluntly, [+red " I can also slice you in half and eat your soul, which would make it the end of you."] She turned herself away, ready to push open the doors of the city, [+red "But out of respect, I choose not to see through your soul and read you like an open book. I choose to wait here for whatever else people may throw at me. In all honesty, you know it as much as I do. I don't want to talk to Kevin. Whatever he has to say, he can keep to himself. If he knows what he, himself, has to do, then by the gods, leave me be."] It took almost all of her might to hold back from sending an attack down onto Dia, [+red "I've had enough of his inconsistencies as it is, along with my own and every one else's"]

A heavy sigh left his jagged mouth. He didn't like it, but he had to agree. Kevin was less than satisfactory as of late, but he loved him. He was apart of him and as such he did not plan on dying. [#2f4f4f "If it truly makes you more comfortable then I shall comply."] Dia turned to his more human form. [#2f4f4f "I was reluctant to keep this form near you for fear of automatically struck down."]

He rolled his neck and stared at her. While his eyes lacked the golden hue that Kevin now possessed, he did however, maintain the silver sheen. [#2f4f4f ”If you were to kill me and eat me my soul, you would only be eating a fragment. I am only my own being, because I am allowed. Other than that my life really isn't much to satiate hunger.”] He began pacing once more. He felt his rage welling up within him. In reality, he hated this woman.

[+red "I won't bite."] She said simply, [+red "I'm too tired to.. In all honesty."] She eased her shoulders a bit, knowing that Wanyuudo has disappeared from any place near them, [+red " I really don't want to go."] It took her a moment or two to finally turn back around and face the white haired soul, [+red " But I can't be any where near them. You know that. You've seen it. I don't want this world to fall apart, as much as I want to set it on fire.. I want a tomorrow, Dia... One where every one is smiling. With or without me..."] She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, letting the breeze slip by her. It took her a moment to realize that the wind that gently eased her carried Seijin's soul. She smiled at Dia's words. [+Red "Ha.. Hunger. Well we all know how much I love my food. I mean.. If some one set up a barbecue right now, I'd never be able to leave. Don't know why no one ever thought of that before.... I wouldn't eat you though.. Souls don't fix that kind of hunger."] She could feel his footsteps, slow... but heavy. Heavy with anger. [+red "If you hated me this much, then why are you here?"]

[#2f4f4f “I believe that was his very reasoning.”] He replied without stopping his pace, [#2f4f4f “ You both are exceptionally idiotic in the same way. I think he gets it. I think he sent me because I know.”] After a few moments Dialectice began to approach Devon. He didn't care much for any protests that she had on the matter. He kept his pace until he stood in front of her. Like Kevin, he was considerably taller than her and in that he was doubly so,[#2f4f4f “ You both want the same thing. You both said the same exact thing. What does that tell you?”] He was in her face now, his eyes bore holes directly into her gems. [#2f4f4f “Miss Mayhill, I beg an answer.”]

[+red "You're in my personal space,"] She answered as she looked up at him. She gently pressed a hand to his chest and pushed, letting him take a step back or two, [+red " That there can only be one of us here."] Of course, this wasn't the answer he was looking for, but it was one of them. An answer was still an answer regardless of it being accepted or not, [+red "Given.. If I were in your shoes, I'd want to hear those words too. But I can't. I'm sorry."] Her head dipped as her eyes gazed at her feet. How else would she explain this? [+red " I can't feel anything anymore.. And in a sense. I don't want to feel. It's ok that I remain like this for however long I live. Pain.. anger.. That's all I've ever known and in a way, I wish I never came here. This truly was the ultimate punishment Lord Death could have given me. The yearning to be a part of something I could never be part of, the want to feel happy, sad, eager, confused... Alive... I knew I was dead, but I never knew I was like this- That I looked forward to being with them through better or worse-- that believing-- hoping and dreaming could bring me a new kind of pain that I've never felt before-- all from the other side of the spectrum. Do you know what it's like, Dia? To realize... that maybe.. The people you call comrades, friends- brothers- sisters- family- ... might not even look at you the same? Do you know what it's like to be replaced..?"] A part of her couldn't believe the words she was saying, the other half could only form pictures in her mind. A young Reiver ran passed her, chasing after a pink haired girl, their giggles fading in the distance, [+red "To be forgotten..."] Her mind slid back to when she was underneath the table, looking up at Reiver from behind Kevin, [+red " and lastly.. to be completely.. abandoned."]

His anger was extinguished by her apparent sadness. [#2f4f4f [i 'Was this Kevin's reason? Was this his reason for loving her?']] With a shake of the head he took a gloved hand and flicked her in the forehead. [#2f4f4f "I do. I know what feels like to be replaced at least."] He turned away from her and crossed his arms. [#2f4f4f "Why do you think I hate you so much? You are the replacement. You are forcing him to grow up. I hate you because you did what I could not. You gave him purpose."] He gave her a side glance for a quick moment. [#2f4f4f "As for you feeling of woe when it comes to being apart of something. The want. The need for it. I can understand it. I am a fragment after all, but you fail to see hat you were always wanted. Always accepted. In reality Devon, you are just too scared to see the truth. I'm not going to sugar coat it like my master. Though I have to tell you that this is the man you're creating."]

[+red "Even though you feel that way, you fail to realize he counts on you as a friend. You are a piece of him yes, but also of your own mind and will. I see no one standing beside me. No one to stall for me. No one to hate for ... Replacing me. No one to envy in such ways... and no one I can truly call.. A friend."] She let out a deep sigh as she turned her head to the tops of Shibusen, feeling Seijin's soul resonate with the building. There was a familiar longing and ache that she could feel, one that she could understand and relate to and yet misunderstand and be completely out of line with. She understood now that people vary this way as some can tolerate others more whilst some can barely stand against a slight breeze. [+red "I envy them."] She whispered, [+red " and this envy is the kind.. That wants to protect instead of hurt. I never knew that there was such a thing."]

She adjusted the box under her arm as she let out a deep sigh, [+red " first and foremost.. I need to find a way to get rid of medusa.."]

[#2f4f4f "It is for that very reason I have been sent. To aid you in his stead. He realised that he, himself cannot be off use to you in his current state so he has sent the most stable part of him to watch over you."] Her sadness only made him hate her more. In his eyes she was overly ungrateful, but he could only say as much as he had. [#2f4f4f "I truly pity you, girl. You fail to see how loved you are."] Without any true enthusiasm he returned to his wolf for and laid down. [#2f4f4f "At any rate, whether we like it or not we're stuck together for the time being."]

[+red "As long as you don't follow me beyond these doors, then I allow it."] She steadied herself as she felt a ripple of a soul come through. It was was Kid.
[#2f4f4f "Fine by me. I have no real interest in your demons. I've gotten more than my fill from the lot of you children."] He spat.
[+red "Hush now doggie... I have to speak with my brother."]

[+darkkhaki “I guess I wasn't entirely late.”] Kid said as he came to a stop, his shoulder leveled with the bear-headed man, [+darkkhaki “What business did you have with her?”]

Devon watched, her eyes turning to the back of the bulky headdress. His shoulders seemed to ease before a muffled voice slid through, [+brown “I came to warn her. I'm sure you're aware that what we all believed was as crystal clear as day, is now as dark and murky as swamp water. I also came to deliver a present from your father.”] His thumb stuck out of his fist as he made a gesture over his shoulder, [+brown “You've got one of those already, so try not to get jealous.”]
[+darkkhaki “And how can we be sure to trust you?”] Kid's eyes narrowed, his voice barely a growl.
[+brown “I'm kind of hurt that you'd think I'd play this game... But I'll let you find out for yourself.”]
[+darkkhaki “Tezca,”] Kid's patience seemed to drip through the tip of his tongue, [+darkkhaki “If this is a trap-”]
[+brown “Now, now. I'm good at illusions and tricks, but that doesn't mean I'd deceive you.”] With his hands now in his pocket, Tezca Tlipoca, the Demon mirror with ever changing heads, turned to face Kid, [+brown “My hands may be dirty... But you'd be surprised... There is security in obscurity.”]
[+darkkhaki “...”] Kid only turned his head to him, staring into his hollow teddy mask, [+darkkhaki “Is there something else I should know about?”]
Tezca shrugged his shoulders before kicking up his heel, [+brown “It's been long overdue. The talk between siblings.”]

