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Just a day in the life of Mordecai and Rigby!

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Mordecai groaned. "Half of this stuff doesn't even make sense. "Do Pop's laundry." Why do we have to do it?" He walked behind the counter of the Snack Bar, and sighed. "At least cleaning this place up will be easy."
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 102d 17h 22m 59s
Thizbee didn't really pay attention to Benson, she just stared at the list and sighed softly. "Welp, this looks fun," Thizbee groaned sarcastically.
  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 102d 17h 25m 32s
"I'm goin', I'm goin'" He said as he stumbled forward. Before long they made it to the park, and he stopped once the got to the Snack Bar. "About time you both showed up." Benson said before handing Mordecai a long list. "Get everything done." He said simply before leaving the two. "Good to see you too, Benson." Mordecai grumbled as he looked over the list.
  Analise / CaughtonFire / 8y 102d 17h 50m 32s
Thizbee rolled her eyes and just shoved hi, forward. "Oh, just go. I want to get this pver with. There's a special at my favourite club that I'm going to," She huffed.
  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 102d 17h 58m 25s
"Yeah, but you are a girl. So, maybe he'll give us less work... since you're new and stuff." Mordecai followed her to the front door. "Um, okay. It's not like it's a maze or anything." He said as they went outside, and he began to lead her to the park.
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 102d 18h 2m 31s
Thizbee shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest with a raised eyebrow. "Just because I'm a girl does not mean I can't do what guys can do," She groaned, rubbing her head then sighed. "Let's just go..." Thizbee started to walk to the front door then looked back, "you should lead the way since I'm new here."
  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 102d 18h 4m 17s
"Usually whatever Benson makes us do." Mordecai replied as he stuck his plate in the sink. "He might actually go easy on us, since you're a girl." He said with a small smile, liking the thought of getting to slack off.
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 102d 18h 12m 10s
Thizbee finished off her coffee with an unhappy expression and looked up at Mordecai, nodding. "What do you have to do?" Thizbee got up and began a search for the garabage can, pnce she found it, she tossed her empty coffee container and stretched.
  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 103d 13h 22m 28s
[Ha, they would. I agree. c:]

"Slackers? Oh, I guess we are." Mordecai said as he continued to eat the sandwich. "So I guess you'll have to come to work with me today, right?" He asked her, looking to her.
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 103d 13h 25m 1s
Thizbee looked the much taller boy over and began to think, "he said he had some slackers and was desperate for any help, so a couple of days ago I called, so yeah," she shrugged, relaxing back.

  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 103d 13h 29m 43s
"Thizbee. M'kay." He said as he looked through the fridge, he let out a happy noise and pulled out a sandwich. "So, when did Benson hire you? He never said anything about hiring a girl." He asked her as he sat across from her and began to devour the sandwich.
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 103d 13h 32m 3s
Thizbee took her cup back, wipping the edge of it free of the germs of the other then stood up herself to follow Mprdecai into the kitchen as he asked for her name. "Thizbee," She sipped slowly in her coffee, taking a seat on the table.
  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 104d 4h 55s
"Yeah, I'm Mordecai." The male said as he leaned his head against the back of the couch. He turned his head, and looked down at the cup of coffee. He took it and took a few gulps before handing it back to her. "Thanks. What's your name?" He asked her before he got up and walked into the kitchen.
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 104d 10h 58m 46s
"This is my coffee though..." Thizbee made it clear with her famous, terrorifing death stare of her's then took another sip as he sat down. "Yeah, I am. I take it you're... Mordecai?" Thizbee asked, handing her coffee to him,"you can have some, but you drink it all and I'll kill you..."
  {ThizBee} / RumbleFish / 8y 104d 11h 15m 36s
"But coffee..." He groaned, and plopped down on the couch next to her. He looked over to her, and blinked. "You must be that new chick, right?" He asked, yawning.
  Mordecai [<3] / CaughtonFire / 8y 104d 11h 21m 12s

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