[+red “If you ask me, a lot of things are overdue...”] Devon sighed as she waited for Kid. With a wave, Tezca Tlipoca walked off as her brother made his way towards her.

[+red “So you've come to the same conclusion as I have...”] Devon whispered in ear shot of her brother.

[+darkkhaki “I find it strange, almost ironic that the one the town had deemed untrustworthy is the only one who seems to closer to the truth than all of us.”] Kid's eyes fell to the floor, his voice almost apologetic, [+darkkhaki “I'm sorry it had taken us this long.”]
[+red “Time is changing the tide.”] She answered as she tilted her head back to the sky, [+red “You were all sheep, hoping to be lead in the right direction.."]
[+darkkhaki “But now that seems like a lie. All of it.”] Kid lifted his head from his feet, meeting his sister's gaze, [+darkkhaki “... So I ask.. Just this once.. What happened?”]

[+red “Even I don't know the entire truth.”] Devon started as her eyes glazed, [+red “But I will tell you that Tezca can be trusted. He was there too. A very prominent figure in my life along with Justin.”]
[+darkkhaki “Justin- Justin Law?”]
Devon nodded, [+red “Justin and Mari.”]
[+darkkhaki “Mari. The beetle witch?”]
[+red “Yes. When I was young, I lived in a small cottage by a lake. I lived with Mari, Matt, Devira and.. Wanyuudo.. Then Reiver.”] She paused slightly, taking in a jagged breath,[+red “I can see it now.. How we all were. How Wanyuudo would often leave us for long periods of time whilst Mari and.. Grandma-- would look after us.”]
[+darkkhaki “Where did Justin fit in all of this..?”] Kid's eyes gleamed as a puzzled look sketched his face.
[+red “Justin and Mari were a thing at the time. They saw each other frequently as Justin would often come over, sometimes to bring supplies, other times, to stay and chat with her. Sometimes they would leave. Matt, Devira and I would be left in the care of Grandma... ”]
[+darkkhaki “Who is she?”]
[+Red “Even I can't say. I'm not sure if we're even related... All I remember is a silhouette through a screen, I never once saw her face.. Only her voice.”]
Kid shifted, his hand holding his elbow as his free hand stroked his chin, [+darkkhaki “Hmm...”]
[+red “Then there was Tezca. The times where Mari and Justin would leave us, he was often left to watch us- I guess as a physical guardian that we could see and follow. He never once let us out of his sight. Now that I think about it, Devira was afraid of Tezca.”] Devon smiled softly at the image that played in her mind of a young Devira clinging onto her as they stood in front of the man with the bear-head.
[+darkkhaki “What about you?”] Kid asked, his eyes shifting to her once more.
[+red “Tezca didn't scare me. In fact, I loved his head. Though it's been so long since I've seen him- years-- even though that memory is foreign, seeing him today... comforted me. He always told us stories. Played games with us – and what I loved most, was watching him perform. Of course, he isn't a performer.. But he wasn't afraid to make a fool of himself in order for us to laugh or feel at ease. He's a good person. Even when it all happened.. I can only say that I can see it now... How he regretted not being able to do a thing... How part of him is haunted by the voice that constantly tells him he could have done something- To save us from where we stand now.”]

Both of them looked to the ground.

[+red “And now that Justin is missing.. Tezca is unsure of everything.”] Devon said softly, [+Red “If any one had to be tested, it was him. How he had lost part of his friends that day... And how he had to deal with crossing paths with every one only to act as though he were a stranger. Maybe that was why he left.”]
[+darkkhaki “What about Reiver?”]
[+Red “Hmm? Oh. Yes. Tezca was there too. Justin and Tezca. When Wanyuudo came home with Reiver in his arms, they were there playing cards. In fact, it was Tezca who saw that there was someone else in Reiver. Reignor.”]
Kid's eyes moved to the box tucked under Devon's arm, [+darkkhaki “I assume you've opened it.”]
[+red “Yes”] She answered, her hand skimming over it's side.
[+darkkhaki “Are you not planning to use it?”]
[+Red “... With what's about to happen, I mustn't. Where I go, I must go untracked. Unrecognizable..”]
Kid's jaw clenched, his eyes picking up the glint of sadness in her ruby pair,[+darkkhaki “We've been assigned to take down one of the Machines that spread Madness Aura...”]

The two stood for a moment as silence carried the last of Kid's words away. Devon smiled softly before holding her hand out to him, Kid raised his head and returned her stare.

[+red “Take care of yourself.”] The red of her eyes seemed to glistened, reflecting the same emotion in her voice as Kid took her hand, the two shaking firmly as Devon pushed herself to speak.
[+darkkhaki “You too..”] Kid replied under his breath. There was an odd ache in his chest as his eyes seemed to search her for an answer.. But the only ones that came to him were the kinds he did not want to face.

[center [size30 [+darkkhaki “Come back soon. So we can talk about it. All of it.”]]]

Devon's eyes widened, as her eyes met Kid's.

[+darkkhaki “We'll be waiting.”] Kid smiled, his eyes sombre as he let their hands slide apart. Goodbyes were unfamiliar to him, and having a sibling was foreign... But part of it clicked the moment he knew.
Devon nodded, watching him turn and make his way back to the academy.

[#2f4f4f “That wasn't all..”] Dialectice spoke up, his voice teeming with concern, [#2f4f4f “Is there something you're not telling me? Or any of us?”]
Devon hesitated, but sighed, [+red “This is the point of no return... Where I go.. I may not ever come back from.”] She placed a hand on her chest before glancing skyward once more, [+red “Stars.. Watch over me..”] Dialectice remained silent as he watched the weapon quietly count the twinkling sparks in the sky, his own thoughts wondering at what could be haunting her mind.

That was until Reiver showed up.

Tension built up between the two of them as Reiver spoke. Each word that slipped from his lips only made her chest ache more and more, until he presented her with a star. As though a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders, the anchor from her heart now lifted, Devon reached for the small object and with barely touching it, came a bright yellow spark streaking in the dark behind her eyelids.

[+khaki “And you think you could keep me down...”] A deep voice cackled from within. Devon's eyes widened as she froze, beads of sweat forming on her brow, [+khaki “I have to give it to him though, He sure knows how to lock a woman, just. Like. The old days.”]

Devon's breathing turned ragged. A strange sensation growled and rumbled within her, causing her to step back from Reiver. [+red [i 'What-- What's going on??']] She thought as her heart picked up its pace, [+red [i 'What are you doing to me??']]
[+khaki “Oh? Isn't it obvious?”] She giggled, [+khaki “The madness.. Is stirring.”]
Devon's eyes shrunk. There was no escaping it now.
[+khaki “I must've had a stroke of luck. I knew it wasn't going to be easy taking absolute control of your body... But I also didn't know that my own son would keep me alive in you.”]
[+red [i 'Medusa- What're exactly are you planning to achieve!?']] Her mind screamed as she watched the golden haired woman rise from her shadow binds, [+red [i 'You- I thought he got---']]
[+khaki “Oh- Don't get me wrong, Devon. Wanyuudo did intend to get rid of me- But the poor man has lost his old shimmer and got rusty. Unless he was completely oblivious to how you truly felt.”]
Devon took a deep breath in and forced herself up right. Her eyes shifted from the floor and locked into Rei's singular gem. [+red “Rei...”]
[+khaki “Even though the seal is strong enough to bury anyone into the depths of a soul, there was the singular fact that my blood runs deep in the person you care for most. It also didn't help that the sealor is his father, therefore, the seal was significanly weaker. I'll let that sink in for a little.”] Medusa teased as she watched Devon's world unravel, [+khaki “I'm sure it didn't take you long to find out, but that feeling you just had? That's the madness finally taking over you. You'd better get out of here quick if you don't want to hurt him.”]

Devon swallowed harshly, her throat dry and coarse as her eyes watered. She didn't know what to say, let alone what to do. With a trembling hand, she slid the white box from her arm and held it out to Reiver. As the box created a divide between them, Devon removed the Ribbon, and tucked the lid beneath the box. The colors red, white and black sliced through between them, as both looked down to find a white mask sitting upon a black material, around it layered red tissue paper. It was a Shinigami mask, the exact same one Lord Death had donned. As her eyes strayed away, Devon gently took the star as Reiver took hold of the white box, but as the girl's pale fingers held onto the star, its tiny form turned black before whittling away into ash. With frightened eyes, Devon turned her head to the footsteps that approached them. It was Kevin.

[+khaki “You need to leave... You and I both know that wherever Kevin pops up, there's trouble not far from him.”] Medusa snickered, [+khaki “You can feel it now can't you? Rei's madness behind his facade? It's right here too, swelling.. Growing...”]

[+red “Festering...”] Devon whispered as she staggered backwards. Her head rolled back, skyward with her eyes closed as the odd sensation ran through her, the madness running quickly through her veins, [+red “... The evil.. Within..”]

Slowly, Devon opened her eyes to the sound of Kevin's voice. She turned to face him, watching him unravel one of the stars she had made. [+khaki “Ugh. Do men truly just barge in into a woman's home and do as they please? Why don't you set him straight? Cut him down right where he stands. Reiver won't stop you. He may even join you.”] Medusa cooed, tempting Devon's eyes to focus down on Kevin's neck, [+khaki “Don't you want to feel his blood on your skin?”] It was when Kevin read her note out loud that caused a greater surge of madness to flood through her and the temptation to slice him down was beyond blissful, but nearly erotic, [+khaki “Bind him down..”] Her voice slithered. Without knowing it, Devon's shadows started to wisp beneath her feet as though she were standing on black mist, [+khaki “Tease him. Let him watch you drown. Into your deepest desires. Tear out his heart. In his last moments, let him watch you slice it open... let him watch how little he meant to you.”]

[+khaki [center [size40 “How little.. They all truly are...”]]]

Devon turned her eyes to Reiver. A manic grin formed in soul as it slowly seeped out from her stare. She turned her eyes back to Kevin, this time with a dark grin.

[+red “..What.. I want..”] Her voice was soft... her tone deranged, [+red “... is the power you hol--”]

[+indianred “- Oi. Didn't any one tell you that loitering is prohibited here?”] The four of them turned their heads to the sound of Spirit, just behind him, Stein, [+indianred “I guess we got extremely lucky, Stein. She hasn't left.”]
[+grey “Of course,” ]Stein said simply, [+grey “Trust my son to get things done. Not just completed, but done right.”]
[+indianred “You make it sound like my daughter is incompetent.”]
[+grey “That's because you don't have a daughter.”]
[+indianred “WHAT- HE--- THAT'S UNCALLED FOR.”] Spirit spouted as he pointed at his partner.
Stein placed a hand to the screw on his head, [+grey “Now's not the time, Spirit. We've got business.”]
[+indianred “Fine,”] Spirit spat, [+indianred “We'll settle this later--!”]
In a flash, Spirit had turned into his weapon form.
[+grey “Now, Devon. We ask you to come with us of your own free will,”] Stein started as he held Spirit upright, his free hand flicking his cigarette, [+grey “We'd prefer it if you didn't struggle, but if worse comes to worst, we'd have to take you by force.”]

[+khaki “Oh well look at that. More toys to play with!”] Medusa cackled, [+khaki “Calling him your son?? Excuse your delusions, Stein, but the boy is mine.”]

[+red “Stay out of this.”] Devon uttered, her voice cool and calm, [+red “I didn't intend to stay this long.”]
[+khaki “But admit it, you can smell them- their fear- their madness... And it's TEMPTING”]
Devon held herself back, feeling another wave of madness surge through. This time, she grabbed her throat, choking in the intensity, and breaking her facade.
[+khaki “You're going to lose it if you don't do something.”] Medusa chuckled, [+khaki “Oh? What's this? You want to hurt Stein?”]
Devon's eyes widened as Medusa ran through her memories. The pain of seeing everything again caused Devon to clutch her head in agony as small pained whimpers escaped her.
[+khaki “You're not far from the truth at all... Stein... Took him away. Stein kept him away. And for as long as he lives, Stein will always take him away.”]

[+indianred “Stein..”]
[+grey “I know,”] Stein answered before turning to the two boys, [+grey “Rei, Kevin. Bring her here.”]
A deep growl escaped from Devon – the dark wisps around her rising almost snake like.
[+indianred “Stein, we have no choice.”]
[+grey “It seems like we never did,”] Stein flicked his cigarette onto the concrete and stepped on it, swinging Spirit around him, readying his weapon.

Devon fell to her knees, clutching her head as Medusa continued to hum and torture her with her memories. The more pieces of Devon crumbled, the easier it was for the madness to fill in the voids created.

[size10 [+khaki [i [center “CONSUME”]]]]

It was then that a pair of black heels strolled passed Dialectice, causing the wolf to look up.

[+indigo “Oh my... This is not a pretty picture.. At all.”] The woman said with a click of her tongue, she turned to the wolf, her eyes covered by the brim of her hat. She gave him a smile, her bright red pout only curving to the corners of her lips before pressing a finger to them as though to swear secrecy. It was a playful, sensuous smile. [+indigo “Now now, boys. Didn't your mothers teach you not to pick on a girl?”] The woman moved herself in, passing Reiver and Devon, she stopped closer to Kevin and created a divide between Stein and the girl on the ground. With a hand to her waist, the woman gave Kevin a glamorous smirk before turning to Stein, [+indigo “Well, hello there big boys... Now why don't you play with some one your own size, hmmm? At least until these darlings sort everything out. What do you say?”]

[ Spirit, upon landing his eyes on the bodacious woman, sprang out of his weapon form, his eyes entranced in hearts as his mouth frothed at her], [+indianred “STEIN. I THINK I'M IN LOVE!”]
[+grey “Ugh! Spirit! Now's not the time!”] Stein retorted as he summoned up his soul, his eyes peircing into the woman, [+grey “We need to make sure she doesn't get any further.”]
[+indigo “Oh- didn't any one tell you that it's rude to stare?!”] The woman squealed, astonished as she held her arms against her chest, [+indigo “Staring into someone's soul is equal to seeing them naked! Now.. whether that's a good, or bad thing.. Depends on you~”]
Stein gritted his teeth as Spirit let out the most UN-manliest of sounds, [+grey “Grr! I've got no time to deal with you, now move out of the way!”]
With speed, Stein closed the distance between him and the woman and sent down his screaming weapon.
The woman merely sprang back, [+indigo “Ooooh~ Quite the dominant one, hmm~? I do like it rough, but you could've at least bought me dinner!”]
[+indianred “St-Stein! What are you doing!? She's an innocent woman for god's sake!”] Spirit sputtered as he emerged from his blade, [+indianred “Ma'am, I'm so sorry about my friend here, he doesn't have many lady friends..”]
[+indigo “Oh. I can see that perfectly from here,”] She said as she held a hand to her cheek in empathy, her voice was soft and and sweet, which felt like dark chocolate oozing into Spirit's ears, [+indigo “But it's alright, poppet. Just as long as he won't lay a finger on these innocent, little munckins, you hear?”]
Stein gritted his teeth, his eyes glowing furiously before they shrank in realization, [+grey “Spirit-- She's--”]
[+indianred “--PERFECT!!”]
The woman blushed as she pressed her fingers to her cheek. Burying her the more revealing side of her face into her hand whilst the rest was shadowed by her hat.
[+grey “-GAH! No! Her soul isn't normal! She's neither weapon, demon- or witch!”]
[+indigo “Well that's a bit rude, calling me irregular.. even worse to expect me to be just like every other woman. How long as it been exactly, since he's had a woman by his side?”] The Lady in black asked as she dodged another slice from Stein. Feeling the distance from her and Devon, the woman knew that she wouldn't be able to dodge the next attack, [+indigo “Lighten up, dear! No one likes a man with a scowl!”] As the scythe came down to her, the woman moved to the side, her body dodging the slicer before she pressed a gloved hand down onto the back side of Spirit's blade holding him down, [+indigo “Oh, well I'm not entirely picky~ But give these kids a break.. The matters of the heart are never easy, wouldn't you agree~?”] With another pressed smile, the woman leaned in and kissed the weapon- Causing Spirit to squeal and lose control.
Out of sheer anger, a bright slash stroked through black fabric. Stein landed on his feet a good distance back and away from Reiver and the others.
With her lips slightly apart, the hat on her head slid in two and fell away from her head, revealing a blindfold wrapped around her eyes. Her slick black hair was tied back to the side and into a plump bun that seemed to settle partially on her shoulder. As the two halves of her hat fluttered to her feet, the woman pressed her lips back together.

[+grey “Now I was trying to be nice, but you obviously won't stop meddling.”] Her voice deepened into a more serious tone, before she turned her head over her shoulder, [+indigo “You there, boy. Do what you need to do. You're probably the only one around that can give her clarity. Love [i is] Insanity, after all."]

Devon lay on the floor- writhing in pain as the shadows around her shot off sporadically before dwindling away like ribbons in the wind. The woman faced Stein head on and charged, striking an open palm to Stein's weapon, which he used to block her. With ease, she ducked herself down and pivoted on one leg, sweeping the male into the air before Stein retaliated with a downward slice. The woman only swerved and sent her heel to his face, only meeting the hilt of Spirit's form. A shrill sound of pleasure rang from the weapon as the woman held her position, the high slit of her dress exposed her leg and a singular black garter clasped around her thigh. With her playful pout of a smile, she hurled herself back, before sending herself back into Stein who parried and countered with a kick. As his foot aimed for her face, the woman dropped to her knees, her back touching the floor as she pressed herself flat beneath him. The moment Stein retracted his foot, the woman slunk back up and hopped onto his crossing blade before letting herself fly back, skidding to a stop just short from where she originally stood. Stein, now increasingly agitated, gritted his teeth and charged at her, sending Spirit down only to find the gloved woman interrupt his attack with only her two simple hands on Spirit's blade.

As Devon reached her hand out, the shadows devoured her as the red liquid inside her soul consumed her, Medusa stood afloat in front of her. She grinned, wide eyed as she stared into her Son's eyes, urging him to kiss her host, knowing that the moment he does- Her inner, most carnal and powerful of madness will be released.

[+red “N..No..”] Devon whispered weakly. Her eyes glazed as they met Reiver's, [+red “You.. Can't.. The Demon....”]

A strong gust of wind blew from behind the woman, causing Stein's eyes to widen.

[+indigo “Good choice~.”] The woman grinned as she moved aside, timing her release of Spirit.

Instantaneously, Stein dashed down to Devon, grabbed his son and pushed him aside. With his knee on Devon's stomach, Stein immediately pressed the curve of his weapon against Devon's neck.

[+grey “What have you done!?”] Stein growled, [+grey “You leave me no ch-”]
[+indianred “Stein!”] Spirit called, urging his partner to look up, [+indianred “Look!”]
Devon stood a few feet away, unharmed. With her proper posture, her eyes shone brilliantly.
Confusion struck Stein, causing him to look down to the Devon beneath him. A strong breath of wind passed once more, only to peel the color and life away from the girl he was staring at until she was no longer there.

With a battle cry, Stein headed for Devon once more. Meeting him half way, Devon boarded Spirit's blade while Stein mechanized the Witch Hunter move. Hitting nothing, Devon timed herself and launched her body into Death City's concrete door. Leaving a huge hole on the wall, Devon stood a great distance away from Death city now, and only turned back with her eyes burning at Stein.

A small gruff escaped the Professor. Frustrated, he let go of his weapon and turned on his heel. [+red “There's no point. She's a rogue to us now,”] He grunted to his partner, [+grey “We'll need to set her up as a mark on the mission board as soon as possible. Now I'll never be able to get my hands on her.”] Spirit, on the other hand only sighed as he let his grey haired friend walk away. Stein only let out a grunt as he passed the woman, not paying her any mind as another gust of wind came. This time from the opposite direction, blowing outwards from within the city. Spirit only ran passed the woman, giving her a wave in which she returned a sweet and polite smile. She made her way to the City's gates, stopping just beside Dialectice, her face pointed outwards as the wind blew from behind her.

[+indigo “Seems like it worked,”] She pouted playfully once more, [+indigo “Never underestimate the meaning of a heart. Hmm?”] Her thoughts seemed interrupted as she felt something tap her feet, only to find that both pieces of her hat had rolled her way, [+indigo “Oh...” ]She sighed as she picked up the pieces, [+indigo “What am I going to do now..? My husband gave this to me..” ] She let out a more sombre sigh before shrugging and perking back up into a smile, [+indigo “He's sure to get mad at me for this... It was my favorite hat too...”] Her face moved from her hat and back into the distance before turning her general direction to Dialectice, [+indigo “No one likes to be alone, right? Go on, doggie. She could use some company.”] She cocked her head to the direction of Devon and gave Dia another red-lipped smile. She pursed her lips quickly and sighed before turning back around, to face Kevin and Reiver now, [+indigo “Oh well~ I shouldn't go too off track. I'm meant to go to Chupacabra's for a job~ Now which one of you lovely boys will show a little ol' lady her way around?”]

With her two hat pieces now in one hand, the woman paced herself passed the two boys, her hips swaying after the beat of her footsteps. She turned back around and pressed her knuckles to her waist.

[+indigo “Hahaha. Aren't you all a bunch of Cuties?”] She chuckled sweetly.

  Devon Mayhill / Symphonikka / 5y 313d 14h 26m 16s
[#0a8a88 [b [i “Fate can be both a blessing and a curse. It can steer you towards friendship, bonds, and hope, things that bring happiness into your life. But it can also take all of that away in a blink of an eye if she decides it. And no amount power can change it”]]]

After a long amount of talking the two eventually reached the doorsteps to River’s apartment. Once they entered Kai almost instantly went over to the bed and laid on it relaxingly, as if it was his own. He watched his partner wonder over to the dresser looking into her reflection in the mirror

[b “Hey River Can I ask you something?”] with a hint of seriousness in his tone he sat himself up slightly
[#0a8a88 “Whats up”] She asked while fiddling with some of her long strands of hair with a look of thought on her face
[b “Do you believe in lady fate?”]

Within the colorless world around her the young River sat in front of the piano playing a few notes slowly creating a soothing atmosphere. She couldn’t really explain it but when she played it felt like the room became a bit brighter than what it usually is.

However she was soon interrupted by an ever brightening glow from a nearby mirror, the sound of it radiating reached her ears. Curious she halted playing and climbed down off the seat before walking over to it slowly. Almost as if it sensed her presence the light from the mirror faded slightly so you could see the image within. Her small hand reached out towards it and lightly touched it and like that: the room shifted.

The white walls vanished around her and shifted into a completely different environment of wooded floors and dull cream walls with tacky looking artwork hung on the wall. There was a single bed against it with a fridge, a window so you could see outside, and a bathroom, the usual things you’d find in a room for a temporary stay. It was a hotel room…

[b “Hey Rivie”] a small voice rang at the back of her head in an echo of a memory. That’s right. He’s said that before.
[#0a8a88 “Yeah, what is it?”] A younger version of River asked, a few years older than her ‘innocence, looked over from the map towards the boy at the end of the bed.

[b “Think that ponytail guy really meant what he said? About training us”] His eyes filled with curiosity he voiced out his question
[#0a8a88 “I dunno…I know talking to strangers is bad and you shouldn’t go-”]
[b “You know I was a stranger to you once right. Besides. You just stay away from everyone in general”] He said with narrowed eyes [#0a8a88 “Because I was taught safety”] showing distinct nervousness she attempted to protest but Kai interrupted yet again
[b “More like taught how to be Nigel”]

Her cheeks puffed up in irritation, causing the boy to smirk, Kai obviously pleased with himself. His playful tone soon went back to seriousness.

[b “But seriously though. It’s not like we have someone to tell us what to do anymore, it’s why we left remember. I’m not sure about you but…I honestly think this is lady fate throwing us in the right direction”] She looked at him confused, he was always a bit weird with his ‘fate’ talk [b “You recall what I was telling you earlier; About a school to train weapons and meisters as partners. I don’t really know where that is…so this is our best chance!”]

[#0a8a88 “But…what if he’s just lying about it and ends up kidnapping us or something?”]
[b “Then I’ll kick his ass and we go back on our merry way!”]

There was a silence.

[#0a8a88 “I don’t think you can o-o”] she mumbled with a sweat drop
[b “Oh yeah? You wanna bet? =.= Alright then! Next time I see him I’ll prove you wrong”]
[#0a8a88 “No please don’t you ‘ll get hurt again-"]
[b “So what do you say River”
“Do you want to see what fate has in store for us?”]

After the memory ended the scene soon faded and it returned back to the white-room River had become accustomed to.

[#07529d “That’s right…me and Kai had left home at that time. We. Were just saved by a man that dressed in funny clothing and long hair”] Able to recall this moment she placed her hand on her chin as she thought deeply about this. There was still so much she couldn’t really remember about herself.

But the part about Kai knowing her was definitely true…

[#07529d “We were childhood friends” ]

River was silent. But hearing this looked over in Kai’s direction waiting to hear what he had to say

[b “Well. When I was looking for you after grabbing the book…”] As he spoke he searched through the contents of his pocket and pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper, carefully unfolding it, he then presented it for River to see.

Her eyes widened. [#0a8a88 “W-Why the hell did you grab that you idiot!!! They’re going to notice a fucking three star ranked mission gone from the board!”] Judging by the time they probably wouldn’t have noticed its disappearance, since it is night time, but no doubt it won’t take long for it to be. [#0a8a88 “You trying to get yourself killed!”]

One of Kai’s eyes twitched in response to that [b “You think I care about that…? We’re going anyway so. Look just read it” ]

Letting out a frustrated sigh River walked over to get a better look at the job he stole and read the details.

[b [i “A strange mist has developed in one of the regions in Japan, its spreading further inland and causing civilians that have been affected are thrown into a state of a blood-lust and insanity. It’s suspected a witch is behind this”]]

[#0a8a88 “…And your point?”]
[b “The area that this mist supposedly started in is where we parted ways with him. See where this is going?”]
[#0a8a88 “What? You think that he’s behind this?”]
[b “No but she might be. And if that’s the case then sensei wouldn’t be to far” ]

There was a silence at the mention of ‘She’. River looking away with a glimmer of worry in her eyes as the thought this over. It’s true…. she wouldn’t have a problem causing so much death towards others, in fact it was within her nature to do so.

River was honestly hoping that she wouldn’t see her again.

[#0a8a88 “…There’s still that mist to worry about” ]
[b “If it’s the same one from when we were kids. Then we should be fine”] …. [b “I think”]
[#0a8a88 “Well that’s reassuring =_=”]
[b “All I know is that this is our chance to find him and I’m willing to take the risk of dying to find out the answer! We did exactly what he told us to so: its time to show him what we’ve learnt since he left us”]

She sighed [#0a8a88 “Well before we go-”] it was then there was a knock on the door. Wondering who would come at this hour she walked over towards it- meanwhile Kai rolled off the bed in panic and hid under the bed, thinking it was one of the teachers that had discovered the jobs disappearance.

She was definitely surprised to see that it was Hiro. Wasn’t this the kid that kept getting picked on? It was then he mentioned a concert

[b “It’ll be great! And I heard Seijin really wants you to sing! So try to do your best to make it, ok?”]

[#0a8a88 “W-Wait a what? Slow down there. So. He…expects me to sing. ON. SUCH. SHORT. NOTICE!?!?”] Her face suddenly became flushed

But sadly Hiro left in a hurry, eager to not miss this concert leaving River and Kai alone again.

There was a long pause….

[#0a8a88 “Are you being serious right now!?! I can’t sing like this! I don’t even have any songs- No preparation. Why wasn’t there some sort of schedule or at least some hint so that I COULD practise or something before doing this!”]

At this point River was pacing back and forth in her room by her voice mad and her face panicked

[#0a8a88 “Oh god what do I do. What do I do?! I don’t have any of my instruments with me or- do I even have decent clothing for this occasion? GOD DAMN IT SEIJIN!!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW” ]

Midway through her ranting Kai, no longer hiding under the bed, walked over and with a firm hand grabbed her arm to stop her from storming up and down the room as he placed his hand on her cheek. Resting his forehead against hers- to be honest he was amused by this but it was obvious that River was over stressing about it

[b “Calm down. You’re going to grow silver hairs at this rate you know”]
[#0a8a88 “Don’t you tell me to calm down!! DX this is serious!! How can he expect me to sing in a few minutes’ notice”]
[b “If your that worried about it just say no”]
[#0a8a88 “But..Just because its difficult doesn’t mean I’m going to go the easy way. And…like you said I have to challenge myself right? So…”]
[b “It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve done it, You should be fine anyway you big baby”] Right at that moment he was pushed away from River by a pillow smacking into his face [#0a8a88 “Shut up! I know. But I haven’t done this in a while” ]

[#0a8a88 “Okay. First things first: Clothing. I got no idea what clothes she picked while I was asleep. Um. Then we need to get to the school real quick and go the music room and see if there’s anything I can use-”]
[b “Good luck getting there”]


River stared at him with cheeks bright red of embarrassment; she was biting down on her lower lip slightly not wanting to say it.

[#0a8a88 “I’m…going to need you to take me” ]
[b “Whats the magic word?” ]

Time passed and it wasn’t long until the two of them had reached the DWMA. As the two hurriedly went to the music room to retrieve an instrument the sound of Seijin’s song could be heard right echoing through the hallways and speakers. Oddly enough it was one of those sad love song’s. But the main thing that caught her attention was the singer who sung this- Seijin. The emotions, conviction, their soul, their entire being- was being projected shining brightly while singing. You could almost feel and see it just by listening closely.

[#0a8a88 “You sure are a strange one…”]
[b “huh? Say something River?”]
[#0a8a88 “Nothing. Let’s just get going”]

On their way There River clutched onto the guitar anxiously while in thought. Even in sleep she was always watching within through River’s eyes. Always. She knew who this song was for. It was for her…not her but the other one.

[#0a8a88 [i“Idiot. You should know of all people that she’s gone…she can’t hear this”]]

[b “You okay River?”]
[#0a8a88 “Yeah…just. Not sure how this is going to work. They probably don't understand Japanese…I don't like how I sound singing it in America”]
[b “Well it’s better than nothing. All you gotta do is play the same notes while singing along and you should be fine”]
[#0a8a88 “That's not really motivating…”]
[b “Look don’t worry about what others think just sing what naturally comes-“]
[#0a8a88 “I know! I’ve done this before just. I don’t like singing on the spot…I feel so unprepared”]
[b “You sort of are .__.”]
[#0a8a88 “Shut up =.=” ]
Kai smirked [b “Anyway. This should be where it should be”] and with that he opened the door to enter the hall.

It was then the room burst into multiple colours of red blue and purple- the sight. Stunning. River was struck in awe for a moment feeling the passion coming from his song as he sang but to her- it held a sad tone within it.

Kai too was impressed but not to the point where he was frozen. He let out a soft whistle while seeing Seijin on the stage singing.

[#07529d There was almost nothing I can do here…]

River stared out the window from her blank room. Like everything else in this plain world it was white, but she couldn’t help but feel like there was something out there, there had to be more than this but something refused to see it. A saddened sigh escaped her lips placing her hand against the glass.
[#07529d “I wish I knew why I was here…”]
River removed her small hand gazing back at the piano. It seemed to be the only thing she could do here but it didn’t feel like the right time for it if that makes sense. It was then however a sound breached past the walls and into the room.

The sound of singing…and a voice calling out her name
With widened eyes River looked around, searching hurriedly, to find where the sound came from loudest. She screamed asking hello hoping for an answer. She was confused, alone, and lacked the courage to get out of this room…well it was more like the couldn’t. For each time she walked near that door an overwealming fear would take over her causing her to stray away from it again.

Her ears soon led her towards a newly formed mirror in the middle of the room. When River peered inside it didn’t show the reflection of her or the room but a completely different place. It was white much like hers but you could tell that it wasn’t a part of hers: placing her hand on it River felt the wavelength of a soul who had almost become one with the music, so immersed in it, singing genuinely from the soul that it was in synch with it.

[#07529d “Seijin…” ]

[#07529d “Why do you sound so sad right now?”] River spoke with worry while listening to Seijin sing.
After saying that she noticed that almost like a puddle ripples formed around her hand that was on the glass. Curious she pressed it a bit to see that it went through: it looked like she could actually go into it if she wanted but a moving shadow inside caused her to pull her hand out, scared of the unknown. So...River sat near the mirror with her arms tucked around her knees pushing them against her chest and listened.
Listened to the one thing that wasn’t her that made sound.

[b “Who knew bluey could actually sing. Not bad I guess”]
[#0a8a88 “Yeah…” ] Was almost memorizing

Soon the song came to an end. There was a large applause for Seijin once he finished. Meanwhile River still stood in the crowd with a look of nervousness instead of the usual plain expression these days.

[b “Well don’t just stand there! Go Go!”]

With a small push Kai gently nudged her forward, looking back at him, it was enough to make River head around to the back area.

[#0a8a88 [i “Okay River. Just..deep breaths. You can do this. I’ve done it before. Plenty of times…I really hate setting this up at the last minute”]]

River walked out into the centre of stage, guitar in hand, she took in a breath as she got it prepared. It wasn’t too much her performance that she was worried about- it was the reception. The last time she sung something was when she was still living in Japan and spoke their language fluently. There was plenty of songs she could’ve chosen but ended up selecting this one- which was Japanese. By instinct she leant to sing in a higher pitch than her usual tone when it comes to these sort of songs.

So…she wasn’t expecting anyone to understand it or the words.

[#0a8a88 [i “But it’ll be okay. I just need to be brave. If I can fight on the battlefield then this should be nothing!”]]

Once the guitar was plugged in River closed her eyes for a moment embracing the silence before [ she began to play the strings that created music and began to sing.
It was about a story of a Pierrot in a circus and a single audience member who cried as he fell. He smiled and laughed at his own clumsiness and told the child that it’s okay and just smile like the others but they didn’t- insisted the clown was lying.

And told him to be true to himself and let those feelings out: what he was actually feeling behind that mask.
River sung with a hint of sincereness and serenity, a completely different aura from before, as her soul became a bit brighter while up on stage. In fact she was smiling brightly- the first happiest smile in a while.
Meanwhile in the inner world there was something that wasn’t there before in Seijin’s soul. It was a mirror and inside its reflection was her own world, the small figure of the little River leaned up against it visible. The words of her song echoed through into the other space it connected itself to.

In there the lyrics were not Japanese but English, as if translated. When it came to a particular verse that's when it became understandable if one didn't know Japanese. it was as if this was directed at him- Seijin

[b [i "Show me what you're hiding there, beneath the painted mask.
The face that you never show the audience, that's all I ask
The pain that you feel when you are beaten
And tears that you cry when no one's looking
Don't be ashamed, because we all feel the same

It's okay, it's alright
Don't worry, you don't have to fake a smile
I just want you to be true
Just be true to you"]]

After four minutes and a few seconds had passed the song ended with the last strings being played and it fell silent once again. For a moment River looked over at Seijin, showing her delighted expression, but realizing that she glanced away.

Unplugging her guitar and with a bow she left the stage and made a hasty retreat out of sight and moved to the side behind the safety of the curtain.
  River / Renn / 5y 326d 6h 59m 56s
[h3 Aria of the Soul.]

Seijin's eyes widened at the spectacle before him. Here stood the Demon, scythe in hand, blade against his host--- and everything seemed to take a turn for the worst from there. Unlike River, much like Kevin, Seijin's eyes glowed a bright yellow, brimming with the Demon's words. It finally made sense to him, to them. He felt a flicker spark behind him. Without turning his head, he held out a hand which pressed against Maka's shoulder, halting her immediately. Everything was falling apart, but at the same time, falling into place. The elder Demon, that they once grew to 'trust' was now showing his true intentions on exacting some sort of heavy revenge. The dust under Shibusen had risen, causing more conflict and confusion amongst its sandstorm, but all of it gave him a clearer picture of everything.


His senses, as much as they were so focused on Devon and Wanyuudo, was no stranger to the Demon Hunters' banishment technique. The moment Devon hit the floor, he felt the room breathe... Until the two teachers arrived.

The truth, as it boiled down to, was that she shouldn't be alive. Was that she can't be alive.
[+blue [i "Of course, I understand that.. But why?"]] It took him a moment, his eyes following Devira before they widened at the backs of his two Professors.

[+blue [i "Of course."]] His mind rattled, he felt his soul shake as the anger flowed through him, [+blue [i "This isn't even because of Medusa... But for their own cause. Stein. I don't understand how the fuck you can even stoop so low. And they subjected her to being the monster? The real one was you all along. It's not human to want to know what's inside each and every one-- even though the results are more or less the same. It takes no brain to know you're insane, but it's only a matter of time before you turn over. Tsk. What's worse than a student needing help, but the only person who could help is only starving to cut her open for his own vices? And what's worse...]] His eyes moved to Reiver, who now held the doll in his palm, [+blue [i "You were both torn. Torn from the beginning of it all. Forced to forget. Forced to move on. Both of you were closed, a man- no. A boy.. Who knows no one.. And A girl who closed her heart to the world."]]

His mind shattered at River's voice. Contrary to her words, Seijin felt himself ease. He could feel the indifference from her, but made the decision to keep his eyes to himself. In a strange way, she was right. This was getting too dramatic, even for him. He let out a sigh as the majority of the group dispersed. He stayed still for a moment, relishing in the tiniest of blessings. He smiled at the white haired couple, relieved that Fuyu was well and alive.

He closed his eyes for a moment, letting his soul scan the Academy in search for River. From where she stood, he saw Kai run up to her. The rest made his heart ache. He let out a soft sigh as he watched them chat away, heading for some place he begged himself not to care about. He turned his cheek away from Fuyu and Sen, ashamed at this feeling that tugged on him relentlessly. What can he do? What COULD he do? There was only so much information one man can contain. One soul that he can hold, and one heart that he can feel. He let out a gruff sigh before a sudden wisp of light slid him back into the depths of his mind. Back into a white room. His soul.

[#dc143c "S-Seijin..?"] A soft voice called.
He lifted his head, his zitrine eye shining through the strands of his dark blue hair.
[+blue "Don't you dare act like you're innocent. Or that you're not a vital part of this."] His voice was rough, deep, keeping anger just beneath his tone, [+blue " You need to go back. Because if you don't, you know what happens to Devon."]

Or did she?

He clenched his fist, balled in another attempt to control his anger, [+blue " You were the most important thing that Kevin took away- I don't know what the hell his reasons were-- or even how he managed to- But he shouldn't have! He had no right to take that no matter how heavy of a burden it is!"] His palm uncurled, slamming it into his chest as it made a solid thud, [+blue " You're the one who isn't meant to exist because you're apart of her! She's not complete without you--- you're the most important part-- and he just took it for himself. Do you not understand how grave the situation is!? Sure we have Devon opening her heart finally, but that 'pain'-- that PAIN he took away- the memories- the feelings-- even though it hurts more- even though it's enough to kill a person- IT'S WHAT VALIDATES THEM. IT'S WHAT MAKES ME, A HUMAN. IT'S WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING."] He clenched his jaw as he stared down at Orphan. His anger clearly seeping through, [+blue " I don't care what kind of hero he wants to be. But by taking away the only validation she needed, he's even more of a monster than Stein. What's worse is that he didn't even know he did it! Do you understand how much more you've added to this?? You've awoken Ashura in your own wake! And now you've become your own damn person-- It's only a matter of time before she ends up becoming the next Ki---'] Seijin stopped. His throat dried. He dropped to his knees. Was that what they wanted... All along?

If so.. Did Stein know?

Seijin opened his eyes. He made his way right out of the room and stormed down the hall to where Reiver, Stein and Spirit stood. He held his hand to the door- But pulled himself away as he felt the waves of anger flood through, his owning ebbing in with theirs.

He couldn't bear himself to listen. Only scoff at Reiver. [+blue "What a disappointment."] He muttered to himself as he moved his way back to the infirmary.

[+blue " ..."] He returned into the white world, back in front of Orphan.

[+blue "I don't have much to keep. My world is like this because there's not much people can use against me.. Not much they can take. Not much they can give. Not much they can do. Not much they can hide."] He took a deep breath and looked at the girl. [+blue " You carry all of that. All the memories. The bad.. And the good. You are the most important part of her because you carry her only source of joy. She's able to see her memories, but in a haze and with no blooms of happiness.. Only sadness. She can try.. But for now, it'll only be a means to hurt herself more."] Seijin clutched his tie as he slid it loose, [+blue "Orphan..."]

[+blue [center "Are you aware.. Of your real name?"]]

The door creaked open as a dazed Seijin entered through. His eyes dulled as he looked out of the window, the breeze gently blowing in as he looked out to the world. He felt his chest ache as his mind wondered.

[#dc143c " My name's not.. River."] Orphan answered as she tilted her head to him.
Seijin smirked, [+blue "Just because you're in my soul doesn't mean you can look into it you know?."] He placed his hands in his pockets as he crossed one foot over the other, [+blue " But you're close. Put it this way. If some one were to extract... A 'you' from me. He'd be like 'you'. He looks like me. Only younger. More innocent in a sense, where every feeling that flows through him is raw, unhinged and powerful. There is no real right... Or wrong when it comes to beings like.. 'You'. Because that part of me that's extracted, is what keeps us.. Not sane, but intact. That side of us that no one sees.. Is 'you'. "]

He turned his head to a shadow, forming into Reiver, [+blue " Of course, he lead his whole life believing his other side was his brother... But the truth to that, is that there's only one."] He turned to his left, which formed another shadow revealing to be Devon, [+blue " You came alive by the bond of these two. You are more special than my own kind of 'you'. It's sort of a given now, that anything that involves the two is automatically super important and what not, but.. You're more than that. Just as how Maka's 'You' is her courage, You are the bond between Reiver and Devon. You are the part in all of us that became in-severable. A bond. The one that keeps two souls together. Inseparable."]
[#dc143c "Ai..."]
Seijin nodded, [+blue " You are the one thing Ashura does not have. Ashura does not have a Reiver. A River. A Reign. A Sen. You're only related to him because.. Ashura was the physical body of Death at the time. Wanyuudo.. He won't ever mention it, but it only makes sense that the only way Devon can be saved is for you to return before it's all too late. Even if we defeat this Ashura.... Even when all is done and peace rings out for however long.. Devon would be the next one. And It's Inevitable almost."]
[#dc143c "She nearly did it."] Orphan's voice was soft, [#dc143c "She nearly... Ascended."]
[+blue " I know. But Medusa.. Held her back."]
Orphan's eyes shot to Seijin, [#dc143c "What? But-- How-- I thought she wa-"]
[+blue "There's no way for her to destroy Medusa. Maka is the only one who can, but... Even with her Witch Hunter, Maka... Would only kill Devon in the process."]
[#dc143c "WHAT!?"] Orphan pressed her hands to her mouth in shock, [#dc143c "Bu-but how!?"]
[+blue " Because right now, Medusa is activating the black blood in Devon. I'm not sure if you saw it, but Stein.. If he comes anywhere near Devon, he wouldn't hesitate to slice her down. From where we stand, even though we have our Devon with us, there's two paths that lay before her. She can either Ascend.. Or.."]
[#dc143c "Fall.."] Orphan's eyes glistened, [#dc143c "Into the next Ashura."]
[+blue "Where all the rumours back then.. Would come alive."]
[#dc143c "The very being of insanity.."]
[+blue "The material manifestation."]

[center [#dc143c [size40 "I'm.. sorry."]]]

In the instant her words left her, Seijin's eyes moved to find a smaller girl with short black hair staring at the floor. This was no longer Orphan, but a memory of Devon. [#dc143c "Then what do we do..?"]

Seijin let out a sigh as he walked on over to the small girl. His hand met her shoulder and as their eyes met, he was no longer staring at the young Devon, but back at Orphan.

[+blue "For one. We need to keep you away from Wanyuudo."] His eyes dimmed as he gripped her shoulder tighter, [+blue "And then we bring you back to Devon. As fast as we can."]
[#dc143c "Before it's too late."] Orphan nodded.

[right [+blue "Before it's too late."]] Seijin Re-affirmed.

His eyes twinkled back into their yellow hue as he returned himself to where every one resided. Devira's scream caused him to turn around and as he watched the darker purple soul ask for forgiveness, he felt his heart ache even more.

[+blue "If only I could find a reason.. To live."]
[#dc143c " You do..."] Orphan echoed, [#dc143c " It's here. I can feel it."]
His chest ached more as he turned himself away, [+ " But that's the beauty of every.. "you". Not all of them are the same."]

[+blue [i " This one sided love. Is only for me to see."]]

[+blue " You know what. Shit is getting way too serious. I'm throwing a motherfucking concert. I need to get rid of all this shit cluttering my brain. Feel free to rock up guys. I'll be at the hall!"]

The sudden announcement had caught everyone off guard, leaving them speechless as they watched the tall male walk away. With a singular wave of the hand, he entrusted the others to gather a crowd for him as he made his way out of the infirmary and into the hall. He let out a sigh, full of relief and longing, as though he were home. His shoes clicked and clacked as he made his way around, turning only the stage light on as he moved the equipment to and fro. a good hour on, he started working up heat, enough to have him take off his blazer and toss it aside on the floor. Just as it landed, the door had opened. The microphone screeched as Tsubaki entered through.

The two chattered for a little, Tsubaki explaining how the others have gone off to gather a crowd, while Black Star demanded to be the one to convince Sid about the performance. Sure enough, Marie and Azusa walked in along with Maka and a few other people. It Didn't take long for the word to circle, eventually, it was Hiro who managed to reach River and Kai, sending them word about the concert going on.

[b "It'll be great! And I heard Seijin really wants you to sing! So try your best to make it, ok?"]

Seijin opened his eyes as the image of Hiro, Kai and River became distant. The lights shone down on him as the hall continued to fill with the many faces he knew. All but a few. He held the mic stand as he closed his eyes, clearing his throat as he slowly released his soul.

[ His soul travelled to the gates, catching the sight of Devon's back before watching her turn around. Her eyes met another suit and another mask. But one she was in no danger of.]
His voice slipped through his lips and flooded the room, entrancing the crowd as his soul shimmered against the light. With eyes closed, he watched as the man he knew as Tezca hand Devon a long white box with a red ribbon. The ribbon slid through her fingers before she slowly opened it. Her eyes displayed no reaction but her soul was bitter. She closed her eyes as she did the lid and nodded at Tezca who turned on his heel and walked away. As Tezca made distance, He came across Death the Kid who made his way to Devon as well. He saw the anger in Kid's eyes but took note of his shoulders, easing as Tezca walked on from their temporary halt. He continued to walk to Devon, who lifted her head to him as he spoke. Kid slid out a white mask, Lord Death's Mask, and put it on, donning himself with the black cloak as well. Devon smiled for a moment before he watched Kid walk back to Shibusen.

It didn't take long for Reiver to appear, the tension between them as strong as Seijin's heart ache. Though her eyes hid her answers, she clenched at the white box she now held as she looked at Reiver.

In the Infirmary, Devira's arms shook as she wrapped them around Reignor. Tears flooded, in both red and purple eyes as one clung onto her other half, as the other only wished she could. But even he knew, that even if Devon were to dwell in Reiver's arms, it would not stop the impending disaster that awaited them. His voice, strong, filled with emotion flowed like the wind around them. This was the truth. This was his truth as everything they were taught to believe in was now gravely under question and that deep down inside, they all harboured demons, be it a physical kind, a rhetorical kind or simply, a mental state that whirred from mere thoughts. Every one was the same and just for once, he shared this wavelength.

But even in his eyes, all seeing, never fearing, he could not bring himself to look at the one person he wanted to. Would she have wanted him to? He only delved himself deeper into the song, recognising the words that now fit them so well.

[+blue [center They say it's what you make
I say it's up to fate
It's woven in my soul
I need to let you go

Your eyes, they shine so bright
I wanna save that light
I can't escape this now...
[size10 [i .. River.. [tab] [tab] [tab] .. River...]]
[size40 Unless you show me how]]]

In a splatter of color, shades of purple, red and blue, Seijin erupted the room with his soul. [+blue [i " We all need to be saved... In our own little ways.. on our own accord... The only way to realize this.. Is for that one person.. To show us how we can save ourselves..."

[center "And I pray to the gods. Whoever they may be now.. That even if I can't make it through..."
[size30 "... That you do..."]]]]
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It is said that those who try to prevent events of that of a prophecy often lie their hand in its coming. Within this teaching lies another. One that has been a prominent figure across that of the sands of time. We, no matter how noble, are the architects of our own destruction.

Whether our actions against our fates' be action or inaction. Good or evil. For that of others or for your own selfish gain in the end there are some things you can't avoid.

Kevin slid through a time gate to the edge of a building and jumped to the street below. He knew what had done had had some minor effect. He wasn't expecting it to do much, but hopefully it was just enough to get by. He knew that he wasn't in any position to try and fight Wanyuudo's breaks in time nor was strong enough to take him on. [#2F4F4F[i 'Had he not been toying with me on the steps I might have actually died.']]

He walked toward the edge of Death city where Devon awaited him with Reiver. While they may not have actually been awaiting his arrival he felt they would have known of his coming. There was no real feeling in Kevin's footfalls or the constriction and relaxing of his lungs or even the beating of his own heart. He was completely calm. Empty. Still.

[#2F4F4F "Knowledge is knowing that you have the power to change something, but wisdom is knowing when not to exercise that power."] A small smile touched his lips and the golden glow in his eyes grew soft. "When did I get so philosophical?"

~Time: Flashback ~

Kevin flew through the Rift with one goal in mind- his friends' salvation, but in an instance his mind switched to something else. It was a floating, looping video frame. It had a young male sitting at a writing desk. He could only discern gender due to the person's build, but he couldn't see what they looked like in color due to the grainy output of the frame. He examined the scene for a moment. The young male seemed to be drawing something vigorously. The white haired male outstretched his hand to touch the frame.

[#5F9EA0 "Don't you dare!"] A voice bellowed from behind him.

Before Kevin had time to really react he was pulled into another gate. Once on the other side he felt himself slam and slide against the unusually smooth ground. [#2F4F4F "Ow! That was- well ow."]

[#5F9EA0 "Only you would try something so stupid."] The voice chastised. This voice was familiar. Deep, but familiar.

[#2F4F4F "Well excuse the fuck out of me for being curious!"] As Kevin fixed himself he continued his rebuttal. [#2F4F4F "And who the hell do you think you..a-are?"] The golden hue in his eyes heightened as he looked at who pulled him out of his Rift. It was a man in a black suit with tanned skin and unusually long white hair. Kevin couldn't see his eyes passed his shades. [#2F4F4F "Dia?"]

[#5F9EA0 "As close as you may be and as wrong as you aren't you are actually off base, kid."] The man responded in sardonic monotone. The man looked up and around only to show a look of disgust at his discovery. [#5F9EA0 "Quite dismal in here, don't you think? How about a change of scenery, 'ey?"] He clapped his hands and the room was automatically transformed into that of an ornate granite. A table appeared in the middle of the room with two chairs that sat across from one another. [#5F9EA0 "Do take a seat."]

Kevin got up and did as he was told. He picked up the chair and began to walk with it. [#2F4F4F "Thanks."]

[#5F9EA0 "The hell are you doing?"]

[#2F4F4F "Taking a seat."] He responded with a chuckle.

[#5F9EA0 "Sit the hell down!"] The man roared in agitation

[#2F4F4F "Okay okay, I'm just having a bit of fun."] Kevin sat himself at the table across from his host. [#2F4F4F "You really can't take a joke, can you?"]

The man removed his sunglasses and allowed Kevin to see his eyes as he cleaned them. he Golden hue of the clock face shined through his silver gems.[#5F9EA0 "I don't like ugly and I'm not too fond of cute either."]

[#2F4F4F "Eugh! This is weird. So you are me?"] Kevin cringed at his seemingly older self.

[#5F9EA0 "Don't seem so disgusted. I'm not that old. Well I am, but I'm not- its a pain in the ass to explain. Regardless I'm here to tell you to stop."]

[#2F4F4F "Wait, where are we exactly?"] Kevin looked about the room whilst his elder self held in his rage.

[#5F9EA0 "We're in, what is commonly called, a rift. I call them Interims. Now back to the point of our being here. You're going to stop trying to change future."]

[#2F4F4F "Why on Earth would I do that?"]

[#5F9EA0 "Because I said so."]

[#2F4F4F "Please I don't listen to most people. what makes you think I'll listen to myself?"]

[#5F9EA0 "I forgot how exceptionally idiot I was when I first started out."] His older self pinched the bridge of his nose. [#5F9EA0 "Okay allow me to tell you a few things."]

[#2F4F4F "Oh please do."]

[#5F9EA0 "You need to stop being such a spoiled brat about this. You were given an ability. Yes. It has given you a new outlook on things. Yes. But, it isn't going to help you as much as its going to hurt those around you. You need to stop trying to save everyone and start focusing on what you can salvage."]

[#2F4F4F "But I can save everyone as long as I have the time to do so!"]

[#5F9EA0 "No, you can't, Kevin! You can't be the White Knight, kid! I mean...ever. It just can't happen no matter how hard you try, because you-we-I didn't think. You keep taking shots in the dark and feel like just because you hear a thunk that you've hit the right target."] He took off his black gloves and showed Kevin his white ring.

[#2F4F4F "That's the ring I gave Anna. Why do you have it?"] Kevin showed a good bit of concern upon seeing the old jewel.

[#5F9EA0 "Why do you think? The future that you want is nothing special for anyone. In fact you create a future in which you never tell another woman that you love them. I mean sure that sounds all fine and dandy because you love Devon and care deeply for Anna, but when the reason why you never tell another woman you love them is because you hurt every woman you love then it's just sad."]

[#2F4F4F "I don't think you're being fair here."] Kevin was only a bit louder than a whisper. [#2F4F4F "I am trying and I'm making progress. I just.....I just need them to be happy."] He buried himself in his hands.

[#5F9EA0 "I can't really force you to do anything you don't want to, but I want to ask you something. Are you trying to change the future for them or for yourself? Are you looking for gratification or are you genuinely looking for their happiness? No future secured by selfish desires will ever be pure or full of happiness. It only breeds agony for those you love most and yourself."] The older man got up from his chair and rubbed his younger self's head and walked toward the edge of the Interim. [#5F9EA0 "A word of advice-"] He let out a deep sigh. [#5F9EA0 "Learn to enjoy the little things. Let go of what hurts most and don't love so deeply. Grow cold now so you can become happier in the future."]

As he stepped through the rift his younger self turned to him. [#2F4F4F "When....when did I become so cold? So bitter? So unwilling to hope? When did I stop smiling and having fun?" ]

Without turning back the long haired male answered. [#5F9EA0 "When I finally gave too much. When I realized that I had nothing left. Goodbye, Kevin."]

As he was left to ponder his own words Kevin felt his head slam into the granite tabletop. [#2F4F4F "If what I do is wrong then I am left to inaction and indecision. In both of those processes I have no choice, but to watch and listen. Perhaps that is best for now, but for how long? Will I know when the time comes?"] He pushed himself from the table and opened a Rift. Without further contemplation he sprinted toward it and jumped through.

~Present: DWMA Medical wing~

[center [pic]]

[#DC143C "Please be there. Please be there."] Chirped the tiny Hummingbird form of Orphan. Her wings flapped furiously as she hovered about the window that Devon had jumped from. Everyone was still in their original placing save for River and Kai. She hovered about until she spotted Seijin and she darted in as fast as possible. She had to make sure no one could react fast enough or completely notice her before she got to Seijin.

In the instant she reached him she stuck her beak into his neck and burrowed inside right in the area under his hair on the back of his neck. Once inside his soul she transformed back into her original female form. [#DC143C "S-Seijin....?"]

~Present: Death City gates~

Kevin walked to the scene between Reiver and Devon. He could feel their tension and his being there didn't help. Inside of Devon he could see Dia lying in his spirit wolf form. [#2F4F4F[i 'He hasn't turned back into his human form. Does he not feel at ease in there? That much is understandable considering where he is. I can only hope Devon actually lets him stay.']]

[#2F4F4F "I can't say I'm surprised to see you here, Reiver. In all honesty I'm happy you are."] He smiled at them. It wasn't genuine, but wasn't exactly in-genuine either. It was one of those smiles that made you wonder why the person was happy.

[#2F4F4F "I'm not here to stop you or even try to talk you out of leaving. I've been there and regretted that. For now I'm resigning to just wishing you well. I realize that the only one who can stop Devon from doing what Devon wants is Devon."] The smile on his face shrunk to a small twitch on his lip.

Kevin took out a piece of paper. It was one of the paper stars from the jar in her room. [#2F4F4F "I hope you don't mind, but I went to your home."] He unraveled the star and smiled. [#2F4F4F "I hope to build a future where all of them can smile,"] He read. A small chuckle left his throat. [#2F4F4F "If this is, in fact, your dream then I'll support it. I'll let you go, because its what you want."]

For a moment he stole a glance at Reiver and sighed. [#2F4F4F "Though I must tell the both of you that I'm sorry I wasn't better to the both of you. I can't undo what's been done, but I can try and make up for it."] It wasn't ideal, but it was all Kevin could muster as a goodbye for Devon and an apology to the both of them. Even as the Guardian of time there were things that he couldn't undo.
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